Wizard 101 - Malistare!!! (Enchanted version)

Malistare has gotten wayyyy harder!!! Only 6 people have defeated him!!! His health is back to 10k and will stay that way forever. People say he has more health but they are lying. NOTE: This malistare was a limited time only, the old malistare has come back.

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Author shane peschel ( ago)

Author Toxic Gaming ( ago)
I was on when malistaire was enchanted I didn't have a member but I got like 2500 crowns once I bought cyclops lane fire cat alley colouuos boulevard it got much funnier I was about to quit then celestia came out then zafaria then I got a member

Author james valcourt ( ago)
The legend days when DS was the end world....You guys got it lucky.

Author Gamstoby ( ago)
This reminds me how wizard101 videos filled YouTube back in 2009. It even has the unregistered Hypercam watermark.

Author Daliso ( ago)
Now I wonder how hard it would be to defeat Enchanted Darkmoor Malistare with 1 000 000 HP

Author Phat ( ago)
This is an extreme nostalgia trip. Brings me back to free realms and the classic wizard 101 :'^]

Author Ideal Ghoul ( ago)
Oh my god this brings back so much nostalgia from my early childhood. I fucking lived on this game when I was like 8-11 and I still played up until I like early last year. Sad to see such a fun game get turned into a broken pile of shit by a corrupt company. Miss the old Kingsisle :(

Author Awake ( ago)
I remember back in 2011 when my lil self beat dis for da first time, gud memories

Author FieryBrenden20 ( ago)
To the new generation of wizards saying this is easy, back then the level cap was 50 and there was no critical system if you didn't realize that already. This was a special period where they enchanted some bosses to be very powerful and almost impossible to win. Also only 6 players were able to defeat the enchanted Malistaire so enough with peoples ignorant statements. Yes it is obviously easier to fight him with today's level, pets, gear, and even a more variety of treasure cards. Back then though, you would most likely get your ass kicked.

Author Chris Charles ( ago)
There are so many idiots on here that don't understand that the cap was 50 😂 back then this was nearly impossible

Author Lady Chantel ( ago)
*sigh.... People.... Don't...... See ...... When ..... This ..... Was..... Made..... And ...... They..... Call...... These..... People..... Noobs..... *sigh but they're the ones that are noobs because they obviously are new to the game. -.-

Author Marc Thompson ( ago)
For everyone saying how easy it is and how they already beat Malistaire read this comment. This was in 2009, and in 2009 the level cap was level 50. So in todays standards that's like being level 30 and going into Polaris.

Author faisal mir ( ago)
i am exalted me and my friends could easily kill him!
but you have to check how hard malistaire the undying in darkmoor is bro then you will see how easy this is compared to THAT

Author Claude ( ago)
When the game was good.

Author Lego Ninjago ( ago)
you know malistare isnt that bad am im right about that he's hard fro you but not for me he has tenk heath in azteca he has 25,565 heath and darkmoor he has 50,000 and 99,000 there you have it!!!! malistare is week

Author Lego Ninjago ( ago)
i all ready killed malistare why would we need your wizad

Author Matthew MistWeaver ( ago)
wow! ghost of sylvia Drake help you? o.o

Author Te4o ( ago)
now a challange will be 1.000.000 one XD

Author Jacob Kissee ( ago)
thats cool brb

Author Mauricio Guerrero ( ago)
This is not hard it's just they need more help or level up more lol

Author alex hernandez ( ago)
i beet malestar on my friest try with me brother 

Author SparkleFountain ( ago)
Now we're in the Exalted level, I bet if that kind of Malistaire comes back, it'll be nothing to us lol

Author if there is HATE there is LOVE ( ago)
i am so happy i already beat that guy

Author FifI DawG ( ago)
but malistaires health is back to normal so you wont need to worry :)

Author FifI DawG ( ago)
btw, maybe you should try blading and trapping and healing then once you have tons and tons of that use really powerful spells like tempest!

