Yes - Mississippi Mass Choir

This is from the 3rd Album, "It Remains To Be Seen", in 1993.

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Author Mieko Davis (4 days)

Author helen holmes (18 days)
What a powerful testimony !!!

Author Mickey Dk (23 days)
I swear if I close my eyes I can hear the angels singing.

Author malcolm Malcolm (2 months)
how can you not like this song it just talks about your goal to obedience
to God

Author Steven Boone (1 month)
To bad they don't make music like this anymore 

Author MsTeachMe1 (3 months)
Even now my soul says YES?!

Author Kee Queen (4 months)
My soul says YES!!!!!

Author pat sampson (1 month)
love this song

Author nolagemini (1 month)
Finally found this song lord my soul says YES!

Author Mrs. Randy Pier (4 months)
This song really speaks volumes to my soul! If you are going through
anything in your body, your mind or soul this is the song to have on
repeat. I promise you God will show up and show out in your situation.
Remember God said he would be with you where ever you go. He said if you
make your bed in hell I will be there too. Now is the time to get your
house in order because JESUS return is soon and he not waiting for any of
us that think we have time!

Author Michelle Curtis (3 months)
If this don't move you nothing will. What a powerful testimony.

Author Dykeba Rogers (3 months)
So Moving , I am so glad to know that God can be anywhere we need him to be
. Thank You God for restoring her mind GOD IS A HEALER !!

Author Kizi Cameron (1 year)

Author Ladusta James (1 year)

Author Crystal Gray (1 year)

Author kangofaug706 (3 years)

Author Fredricka King (1 year)
I'm glad that you enjoyed the song. I hope that you continue to listen to
their music and let it minister to you. You have taken the first step
toward religion, so please don't stop. Let God continue to use the
Mississippi Mass Choir as well as other choirs to touch your soul.
Prayerfully, you'll find a relationship with Him before it's too late. Many
blessings to you brother.

Author Sandra Flint (1 year)
thank you sis baker for this is right on time

Author the1realesther (2 years)
One of my favorite songs. Ministered to me greatly years ago. Played it for
days non-stop. My answer remains an undefeated YES!

Author Doubeu Cookie (2 years)
what i love about this choir, this song and this singer is that they are
singing TO JESUS! They are not performing for cameras......or for people,
or to be popular!

Author Renzie Wilson (1 year)

Author Shawn Harry (1 year)
Psalm 149:1 & 4"Praise Jah, you people! Sing to Jehovah a new song!". "Let
the songs extolling God be in their throat".

Author Kadeem Graves (4 years)
It is on the CD. But on the video and the concert, its the last one they do
before the sermonette. They always do that. The CD is different from the CD
always. I think because of the editing.

Author jlewis12063 (9 months)
Okay agree 1000 with shannon.........LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

Author theinventer6000 (2 years)
The same God who delivered Angela in 1993 is the same God who delivered me
in 2011....

Author Jeffery Johns (1 year)
I have lost all belief in Christ, in humankind. But I believe in the
feelings here. We humans have some dumb belief in ourselves and it is
infectious. I profess to believe in us .

Author ticalstallion (2 years)
Powerful !!

Author TayterBEEZ (8 months)
after many years this song still touches every bit of my soul..... My God

Author RACHEL TALLEY (1 year)

Author YogiBearCrab03 (4 years)
this song is soo special to me. my mother played it ALL THE TIME as a kid
now that she has passed I play this to remind me to say yes and keep going.
That GOD is always in control. I just want to tell the Lord THANK YOU....MY

Author cclark0916 (3 years)
There is nothing like peace of mind! God is the only one that can keep your
mind! OH YES! I want to run after seeing this clip and hearing this
testimony! Because he holds our mind we haven't blown our brains out with
the state of the economy. With people loosing houses and jobs! We haven't
lost our minds! Oh YES!

Author IJamm5 (2 years)
Yes lord is the right thing to say thank u Jesus

Author sheppryce scott (1 year)
the best gospel song ever i love this whole album

Author Elijah Nash (1 year)
The director sends me in at the end

Author Larone Davis (1 year)
I will never forget this song as early at 8 years old I lost my grandma and
we played this at her funeral. I'm 23 now, God is just so good... Rest in
Peace Gran Gran we love u and miss u

Author Alton Otto (1 year)

Author Renee Evans (1 year)
Yes lord!!!!

Author Emma Tate (1 year)
My soul says YES LORD .

Author Towanda Leggett (2 years)

Author lonnie Last (3 years)
i luv this song. i can trully understand what she went through. i went
through the same thing and the only thing i could do is talk to the Master.

Author mikedn82 (2 years)
and at least post this video on your face book, or beter yet mention the
name of Jesus to someone you come in contact with, not God b/c there is
alot of "Gods" but only one jesus let them know you serve the God who has a
son named Jesus, God bless everyone and may Jesus be forever remembered and

Author PlausibleOne (3 years)
love this song...yess to your will Lord...yes to your was...whereever you
want me to go soul says yesssssss my soul says
yessssss........yes lord yes lord

Author chozens92 (4 years)
It was 1994 when I went to pray before taking my life. I had everything I
needed to complete the job. My prayer to God was if he was real, he would
give me a sign. The phone rang and thinking it was my husband, i answered.
it wasn't him, but the sign. I got in my car and this song was playing. I
was flooded in tears. I own multiple of this CD. This song never dies. It
is in my heart until I part this earth the way God has ordained. Until
then, I just want what he has for me and obedient I am.

Author larry witherspoon (2 years)
This song is so Powerful!! This is one song that hit right at my home. Also
this song is the 1st and so Powerful to my Heavenly soul that I cant listen
to it nomore. If i do it bring tears to my eyes everytime I hear it,
especially when Mrs. ACurry solists tell her testimony. Jesussss! Yes is
beautifully heavenly made.

Author rosie johnson (6 months)
I don't know who this lady is but when I tell yah she had to get that voice
from good cause the devil ain't even got that kind of talent ohhhh he
gifted but you have to be a child of good to sing like this

Author Cassandra Lovell (1 year)

Author ronnie thomas jr (1 year)
when at your lowest and facing depression . he's is always there and hold
you and carry your afflictions off your back . thank you living water and
bread of life.

Author Chanell Mcpherson (7 months)
My soul says yes

Author Renzie Wilson (1 year)
Where and who is the lady singing this song? She is so inspirational. I
love her voice and her testimony.

Author montgomb3 (1 year)
Whe I first heard this song on DVD I fell in love with it. Her testimony
touched my soul and tears started to run down my cheeks. That's when I
started saying Yes. I found Jesus, Thank you, Jesus.

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