How To Correctly Eat Sushi

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  • Today I show you the proper Japanese way to eat sushi. Think you know how to correctly eat sushi? You're wrong! 90% of people don't know that they've been eating sushi wrong their whole life. This method is great because it allows you to taste every single flavour at once, preventing certain flavours from being too overpowering. This technique has been around for generations - unfortunately not many people know about it. Enjoy your sushi!

    You've been eating sushi wrong. Chances are your friends have too. SHARE IT:

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  • WolvesEatingCookies :D

    Thank you for this! Now I can finally eat my sushi correctly.

  • Nicolas Vallejos
    Nicolas Vallejos 1 hour ago

    que rico

  • redpipe cider
    redpipe cider 14 hours ago

    this was the first video I ever watched from howtobasic

  • Slime Gurus
    Slime Gurus 18 hours ago

    Plz susriibee to are chennalllll. We luv you

  • BlackH Gamer
    BlackH Gamer 22 hours ago

    I want to puke

  • ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ʟᴜɴᴇ

    I thought that this would be decent video

    TOTALLY SENSIBLE 2 days ago

    50 years later,"asia sends attack on Australia because of video made by youtuber how to basic"how to correctly eat sushi"

    BTW this was just a joke so don't get triggered😊😊😊😀

  • Mariana Jasso
    Mariana Jasso 2 days ago

    I'm dying 1:06

  • John Wallen Antonio

    The man who's just almost vomiting got me

  • Ut0pik
    Ut0pik 3 days ago

    how can i fry my glans?

  • Katarina Drexel
    Katarina Drexel 3 days ago

    I already knew that this video is fake the moment I saw he was eating the sushi with chopsticks, we don't use chopsticks in eating rolled-sushi, we use our fingers.

  • Scrumpy
    Scrumpy 4 days ago

    I am.....horrified

  • Ezaru Nicu
    Ezaru Nicu 4 days ago

    you are gay sorry

  • tails
    tails 5 days ago

    fack you

  • Sapula McHandyman
    Sapula McHandyman 5 days ago

    where are all the eggs?

  • David Hudson
    David Hudson 6 days ago

    Never put the ginger on the sushi. You must eat it separately.

  • ーゆ
    ーゆ 6 days ago


  • Montserrat Normendez

    and this is y Japan does not speak to the us

  • Rafli Yanuar
    Rafli Yanuar 6 days ago

    too much wasabi

  • Radi Mechref
    Radi Mechref 7 days ago

    ohhhh its very good

  • Juana Villanueva
    Juana Villanueva 7 days ago

    I thought you were funny till now.

  • Tuyen Huynh
    Tuyen Huynh 7 days ago

    so so funny

  • The Dragonborn
    The Dragonborn 8 days ago

    Poor fat guy... ;-;

  • Cori is livin
    Cori is livin 8 days ago

    I love sushi 🍣

    Now I want it even more

  • katiesokool Roblox Girl

    Who was watching this while eating because i was almost about to throw up

  • 名前が変えられねぇ


  • Harold Nance
    Harold Nance 11 days ago

    um Ok

  • TheElite711
    TheElite711 11 days ago

    surprised no eggs were involved lol.

  • Liam Edwards
    Liam Edwards 12 days ago

    You are not stable. Even this you make a mess with spraying soya sauce and cracking eggs. How old are you, 1?

  • M Wallace
    M Wallace 12 days ago

    how ironic. i had that exact same reaction to that cunts haircut! WTF is that shit?

  • Pascal Gouin
    Pascal Gouin 12 days ago

    someone can call the police

  • Raghda lux
    Raghda lux 12 days ago

    not nice , bad video

  • Popt Loop
    Popt Loop 12 days ago

    HOW DARE HE DO THAT SUSHI I delightful

  • VitraModern YT
    VitraModern YT 12 days ago

    0:58 DEATH

  • VitraModern YT
    VitraModern YT 12 days ago

    In the beginning it looks legit.

  • Hanane Kharbouch
    Hanane Kharbouch 13 days ago


  • aevanism
    aevanism 13 days ago

    uhh gross

  • Yoihenba Nameirakpam

    I almost threw up

  • Marek Jacečko
    Marek Jacečko 14 days ago


  • Jenna Isticxccx
    Jenna Isticxccx 16 days ago

    Kids in Africa should have eaten that cup

  • Ellis Warren
    Ellis Warren 17 days ago

    Years of therapy ahead of me now

  • Fabian Muth
    Fabian Muth 17 days ago


  • Nemanja Stanic
    Nemanja Stanic 17 days ago

    you waste so much food and some people dont even have food to eat... they starve and you throw all that food into trash! it would be better if you gave all that food to homeless people and not throw it into trash! 😡😡😡

  • 2D
    2D 18 days ago

    0:52 in I'm like, is this howtobasic? Then it happened.

