3abood sakran

He is a good Rapper he is called Hamad Humaid Al Hooti. I hope you like the video!!! It was in Al Rabeeh School on the last day.

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Author codtrailersq8 (3 years)
6oma6o 6oma6o 6oma6o!!!!!!!!!1loooooooool

Author hamad humaid (1 year)

Author WhyNoKillMeNow (3 years)
ma ya3rf shy ela zgan

Author hamad humaid (1 year)
Hathaway yeneechkm

Author WhyNoKillMeNow (3 years)
shoo hatha el kenneth hatha maya3rf keef egane walla kos oma

Author llxNoMoreKillxll (2 years)
walla shklk wa7ed ks omha

Author Xliwa (4 years)
والله انك رااااايح تعبان لا و تسب واحد من ورااه ليه ذا الزمن الصداقه ما

Author hamdan al nahyan (2 years)

Author TheUltimatefan99 (4 years)
s3eed q ya 7aywan sho0o ha idiot

Author abletable2 (3 years)
@FamousPuff you are cousin of maha hamad ??? im her friend lamia wallah ha

Author hamad humaid (1 year)
Kis om kill elly as Saboh

Author MrBast809 (2 years)
its acually realy good

Author abletable2 (3 years)
3bee6 inta off shoo ha

Author Omar Otaibi (3 years)
راب طييييييييز

Author Omar Otaibi (3 years)
كل زج يا خنيث مفتوح من الطيز

Author 7alvlo0d (3 years)
ya5y taraak wayed ta3baan w agoolik 7amood samsi laish ma kamalt el video w
gool 7ag el hooti ma y3arf y3'any w agoolik mno ha 3abood ely yalis ysbah
el zarafa fe el video sho ma 3indah kelmah 3'air zgaan

Author SerjeantEarings (2 years)
@TheUltimatefan99 salem k ya 5aneeth sho0o ha, fuck you mskeen ma t3alam mn
ahlah kaif ytkalam...fgatk

Author hamad humaid (1 year)
Hatha yeneechkm

Author Omar Otaibi (3 years)
محسسني أمنم

Author TheUltimatefan99 (3 years)
hahahahhaha saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakran 7emar sho feek '3abi

Author Tam (2 years)
Seriously... This guy's a freak.. 3afan Allah... o__0 - El Rabee3 Student

Author H0A7ibk0Moot0H (4 years)
ماااااالت , شو ها الغباء , اللهم سكنهم في مساكنهم والله أغبى وااحد جفته في
حيااتي عافاان الله

Author AllGameing (3 years)
hhaaaahhhaaaa 7mad el zrfaa

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