BlackShot exp/bp & Mastery Hack july 2015

Working on july 2015
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Author tuie zhiyong ( ago)
Soo old Garena

Author tuie zhiyong ( ago)

Author tuie zhiyong ( ago)

Author Liav Aviv ( ago)
ahhhh the music is so annoying

Author huzairy relaxz ( ago)
cant open

Author Zied Tayari ( ago)
song name pls

Author DaBlackshotPro ( ago)
Y does the hack still get detected? And does it work for cheat engine 6.3?

Author Krishna Productions ( ago)
it only turns the computer to a blue screen when i try to bypass

Author Sharon Kwan ( ago)

Author KathyJames7380 ( ago)
i tested this hacks..really work.amazing >>

Author tinacheng72 ( ago)
Gimme 2!!!!!

Author nikker doom ( ago)
same with me?

Author Doom Bringer ( ago)
Malicious cant download

Author Doom Bringer ( ago)
still work? == u know it says game hack detected

Author King VIII ( ago)
cannot open blackshot hack la dog

Author Murilo Oliveira ( ago)
quem tomou susto no inicio do video da joinha

Author baby hunter ( ago)
JeBond2Durby said right,when i open end garena liao,but i open cheat engine
in bs its said Nprotect gameguard "Game hacks has been detected' ==

Author Doom Bringer ( ago)
cant download

Author Mytho666 Samoso ( ago)

Author Peh Eng Tee ( ago)
Wait whut did you do during 2:00?

Author LetsPlayAnabolic ( ago)
Miss.AK57 and AK57

Author Sime Grbson ( ago)
hack no fun i play with out any hack and im ok better then some ppl who
hack forsure

Author Axel Tan ( ago)
does it work?

Author joao esperto ( ago)
hahaahahahahah aconteçeu o mesmo comigo

Author Pedro Braga ( ago)
filha da puta assustei com o começo da musica '-'

Author Eusuff Selamat ( ago)
This is Patched.Sorry

Author Speedy King ( ago)
is it ok if i use Cheat engine 6.1"?

Author Speedy King ( ago)
me tooo

Author CaptainSlayor ( ago)
HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE HACK when i go to the link is something else giv me the
link for the hack respond fast ty ^^

Author Deevs NRN ( ago)
Pls reply me on how to hack GS.Tq

Author Ahmed Seif ( ago)
what is the name of the song


Author Pei Leng Yeoh (194 years ago)

Author jdjorke ( ago)
can you give me bypasser

Author Łukasz Łukaszewski ( ago)
Do pobrania ty pojebusie a nie kurwa do jakis cweli

Author A Profecia ( ago)
hack detected --´

Author Jideki Mendosa ( ago)

Author Azib Fathullah (1342 years ago)
lier.. FUUUUUUUU.................

Author kxminhui1999 ( ago)
hahahaha!! you all fool get tricked this is just a value hack ! dont trust
this video

Author JAy James ( ago)
song name "disturbia"

Author Assasinmaster123 ( ago)
Whats the name of this song

Author jia shivani ( ago)

Author FunSpirit27 ( ago)
VIRUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author UnKnOwNNooB100 ( ago)
please where i download blackshot hacks???please answers

Author exxon095 ( ago)
fk you!

Author onlymen12 (1196 years ago)
hey i tried to download the file but i cant find it where is it

Author Izul Aziz ( ago)
where you get the file cheat engine for mastery rifle..

Author ZaiZaiRadiation ( ago)
You have a sux song.

