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Author SparkleFountain (5 months)
Now we're in the Exalted level, I bet if that kind of Malistaire comes
back, it'll be nothing to us lol

Author Mauricio Guerrero (29 days)
This is not hard it's just they need more help or level up more lol 

Author alex hernandez (2 months)
i beet malestar on my friest try with me brother 

Author Lukas Voorhies (1 year)
I'm giving away my Wizard101 account to someone that can't pay for a sub or
crowns. I've bought all the areas up to Azteca and I have open chat, so you
don't need to buy anything to play. Message me if you're interested.

Author FifI DawG (9 months)
btw, maybe you should try blading and trapping and healing then once you
have tons and tons of that use really powerful spells like tempest!

Author alejandro ruben (8 months)
i am so happy i already beat that guy

Author FifI DawG (9 months)
but malistaires health is back to normal so you wont need to worry :)

Author FifI DawG (9 months)
lol on the test realm Sylvia looked like lord nightshade. she has a proper
skin of her own now lol

Author Whorth Wlogsh (1 year)
Es muy aburrido y esta en ingles

Author Elizabeth FrostGem (1 year)
cool video bro ^_^

Author Jarmee (1 year)
whoa thanks this guide got me through fapistare

Author TehB3STP0nY (1 year)
Hey guys do i'm trying to finish the story of Wizard101 but i need crowns
i'm not asking for anything really. This code brings you to the website
where you can begin you story to be the best wizard in all of the spiral.
Thanks guys!

Author HighRez (1 year)
Hella hack meteorite strike and 100,000 bullcrap

Author Vidal Sanchez (10 months)
@BlakeHawkFlame6 Dude, fuck off. 100K? Seriously? You can beat that shit
solo? Nobody cares honestly and yeah you have the right to state your
opinion but you don't have to be so ignorant at the same time. Chill! This
isn't something easy to defeat so you need to take your chill pill, and
calm the hell down.

Author Jarmee (1 year)
cool vid btw I play animal jam also owe and im not this dude im his
daughter lol XD anyways can you play animal jam and ur quitting and your
member plz let me use your account my user is jiekri pls ad me ty

Author caleb johnson (1 year)
The good old days. Wish they would have never took enchanting off of him

Author Jarmee (1 year)

Author Kyle Fleming (1 year)
I did this with only me and a friend it's easy!

Author TheSilverShadow 200 (11 months)
seriously how were you able to beat him at the old times :o

Author Mark Yeske (1 year)
cool vid btw I play animal jam also owe and im not this dude im his
daughter lol XD anyways can you play animal jam and ur quitting and your
member plz let me use your account my user is shadowwolf1490 thank u :)

Author Mr The Puppet (10 months)
malistare i: hmm thats all i want to say
-scot battleshade

Author Eder Gonzalez (1 year)
Lol i am,not a man i am bailey daisyheart some dat we cam meet x winks x

Author Tsunayoshi Sawada (1 year)
Alguno quiere ver una BASE SECRETA EN LA CASA DE LA VIDA? esta muy muy
genial el video, por mi parte yo lo recomiendo al 100% y se que les gustara. /watch?v=_A-Krx1vE70

(unan el espasio que hay entre '.com' y '/watch' y luego pegenlo en la
barra de su navegador.

Author john thomas (1 year)
Death people wouldn't have a problem killing him. He wouldn't do interrupt
if death students used scare crow. But wait you die if you kill the ghost?
Ah you could just use vampire or wraith then. The lvl cap was maxed at 50
so don't say things like" that health is easy to kill with my level 90

Author GammaWALLE (1 year)
i really wish i knew what this song was.

Author Michelle Silverflame (1 year)
Nice :P

Author ShadowKlinzer Cod swag (1 year)

Author kamage1968 (2 years)
i already defeated malistare and all the other bosses

Author jsarah211 (2 years)
5:56 that is one majora's mask looking moon

Author Hawktalon18 (1 year)
With your pet, crown items, etc back in 2008 your pet just gave you card
barely any crown items that would help no lvl 60, 70, 80 or 90 just lvl 50
100,000 health....

Author theundertaker19549 (2 years)
My wizard is name Migueldeathrider

Author Edward Sherk (2 years)
Iwant to battle malistare so bad but i am on a low level so yeah :(

Author elementsaremadeof (2 years)
I remember when DS first came out and this battle was impossible! I was
helping a friend the other day who had just started out and she need to
beat M. Of course I was unaware they had change the battle, I was really
excited to beat his 100,000 self for I felt I would finally survive with
some dignity (I am level 90). To my surprise, after we completed the main
dungeon and get to M, they changed the battle! I was really upset because I
missed Sylvia and I one shot killed M with Spinysaur

Author Artiss grams (2 years)

Author Jazmin Grant (2 years)
I want to battle him but i am only a level 9. there is a death door behind
a water fall in the commons and i got in with a level 27 player with me
because i could not go in. have you downloaded pirate101 yet? i just did

Author GammaWALLE (2 years)
need a link to the song plz

Author Enzo BonneCriniere (2 years)
XD Malistaire memories! Feel free to subscribe to my new channel

Author kristen osgood (2 years)
Wizard101 is cool but I'm only level 17 so I would probably die

Author Christina Loxx (2 years)
I'm level 29 can't wait to fight him

Author elementsaremadeof (2 years)
He did not even have critical block OR life resist. I think they should
make him more difficult, maybe not a hard as the original but a least hard
enough that you need 4 players and a Sylvia to save you!

Author mary Knuckles (2 years)
Lol people fighting over a game ;P by the way I can't find any generators
that actually give me crowns ( Mary Sunflower lvl 18 balance: still
searching but not working:( )

Author jenny mcphee (2 years)
i play this game but i cant any more because we got a new computer and im
not allowed to download this game anymore. :( but i shall download it any
way (if i can) X(

Author Diablo King (2 years)
Dude I am a frickin level 90 ice warlord srsly

Author leigh woollen (1 year)
I play this is there an easy way to level up with membership

Author Shinymew (1 year)
Oh so thats why me and my friend were owned.... :\ We were doing for the
first time. XD

Author Sammy Wooz (2 years)
It would be nice if they kept sylvia drake when they brought his health
back to 10,000 .-.

Author Chris Nighthunter. (1 year)
dam. i wish the old malistare was back

Author Elijah Clementoni (2 years)
HOLY CRAP! That is a lot of health!

Author Monkey Studios (2 years)
Now he only has 10 000 health

Author Ashy Tan (2 years)
Omfg I remember when I fought Malistaire in this version it was so Damn
hard... They should bring it back..

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