smart car hayabusa

hayabusa bike engined smart car 0-60 in under 4 seconds

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Author Kyle Johnson ( ago)
I am so erect right now.

Author Jose Osejo ( ago)
How to do reverse? 

Author ScoutSpyScout ( ago)
what mustang? i bet this can beat a lambo in a straight line!

Author FERNANDO Navas ( ago)
puta que pariu e foda

Author Rui Rosa ( ago)
very nice, in Portugal we have one the Smart Gsx-R Arrepiado Team - Athens
motor show live 2010

Author Samir Zagh ( ago)
This Is one bolide

Author bstix78yfg ( ago)
Not long now before the turbo is fitted?

Author AussiesR6 ( ago)
nothin wrong with metalheads, its the doof doof cunts u gotta watch out
for, lol

Author Radioteknik ( ago)
I hate adobe flashplayer

Author SgtPnkks ( ago)
the fortwo is also rear wheel... but you are right about the roadster
having the lower center of gravity (plus a better wheelbase)... though it
is also a bit heavier which would reduce the power to weight ratio

Author Jacob Desforges ( ago)
I regularly go 85 in my Smart on the highway. It isn't modded at all.

Author LaszloIP ( ago)
Any turbo yet? Been a few yearS

Author Everett Anderson ( ago)
lmao imagine seeing a dude going 70+ in a smartcar

Author Suvil Jayaswin ( ago)
oh! my earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Author staggabob ( ago)
This is great but wouldn't a Smart roadster have been a better choice?
Lower center of gravity and rear wheel drive.

Author staggabob ( ago)
Wrong. /watch?v=CJHpUO-S0i8

Author Da Ba ( ago)
so don't buy one.

Author ultimafreak ( ago)
still safer then you think carbon fiber frame

Author tim robbins ( ago)
FOR SALE>>>>> 2008 smart car with bussa engine electric shift. super fast.
email me at

Author Luragentur ( ago)
Turbo goddeamnit ! :D

Author cristian821987 ( ago)
haha yup

Author TheDigitalguyy ( ago)
in under 4 seconds

Author ROWDMedia ( ago)
Guy in Honda Civic- "your car is heaps gay" Guy in Smart Car- "Piss off!!"
(wharrrrrrrrrrrrp!!!) Guy in Honda Civic- "shit" :O

Author pspfreaktr ( ago)
thats nice but the question is will it stop :) it needs a realy good brakes
otherwise it would be impossible to stop when needed. :)

Author ExMachina70 ( ago)
And I bet the car still gets better gas mileage than the original engine.

Author MrBlases ( ago)
You go to neutral then Flintstones.

Author jackvincent90 ( ago)

Author Kyle Bouthiller (1444 years ago)
...doesn't any vehicle? After all, its more or less a 1200 lb+ missile you
are sitting in.

Author miniUMM ( ago)
what about the reverse gear ?

Author AKAtheA ( ago)
Less stupid drivers on the road... YAY!!! :D

Author MetalheadEchidna ( ago)
In Milliseconds, when that turbo's installed

Author criterionnewsletter ( ago)
i want one, but with an electric mode so i can be at a traffic stop about
to race and start up the hayabusa and be out :P

Author aR3DF0Xa ( ago)
you have just done something evil,, you put something i love inside a car i
hate.. like hate like hate like hate LOGIC PROCESSOR MALFUCTION "head

Author Gordon Freeman ( ago)
yeah speed in a smaller package :)

Author cristian821987 ( ago)
are you serius ? you try it at 80km/h and see what happens.Yes the frame is
verry ridged and that means that it has no crumple zones . at 150 km/h
you'r liver would touch you'r ear and you'r legs would be tied in a knot. :)

Author Tim (1356 years ago)
Not really, the smart frame is so ridged that you can crash it against a
tree with 150 km/h and still survive

Author Pedro Costa ( ago)
ahaha thats right

Author Pedro Costa ( ago)
are you a moron?

Author TheDaniel7310 ( ago)
Lol it's faster than a supercar!

Author GotNoLyfe ( ago)
@cristian821987 seconds

Author GotNoLyfe ( ago)
@cristian821987 in seconds

Author Admiral_Awesome ( ago)
that is pretty epic, a quick car that will beat mustangs etc, and then its
also easy to park :D

Author JLai1969 ( ago)
I'd love to get one of those just to fuck with those meatheads in mustangs
and pickup trucks.

Author Sparco5656 ( ago)
Like GP2 :D

Author ALIVE845 ( ago)
@TheRealFobican oh awesome thanx

Author Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé ( ago)
Paint the box black so it matches the interior better. Interessting work

Author Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé ( ago)
@sSTRE3TDR3EMZz94 Tip: Look for bikes that has the engine at the junkyard
and you got yourselfes a engine swapping.

Author NuArubianDevil ( ago)
how do you get it in reverse ?

Author ALIVE845 ( ago)
where do you get the hayabusa engine???

Author frackcha (303 years ago)
Outstanding job!!

Author nudle90 ( ago)
Now make a wheelie!

Author Herr Flick ( ago)
@framelocator it actualy is stronger than a hummer:P

Author ZRXAdventures ( ago)
awesome little car/ toy lol.. I think I would want more wheelbase in a car
like this. idk how well it'd go through the corners in its present state

Author MyCosmicPath ( ago)
@Willeh85 I've been looking into them all morning since you mentioned them.
WOW I used to have a 1070 sprint race mini about 20 years ago, I can't
imagine how fast they are with 200hp rwd. I see zcars do a brilliant brake
pack ;o)

Author Willeh85 ( ago)
@MyCosmicPath Have you heard of a zcars mini before?