  • SweetyPunch1 Is Cutie

    EWWWW!!! 🤢

  • Tredon Aldridge
    Tredon Aldridge 18 days ago

    the 12k dislikes are people who wanted to actually know how to eat sushi

  • xosomxo
    xosomxo 19 days ago


  • Inri rios
    Inri rios 19 days ago

    how does this YouTube channel have 9million subs like this is disgusting

  • wd 40
    wd 40 20 days ago

    I want sushi at beginning end not so much

  • Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy 20 days ago

    at 0:25 the bowl is almost completely full
    at 0:26 the bowl is less full than before

  • TheAwesomeDimond
    TheAwesomeDimond 20 days ago

    yes this video didn't ruin sushi for me at all😅.... lol i still love these vids😄❤

  • Kumii Gumita
    Kumii Gumita 20 days ago

    ''Quiero vomitar'' xd

  • Ayie Araneta
    Ayie Araneta 23 days ago

    Thats literally How to basic

  • Random Chanel
    Random Chanel 24 days ago


  • Aivaylas
    Aivaylas 24 days ago

    This taught me so much

  • Zeynep Dikili
    Zeynep Dikili 24 days ago

    öööoğğğ 😖😖

  • Saayan Dutta
    Saayan Dutta 25 days ago

    Poor guy who ate it!

  • The Legendary 乇メcαlιɓυяTM

    lol how to basic face omg ❤

  • enti ty_303
    enti ty_303 25 days ago


  • RadonXx 3245
    RadonXx 3245 25 days ago

    song at beginning?

  • slushycool 222
    slushycool 222 26 days ago

    hey everyone don't look at the screen and only listen to the sound. you'll get a VERY different results than looking and watching

  • Thi Hong Nguyen
    Thi Hong Nguyen 26 days ago


  • kaycalgamer 53
    kaycalgamer 53 27 days ago

    What anime is this? I like it.

  • Jayda Koger
    Jayda Koger 28 days ago

    me being a sushi lover cried from this

  • Esteban Alvarado
    Esteban Alvarado 29 days ago

    It was going so well...

  • The PannuKakku
    The PannuKakku 1 month ago

    Everytime i eat sushi, i will remember this

  • Drank_Sippa
    Drank_Sippa 1 month ago

    lol that moment he put the ginger on the sushi and the big chunk of wasabi all at once, i lost it 😂😂😂 im too high for this shit

  • Carlos Montoya
    Carlos Montoya 1 month ago

    Reason of dead........... eat sushi 🍣 correctly

  • Mr. Noob Gaming
    Mr. Noob Gaming 1 month ago

    1:02 lol that song

  • あしゅしゅ
    あしゅしゅ 1 month ago


  • Magma
    Magma 1 month ago

    you eat ginger to cleanse your pallet. dummy

  • cupcake cups
    cupcake cups 1 month ago

    I'm eating shushi until I watch this

    • cupcake cups
      cupcake cups 1 month ago

      I meant sushi cause I have bad gram​er

  • Cool Dude Cinema
    Cool Dude Cinema 1 month ago

    HowToBasic, you are grounded for life!!!!!!!! 😡

  • Justin Senesac
    Justin Senesac 1 month ago

    Now I want sushi

  • King Min
    King Min 1 month ago

    How to correctly eat sushi?
    Cook it and avoid risking food poisoning.

  • Mo Wang
    Mo Wang 1 month ago

    fuck you

  • するぞオナ禁
    するぞオナ禁 1 month ago


  • luna playz
    luna playz 1 month ago


  • MineDiego 65756
    MineDiego 65756 1 month ago


  • Cat Boy ¡CHICO GATO!

    son yo el es su amigo o otra cosa ?

  • 通りすがりの人  


  • じんにん
    じんにん 1 month ago


  • Sasha Muffet
    Sasha Muffet 1 month ago


  • Xanax Player
    Xanax Player 1 month ago

    i love sushi but thees vídeo makes me cry

  • Snort
    Snort 1 month ago

    Chad has the creepiest smile I have ever seen

  • progamer1o5
    progamer1o5 1 month ago

    I thought this was legit in the beginning, suddenly it got to the part where I was like WTF

    Then I noticed it was HowToBasic's video...

  • Squeeze my Watermelons

    Isn't this disrespectful for Japanese people?

  • Tommy Chunk
    Tommy Chunk 1 month ago

    "2 girls 1 cup" video

  • 모 모
    모 모 1 month ago


  • まきつです。
    まきつです。 1 month ago


  • Aqua Peaxh15
    Aqua Peaxh15 1 month ago

    i just came here for a demonstration instead they show me how 2 puke

  • Joanne Hu
    Joanne Hu 1 month ago

    At 1:10 howtobasic actually talked and ask the guy if he needs anymore water

  • Vexen4
    Vexen4 1 month ago

    Want to stop being friends with someone? Send them HowtoBasic videos

  • wingedzombie909
    wingedzombie909 1 month ago


  • Fresh Orange
    Fresh Orange 1 month ago

    This is giving australia a poor reputation

  • jahvanna hilleary
    jahvanna hilleary 1 month ago

    I question my life choices

  • Samira Bonfim
    Samira Bonfim 1 month ago

    vim pelo Assistindo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • The PannuKakku
    The PannuKakku 1 month ago

    i ate sushi today with my friends

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