CSGO - People Are Awesome #22 Best oddshot, plays, highlights

Best highlights from our lovely community, clip 22 of the serie "People are awesome" Csgo Edition.

does it motivate you to play ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Send me your clips ! (ONLY POV)
In my youtube pm, my twitter pm or my mail
(if i forget one of your clip in this episode, feel free to contact me again about it !)

My twitter :
My hiphop music channel :

Songs :

- Tobu - Roots [NCS Release]
- Music Predators - Adventure Time [NCS Release]
- Codeko - Crest [NCS Release]

Streamer :

If i forget one of you, let me know !

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Author Geo Christopher Gumayagay ( ago)
I'm gay

Author pitercioo24 xd ( ago)
Ten izak na tel XDDDD

Author leFakie ( ago)
5:05 Who can me give the settings for this amazing crosshair?

Author Paul .B ( ago)
aaaaaaaaaaand steel again with the whine

Author Costa G4mer YT ( ago)
ezz likee <33

Author Turkish Soldier ( ago)
5:52 my fav

Author radeph ( ago)
This 2nd guy twitch how its his name?

Author Matt ( ago)
8:56 who else checked steam

Author Nothin Personal ( ago)
So many left handed people wtf

Author Nothin Personal ( ago)
The guy in the second clip under reacted I would have been screaming if I did that.

Author ArLiNd- Gaming ( ago)
wow you are bitch

Author Akagami Daiki ( ago)
What is the name of the Map in 6.06.... any please...

Author Mietek ok ( ago) - free 0.45$ fot that you can open the case and get skin

Author Rolezkii ( ago)
3:59 lul wh sensured

Author Nico Eze Gomez ( ago)
3:23 Alexby

Author Extonix ( ago)
m looking for csgo youtubers with around 100-200 subs to collab with. I'm 14 and English. tell me if your interested

Author ApA Airsoft ( ago)

Author Berkay Anapa ( ago)
w0xic he is a turks twich streamer

Author Twitch sELZaN ( ago)
10:00 res?

Author whinnie poo ( ago)
50% pepsi

Author Alsbans & PLDS ( ago)

Author AndiGames and LIVE Chanel ( ago)
4:04 whattt?So lucky

Author Viktor Aalto ( ago)

Author cyx ( ago)
El shoni.

Author TOFFI DESIGN ( ago)
Че тут Дерзыч забыл?

Author TAITO TAITO ( ago)
Look my video

Author Игровой канал: VIRTUS ( ago)
2:30 <<<<- GIRL STREAMER

Author HaTTa ( ago)
5:57 Triggerbot.

Author GANG DOCS ( ago)
Love the new thumbnails! Will make your channel overall look better. Keep it up!

Author Wuttipong Sarawutvinai ( ago)
Why devil never do anything like that in tour....

Author Non Copyright Music - Tribal ( ago)
Fantastic video good job!!

Author Overseer ( ago)
06.17 what map?

Author eric em ( ago)
PEPS is a fucking a god HOLY SHITBALLS

Author TakaTV - CS:GO Vids ( ago)

Author Денис Люткин ( ago)
bad quality

Author OscarCuki ( ago)
8:57 lmao i thought that was my notification

Author An Enlightened one ( ago)
Alex Is A Stupid Nigger

Author biunzRS ( ago)
I want my gun to look like that at 9:55, anyone know?

Author Kayo Santos ( ago)
o never got sense in these colorfull Guns
carnival or something?

Author Reval ( ago)
derzki old ass clips

Author Lucho Skate ( ago)

Author OoSlashioO ( ago)
Vac ban petitions signed

Author david campos ( ago)
0.58 AIMBOT 100%

Author Dazai ( ago)
holk bro check this channel NisaYCSGO THİS GUY FUCKING PRO

Author GT On syöpää ( ago)
vika 20hp mut ampuu awilla :DD

Author MG - Mehmet ( ago)

Author lautaro ( ago)
4:09 Jony Boy, its amazing 👊👊

Author Tuukka Pahkala ( ago)

Author Iliyan Danev ( ago)
This is the best momment when Gvoozy killed everyone with the sniper

Author Ragafraga Muffin ( ago)
Damn who was that guy with 600fps? Did he trade his house for that computer?

