'Real News Tonight': A Reliable Source For News Trump Will Like

After learning that staffers allegedly planted flattering news stories to stave off Trump Twitter tirades, Stephen offers to help out. (Thursday monologue pt. 2)

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Author abilitynorth ( ago)
Turns out Putin used the same strategy of fake news. He even pushed fake news when they knew he was online because he would retweet them.

Author Moloko ( ago)
Fake News...Faux News...Fox News OMG 😧 Quick, someone tell Trump! This is the kind of cast-iron evidence he loves.

Author jefar amoose ( ago)
Late night hack

Author MaryRose007 ( ago)
Jill Newslady & Jim Anchorten killed me with laughter. One of the best things on TV ever.

Author Helena Nilsson ( ago)
I did not expect that word, but I suppose it works too.

Author Glen Dartnell ( ago)
You know jackshit.oh yeah obama was so good-funding isis like hillary and expanding the debt from 8 trillion to 17 trillion.apparently your ratings are getting worse sickfuck and infowars will continue to soar-they have more than 1 reporter ya know!

Author Gaia Shield ( ago)
haha saying his dad loved and respected him is going a little bit into cruelty... oh wait he rapes kids so kill him more.

Author KelvinClone ( ago)
"Trump is Strong" lol

Author jabs69 ( ago)
Colbert is now about as funny as a cancer diagnosis.

Author David Olson ( ago)
I wanna drill jill

Author Javier Ponce Navarro ( ago)
That's kind of how I imagine news in North Korea

Author Chloe Kovacs ( ago)

Author PABWECG ( ago)
What were their names again? Sally Newslady and Jim Anchorton? Or some such. Ha ha ha!

Author Linda Root ( ago)
Fuc TrumpAnd u too Colbert

Author Linda Root ( ago)
Ha ha ! Stop making jokes about traitor Trump! The USA is on the verge of a Revolution

Author Garett James ( ago)
I loved that news segment and the actors in it. I hope that is recurring.

Author Clancy Wiggum ( ago)
The stupidest thing about the whole fake news thing is that it *started* on the Republican side - shortly before Trump supporters started shouting "Fake News TM" about every article that made Trump look less than amazing there was a huge scandal about how Google and Facebook's automated news feeds were promoting low grade and often made up news articles praising Trump, refering to those articles as fake news. So rather than turning it around on them, we're actually exploring the true meaning of the term in the current administration, one that was lost quickly as the original controversy settled and Trump supporters latched onto it to write off any and all criticism of His Biglyness.

Author Gamenetreviews ( ago)
Bigly? I thought it was BIG LEAGUE.

Author hello jaja ( ago)
His failure will be short lived. What we'll remember in a hundred years is that his intellect was rather small.

Author Smiling Dog ( ago)
I love fake news!! It's the _BEST_ drinking game in a long time!  Taking a shot for every "fake news" reference by Trump Administration or it's various whorelike subsidiaries gets you drunk as fuck in less than 5 minutes.

Author Frank Taveras ( ago)

Author 陈瀚龙 ( ago)
My contribution to the Drumph era. A new sniglet. I hereby declare all such style humor as "Scarelarious".

Author G.W. ( ago)
Should tone down the acknowledgement of your jokes sometimes Colbert. Kinda tacky.

Author Brad Moles ( ago)
I've got a stark $100 bill that says Trump would completely believe that news bit. I'm not even kidding, I would shake someones hand and bet 100 greenbacks that the current President of the United Sates would take that news bit completely serious.

Author FreeBreak upsex ( ago)
Yup you can see steven raping children any day now , he hates America so much he is determined to destroy it .

Author JDS 6621 ( ago)

Author Mohammed Miara ( ago)
If trump ever jumps off a bridge, it will be because of Stephen Colbert

Author Mindmilling ( ago)
TRUMP CANNOT READ. Suggesting his thumbs were cut off supports the notion that he tweets himself.. That is pro-trump.. from Colbert... In honesty the man cannot read a word and is functionally illiterate... WHY DOESN'T ANY REPORTER ASK HIM THIS DIRECTLY... If he could say any sentence from any page that he didn't memorize then he could prove he can read (which he can never do BECAUSE HE CANNOT READ)

Author Leon Mertens ( ago)
full-time immediate trade electrical altogether cultural key.

Author Daryl Brown ( ago)
I had been reading on fox insider that trumps approval rating is 87 percent. To hear now that the government is planting fake stories for the president? I'd say this is some weird sort of conspiracy theory... I mean I would if I was an idiot, but this is just plain corruption. We need to fight back... this is just insane.

Author shadow night ( ago)
why do they have to scramble to find stories of citizens praising him .... wow are they manipulating him?

