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Author Earl Williams Jr (1 month)
I love this album. One of the best ever choir albums!! Please don't forget
our Christian brothers and sisters being butchered in Kenya and North
Africa. They are giving the ultimate testimony with their loves. God bless
them and give them strength!!!!!

Author Charlotte Coleman (4 months)
Old song but still carries weight! She sang this song with Power!! Some
singers vessel just aren't clean enough to carry a message like she did.
Awesome ✨

Author Courtney Montaque (4 months)
Yes - Mississippi Mass Choir:

Author Takieaa ReyFaun (14 days)

Author clementine woods (10 hours)
The flesh say, no, but the spirit says YES LORD, YES.

Author Shamika Pompey (2 months)
glory!!! she did that. Thanks 4 sharing .

Author Earl Williams Jr (1 month)
I meant lives not loves.

Author ladya5 (5 months)
Who's the sister that leads the song? Her testimony is a blessing!!

Author Tasha B. (2 months)
I've been searching for the this song. I am so moved by her voice and
testimony. God bless this woman of god.

Author Barbara Matthews (5 months)
Yes yes Lord whatever you say I say yes glory hallelujah

Author Markeeta Young (8 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author La-Salle Shyne (3 months)
Blessed be GOD! This just how I'm feeling right now everyday in everyway my
soul said YES!!

Author optimizzo (4 months)
<3 <3 <3

Author Lamar Ennis (6 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Isaac Chambers (26 days)
nice video i like the samples to that song

Author Lamar Ennis (5 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Yvonne Bennett (7 months)
My soul says, Yes!

Author Shonay Thompson (8 months)

Author marquis halsell (7 months)
she kinda have a georgia accent... she sounds a lot like lashun pace

Author donel jones (10 months)
this song has me in tears it's a beautiful song "YES"

Author bruz browne (7 months)
My soul is saying yes..

Author paul wilson (7 months)
so simple .... so awesome ... brought tears to my eyes

Author Mieko Davis (1 year)

Author William Earl Rogers (8 months)
Keep Freddie in your prayers. He is battling the disease of addiction

Author patricia harmon (8 months)
this song is so beautiful.i just love this song can really reach a person
to give there self to god

Author Lamar Ennis (9 months)
Good morning G+ family, friends and associates!!! Happy Monday to
everyone!!! After a week vacay now back in the grind.

Author Steven Boone (1 year)
To bad they don't make music like this anymore 

Author THE1SEEDS2OF3ABRAHAM (10 months)
Praying for someone to be healed in the name of Jesus!

Author utbr01 (10 months)
this song is soo beautiful lyrically and performed beautifully

Author Mickey Dk (1 year)
I swear if I close my eyes I can hear the angels singing.

Author Shanitra Neal (11 months)

Author Teoshia Richardson (11 months)
Yes!!!! Lord!!!!

Author helen holmes (1 year)
What a powerful testimony !!!

Author MsTeachMe1 (1 year)
Even now my soul says YES?!

Author pat sampson (1 year)
love this song

Author Dykeba Rogers (1 year)
So Moving , I am so glad to know that God can be anywhere we need him to be
. Thank You God for restoring her mind GOD IS A HEALER !!

Author nolagemini (1 year)
Finally found this song lord my soul says YES!

Author malcolm Malcolm (1 year)
how can you not like this song it just talks about your goal to obedience
to God

Author Michelle Curtis (1 year)
If this don't move you nothing will. What a powerful testimony.

Author Kee Queen (1 year)
My soul says YES!!!!!

Author Mrs. Randy Pier (1 year)
This song really speaks volumes to my soul! If you are going through
anything in your body, your mind or soul this is the song to have on
repeat. I promise you God will show up and show out in your situation.
Remember God said he would be with you where ever you go. He said if you
make your bed in hell I will be there too. Now is the time to get your
house in order because JESUS return is soon and he not waiting for any of
us that think we have time!

Author Opelfletcher Fletcher (1 year)

Author TomNgeorgia (1 year)
Wow!!!!!!!!! GLORY 

Author Robert Gollwitzer (1 year)

Author Fredricka King (2 years)
I'm glad that you enjoyed the song. I hope that you continue to listen to
their music and let it minister to you. You have taken the first step
toward religion, so please don't stop. Let God continue to use the
Mississippi Mass Choir as well as other choirs to touch your soul.
Prayerfully, you'll find a relationship with Him before it's too late. Many
blessings to you brother.

Author Sandra Flint (2 years)
thank you sis baker for this is right on time

Author the1realesther (3 years)
One of my favorite songs. Ministered to me greatly years ago. Played it for
days non-stop. My answer remains an undefeated YES!

Author Doubeu Cookie (3 years)
what i love about this choir, this song and this singer is that they are
singing TO JESUS! They are not performing for cameras......or for people,
or to be popular!

Author Renzie Wilson (3 years)

Author Shawn Harry (2 years)
Psalm 149:1 & 4"Praise Jah, you people! Sing to Jehovah a new song!". "Let
the songs extolling God be in their throat".

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