Yes - Mississippi Mass Choir

This is from the 3rd Album, "It Remains To Be Seen", in 1993.

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Author terah wyclife ( ago)

Author smilesforYASHAYA ( ago)
I love you lord. My heart and soul wants to please you not men.

Author Keemie Pooh ( ago)
I will surrender my all .

Author Jessie Mcgowan ( ago)
Oh my yes

Author chastietimps ( ago)

Author Abigail Gambles ( ago)
I remember this song use to always get me back in line and now that I'm
grown it still does! Powerful and anointed 

Author price bennett ( ago)
Mississippi Mass choir has added a positive and creative brick to my
foundation. The way they wrote their music in the 90's is compared to none.
They had and still have a choir full of soloist. They also kept their music
simple. they don't have crowded music with a lot of stuff going on.
Thankyou Mississippi mass

Author clementine woods ( ago)
The flesh say, no, but the spirit says YES LORD, YES.

Author Takieaa ReyFaun ( ago)

Author Isaac Chambers ( ago)
nice video i like the samples to that song

Author Earl Williams Jr ( ago)
I meant lives not loves.

Author Earl Williams Jr ( ago)
I love this album. One of the best ever choir albums!! Please don't forget
our Christian brothers and sisters being butchered in Kenya and North
Africa. They are giving the ultimate testimony with their loves. God bless
them and give them strength!!!!!

Author Tasha B. ( ago)
I've been searching for the this song. I am so moved by her voice and
testimony. God bless this woman of god.

Author Shamika Pompey (Miss Shamika) ( ago)
glory!!! she did that. Thanks 4 sharing .

Author La-Salle Shyne ( ago)
Blessed be GOD! This just how I'm feeling right now everyday in everyway my
soul said YES!!

Author optimizzo ( ago)
<3 <3 <3

Author Charlotte Coleman ( ago)
Old song but still carries weight! She sang this song with Power!! Some
singers vessel just aren't clean enough to carry a message like she did.
Awesome ✨

Author Courtney Montaque ( ago)
Yes - Mississippi Mass Choir:

Author Barbara Matthews ( ago)
Yes yes Lord whatever you say I say yes glory hallelujah

Author Lamar Ennis ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author ladya5 ( ago)
Who's the sister that leads the song? Her testimony is a blessing!!

Author Lamar Ennis ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author bruz browne ( ago)
My soul is saying yes..

Author Yvonne Bennett ( ago)
My soul says, Yes!

Author paul wilson ( ago)
so simple .... so awesome ... brought tears to my eyes

Author marquis halsell ( ago)
she kinda have a georgia accent... she sounds a lot like lashun pace

Author Shonay Thompson ( ago)

Author Markeeta Young ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author patricia harmon ( ago)
this song is so beautiful.i just love this song can really reach a person
to give there self to god

Author William Earl Rogers ( ago)
Keep Freddie in your prayers. He is battling the disease of addiction

Author Lamar Ennis ( ago)
Good morning G+ family, friends and associates!!! Happy Monday to
everyone!!! After a week vacay now back in the grind.

Praying for someone to be healed in the name of Jesus!

Author donel jones ( ago)
this song has me in tears it's a beautiful song "YES"

Author utbr01 ( ago)
this song is soo beautiful lyrically and performed beautifully

Author Shanitra Neal ( ago)

Author Teoshia Richardson ( ago)
Yes!!!! Lord!!!!

Author Mieko Davis ( ago)

Author helen holmes ( ago)
What a powerful testimony !!!

Author Mickey Dk ( ago)
I swear if I close my eyes I can hear the angels singing.

Author Steven Boone ( ago)
To bad they don't make music like this anymore 

Author nolagemini ( ago)
Finally found this song lord my soul says YES!

Author pat sampson ( ago)
love this song

Author malcolm Malcolm ( ago)
how can you not like this song it just talks about your goal to obedience
to God

Author TomNgeorgia ( ago)
Wow!!!!!!!!! GLORY 

Author Dykeba Rogers ( ago)
So Moving , I am so glad to know that God can be anywhere we need him to be
. Thank You God for restoring her mind GOD IS A HEALER !!

Author Michelle Curtis ( ago)
If this don't move you nothing will. What a powerful testimony.

Author MsTeachMe1 ( ago)
Even now my soul says YES?!

Author Kee Queen ( ago)
My soul says YES!!!!!

Author Mrs. Randy Pier ( ago)
This song really speaks volumes to my soul! If you are going through
anything in your body, your mind or soul this is the song to have on
repeat. I promise you God will show up and show out in your situation.
Remember God said he would be with you where ever you go. He said if you
make your bed in hell I will be there too. Now is the time to get your
house in order because JESUS return is soon and he not waiting for any of
us that think we have time!

Author Opelfletcher Fletcher ( ago)

Author afam okoye ( ago)
this song means a lot to me.. thank you the Mississippi

Author Catrina Curry ( ago)
amen i love this song sooooooooo moch

Author beautifulsoul ( ago)
Praise God!!

