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Author Lego Ninjago ( ago)
you know malistare isnt that bad am im right about that he's hard fro you
but not for me he has tenk heath in azteca he has 25,565 heath and darkmoor
he has 50,000 and 99,000 there you have it!!!! malistare is week

Author Lego Ninjago ( ago)
i all ready killed malistare why would we need your wizad

Author Matthew MistWeaver ( ago)
wow! ghost of sylvia Drake help you? o.o

Author te4o gaming ( ago)
now a challange will be 1.000.000 one XD

Author witchy user 555 ( ago)
I liked it when syliva drake was in the fight i think it was more better
because she helps the player they should bring her back matter a fact why
cant she be put back into the game butt this time you can pick from easy
too advance mode and she would always be helping does anyone here agree

Author Jacob Kissee ( ago)
thats cool brb

Author Mauricio Guerrero ( ago)
This is not hard it's just they need more help or level up more lol 

Author alex hernandez ( ago)
i beet malestar on my friest try with me brother 

Author SparkleFountain ( ago)
Now we're in the Exalted level, I bet if that kind of Malistaire comes
back, it'll be nothing to us lol

Author Jxtesh ( ago)
i remember once there were crown items sold in the bazaar!

Author Da-Keliah Elliott ( ago)
i can see the titan draggons eye in the backround

Author Amy Woollen ( ago)
I play this is there an easy way to level up with membership

Author тαтιαηα ( ago)
Nice tryc:

Author John Dallas ( ago)
You guys suck lol :p

Author Original Toasty ( ago)
song name anyone?

Author Hawktalon18 ( ago)
With your pet, crown items, etc back in 2008 your pet just gave you card
barely any crown items that would help no lvl 60, 70, 80 or 90 just lvl 50
100,000 health....

Author George T ( ago)
1 lvl 90? I can solo it with my lvl 50 ice or my lvl 72 balance really easy!

Author Tiffany B ( ago)
On my lvl 50 Account I beat that Whole Dungeon. But all of my other
accounts Are Prometheans.

Author Hawktalon18 ( ago)
XD I know I know thank you thank you lol

Author ROTMG LolzDxS ( ago)
I like the part with the "and blah"

Author Kevin Joseph ( ago)
i defeat by myself and im promethean dviner

Author Hawktalon18 ( ago)
Ugh I remember when it took 4 wizards lvl 50 to beat malistare now it takes
1 lvl 90 to defeat the dungeon pretty much and now he has those minions by
his side and blah :C

Author Amer Zokari ( ago)
For prometheans, this is a piece of cake

Author Hailey Metta ( ago)
I like blaze the most :)

Author Yovanys Cheda ( ago)
its fuck up he could of yyou the jfier cat o him becase hehad dameg to fire

Author Queta Garcia ( ago)
so sylbia is wraith?

Author Athex ( ago)
It's you tube not you tub

Author KaoTic Virrus ( ago)
dang you guys can't do crap freking noobs lose every fight

Author Austin Koenig ( ago)

Author Doodle Jumper ( ago)
Sind voll schlecht

Author jared seebaran ( ago)
and good try guys.

Author Chris Nighthunter. ( ago)
dam. i wish the old malistare was back

Author Cindy Zhu ( ago)
he owned everyone once bc his health was a fat one.

Author Dominic11121 ( ago)
Enchanted? It's ENHANCED*

Author Shinymew ( ago)
Oh so thats why me and my friend were owned.... :\ We were doing for the
first time. XD

Author Segojan1 ( ago)
the old malistare is so boring ... a alternative dungeon with the 100 000
hp malistar was be great

Author Smooda Boss ( ago)
That fenics wus strong

Author Carmen Murrieta ( ago)
Malistaire is so strong

Author Carmen Murrieta ( ago)
Blaze night flame is an idiot no one is gonna call him

Author Nathan Tanner ( ago)
i one shot killed him

Author Zoha Khan ( ago)
You won’t believe but I just got wizard101 crown an membership free from
here. See the proof

Author Madame Cocoa ( ago)
I bet malistare solo I'm lvl 90storm

Author Diablo King ( ago)
Dude I am a frickin level 90 ice warlord srsly

Author Monkey Studios ( ago)
Now he only has 10 000 health

Author Hannah Moonstone ( ago)
Don't kill Sylvia.

Author josh ehrenfried ( ago)
i could solo him with my ice and fire or do my ice and fire vs him and my
storm so easy!!!

Author LiamPlaysGames ( ago)
He not that anymore

Author Isabella Sky ( ago)
Lots of health......

