Aaron's Last Wish - A $500 Tip For Pizza

Our Indiegogo campaign to bring $500 tips to all 50 states:

My brother passed away July 7, 2012. His final wish in his will, if he left enough money, was that we have pizza and give the waiter or waitress a $500 tip. Aaron never had much money , and he didn't have enough to make this happen, so I started a website and took donations. On July 10 we were able to make his wish come true for the first time.

We think he just wanted to provide a random act of kindness and generosity for someone he thought was under appreciated; the kind of thing that would make a lasting impact they would never forget. If you want to keep his legacy going, please feel free to donate. So far we have collected over $1000 so we will definitely be doing this again, for another random waiter or waitress, very soon! Each time we have $500 we will do it again, even if that means going out to eat multiple times a day.

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Author James Skellington ( ago)
God Is Great!

Author suman sahu ( ago)

Author Mitchell A ( ago)
Where it all begins...;)

Author Ben Rifkin ( ago)
Why can't these sorts of videos trend?

Author Kerin Cokefloat ( ago)
Read your story on RBN.

Author Firesenz ( ago)
this made me cry :)

Author Uyeng Jumhana ( ago)
she is pretty

Author Max R ( ago)
That's the weirdest fucking name for a place to eat

Author Alexander Glaeser ( ago)
sowas finde ich einfach nur gut ich hab es heute im fernseher gesehen und ohne scherz mir kamen die tränen mein herzliches beileid

Author steveyj75 ( ago)
it's so nice to see nice stuff. everyone here is nice. what an amazingly nice and kind last wish. Seriously, thanks for doing this and posting it. Nice!

Author Madison Matthews ( ago)
my mother gave someone a 500$ tip and they cried and when we go to the restaurant she always gives her a hug

Author Mitch Drabenstott ( ago)
What if they planned to give a $500 tip but got horrible service? Would they still give it to them?

Author berniemacsgreatesthi (114 years ago)
Seth & Aaron = Fucking badasses

Author ZCorp Alpha ( ago)
$ 500 ? That not that much, no offense

Author AncientGod666 ( ago)
*tips fedora

Author RS2002 ( ago)

Author Wiffleball Players ( ago)
Not to be rude but how did he pass?

Author daniel mchale ( ago)

Author BagIsFull ( ago)
If I ever make it one day. This is the type of shit I'm gonna do.

Author Dragonlord732 Gaming ( ago)
Aww, that's kind

Author Joe Davila ( ago)
Listen...apparently it is obvious that he set up a website for donations to keep pouring in to make money.  What is 500 bucks, make a video handing it over to someone it on youtube..and advertise a website?  If you brother died...wouldn't you want him to RIP?  I smell a scam, because he is surrounded by other family members who have worn T shirts advertising the website.

Author Gary Willis ( ago)
people have inspired me to do stuff like that and i want to give 50 dollors (all my money) to a waitrest like that

Author Pimpy Cote ( ago)
This is in Kentucky

Author mxtxb ( ago)
Ich habs mir auch angesehen im fernseher echt krass sowas auf die beine zu stelle ln

Author Takemysenf ( ago)
just saw a report on this vid in German TV, made me tear up. RIP Aaron. Your great family will continue with your spirit

Author TecknoHD ( ago)
Gallileo ?

Author Limbofish ( ago)
Seth, I watched every of your 99 videos during the last two days...and from the first to the last they all gave me tears in my eyes. This is probably the best series i've ever watched and i hope you can repeat it many more times!

Author AltarEgo ( ago)
RIP Aaron...the world is much less of a place without you here..~

Author Mom's Spaghetti ( ago)
Those bills are so crisp and straight. I think you printed them. *sirens* Here comes the FBI now!

Author Gav Bailey ( ago)
I've been watching the videos & think your brother would be very proud of you. RIP Aaron

Author TheSludgeMan ( ago)
You can tell it's been a while since he got laid by how much he made the most of that hug

Author Cillian corr ( ago)
R.I.P Aaron Collins, ignore the hate on this video, it is inspiring, they just don't realise what you have done, I respect your entire family

Author ThisIsTurok1 ( ago)
$500 tip?! He must be rich.

