After Hours with Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Thrusty McPants
    Thrusty McPants 1 day ago

    I am disappointed. You tell me you are drinking whisky, and you are drinking Southern Comfort? Where's the Johnny Walker Black Label? jameson? what the fuck guys.

  • p_rt_cl_
    p_rt_cl_ 6 days ago


  • Maestro Gee
    Maestro Gee 6 days ago


  • Hoppe for the Future

    "It will be Trump-Clinton and Clinton will win."

  • Isaac Van Oss
    Isaac Van Oss 7 days ago

    I love this, but Milo is flat wrong about lesbians. All of the women I've ever dated found out they were lesbians.

  • YouTube Cancer
    YouTube Cancer 8 days ago

    It's like I'm watching Skeptics 100,000 subscriber special.

  • vashnator
    vashnator 10 days ago

    Sargon I really enjoy your content! thanks for the work you do!

  • d
    d 11 days ago

    milo defo fucked him

  • dashrendar1978
    dashrendar1978 13 days ago

    Sorry I'm so late to the party but this is as funny as fuck.

  • Lexicon Suburb
    Lexicon Suburb 14 days ago

    this was all sorts of glorious

  • thegamingchance
    thegamingchance 15 days ago

    how do you know if a asian raped you.
    a fortune cookie thats says get checked

  • Jeremiah Vink
    Jeremiah Vink 16 days ago

    I want a real Minority Wars boardgame!!!! lol

  • darkling-studios
    darkling-studios 16 days ago

    crackin a cold one with the bois ;)

  • Elwude
    Elwude 16 days ago

    I wish Milo actually DID become Press Sec in the White House, he's far better suited to the job than Spicer.

  • sentient error
    sentient error 17 days ago

    gj milo I won't blow you but you do deserve it lol

    URDED 17 days ago

    Funniest vid I've seen this year

  • Sbeast
    Sbeast 17 days ago

    "How would you even know if you got raped by a Chinese guy"
    "The fried rice on your pillows..."

  • Dan Watt
    Dan Watt 18 days ago

    I wish I could just hang out with you guys after work.

  • Detraks
    Detraks 20 days ago

    Minority war, or how to get sued and lose your job.

  • shockolanul
    shockolanul 20 days ago

    Amusing enough this video pops up most of the times after I subscribed... what kind of agenda are you guys pushing?=

  • Tatami
    Tatami 20 days ago

    This is hands down my favourite stream xDD

  • theowlsarefun
    theowlsarefun 22 days ago

    Sargon: *puts arm around Milo*

    Me: OTP.

  • Jack
    Jack 23 days ago

    It's times like this when I wish I had friends like Sargon and Milo... in fact I just wish I had friends.

  • FinnGamingChannel
    FinnGamingChannel 23 days ago

    my two favourite shitposters in one place! my dream

  • Mister Ambulance Driver

    Holy shit it's been such a lon year. This feels like ages ago.

  • Jackie Dazzler
    Jackie Dazzler 27 days ago

    did they fuck?

  • Prince Tucker
    Prince Tucker 1 month ago

    Milo, you look crazy, creepy as fuck in that Niqab. RFLMAO.

  • Cee
    Cee 1 month ago

    You know these two sniffed piles of coke and smashed after the stream.

  • umperthay
    umperthay 1 month ago

    If you're not an alcoholic, you had to have had a megga-hangover.

  • Cartman's evil brother

    I want Milo of Akkad or Sargon Yiannopoulos to happen.

  • Yamikaiba123
    Yamikaiba123 1 month ago

    You guys are so expressive in the thumbnail, it looks like you belong in The Last Supper painting.

  • UltimateXtreme
    UltimateXtreme 1 month ago

    "I think I'm basically black"
    -Milo Dolezal, January 2016.

  • joe1stofall1st
    joe1stofall1st 1 month ago

    i miss this stream so damn much !
    you see their real sides here

  • Mono Nonny
    Mono Nonny 1 month ago

    Lol!! This is amazing, I love it. Wish he'd do more like this!