Author FifI DawG ( ago)
lol on the test realm Sylvia looked like lord nightshade. she has a proper skin of her own now lol

Author Vidal Sanchez ( ago)
@BlakeHawkFlame6 Dude, fuck off. 100K? Seriously? You can beat that shit solo? Nobody cares honestly and yeah you have the right to state your opinion but you don't have to be so ignorant at the same time. Chill! This isn't something easy to defeat so you need to take your chill pill, and calm the hell down.

Author SilverShadow 200 ( ago)
seriously how were you able to beat him at the old times :o

Author Victoria Death Heart ( ago)
cool video bro ^_^

Author Eder Gonzalez ( ago)
Lol i am,not a man i am bailey daisyheart some dat we cam meet x winks x

Author jme ( ago)
whoa thanks this guide got me through fapistare

Author Lukas Voorhies ( ago)
I'm giving away my Wizard101 account to someone that can't pay for a sub or crowns. I've bought all the areas up to Azteca and I have open chat, so you don't need to buy anything to play. Message me if you're interested.

Author TehB3STP0nY ( ago)
Hey guys do i'm trying to finish the story of Wizard101 but i need crowns i'm not asking for anything really. This code brings you to the website where you can begin you story to be the best wizard in all of the spiral. Thanks guys!

Author Codeh Games ( ago)
Hella hack meteorite strike and 100,000 bullcrap

Author GammaWALLE ( ago)
i really wish i knew what this song was.

Author caleb johnson ( ago)
The good old days. Wish they would have never took enchanting off of him

Author Jasper ( ago)
Death people wouldn't have a problem killing him. He wouldn't do interrupt if death students used scare crow. But wait you die if you kill the ghost? Ah you could just use vampire or wraith then. The lvl cap was maxed at 50 so don't say things like" that health is easy to kill with my level 90 noobs." 

Author jme ( ago)
cool vid btw I play animal jam also owe and im not this dude im his daughter lol XD anyways can you play animal jam and  ur quitting and your member plz let me use your account my user is jiekri pls ad me ty

Author jme ( ago)

Author Kyle Fleming ( ago)
I did this with only me and a friend it's easy!

Author Mark Yeske ( ago)
cool vid btw I play animal jam also owe and im not this dude im his daughter lol XD anyways can you play animal jam and  ur quitting and your member plz let me use your account my user is shadowwolf1490 thank u :)

Author Tsunayoshi Sawada ( ago)
Alguno quiere ver una BASE SECRETA EN LA CASA DE LA VIDA?  esta muy muy genial el video, por mi parte yo lo recomiendo al 100% y se que les gustara. /watch?v=_A-Krx1vE70

(unan el espasio que hay entre '.com' y '/watch' y luego pegenlo en la barra de su navegador.

Author ORXNGE ( ago)
i remember once there were crown items sold in the bazaar!

Author Da-Keliah Elliott ( ago)
i can see the titan draggons eye in the backround

Author Amy Woollen ( ago)
I play this is there an easy way to level up with membership

Author ᴍᴀᴄᴋᴇɴᴢɪᴇ ( ago)
Nice tryc:

Author John Dallas ( ago)
You guys suck lol :p

Author Original Toasty ( ago)
song name anyone?

Author Hawktalon18 ( ago)
With your pet, crown items, etc back in 2008 your pet just gave you card barely any crown items that would help no lvl 60, 70, 80 or 90 just lvl 50 100,000 health....

Author George T ( ago)
1 lvl 90? I can solo it with my lvl 50 ice or my lvl 72 balance really easy!

Author Tiffany B ( ago)
On my lvl 50 Account I beat that Whole Dungeon. But all of my other accounts Are Prometheans.

Author Hawktalon18 ( ago)
XD I know I know thank you thank you lol

Author ROTMG LolzDxS ( ago)
I like the part with the "and blah"

Author Kevin Clashes ( ago)
i defeat by myself and im promethean dviner

Author Hawktalon18 ( ago)
Ugh I remember when it took 4 wizards lvl 50 to beat malistare now it takes 1 lvl 90 to defeat the dungeon pretty much and now he has those minions by his side and blah :C

Author Amer Zokari ( ago)
For prometheans, this is a piece of cake

Author Hailey Cirstil Metta ( ago)
I like blaze the most :)

Author Yovanys Cheda ( ago)
its fuck up he could of yyou the jfier cat o him becase hehad dameg to fire

Author Queta Garcia ( ago)
so sylbia is wraith?

