Yes - Mississippi Mass Choir

This is from the 3rd Album, "It Remains To Be Seen", in 1993.

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Author realtalkgrace ( ago)
Love this song. The godless world via social media and in public try to
make Christians look mad or crazy....but when we are obedient and seek Him
in tears in a time of crisis, God has no other option but to answer to make
it right or gives us peace with the process.

And thank you for uploading video. We are missing blessed songs like these
in the gospel world. And the part where she said she was in a mental
facility and she cried out to the Lord and He gave her back her joy and
etc., I wish she said He gave her this song to sing as well. Because God
allowed her to blessed all of us and them. Yes yes yes Lord.

Author Phillip Conley ( ago)
Amen Jerry Mannery!!! I was one who did give my life to Christ after
listening to this album. I was 10 years old and remember the song It Wasn't
The Nails in particular Made the gospel make perfect sense.

Author RC Hawkins ( ago)

Author Michelle G. ( ago)
Yesss, My Soul Says Yess To You 0 LORD'💙 I Surrender All To You 'JESUS'👋

Author blk jack ( ago)
I love Mississippi mass it helps me through the days of my life👏👏👏👏

Author Timothy Williams ( ago)
this is exactly about me her testimony is the same way my life was so yes
to your will Lord yes to your way

Author Dianna White ( ago)
been listening to this for years. one of my favorites. thank you SO MUCH
for sharing this video

Author perry cox ( ago)
Yes, yes, yes,
my soul says...

Yes, yes, yes,
my soul says...

Lord, I want to be
all that You want me to be.
I surrender my everything,
I surrender my all to Thee.

A living testimony, I want to be,
in everyday, In every way,
Lord, help me today,
I want to say...


Yes, yes, yes,
my soul says yes.

Author ashley davis ( ago)

Author MsTanja411 ( ago)

Author Dig Head ( ago)
my head has to dig it's self out all that life has put in it

Author Dig Head ( ago)

Author Dig Head ( ago)
the devil and the world is after our head we have to guard it with the word
of God that is Jesus Christ and the holy spirit will give us power to do
what he wants to be done we can't stop anything on our own because we will
praise our self pride is a killer

Author Dig Head ( ago)
that's right just keep calling Jesus he hears us the first time but a cry
fore help is when he steps in when all you tried fail because we can't come
to him he has to call us and when he calls we need to hear what the spirit
says to the church

Author Nate “The Disney Fanatic” ( ago)
YES!!! Thank God for music like this!

Author Lynette Mays ( ago)
YES!!!!... This song will always be searched for.... God gave me The blood
Jesus years ago. Holy Ghost power... Something about the name Jesus

Author Catt ( ago)
Sing Angie!! Praise Him!

Author Betty Patterson ( ago)

Author Robert Griggs ( ago)
make you think about the good old days. praise God.

Author james Johnson ( ago)
my motivation.....

Author price bennett ( ago)
Ms lewis keep on keeping on. Your soul says yes yes yes

Author Marsha Taylor ( ago)
This song gave me my YES Lord in my spirit this morning.....Thank you Jesus
for the Mississippi Mass choir

Author Keisha B ( ago)

Author lvrt1970 ( ago)
Everytime I hear this song no matter where I am i find myself giving praise
everytime. A beautiful song of strong testimonoy.

Author Romayne Higgins ( ago)

Author Ronaldo Daveanand ( ago)
For is it not written in your law that yee are gods?
Love thy neighbor, the mustard seed of faith shall move mountains
He whom picks up his cross and follows me shall do greater works than I,
for I go unto my father now..

We must as christians look at our worksand how they effect posit change for
mother earth and it people because imma tell you one thing..we should be
upset to the core to know that the highest casualties of war is women,
child, and defenseless.elderley!!!.. now. The number is 90% 90% of th
casualties of war are home in bed with their families terrorizing not a
soul! WAKE UP.

Author Joseph Gregory ( ago)
Thank you jesus. What a Mighty God We Serve.

Author Joseph Gregory ( ago)
this song really touches your heart. i want to give my all and all to my
lord and saviour jesus christ.