Author rosie johnson ( ago)
I don't know who this lady is but when I tell yah she had to get that voice
from good cause the devil ain't even got that kind of talent ohhhh he
gifted but you have to be a child of good to sing like this

Author MsBellaPosh ( ago)
This song right here .. Have me in tears every time .. Thank you Lord

Author Emarion Pace ( ago)

Author Chanell Mcpherson ( ago)
My soul says yes

Author TayterBEEZ ( ago)
after many years this song still touches every bit of my soul..... My God

Author Monica Webster ( ago)
Here testimony OH MY GOD, MY GOD. So many of us can say they saw the devil
in there face. I can. I saw him trying to take my mind, my heart and my
soul was next. I said in his face" NOT THIS CHILD OF GOD, ENEMY YOU AND
YOUR DEMONS LEAVE THIS PLACE" And immediately I said Yes Lord Yes Lord have
your way I want to see you now. Make them flee. I've lost to much not my
soul Lord. Help me Lord. And I heard Him say" I'm here, open your eyes" and
they (the demons) were gone. HALLELUJAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Author wendell bass jr ( ago)
The Day of the Lord is coming. Say yes to His will!

Author Victoria Chapman ( ago)
At the age of 16 my soul says YES! Thank you Jesus!!

Author James Johnson ( ago)
A classic era

Author jlewis12063 ( ago)
Okay agree 1000 with shannon.........LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

Author Shannon Owens ( ago)

Author Frank Devon Patterson ( ago)
Man oh Man...That was powerful!

Author DOUG GERALD ( ago)
Powerful! !!

Author Burnsey's Outlook ( ago)
So love the ministry of the Mississippi Mass Choir. This one is one of my
all time favorites. Rings in my soul so deep.. God Bless.

Author Robert Gollwitzer ( ago)

Author ThePrisonbreakers ( ago)
Song got me thru some hard nights while in the prison system.

Author nappypoet ( ago)
I had this CD as a child and even then I felt God listening to this song.
After losing a child, I now know the true meaning of God taking you from
the crazy...

Author Donald Holliday ( ago)
I felt the anointing of this song and fell in love with it at like the age
of 11...and I still love it at the age of 28!

Author Shanitra Neal ( ago)

Author Helena Hatstand ( ago)
My dad (and mum) emotionally abused me a lot when I was growing up - I have
always had low esteem and made some poor life decisions. Dad has a machete
(which must have been a subliminal threat to show he was in control/power -
he doesn't like gospel - I think he is going against what Jesus preached by
harming a person (me and my spirit) - anyway - now I recognise it I can
start healing the wounds - thanks for this xxx h

Author Kizi Cameron ( ago)

Author Shawn Harry ( ago)
Psalm 149:1 & 4"Praise Jah, you people! Sing to Jehovah a new song!". "Let
the songs extolling God be in their throat".

Author Elijah Nash ( ago)
The director sends me in at the end

Author Larone Davis ( ago)
I will never forget this song as early at 8 years old I lost my grandma and
we played this at her funeral. I'm 23 now, God is just so good... Rest in
Peace Gran Gran we love u and miss u

Author Crystal Gray ( ago)

Author Rachel Talley ( ago)

Author Rita Coleman ( ago)
A Beautiful Song My Soul Says Yes, Just Beautiful Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Cassandra Lovell ( ago)

Author montgomb3 ( ago)
Whe I first heard this song on DVD I fell in love with it. Her testimony
touched my soul and tears started to run down my cheeks. That's when I
started saying Yes. I found Jesus, Thank you, Jesus.

Author Fredricka King ( ago)
I'm glad that you enjoyed the song. I hope that you continue to listen to
their music and let it minister to you. You have taken the first step
toward religion, so please don't stop. Let God continue to use the
Mississippi Mass Choir as well as other choirs to touch your soul.
Prayerfully, you'll find a relationship with Him before it's too late. Many
blessings to you brother.

Author takencareof07 ( ago)
My soul always says YES!!!

Author bobby Duvall ( ago)

Author Jeffery Johns ( ago)
Jerry Mannerly, it didn't quite work for the way you wanted it to.
But don't worry about it....I am just another lost soul, man. Looking for
the lord.

Author Jeffery Johns ( ago)
I guess I especially thank Kadeem. thx

Author Jeffery Johns ( ago)
I have loved this song, this rendition for years uncounted. I am not
religious, at least I think so...maybe not, maybe so. I am 61 years old and
counting the years down to my death. I love the feeling, the soul, the love
in this song. I discovered it long ago while searching for a song by the
band Yes. I found the Mississippi Mass Choir and 'yes'. Thank you,
Mississippi Mass Choir. Forever. Thank you, everyone involved. It cheers

Author JoanJniece ( ago)
Love this song

Author Sandra Flint ( ago)
thank you sis baker for this is right on time

Author ronnie thomas jr ( ago)
i just love when she hit those notes man and my soul says a definite yes
oh the precious rock and my comforter man. thank you jesus.

Author jaquan liljon ( ago)
I had this song dwn.loaded on my iPod! And I'm so moved by it! When she
gave her testimony, on how it feels to be out your right mind! Brought
tears of relief bk. About my mom. Now she's in her right mind and my soul

Author Casanova Green ( ago)
I had this on tape. This song got me through some tough times.

Author donna manus ( ago)

Author Flora Younger ( ago)
Grace and Mercy came and rescued me.

Author Allie da Great ( ago)
WoW... I remember when we sung this song my freshman year at Alcorn State
University Interfaith Gospel Choir!!!! This song takes me back!!!!!

Author Virginia Davis ( ago)
WOW!!!! AWESOME! POWERFUL! My soul says YES!!!!!!

Author Ressurrection Graves ( ago)
My God, I was not expected that testimony, I'm in tears. Hallelujah.

Author Alton Otto ( ago)

Author Renee Evans ( ago)
Yes lord!!!!

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