Shirley Muldowney crashes

This video clip from the Diamond P Decade of Thrills 2 shows horrific crash photos from Shirley Muldowney's Montreal crash in 1984.

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Author Teresa Maciel ( ago)
The sad thing about the races was there were a lot of people there to see
the crashes. One of my best friends was killed when his car hit the guard
rail. Not a fun day

Author bigfootoneshot ( ago)
Hey Dude, I remember watching Shirley at Dragway Park on a Labor Day
Weekend where she shut down I believe it was Chris Karesmines ( hope I
spelled that right) to win the Final. She was just Match Racing back then
but, it was the very first time I saw, heard and FELT a Pair of Nitro
burning Top Fuelers run live and in Person and I will never ever forget
that feeling and the wicked Combination of Burnt Nitromethane Rubber and
Clutch Dust. WOW!!!

Author Arley Nemo ( ago)
Great driver,arley nemo said that

Author Joshua Hodgeson ( ago)
does anyone have the acutal video

Author renegade1644 ( ago)
God bless the Queen of drag racing!!! What a truly amazing competitor.

Author Chris17psi ( ago)
THAT is one hell of a picture.

Author MrGreggl61 ( ago)
Why dont they just show the frigging crash instead of stopping the video
and switching to still pictures. How fucking annoying

Author Caleb Price ( ago)
You know i wonder if the NHRA would ever come back to Canada and sanction a
national event there

Author Stephen D James ( ago)
I met Shirley at the Grand Nationals when it was at Cayuga Speedway Ontario
Canada..back in the 80's.Don Garlits was running then and John Force was
really just starting out if i remember.I remember that accident or hearing
of it..and they asked how she felt,,and she answered that the roll cage had
done it's job and if they had not she would have been killed..

Author Justin Muldowney ( ago)
I wonder if im related to her. Same last name... lol

Author 01po01po ( ago)
@Doublefeature56 Very well said..........

Author refusetoassimilate ( ago)
@Doublefeature56 WELL SAID!!

Author Doublefeature56 ( ago)
Shirley was one of racing's all time greats. She was also a woman (and a
babe) but one has nothing to do with the other. Going through "a lot" is
what successful people do on the way to the top.

Author Sasha McHaffie ( ago)

Author EV150 ( ago)
Shirley Muldowney rules!

Author CALVIN DENT ( ago)
I have this crash on vhs some where recoreded rigth off of tv

Author rrhynes ( ago)
What's even easier fo rthe new girls is that they can get sponsors. Had
Muldowney been sponsored like the new womein the sport, she would probably
have more championships than Schumacher.

Author fueldragster ( ago)
Whats ironic is that at Shirley's first race in Montreal in 1986 she
crashed again, vbut this crash wasn't all that bad and she was uninjured

Author fueldragster ( ago)
Maybe some home video somewhere, but I don't believe this race was televised

Author Jean Bailey ( ago)
National Trail Raceway is my hometown track... I got Shirley's autograph
several times, and she even took time to chat. Maybe you caught her on a
bad day when she wasn't feeling well.

Author Ed66H ( ago)
when i was 10 i ask her to sigh my shirt....She said that she was to i went to Big Daddy and he sigh it......Ever since then I though
she was a bitch....And almost everyone in the pits though the same thing

Author buddrumz ( ago)
i want her back , the old school should be much more respected CONRAD ,

Author blue57ford ( ago)
Was there ever live video footage of this crash?

Author hemirunner1 ( ago)
I love her shes my idol! And the main reason I'm into drag racing to begin

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