Author xPaien ( ago)
@JeBond2Durby this is fake hack

Author Nostalgia Content ( ago)
@JeBond2Durby Its patch, you could not use this hack already :)

Author JeBond2Durby (750 years ago)
hey,l i have download....and then i open cheat engine with blackshot (not
using with bypass) and then, i open the task....... don't have the
'Garena'.....but i say 'It's ok" and then i CONNECT..... says "Game hacks
has been detected" how??? ;S

Author Lemondescend Grapes ( ago)

Author MizoriMs (1569 years ago)
Whats the song? XD

Author cheekum123 ( ago)
this hack cannot work

Author JeBond2Durby ( ago)
hey, can't in mediafire???? the link are broken

Author MD ANISH ( ago)

Author Rahman Idris ( ago)
the survey , if i pay it , what will happen

Author Rahman Idris ( ago)
is this still work

Author liuyuanwei ( ago)
@AliWPSP stfu!! if u aren't trying to hack thn y did u end up in here at
the first place?? think about yrself before u open yr mouth!

Author Felipe Barboza (844 years ago)
send me the site for me to do the pro dowload the hack please !!!!!!! thank

Author fefenin399 ( ago)
@Vickyhak241 Link broken

Author Htin Paw Tun ( ago)
What do i do... i said ERROR WHILE OPENING PROCESS.... HELP ME...

Author gohjunlong ( ago)

Author absar121 ( ago)
if this does not work i am going to screw you upside down cause i now
downloading cheat engine

Author jos754 ( ago)
i almost poop my pants by the death scream

Author ZaiThen Zaithu ( ago)
;S Trojan and Worm found don't download that shit If u don't belive me
download and scan : virustotal

Author Tan Jing Xun ( ago)
wad is a bypass?

Author LividAdventures ( ago)
It's working . U just need a bypass :D

Author MapleHacker103 ( ago)
wtf got WORM FREAK?!!!

Author Vincent Iswaitingforyou ( ago)
There's error while opening the process... How can i fix this?

Author deadgreeneyez (1875 years ago)
cant =.= i dont see the BlackShot.exe in the process list. holyholyholy shit

Author wegwe gwegweg ( ago)
Still can work now

Author TheAkatsuki619 ( ago)
video stealer!!

Author MrDevilking97 ( ago)
Still working?

Author kokonardo1 ( ago)
blackshot has detected my hack !!!!! :'(

Author Muhammad Hakim Bin Amran ( ago)
@vickyrebourned123: can the hack really work cos i badly want a hack :)

Author Zyon Johann ( ago)
How to disable Nprotect?

Author XxCaPiShXx KiLlErZ ( ago)
why i cant search blackshot progress??

Author ☆Reality☆ ( ago)

Author InderHacker ( ago)
ZZZZ..... i cant even process blackshot.exe bcuz its not ther!!

Author Bajie Noor ( ago)

Author edwintanjunhong (1661 year ago)
@Vickyhak241 i wanna buy ur hack

Author MegaManBn ( ago)
is the hack(any new one) work as today?

Author ozinthehouse ( ago)
run this hack at europe twowars version from bs ??

Author Muhd Ikhlas ( ago)
Isit still working???

Author orochimaruPROLIKEHEL ( ago)

Author gow2rox ( ago)
guys wtf man nw blackshot there are some speed hackers wtf!!!!!!!

Author Zikry Aufa ( ago)
4 the 1's who play blackshot,pls add me

Author eaahmed09 ( ago)
hackbs .webs .com/

Author eaahmed09 ( ago)

Author paklong3 ( ago)

Author Ryan ( ago)
how to download they say it is on a new website n cannot find that website

Author RabSG ( ago)
When the video start,i straight away mute

Author rambutbotak ( ago)
i love your hack!!! <3

Author may yahaya ( ago)
can u tell me website download hack again ?? i cant see la that website...

Author drakze12345 ( ago)
pls reply asap, do you sell? or give?

Author drakze12345 ( ago)
@Vickyhak241 its suspended?!

Author Ayul Deka ( ago)
Lol the song freakin scared me at the start when I have the volume on

Author vishnu9719 ( ago)
vicky do u have any aimbot??

Author Kajan Lawe ( ago)
Hack is for PROs that know inside and outside of things happening in the
CPU Dun Understand this ? Then go Fark Off

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