Author KellT0N SHOW ( ago)
3:01 2015 year wtf Holk???!

Author suway ( ago)
someone sign this peps guy

Author Jake ( ago)
How do people get the old gun sounds?

Author l'histroire d'une poule sans histoire ( ago)

Author Swedish Baws ( ago)
The guy @3:00 is "most likely" cheating, would love to see that clip from spectator PoV without walls :)

Author Otto Palssa ( ago)

Author Raiding Turret ( ago)
Why the fuck do people need more than 150 fps? Bitch you only need around 60

Author Chrno ( ago)
LOL @2:52, look at that mouselook

Author Abusto ( ago)
JonY BoY ♥

Author Dylln ( ago)
Thanks for putting me in your video man :)

Author IGOR ( ago)
When People are Retarded?

Author NadeKing ( ago)
0:01 - ropz da king

Author Gianyu ( ago)

Author Infinity ( ago)
who is "peps"?

Author JuaN • ( ago)
Aguante Jony Boy wacjo

Author Pynsigma Pyrbyevna ( ago)
d3rzkiY one love:3

Author DieKanne ( ago)
8:56 When you stop the video and check who texted you :D

Author Gvoozy ( ago)
10:13 hehe

Author Bjarni Bragason ( ago)
9:55 why is his game so weird??

Author Joonas kalliokoski ( ago)
torilla tavataan!

Author Flashy Flash ( ago)
Use code WANDEL on CSGOExclusive for 5$

Author deBe. ( ago)
Love your films - Ppl are awesome or retarted :D

Author Mr Rutin ( ago)
Ty for russians streamers (Derzkiy and Kalashz0r)

Author Michael Yroshevsky ( ago)
0:17 who is this guy link to his twitch/ yt plz

Author iksweinsiW ( ago)
dude, 4kills by freakazoid on LEM NA matchmaking, This is his current level, right?

Author Daniel Anton Jørgensen ( ago)
When you get oddshotted through my mates stream! xD #Shifu13

Author Stanak ( ago)
when you actually saw most of these live :3

Author HAYWARD ( ago)
I can't leave i like :( cause i drop one!

Author jnkey ( ago)
bro, gimme link to streamer on 09:25

Author ivan teatro ( ago)
Clips founded on 3 different channels

Author Leevi Laukka ( ago)

Author Fenzy Daniels ( ago)
peps highlights

Author Dipillism ( ago)
russian shroud with p2000

Author Fflewddur Fflam ( ago)
2:40 when you drink so much and get wasted on the top of the red box

Author Ewt -.- ( ago)

Author Hr Jollesen ( ago)
You are from Denmark Right

Author ewrzyn ( ago)

Author Igor Schröder ( ago)
Que ota?

Author SKYrar PL ( ago)

Author Ümit Deveboynu ( ago)
bu videoyun begenler begensın bakayım :D

Author Jonttuur ( ago)
melkein eka

Author MrMrbomberman ( ago)
Did that one clip in mirage have the old ak noise??

Author iENGZEH ( ago)
shiit u got my clip in bro 3:59 :D

Author Rafe Yap ( ago)
Omg I'm the 666 viewer

Author Lucy Anderson ( ago)
Like this comment and you Will be in holks next video

Author Blexer GRL ( ago)
Again in the private message u told me u forget my play, and it would be on this, unlucky again

Author Geo Christopher Gumayagay ( ago)
If this comment gets pinned I will make a presentation for CS:GO

Author Qwerty Uiop ( ago)
Соня засветилась лол

Author Frollan ( ago)
first comment

Author God Moroz ( ago)
Look R8 streamer guy on 6:18!

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