Author wiktor kindler ( ago)
polacy pszejeli gre wizard 101

Author 97dmb ( ago)

Author CamNJam MC ( ago)

Author Poppie Boosh ( ago)
well der i knew that wen i was level one so simple you find it out any ways

Author Poppie Boosh ( ago)
lol i new the myth techer was brothers wen i wasnt serpose to

Author Sammy Wooz ( ago)
It would be nice if they kept sylvia drake when they brought his health
back to 10,000 .-.

Author sammyalol ( ago)
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Fantasy, and lots more! Download & Play Elsword now!

Author John Edwards ( ago)

Author Enzo BonneCriniere ( ago)
XD Malistaire memories! Feel free to subscribe to my new channel

Author Kasane Teto Loves Bread ( ago)
I'm in level 10

Author Vadonrexknight ( ago)
ich heisst. du bist?@ingad33

Author Sean DreamCatcher ( ago)
i defeated him on my first try

Author Jakob Malloy ( ago)

Author alex hernandez ( ago)

Author Saimentey ( ago)
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Author Saimentey ( ago)
Don't mind me, just posting a link to a site where you earn points that can
be used to buy W101 cards and other stuff tinyurl,c0m/bc2elzd Had to
"tinyurl and changed the o in com to 0 and . to ," the link so i can post
it and Yes i'm a bot lol... nah but found it in another youtube video and
thought that i could spread it. Besides it's my refferall link =) Now let
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Author djloberg ( ago)
I am glad I will be fighting the rigular malistar Thes one Chets

Author Brian Coats ( ago)
I swear to God that I was, but i found out that I was getting membership
very soon, sorry.

Author kristen osgood ( ago)
Wizard101 is cool but I'm only level 17 so I would probably die

Author Matt Knowles ( ago)
Wolf Starbreaker: lvl 34 pyromancer

Author Brian Coats ( ago)
Anthony MythCaller, level 77, no longer needed, anyone want it?

Author Dylan Sippie ( ago)
I'm a level 9 and I would make a epic fail if I battled Malistare!

Author BlakeHawkFlame6 ( ago)
Are you kidding me? I could fucking solo that

Author PandaLovMusic ( ago)
nice video :P well i am a level 78 ice and are leveling up a few noobs :D
if you want to meet me reply to this comment :P

Author Kobe Bouasakhone ( ago)

Author TannerPvP ( ago)
I am a level 5 Warlord on Wizard101. Check out my newest videos and it will
help you become a pvp master!

Author Wuino Gallardo P. ( ago)
como mola pero que pena de que no lo abeis matado buabuabuabuabauabaua

Author Wolf Skull Gaming ( ago)
I am a level 80, and in all my life I crushed and killed Malistaire and in
all that time I have never seen him sooooo enchanted. Nice video :D

Author Morgan Hull ( ago)
i'm level 22 names tiffany ruby heart

Author Morgan Hull ( ago)
i'm level 22 names tiffany ruby heart

Author Morgan Hull ( ago)
holy shit

Author taylor kitty ( ago)
lms if ya think malistare is chinease! lol jk but still lms if ya think he
does look alittle chinease

Author darksouls45688 ( ago)
idiot your the one wrong he said fighted which is wrong and its not spelling

Author yanny daniela velasquez ortiz ( ago)
K dicem? No me enterooo!!!

Author AllAroundGamer ( ago)
@liltazz13ful Clearly a scam. You're an idiot. You can't even write

Author victor castro ( ago)
I'm level 90

Author Roxana Pilotowska ( ago)
I'm level 64

Author Christina Loxx ( ago)
I'm level 29 can't wait to fight him

Author X ( ago)
Use this friend code 729QD-2L249-3LQLM-LL939 when you are going to buy
crowns and get an extra 500 crowns!

Author Kokotrese ( ago)
dang im so behind im level11

Author caleb randall ( ago)
I LOVE THIS GUY LOL i suscribed i love your wow videos and w101 videos lol

Author Jazmin Grant ( ago)
I want to battle him but i am only a level 9. there is a death door behind
a water fall in the commons and i got in with a level 27 player with me
because i could not go in. have you downloaded pirate101 yet? i just did

Author TheSpiralist ( ago)
Check out my channel! Subscribe and comment too.

Author noboru Nakamura ( ago)
interuped what ever means like somone is talking but somone talks and says
bla bla bla and does;not let somone talk ok

Author noboru Nakamura ( ago)
its not 100000 ? its 10000

Author sherron stevenson ( ago)
Malistaire looks like a ruff one hope I can defeat him

Author Husky VG ( ago)
You said you tub twice..

Author RedLiberat0r ( ago)
im a level 35 and this is scardudes little sis

Author zachary johnson ( ago)

Author Edward Sherk ( ago)
Iwant to battle malistare so bad but i am on a low level so yeah :(

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