Author PeaceOp40sw ( ago)
Pretty sure Trump would think that segment was real

Author Carnell Douglas ( ago)
pee pee man pa pa pa pa please dont cry😢😢😢

Author Peter ( ago)
Fuck you Colbert.

Author TheMMObro ( ago)
was the beginning true? are they really fucking doing this to gice him constant pats on the back to keep him off twitter???

Author PfhUkJiu101 ( ago)
Was the last comment a disclaimer to not get sued by the orange?

Author Hong Fei Bai ( ago)
Hey, isn't that Cartoon Hillary?

Author Dedi Rineldy ( ago)
This fake news accusation by trump is a strategy most likely developed by Bannon to divert americans from the real issue:

1. Trump - Russia ties.

2. Trump Income tax returns.

3. Trump WH administration which is in a total mess.

4. Trump historic idiotic claimed that his 306 electoral college votes win is the highest. It just shows his source is not reliable, fake & we should chase him where he got this information from??? I believe it came from Trump homer simpson brain.

5. Trump administration have no clue on how to repeel & replace Obamacare.

6. Imposing 20% tax import. By end of the day, Americans is the one whom going to pay for the "stupid" wall. Unlike what he repeatedly claimed that the mexicans will pay for the wall.

7. Trump went for golf 6x in 1mth. he said if he got elected as America President, he wont have time to play golf as he will be "too busy" on making America great again.

Now this is my strategy for the Media, let Trump said whatever he want to say about the media... fake news, bla bla bla... u guys just focus on digging, sharing all the facts to people worldwide on the 7 facts i already mentioned & other facts that is already out there 😬

Author Lone Mic Productions ( ago)
Soo, he's not the new Kim Jong Il, how?

Author Leslie Robert ( ago)
Republican Joke: A white trailer trash escapee with a gun, goes into a know the rest!!!!

Author FalconX88 ( ago)
Is he really mentally that unstable?

Author TheSupertoniefy ( ago)
What is the steady stream joke about?

Author Alex %oool ( ago)

Author Fion Arras ( ago)
I'd vote for #fakeception as description for the steady stream of fake for the president :D

Author Alex Watson ( ago)
I think they just used Fox News footage

Author Johnny Fishfingers ( ago)
Trump on criticism: LÜGENPRESSE!

Author azureATC ( ago)
I think history will show that in 2016, this country was populated by the mentally impaired.

Author xtopher foster ( ago)
the cowboy is HOT AS FUCK !

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
I was constipated and didn't use the bathroom for two days. That's why I didn't tweet. Steve Bannon helped me though, he's a master of s**t.

Author V ( ago)
Oscar nominee for worst president, donald trump in Lie Lie Land

Author Alejandra Navash ( ago)
The problem is what FEMALE is willing to help him with the erection

Author showur skills ( ago)
Globalism weakens this country how about the... death tax ?? that's great for poor people I haven't seen anyone report it ..

Author showur skills ( ago)
Colbert the pedophile you will not oppress us the people

Author caesar hernandez ( ago)
Trump won't run for president.
Trump won't win the nomination.
Trump won't win the election.
The electors will overturn the vote.
The recount will overturn the election.
The popular vote will save us.
The Russians hacked the election.
The celebrities will save us.
The protests will save us.
The military will overthrow Trump.
Trump will be impeached.
The witches will cast Trump out of office <----- you are here.
Trump will be assassinated.
Trump will never run in 2020.
Trump will never win the 2020 nomination.
Trump will never win the 2020 election.

Author URKillingme100 * ( ago)
Just distractions...This cunt tRump gonna kill us all.

Author URKillingme100 * ( ago)
I can't even bring myself to read comments any more.  "The tone is hatred!"  Thanks fuck face.  Your tiny penis and other justified insecurities just flushed this country down the toilet.  And the first person to call me a "snowflake" can eat my asshole.

Author Cachi - ( ago)
Stephen, you don't have to clarify you made some of that up. Remember, Trump supporters don't watch your show...:-)

Author Tyler J. Locke ( ago)
Colbert: Brilliant as usual.

Author Dilton X ( ago)
his father loved him.

Author James Hanscombe ( ago)
Small detail: The woman who plays Jill Newslady was the voice of Cartoon Hillary Clnton. When cartoon Clinton Says "Fabulous question" and Newslady says "erection" the -tion sounds the same......You're welcome.

Author German Shepherd ( ago)
Trump tower and Trump's administration has a private email server, and Trump carries around that private Samsung. Don't forget about him discussing classified information about national security in public while allowing people to point their phones at it. Oh and how can we forget, where's the tax returns?

Author lottaearth ( ago)
so many leaks because we know he likes a steady stream

Author Dewayne Thomas ( ago)
god they didnt even mention how big his hands were.