Author MyCosmicPath ( ago)
My dad keeps on at me that we need a project, we ran a garage for many
years. I have to say this looks right up my street. Sound fucking awesome,
the ultimate sleeper. I bet it drops some jaws. How stable is it at high
speeds, what have you taken it up to and does the chassis deal with it ok?

Author eburt6 ( ago)
is this chain driven? lol

Author CrazyDave650 ( ago)
@Slyder1212 it would get WAY worse becuse of all the extra weight

Author cristian821987 ( ago)
that would kill a stupid driver in minutes....

Author WHIPxDATxZxBOI ( ago)
Thats for pussies who are too scared to be on a real bike. Waste of a busa

Author slyder lewis ( ago)
@MyCinema1000 i want it to sound cool though smart carz cant

Author 300bhpton ( ago)
Is this all custom or is this conversion sold as a kit somewhere?

Author slyder lewis ( ago)
wouldnt these still get relitivly good mpg no where near a true smart car
but wouldnt it get reg 30 or somthin id like to see a ninja 250 in 1 i bet
it would still get as good of gas and could sound asom at the same time

Author Sinmedo sinmedoo ( ago)
@bamboali Imagine crashing in a real hayabusa...

Author bamboali ( ago)
imagine crashing in that...

Author Jim Lee ( ago)
how much is a smart car

Author DerangedMenace ( ago)
i thought these do 0-60 in 4.2? not under 4..

Author mattg889 ( ago)
@sn1zzo It is not impossible. Yes a STOCK bike can hit 3 flat, this smart
isn't stock. With power to weight ratio this smart shouldn't even make it
under 4, but according to the desc. in this video it does, so f-off. And I
think your are changing the subject around here. Could it be that I am
right with my assumption that "under 4" means 3.99.

Author sn1zzo ( ago)
@mattg889 You've just showed that you know nothing about vehicles at all. A
STOCK Hayabusa will run 0-60 in the 3 second range. This is a FACT. Now you
somehow expect a Smart Car thats weighs more than a Busa to take the same
engine and Magically go faster with it? Its called power to weight ratio
and you have no grasp of this simple concept. A Smart Car running 3 flat
with a Busa engine wouldn't be "A little Better" It would be Physically

Author mattg889 ( ago)
@sn1zzo Well yes I would expect such a dinky little car with such a big
engine to go a little faster. And I have noticed whenever someone says "it
does it in under 4" then mean 3.99 seconds. Now 3 seconds Flat would be a
little better.

Author sn1zzo ( ago)
@kittygirl4eva Leave it to a girl to make such a stupid comment. You're
making women look bad everywhere.

Author sn1zzo ( ago)
@mattg889 It says under 4 seconds. This car is 0-60 in the 3 second range.
You want it to be 0-60 in 2 seconds? Either you're crazy or you dont know
shit about cars.

Author Rajul Alam ( ago)
Can you reverse the smart car with this engine?

Author slspg ( ago)
must be funny to spank a supercar with a smart.

Author derangedwelshman ( ago)
any chance of finding out how much time & money was put into this little

Author sofargone561 ( ago)
@MrOk69 its called ebay and they cost more a 2jz supra motor its ridiculous

Author jeff gibson ( ago)
@gibblebobble hes probably supposed to be where he lives. like the other
car in the video...

Author bpc1230 ( ago)
do you still make this ? i can't find it anymore on your website

Author MrGuyRuff ( ago)
You guys are freaking nuts. So awesome hahaha

Author mattg889 ( ago)
It can only do 0-60 in 4 seconds, I would expect better from that setup...
Isn't it funny how a stock smart car only has a 40hp engine... lol.

Author kyleisreallycool ( ago)
they should come like this stock

Author djwave22 ( ago)
@ecotts u can't drive this on the ring beacause it's not set up for the
track's just a smart with a big engine ...u will probably crash :)
the standard smart understerrs like's not a handling car....

Author jack links ( ago)
@kittygirl4eva its not in america

Author Ali Ibarra ( ago)
Sounds better then a Ferrari !

Author Ali Ibarra ( ago)
@ecotts haha true dude

Author ecotts ( ago)
Oh how I would laugh my ass off driving this around the nurburgring
watching the look on super car owners faces as im sitting in their tail
getting ready to pass them..

Author Ariff Fathi ( ago)
it certainly seems nice to have a fast small car like that. but... i wonder
whether it can park or not. i dont know any bike that can reverse.

Author LeGeNdArYGTBuLL3T ( ago)
Death Trap.

Author craig1360 ( ago)
@kittygirl4eva lol, its in the uk

Author QcMetalMusican ( ago)
@l8vea looks like someone is trying to be smartass. Actually, the maker of
the video did probably see the project with his own eyes, in the case it is
not YOUR own.

Author spinner1985 ( ago)
@antiLeixo I would imagine you don't lol but that thing is so small, it
wouldn't take much to either turn around, or just stick 1 foot out of the
car and push backwards lol

Author DangerKitty ( ago)
@MrRmDasilva I was definitely being sarcastic lol

Author MrRmDasilva ( ago)
@cipher619 HAha THanks USed to TypinG LIKE That!

Author DangerKitty ( ago)
@MrRmDasilva GLad tO sEe tHAT YouRE GooD wITH YOur CapITAl LetTERs

Author Niall Kelly ( ago)
like HospitalMusic said... casket on wheel... but man what a way to go ;)
nice one!

Author ki11joy92 ( ago)
How do you shift that thing? O.o

Author HospitalMusic ( ago)
That's a fucking casket on wheels. haha fun though.

Author antiLeixo ( ago)
how do you reverse?

Author JumpVamp1 ( ago)
@l8vea And you hear it is one ^^

Author abusivelegend ( ago)
how much did it cost 2 build ?

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