What does he do for a living, because I don't make that kind of money.

Author torontothegood ( ago)
totally random for the recipient ... but what if the service was awful?

Author Kuno ( ago)
This is for all the Euros who hate big-tipping Americans... now what??

Author DMA2Superman ( ago)

Author GreenDayisAmazing ( ago)
Idk Aaron, but he seems like he was an awesome guy! You all are awesome!!

Author MrAgrippa91313 ( ago)
Within 5 seconds I recognized that area, then I saw my dentists office in the background. Very proud of my city, and while I never knew Aaron (though if he is from Lex I probably knew him via someway or another) he is clearly a shining example to the rest of us. bravo.

Author Awesome Me ( ago)
God bless him rip Collins he is in heaven who helped a waitress he has my last name

Author mikeydeeification ( ago)
Someone got laid that night

Author pass♥iton ( ago)
This could have been exexuted way better

Author Qurkz ( ago)
Wow my name is aaron

Author ralphus44 ( ago)
Don't mean to be cynical, but it sure makes it easy when the recipient is a hot young woman.

Author Troy Nguyen ( ago)
What a fucking asshole this Aaron guy was.
Giving away money to fat americans.
He should've given to people who needed it. Half the waitresses i seen in these vids are fat bushpigs.

Author iWeoponry ( ago)
god bless you dude i pray for peace and happiness in you and your families lives.

Author Top's Viral ( ago)
R.I.P AARON :'-)

Author Daniel Unger ( ago)
What an awesome idea. Rest in peace

Author FancyBlox ( ago)
R.I.P Aaron, you will be missed! :,) You were a great person!

Author cwilly yupp ( ago)
i stayed up all night watching all of your videos. This is amazing! im in fort wayne Indiana and will be taking a bike trip to louisville Kentucky when it gets warm. Maybe i will get to experience this amazing gesture!

Author TheYemeniGuy123 ( ago)
I make the arab monaaayyyy

Author Daniel Telkamp ( ago)
Aaron R.I.P.

Author птн пнх хло ( ago)
I'm still can't understand - why 413 people don't like this last will??? Could someone explain that for me?

Author Mad Life ( ago)
God is one......

Author Joe Alcorn ( ago)
God Bless you Aaron

Author Jennifer Irons ( ago)
What a great way to make a waiter's day. Please help me in spreading goodness by watching my video "It's Good-ness," which features two adorable kids encouraging people to do good in their communities:

Author Macy Ruhl ( ago)
I would have cried had I had this happen to me. That's such a generous thing to do. Amazing.

Author Wyatt Hood ( ago)
Lexington Kentucky!!!! I remember that Waitress!!!!!!

Author Tamar Koopman ( ago)
I was talking about your generalisation.

Author Sal. A ( ago)
you are one racist disgusting piece of shit.

Author Bubble Hash ( ago)
she started fanning herself with the money! Classic!!!

Author hahahahahaha2366 ( ago)
You're very right, every single video I go on where someone gives a big tip, money/food to the homeless or something else gets bashed by 100s of haters, I just can't comprehend why idiots bash the living shit out of nice people.

Author Allenwinget55 ( ago)
My god, can't anyone do something nice and genuine on this earth without people losing their fucking minds? Seriously, eat shit and die if you have nothing better to do with your life, other than to be full of hate.

Author Tamar Koopman ( ago)
Doe toch niet zo naïef.

Author Tamar Koopman ( ago)
That's the point. They could have used the $500 dollars to benefit themselves, they chose to donate in their passed relative's name.

Author Tamar Koopman ( ago)
That's terrible. I live in the Netherlands, and the average wage for employees between the ages of 14-18 is about 5 euros (~ $6,80) per hour.

Author Tamar Koopman ( ago)
That's very disrespectful.

Author juggalo2112 ( ago)
Ignore them, they are not worth wasting time on.....The haters should do us all a favor and just go kill themselves. There is enough negativity in the world.

Author Life With Essence ( ago)
This is awesome!

Author Felix Koschar ( ago)
so this video is proof that also something positive that actually makes sense can go viral... just imagine someone making a video that touches and inspires everyone so much that the world is actually finally saved... wouldn't that be quite epic?? lol sounds maybe totally crazy... but not impossible!

