DG MUGEN - Blossom Teams Up with Bubbles

Buttercup was able to punch through perfectly with Blossom, but then Bubbles enters the fight, fearing about the challenges that lie ahead for her. Worrying about her most innocent sister, Blossom then decides to team up with Bubbles and punch their way through together.

Bubbles (by 007): Bubbles is thus far the most innocent and most cute Powerpuff Girl ever. The character itself is pretty good, though it quite looks incomplete, but it doesn't matter. Shoots lasers, flies, comes at you with a barrage of punches, has a maximum aerial attack, and even has a super comet attack. Overall, she's a good character and I recommend her to any die hard PPG fan. Bubbles will be up to edit next once I'm finished with Buttercup.

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Stage: Show at Townsville

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Author Profere GameplaysChannel (20 days)
The Double Lazer Eye was awesome

Author Kphorio (3 months)
Dat doll though

Author Nathan Simmons (5 months)
At 0:29 LOL

Author Joshua Surace (3 years)
wtf a blossom doll XD

Author Nicholas Bloxxer (1 year)

Author TheOfficialDarkRalts (3 years)
On 1 Of Ta Fights I Dont Understand Why Buttercup Is Sky Blue Colored O.O
~"Dark" Ralts~

Author Andrew Fonner (1 year)
buy a blossom doll!

Author ilikethecoke (4 years)
5:25 oh the irony

Author KimiOmega (2 years)
1:26 best combo ever

Author alima kiadii (1 year)
you kill Kirby twice

Author alima kiadii (1 year)
Ed can't fight

Author HunterWolf14 (2 years)
Do you have a download link for this? I don't know how to set up a custom
MUGEN, and I really want to use the Powerpuff Girls. :3

Author Igor The Mii (2 years)
my blossom dont make characters bleed (i didnt make blossom)

Author Nyanpassu (2 years)
Toasty 3-D

Author Ty War (1 year)
Oh cool my powerpuff boy zac should team ul with bloseme

Author Art Girl (1 year)

Author CoolestClipsOnline (4 years)
vdf,mgfnkfg bbmf f each BPT

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