BlackShot exp/bp & Mastery Hack March 2013

Working on march 2013
Download Link:
jst visit to our website

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 5:01
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Author tuie zhiyong (1 year)
Soo old Garena

Author tuie zhiyong (1 year)

Author tuie zhiyong (1 year)

Author tp mathison (5 years)
@Vickyhak241 and how do i run garena blacklist

Author Zyon Johann (3 years)
How to disable Nprotect?

Author Sharon Kwan (1 year)

Author ZaiThen Zaithu (3 years)
;S Trojan and Worm found don't download that shit If u don't belive me
download and scan : virustotal

Author eaahmed09 (4 years)

Author UDONTLOOK SOGGOD (2 years)
Pls reply me on how to hack GS.Tq

Author absar121 (3 years)
if this does not work i am going to screw you upside down cause i now
downloading cheat engine

Author ozinthehouse (4 years)
run this hack at europe twowars version from bs ??

Author HSRalpha (5 years)
uh vicky u mean download wat again?

Author ☆Reality☆ (3 years)

Author hatake1231822 (3 years)
Hey,do you have to repeat the operation a few times to get to pro3rd rifle?

Author jhenrol08 (5 years)
vick y can u check ur bypass..i thinks its not working

Author TheMRSTUPIDBOY (4 years)
how to download they say it is on a new website n cannot find that website

Author Muhammad Hakim Bin Amran (3 years)
@vickyrebourned123: can the hack really work cos i badly want a hack :)

Author Tan Jing Xun (3 years)
wad is a bypass?

Author exxon095 (3 years)
fk you!

Author MuhdAnuar1992 (5 years)
Hey vicky. I heard u released a new version for the hack. I believe its
Vicky BS Hack 2. But i cnnt get it from the mpgh website cos im not a
member. When i wanna sign up to b a member they say something like noproxy
was found. Anyway i cn get it from somewhere else?

Author may yahaya (4 years)
can u tell me website download hack again ?? i cant see la that website...

Author BrentyFooDoto (5 years)
how come when i open cheat engine blackshot auto close??? plz help!!!

Author MuhdAnuar1992 (5 years)
Ouh.. When will the next hack be coming?? N btw the mastery thing is
working then how come the exp 1 is not?

Author Jw2406 (5 years)
when i open blackshot and end the garena program.. After that when i open
the cheat engine, there wasn any blackshot process... hw??

Author CaptainSlayor (2 years)
HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE HACK when i go to the link is something else giv me the
link for the hack respond fast ty ^^

Author Rahman Idris (3 years)
is this still work

Author tinacheng72 (2 years)
Gimme 2!!!!!

Author baby hunter (2 years)
JeBond2Durby said right,when i open end garena liao,but i open cheat engine
in bs its said Nprotect gameguard "Game hacks has been detected' ==

Author triplencrew (5 years)
u can download proexp to stop the process

Author drakze12345 (4 years)
@Vickyhak241 its suspended?!

Author Vickyhak241 (5 years)
dude i check it and it works download vickyBS hack 2

Author Vincent Iswaitingforyou (3 years)
There's error while opening the process... How can i fix this?

Author jia shivani (3 years)

Author AliWPSP (4 years)
Hackers are noobs who don't know how to play. People who make the hacks are
even worse. Thx 4 ruining games Vickyhak

Author Eusuff Selamat (2 years)
This is Patched.Sorry

Author InderHacker (3 years)
ZZZZ..... i cant even process blackshot.exe bcuz its not ther!!

Author huzairy relaxz (1 year)
cant open

Author LividAdventures (3 years)
It's working . U just need a bypass :D

Author edwintanjunhong (3 years)
@Vickyhak241 i wanna buy ur hack

Author pikejoao (2 years)

Author tp mathison (5 years)

Author Tay Avery (5 years)
the song rox!

Author HSRalpha (5 years)
vicky u mean download wat ah the cheat engine? but the media fire got nth

Author kxminhui1999 (3 years)
hahahaha!! you all fool get tricked this is just a value hack ! dont trust
this video

Author BitBot (5 years)
does it still work?

Author MuhdAnuar1992 (5 years)
Erm.. Can i ask. When i change the exp/bp thing to 65000. I hear the
victorious sound. But after that i have to disconnect from the game. N when
i do so nothing changes. Any help vicky??

Author Kate Castro (5 years)
lol when i close garena my blackshot closed 2 elp!~!

Author tp mathison (5 years)
@Vickyhak241 so do i still follow this video?

Author bama loh (5 years)
zz need donate then get hack???

Author fefenin399 (3 years)
@Vickyhak241 Link broken

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