Author ohbabycarpediem ( ago)
i heard about this story on NRP a few weeks ago, didn't know there was a video of it. really cool

Author Evil Odlaw ( ago)
It woulda been soo funny if at the end you went "nah just kiddin, gimme my money back bitch!"

Author dennismlns ( ago)
Maybe that is why I never need waitresses at the place I am manager, My girls get $8 an hour(starting) PLUS tips.
(I'd tell you where, but might get inundated by applications)

Author PBMS123 ( ago)
Exactly, but because they get tipped that's what make it up.
The Fair Labor Standards Act requires a minimum wage of $2.13 for tipped workers with the expectation that wages plus tips total no less than $7.25 per hour. The employer must pay the difference if total income does not add up to $7.25 per hour.
Therefore tipping actually forces the low wage, if everyone didn't tip the employer is required to make up the difference.

Author dennismlns ( ago)
They HAVE to pay the minimum wage, something about a federal law requiring it. Oh, the EMPLOYER will not have the problem, he will still get the $28.00 an hour weather the waitstaff gets tips or not, so he doesn't give a shit one way or the other.

Author TPizzle83 ( ago)
Better than your hick-ass username.

Author John Mallory ( ago)
You want 500 dolla!?
Yes I want 500 dolla!
500 dolla!
500 dolla!

Author TPizzle83 ( ago)
Meanwhile a clusterfucked GOP's last wish is to kill a few poor people.

Author PBMS123 ( ago)
If people stopped tipping it would force the employers to pay minimum wage.

Author Jimmy Dayes ( ago)
Well in my state that is what they make. They make around $3 an hour. And then tips are added in to make it to a minimum wage. I guess it all depends on the state, restaurant. My sister works at IHOP, she gets paid $3.12 an hour. Minimum wage here is 7.25 an hour. But she does get tips.

Author itb20v ( ago)
Thats so cool may your brother rest in peace.

Author melvintheshark ( ago)
Ranger you ignorant fuck STFU

Author tyler rhine ( ago)
Naaa let them find it

Author TwinBlade ( ago)
Waiters and Waitresses don't qualify for minimum wage protection, the gov't makes it that way.

Author Kaesar ( ago)
Because they're trying to get people to donate so they can do more of this? It was made clear like 5 times in this video and in the description...

Author freelandr2865 ( ago)
make a show on called "Waiting to Exhale" and be a crappy customer but at the end give then $500! it'd improve waitressing every where

Author freelandr2865 ( ago)
could've used that $500 to buy a better camera.

Author RaindropsOnRoses ( ago)
No.. that's under minimum wage.. maybe like 7 dollars an hour.

Author whackedout! ( ago)
Good on you.

Author Jennifer Navarro ( ago)
The gratitude on her face speaks volumes!! If I had $500 I would donate it to this girl at ihop she's the sweetest thing ever always serving others and helping her family such a great young lady =]

Author fcoronel1 ( ago)
Actually, I think you told someone you wanted to punch them in the throat about a year ago..Just saying..

Author Jimmy Dayes ( ago)
I hope people know waiters/waitresses only make an average around $3 an hour. if even. so this was well deserved.

Author Tango Oneniner ( ago)
Faith in humanity restored

Author Ofek Bar-el ( ago)
No. No,no no no.

Author Dez Bryant ( ago)
Give her a tip .... He gets hug ... Well if it was me I would take her out to diner and then have some fun with her

Author Kyle Hendricks ( ago)
anyone else see the 12 year old playing on a tablet in the corner of the shot

Author BDUB715230 ( ago)
There are homeless people, you just can't always see it. Cool it with the classic "My European country is better than America." And actually, there's a homeless man named Steve that hangs around my college campus. I have lunch with him every Thursday

Author oranjuh ( ago)
There are no homeless people in my town. If there were, they would freeze to die every winter. But this is Holland, not America, lol. Go figure.... Oh, and when did you gave a sandwich to a homeless person? If ever?

Author Inked40 ( ago)
this was awesome. you guys rock. inspiring

Author Cramz879 ( ago)
I'm buying the ps4 with that

Author レイナ ( ago)
Aww so cute.

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