Author Mytiana Gray ( ago)
Yes lord you are worthy to be praised

Author Bridgette Jefferson ( ago)
I love this song... it's been on my mind alot here lately. Thank God for
leading me back to the church. ♡♡

Author Brenda Lewis ( ago)
Oh sometimes I wish I could sing, Yes Yes Yes, my soul says yes; see you
dont know, times whilw sleep and that old monster crack , pills, alcohol,
would come 2 me of all things lying 2 me in my sleep making things look
beautiful and I'll come out that sleep scared, sweating, feeling like I
done got high again but God says Yes my soul says yes and I know alls
alright, it was just a dream. See you dont know while woke and my kids off
in prison for their own foolishness, my sisters wont even speak to me, I
call, I write, but God but God, my soul says yes Lord whatever your will
is, whatever you want me to do. I must not turn back around. Amen

Author Tabitha Haney ( ago)
Yes Lord thank you for this song it reminds me where you brought me from

Author Dear2Me3 ( ago)
I always hear this song in my mind and especially when I'm going through.
So any chance I get to hear you all sing it. It's a real soul stirring
moment, I thank God for you and your ministry. Mississippi Mass Choir.

Author Scherra Rolaine ( ago)
Best song that anyone could share. YES LORD! YES YES YES YES

Author gerald mays ( ago)
The Mississippi mass choir the best choir ever. They was the one who helped
me find Christ. I love them and want to thank you.

Author needmoreRNB ( ago)
Yes, Yes, Yes, Thank you, God is good ya'll, Believe me, Trust

Author Philippe Leandro ( ago)
Thanks, Kadeem Graves for share a lot of blessing songs like this. God
bless You! My soul say YES!

Author Shelia Harris ( ago)
OH MY GOD!! This woman voice is Amazing and Beautiful. God has giving us a
gift that is so amazing. My God bless her soul and her heart. The whole
choir is Awesome too.

Author terah wyclife ( ago)

Author smilesforYASHAYA ( ago)
I love you lord. My heart and soul wants to please you not men.

Author Simply Keemie ( ago)
I will surrender my all .

Author Jessie Mcgowan ( ago)
Oh my yes

Author Abigail Gambles ( ago)
I remember this song use to always get me back in line and now that I'm
grown it still does! Powerful and anointed 

Author price bennett ( ago)
Mississippi Mass choir has added a positive and creative brick to my
foundation. The way they wrote their music in the 90's is compared to none.
They had and still have a choir full of soloist. They also kept their music
simple. they don't have crowded music with a lot of stuff going on.
Thankyou Mississippi mass

Author Isaac Chambers ( ago)
nice video i like the samples to that song

Author Earl Williams Jr ( ago)
I meant lives not loves.

Author Earl Williams Jr ( ago)
I love this album. One of the best ever choir albums!! Please don't forget
our Christian brothers and sisters being butchered in Kenya and North
Africa. They are giving the ultimate testimony with their loves. God bless
them and give them strength!!!!!

Author Shamika Pompey (Miss Shamika) ( ago)
glory!!! she did that. Thanks 4 sharing .

Author La-Salle Shyne ( ago)
Blessed be GOD! This just how I'm feeling right now everyday in everyway my
soul said YES!!

Author optimizzo ( ago)
<3 <3 <3

Author Prophetess Barbara Matthews ( ago)
Yes yes Lord whatever you say I say yes glory hallelujah

Author ladya5 ( ago)
Who's the sister that leads the song? Her testimony is a blessing!!

Author paul wilson ( ago)
so simple .... so awesome ... brought tears to my eyes

Author marquis halsell ( ago)
she kinda have a georgia accent... she sounds a lot like lashun pace

Author patricia harmon ( ago)
this song is so beautiful.i just love this song can really reach a person
to give there self to god

Author William Earl Rogers ( ago)
Keep Freddie in your prayers. He is battling the disease of addiction

Praying for someone to be healed in the name of Jesus!

Author donel jones ( ago)
this song has me in tears it's a beautiful song "YES"

Author utbr01 ( ago)
this song is soo beautiful lyrically and performed beautifully

Author Shanitra Neal ( ago)

Author Teoshia Richardson ( ago)
Yes!!!! Lord!!!!

Author helen holmes ( ago)
What a powerful testimony !!!

Author Mickey Dk ( ago)
I swear if I close my eyes I can hear the angels singing.

Author Steven Boone ( ago)
To bad they don't make music like this anymore 

Author nolagemini ( ago)
Finally found this song lord my soul says YES!