  • GonzoDuke
    GonzoDuke 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure the Tri Force is Milo, Sargon and Jim.

  • Prince Tucker
    Prince Tucker 1 month ago

    They are fucked up. If Milo said yes, Sargon wouldn't hesitate to get with him. Sargon would manhandle Milo.

  • bdawk20
    bdawk20 1 month ago

    Look at those two based faggots. It's so beautiful.

  • Snub Snub
    Snub Snub 1 month ago

    How in the ice cream sundae on a bank holiday Monday did I miss this gem!

  • Todd Coward
    Todd Coward 1 month ago

    I just woke up and my asshole hurts and there is a wonton on the floor, what the fuck is going on

  • sarah lilith
    sarah lilith 1 month ago

    Was this at Milo's or Sargon's house?

  • Game Keks
    Game Keks 1 month ago

    Can't believe THIS is where the Milo scholarship came from

  • Uhmbe Rhellah
    Uhmbe Rhellah 1 month ago

    The flashing image is kind of annoying, it gets in the way of the homosexual content...

  • Jamie Whitehouse
    Jamie Whitehouse 1 month ago

    Not gay if its in a three way

  • Matthew Rhodes
    Matthew Rhodes 1 month ago

    So this is where the Privilege Grant came from...fascinating.

  • Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond

    ....... And they both lived happily ever after.

  • Salt & Pepe 69
    Salt & Pepe 69 1 month ago

    I'm not gay but milo could teach me a few things :)

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen 1 month ago

    Can't believe i only found this now

  • Killing Jokes
    Killing Jokes 1 month ago

    haha just saw this and damn id love to have been hanging out with these guys drinking!!! love sober sargon, but fucking love drunk sargon!! haha :)

  • Your Boring Flat Mate

    I'm aussie I cracked the shits laughing at that aboriginal joke fucking hell

  • b william
    b william 1 month ago

    My two favorite people

  • Jimmy gow
    Jimmy gow 1 month ago

    I'm officially shipping Sargon and milo. Best ship? I think so.

  • Refugee Hugs For Free

    so i finally watch this and i look at the comments its nothing but people wishing sargon and milo fucked and made a porno. praise kek

  • Levi richardson
    Levi richardson 1 month ago

    Is milo the guy who went out and was going to have a speech but was rejected by antifa protestors?

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts 1 month ago

    Cooked! Love it!

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts 1 month ago

    "How would you even know if you got raped by a Chinese guy?"


  • Arquelin
    Arquelin 1 month ago

    Who's the third guy?

  • Sarah Garner
    Sarah Garner 1 month ago

    The moment I saw Sargon lock eyes with Milo...lovvvvvvvvve hurtttttttssss

  • MATTIE 303
    MATTIE 303 1 month ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos: "I'm not good at math, I'm a homosexual"

    Alan Turing: "Hold my beer..."

  • loafer sheffield
    loafer sheffield 1 month ago

    Two blokes get "pissed" and no-one "smokes a fag!" Two men get drunk and neither one of them smokes a cigarette. Not that I was really watching though, just listening,

  • Sage Unmasked
    Sage Unmasked 1 month ago

    this is the best convo ever.

  • Shelly Kennedy
    Shelly Kennedy 2 months ago

    So who was the guy behind the camera? He accurately predicted the 2016 presidential election outcome.

  • Alex Elezaj
    Alex Elezaj 2 months ago

    Sex vid coming soon

  • NewJourneysFireLP
    NewJourneysFireLP 2 months ago

    I love Sargon's social awkwardness. lol

  • Attila the Right
    Attila the Right 2 months ago

    Interesting to watch this after the great miracle

  • Nicole PoPo
    Nicole PoPo 2 months ago

    dwarves and fairies CAN be friends

  • Anjelo Whebb
    Anjelo Whebb 2 months ago

    fuking racists

  • Eat Me
    Eat Me 2 months ago

    The sexual tension in that room, you can cut it like lard/butter🔪

  • Jay Dickman
    Jay Dickman 2 months ago

    Watch Sargon's face from 0:37 - 0:54

  • Ihatwevertging What
    Ihatwevertging What 2 months ago

    Honestly Sargon really looks good in this stream, very conventionally attractive

  • nickmac2000
    nickmac2000 2 months ago

    my three favorite people
    -Mr metokur
    -sargon of Akkad

  • DrPugjunior
    DrPugjunior 2 months ago

    you probably wont see this comment sargon, but i love you man. keep doing what you do.