Author Athex ( ago)
It's you tube not you tub

Author KaoTic Virrus ( ago)
dang you guys can't do crap freking noobs lose every fight

Author Austin Koenig ( ago)

Author Doodle Jumper ( ago)
Sind voll schlecht

Author jared seebaran ( ago)
and good try guys.

Author Sir Radec ( ago)
dam. i wish the old malistare was back

Author Cindy Zhu ( ago)
he owned everyone once bc his health was a fat one.

Author Dominic11121 ( ago)
Enchanted? It's ENHANCED*

Author Deafjub ( ago)
Oh so thats why me and my friend were owned.... :\
We were doing for the first time. XD

Author Segojan1 ( ago)
the old malistare is so boring ... a alternative dungeon with the 100 000 hp malistar was be great

Author Patrick .l ( ago)
That fenics wus strong

Author Carmen Murrieta ( ago)
Malistaire is so strong

Author Carmen Murrieta ( ago)
Blaze night flame is an idiot no one is gonna call him

Author Nathan Tanner ( ago)
i one shot killed him

Author Zoha Khan ( ago)
You won’t believe but I just got wizard101 crown an membership free from here. See the proof

Author Madame Cocoa ( ago)
I bet malistare solo I'm lvl 90storm

Author Diablo King ( ago)
Dude I am a frickin level 90 ice warlord srsly

Author Monkey Studios ( ago)
Now he only has 10 000 health

Author Hannah Moonstone ( ago)
Don't kill Sylvia.

Author Leroy Gage ( ago)
i could solo him with my ice and fire or do my ice and fire vs him and my storm so easy!!!

Author LiamPlaysGames ( ago)
He not that anymore

Author Isabella Sky ( ago)
Lots of health......

Author wiktor kindler ( ago)
polacy pszejeli gre wizard 101

Author 97dmb ( ago)

Author CamNJam MC ( ago)

Author Poppie Boosh ( ago)
well der i knew that wen i was level one so simple you find it out any ways

Author Poppie Boosh ( ago)
lol i new the myth techer was brothers wen i wasnt serpose to

Author Sammy Wooz ( ago)
It would be nice if they kept sylvia drake when they brought his health back to 10,000 .-.

Author sammyalol ( ago)
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Author John Edwards ( ago)

Author Enzo BonneCriniere ( ago)
XD Malistaire memories! Feel free to subscribe to my new channel

Author deathlyLightning ( ago)
ich heisst. du bist?@ingad33

Author Krulcifer Le ( ago)
i defeated him on my first try

Author Jakob Malloy ( ago)

Author alex hernandez ( ago)

Author Saimentey ( ago)
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Had to "tinyurl and changed the o in com to 0 and . to ," so i can post it and Yes i'm a bot lol... nah but found it in another youtube video and thought that i could spread it. Besides it's my refferall link =) Now let me visit another video..

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Author Saimentey ( ago)
Don't mind me, just posting a link to a site where you earn points that can be used to buy W101 cards and other stuff tinyurl,c0m/bc2elzd
Had to "tinyurl and changed the o in com to 0 and . to ," the link so i can post it and Yes i'm a bot lol... nah but found it in another youtube video and thought that i could spread it. Besides it's my refferall link =) Now let me visit another video..

Author Brian Coats ( ago)
I swear to God that I was, but i found out that I was getting membership very soon, sorry.

Author kristen osgood ( ago)
Wizard101 is cool but I'm only level 17 so I would probably die

Author Matt Knowles ( ago)
Wolf Starbreaker: lvl 34 pyromancer

Author Brian Coats ( ago)
Anthony MythCaller, level 77, no longer needed, anyone want it?

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