Author pat sampson ( ago)
love this song

Author malcolm Malcolm ( ago)
how can you not like this song it just talks about your goal to obedience
to God

Author rossdaboss1959 ( ago)
Acts 2;38 is still God's plan of salvation. One way for all people. God is
not the author of confusion. One Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Jude

Author TomNgeorgia ( ago)
Wow!!!!!!!!! GLORY 

Author Dykeba Rogers ( ago)
So Moving , I am so glad to know that God can be anywhere we need him to be
. Thank You God for restoring her mind GOD IS A HEALER !!

Author Michelle Curtis ( ago)
If this don't move you nothing will. What a powerful testimony.

Author MsTeachMe1 ( ago)
Even now my soul says YES?!

Author Kee Queen ( ago)
My soul says YES!!!!!

Author Mrs. Randy Pier ( ago)
This song really speaks volumes to my soul! If you are going through
anything in your body, your mind or soul this is the song to have on
repeat. I promise you God will show up and show out in your situation.
Remember God said he would be with you where ever you go. He said if you
make your bed in hell I will be there too. Now is the time to get your
house in order because JESUS return is soon and he not waiting for any of
us that think we have time!

Author Opelfletcher Fletcher ( ago)

Author afam okoye ( ago)
this song means a lot to me.. thank you the Mississippi 

Author Catrina Curry ( ago)
amen i love this song sooooooooo moch

Author beautifulsoul ( ago)
Praise God!! 

Author rosie johnson ( ago)
I don't know who this lady is but when I tell yah she had to get that voice
from good cause the devil ain't even got that kind of talent ohhhh he
gifted but you have to be a child of good to sing like this

Author MsBellaPosh ( ago)
This song right here .. Have me in tears every time .. Thank you Lord

Author Emarion Pace ( ago)

Author Chanell Mcpherson ( ago)
My soul says yes

Author TayterBEEZ ( ago)
after many years this song still touches every bit of my soul..... My God

Author Monica Webster ( ago)
Here testimony OH MY GOD, MY GOD. So many of us can say they saw the devil
in there face. I can. I saw him trying to take my mind, my heart and my
soul was next. I said in his face" NOT THIS CHILD OF GOD, ENEMY YOU AND
YOUR DEMONS LEAVE THIS PLACE" And immediately I said Yes Lord Yes Lord have
your way I want to see you now. Make them flee. I've lost to much not my
soul Lord. Help me Lord. And I heard Him say" I'm here, open your eyes" and
they (the demons) were gone. HALLELUJAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Author wendell bass jr ( ago)
The Day of the Lord is coming. Say yes to His will!

Author Victoria Chapman ( ago)
At the age of 16 my soul says YES! Thank you Jesus!!

Author James Johnson ( ago)
A classic era

Author jlewis12063 ( ago)
Okay agree 1000 with shannon.........LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

Author Shannon Owens ( ago)

Author Frank Devon Patterson ( ago)
Man oh Man...That was powerful! 

Author DOUG GERALD ( ago)
Powerful! !!

Author Burnsey's Outlook ( ago)
So love the ministry of the Mississippi Mass Choir. This one is one of my
all time favorites. Rings in my soul so deep.. God Bless.

Author ThePrisonbreakers ( ago)
Song got me thru some hard nights while in the prison system.

Author nappypoet ( ago)
I had this CD as a child and even then I felt God listening to this song.
After losing a child, I now know the true meaning of God taking you from
the crazy...

Author Donald Holliday ( ago)
I felt the anointing of this song and fell in love with it at like the age
of 11...and I still love it at the age of 28!

Author Shanitra Neal ( ago)

Author Tomato Tomato ( ago)
My dad (and mum) emotionally abused me a lot when I was growing up - I have
always had low esteem and made some poor life decisions. Dad has a machete
(which must have been a subliminal threat to show he was in control/power -
he doesn't like gospel - I think he is going against what Jesus preached by
harming a person (me and my spirit) - anyway - now I recognise it I can
start healing the wounds - thanks for this xxx h

Author Shawn Harry ( ago)
Psalm 149:1 & 4"Praise Jah, you people! Sing to Jehovah a new song!". "Let
the songs extolling God be in their throat". 

Author Elijah Nash ( ago)
The director sends me in at the end

Author Larone Davis ( ago)
I will never forget this song as early at 8 years old I lost my grandma and
we played this at her funeral. I'm 23 now, God is just so good... Rest in
Peace Gran Gran we love u and miss u

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