  • bitchwtf
    bitchwtf 2 months ago

    this was so funny milo sargon ship forever

  • Shaun Patat
    Shaun Patat 2 months ago

    charity suggestion: marine corps scholarship fund. It helps put children of fallen marines through college.

  • Drugged Baby
    Drugged Baby 2 months ago

    >Drinking whiskey with my favourite faggot.
    love it

  • Chuula
    Chuula 3 months ago

    I don't agree with Milo's views but I like his personality and his savage humor so I was glad I found this

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 3 months ago

    Wow things have changed in such a short span of time. The good old days. They had no idea what the future would hold.

  • Ryan Wes
    Ryan Wes 3 months ago

    Sargon has a hot face

  • Tommy O'Neil
    Tommy O'Neil 3 months ago

    We need to get Milo back on a stream

  • DaveX
    DaveX 3 months ago

    fuckin hilarious

  • Russian Hacker
    Russian Hacker 3 months ago

    milo looks like tim heidecker in the thumbnail

  • DoughyInTheMiddle
    DoughyInTheMiddle 3 months ago

    This video is an absolute gem.

    MINDMELD 3 months ago

    This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  • Lone Stars
    Lone Stars 3 months ago

    18:09 OWI I HAVE ASPERGERS (im not actually joking about that part) AND BEN DOESNT HAVE IT..... HE HAS TO BE FURTHER DOWN THAT LADDER... keep them super mentals away from this part XD

  • IAM Batman
    IAM Batman 3 months ago

    im sorry but who the fuck is jim? link please or full name

  • John Miller
    John Miller 3 months ago

    Turns out all those cologne New Years gang rape by Muslims stories were all made up.

  • Dean  Algar
    Dean Algar 3 months ago

    Sargon of akkad and Milo. Please do this again.

  • hatboxful
    hatboxful 3 months ago

    Is Sargon gay?

  • Emily Matthews
    Emily Matthews 3 months ago

    Sargon has such a nice voice, it doesn't match him some how

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P 3 months ago

    1:12:15 People who call Milo racist should watch his reaction after hearing Allbum being called a 'Paki'...

  • ReallyAwesomeUser
    ReallyAwesomeUser 3 months ago

    This was the best stream in the history of streams. The only stream that has almost the same level of bants compare to this is probably drama time from preach gaming xD

  • Alex Powell
    Alex Powell 3 months ago

    i should probably get pissed to watch this...

  • Dovah Gamer
    Dovah Gamer 3 months ago

    one moment they talk about the rapes in germany ... the next moment they talk about their porn habits...F*CKING GENIUS!!!!

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 3 months ago

    He has to show his true colours someday lmao

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 3 months ago

    Make it three faggots

  • Turd Muffin
    Turd Muffin 3 months ago

    Amazing how many in the male online gaming community are pro-child sex like Milo. Their hatred for females now makes sense....MGTOW=NAMBLA.

  • Elia
    Elia 3 months ago


  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 3 months ago

    Sargon, Milo, who's the third guy in this discussion? He sounds like 'Black Pigeon Speaks'/@NavyHato?

  • GCarlin Disciple
    GCarlin Disciple 3 months ago

    There is nobody I would rather drink with in the media world than Milo. Brilliant intellect, hilarious and balls of fucking steel.

  • Quacktics are Go
    Quacktics are Go 3 months ago

    I actually feel like I'm intruding by watching this.

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