Author David's ( ago)
Wth? He wants to be like the Kim Jong Un of the US? Where everyone has to "love" the leader and praise him like a Demi-God?

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
'Real News' more like fake new!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Leanne M ( ago)

Author Starshine ( ago)
If the bulk of Trump supporters weren't as adamant as a stop sign, this could actually be a good way to devalue him into resignation.

Author PRESTIGIOUS691 ( ago)
fucking orange imbecile

Author the voice of reason ( ago)
Did he just say their making fake news oh no has he been doing that the whole campaign lmao

Author John Zhu ( ago)
This reminds me of CollegeHumor's "The Adventures of Kim Jong Un".

Author Toussaints' Wrath ( ago)
Trump 2020 slogan: #LeadByTweet

Author Darin Andersen ( ago)
Trump must go !!

Author carol gregerson ( ago)
trump is a JOKE

Author MegaLaidback ( ago)

Author MOTOTEBBS ( ago)
Just imagine being the drummer guy. I mean, he probably only really deals with the band and Jon. Job's probably his main manager/boss so he typically doesn't deal with Stephen. For Stephen to take a minute and sincerely thank him, kind of an uplifting moment. Stephen has tens if not a hundred different employees who works with him, he probably only interacts with a handful of them. The little guy, our unspoken hero, the underdog.
Thank you, drum guy

Author BlackEpyon ( ago)
So the administration has switched from trying to emulate the Reich to emulating North Korea? Fuck! If I wanted to lick the ass-hole of a tyrant, I'd become a Christian again.

Author MerleOberon ( ago)
Trump must be so jealous of Kim Jung Un, he'd love to have people standing in rows quivering in fear.

Author Patrick Flanagan ( ago)
The biggest snowflake in America is in the White House!

Author don christie ( ago)
Can't wait for president Obama to start a radio/tv spot like Limbaugh did to fuck Clinton,to fuck TRUMP

Author Marc Piechowicz ( ago)
Your 'real news' segment is a joke but I guarantee in 2 years that is exactly what it will be like.

Author Marc Piechowicz ( ago)
Colbert is my favourite Trump piss taker of!

Author S Anderson ( ago)
NOBODY is listening to your fake news trump bashing anymore. BS GETS OLD. DORK!

Author hawk0485 ( ago)
2:29 I don't like him, but that's low. It isn't even a clever joke, it's just nasty, shame on you.

Author picturemecreepin ( ago)
wow.. by looking at this video and the comments, it looks like the propaganda machine from soros n company is on full speed... #MAGA

Author mdfouru ( ago)
This should happen IRL. CNN and the rest should conspire to run nothing on Trump except fake stories. Stores of heroism and superhuman feats that are so ridiculous and over the top flattering to Trump that they'd make the N. Korea Kim family blush.
I bet Trump would act like nothing was amiss and flaunt this proof he had single handedly reformed the "fake" media into telling the truth about him. Hahaha...

Author Roosevelt ( ago)
Steve Colbert, you used to be funny. Maybe if you get off the deep state propaganda and back to comedy, you will be funny again.

Author AfricanManikin ( ago)
This was so beautifully Letterman!

Author Johnny Bee ( ago)
How childish and spiteful.

Author Kevin Pennington ( ago)
LOL at the "Real Scoop" on Donald Trump. His father loved him, he is great and can still get an erection. Go you Trump!!! Gotta love real news.

Author Chris Pyak ( ago)
It's maybe time to move to a country where the rule of law and freedom of press is still respected. Germany welcomes Migrants also from the US. Here are the 20 best cities in Germany to live and work:

Author Ioganstone ( ago)
Total slander.

Author el_chino_778 ( ago)
Scary stuff. Not much different than Kim Jong Un

Author Schtuppit ( ago)
+Schtuppit lot of attacks at me but you don't defend a president you believe in? do you have a mind at all?"
Wow. Typical liberal. Enigma. There's no reason to defend him...and from Colbert? Have fun in your fantasy world, loser.

Author Schtuppit ( ago)
Enigma "+Schtuppit lot of attacks at me but you don't defend a president you believe in? do you have a mind at all?"
Stephen Colbert "Trump you're not gonna be president" With a statement like that, you should be defending Colbert.
Have him plead insanity. bye mangina.

Author Tony McIntyre ( ago)
"His father loved and respected him." 😂

Author rico diaz ( ago)
Wait why did he thank him?

Author Schtuppit ( ago)
Stephen Colbert "Trump you're not gonna be president"

Author Ax Machina ( ago)
Oh Trump is good. Never Sad. Never.

Author Schtuppit ( ago)
Stephen Colbert "Trump you're not gonna be president"

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