Mike WiLL Made-It - On The Come Up ft. Big Sean

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    Music video by Mike WiLL Made-It performing On The Come Up. (C) 2017 Eardruma/Interscope Records

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  • Runtime: 4:9
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  • IcyHere
    IcyHere 1 day ago

    Guys Big Sean looks like a black version of FouseyTube but the song is lit!

  • ᴘʟᴀᴛᴏ
    ᴘʟᴀᴛᴏ 1 day ago

    True lyrics right here

  • Humza Hasan
    Humza Hasan 1 day ago

    big studios

  • marty drake
    marty drake 1 day ago

    shout out to da D
    love da sample from never die alone dope shit

  • Özlem Özbay
    Özlem Özbay 2 days ago

    I was watching in 144p but still quality wasn't low

  • Martin Saugsted
    Martin Saugsted 4 days ago

    The cadillac lookes like it's a smoke-out in Albania.

  • PETTY GOD Darkwing Cuck

    THIS is what I Decided shoulda been. That dark raw style that the Don is known for

  • Juliano Carreri
    Juliano Carreri 6 days ago

    rspct from Brasil!

  • Alex Ruffalo
    Alex Ruffalo 6 days ago

    the only reason he didn't sign to shady records is because Dre refused to make the beats...wtf? says he's retired. but he has 1000's of unreleased beats!! think he's still mad at the way Obie trice dissed Em's music direction at the time

    RACHEL M. 6 days ago


  • David Morales
    David Morales 7 days ago

    Young thug should've been on this. Shit

  • Onaje 10
    Onaje 10 7 days ago

    "how we made it like the pyramids"

  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge Ruiz 7 days ago

    Beat is blazin! Big Sean straight slaughtered the track! 🔥🔥🔥

  • BOB_ IRL
    BOB_ IRL 7 days ago

    Mike will 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson 7 days ago

    sean kills fucking anything and everything

  • Hilde Austrasia
    Hilde Austrasia 8 days ago

    Sick ass beat!!

  • Jae Luvah Cee
    Jae Luvah Cee 8 days ago

    I cut off all my distractions and started attacking ayeeee

  • victor Taratuta
    victor Taratuta 8 days ago

    This so is so... beautiful:)

  • No matter
    No matter 8 days ago

    1:35 - 2:02 video clip is hard assffuck..

  • No matter
    No matter 8 days ago

    This is Kendrick Lamar diss.

  • Dav 1243
    Dav 1243 8 days ago

    beat so hard im making my child join the choir rn

    IDOT ROK 8 days ago

    My favorite song since Guap by this man here.

  • Alexandria Tiffany
    Alexandria Tiffany 8 days ago

    all these pussy ass niggas hatin on Big Sean, sdmh This song goes in, unlike many other artists these days Big sean MWM don't have to use *Authentic* *Views* []/com,[], to get their videos to go viral

  • RamboMusix
    RamboMusix 10 days ago

    yea it's all worth mommas smile

  • MixaOnPC1080p
    MixaOnPC1080p 11 days ago

    very very good rapping by Sean

  • julian Leon
    julian Leon 11 days ago

    diss nigga aint from LA

  • Dominique Gaines
    Dominique Gaines 11 days ago

    Big Sean dont play

  • 97 DIDIT
    97 DIDIT 11 days ago

    mike will made it going crazy on the beat 💯💣

  • Taylor Freezy
    Taylor Freezy 11 days ago

    shout out to shotta spence at 1:00!

  • Joe Manning
    Joe Manning 12 days ago

    but who made this?

  • Pita Productions
    Pita Productions 12 days ago

    On 1:51?? it is Rae srummed??

  • Big Sean
    Big Sean 12 days ago

    Big Sean SO underrated.
    He's AT LEAST Kendrick's level.

  • Triniborngamer
    Triniborngamer 13 days ago

    This song so fucking hardddd. Nasty ass fucking beat, ohhhhhhh.

  • Brian Gales
    Brian Gales 13 days ago

    big sean

  • Brian Gales
    Brian Gales 13 days ago

    he need to be higher in this rap game!!! he took a break and came out harder!!! the game need him

  • Nesi Bini
    Nesi Bini 14 days ago

    this is too much heat 🔥🔥

  • Osvaldo Chivambo
    Osvaldo Chivambo 14 days ago

    maaaaaaaaaannnnn... this music is so dooooooope

  • Jayden Rankin
    Jayden Rankin 14 days ago

    He didnt need that sentence, he just need direction. #realtalk

  • Jayden Rankin
    Jayden Rankin 14 days ago

    Whats this beat a sample of ?

  • Jason Saunders
    Jason Saunders 14 days ago


  • Acon4Awhile
    Acon4Awhile 14 days ago


  • Oppai
    Oppai 14 days ago

    This song is hella slept on dafuq

  • Radu Channel
    Radu Channel 14 days ago

    the woman in the back makes all

  • WoolfyFX
    WoolfyFX 15 days ago

    dude what happened to the bass lol

  • cooppster11
    cooppster11 15 days ago

    Shotta Spence!!!! I see you boy

  • ChaoticChicken
    ChaoticChicken 15 days ago

    great beat and rapping but, jesus dude turn the instrumental down a little

    IDOT ROK 16 days ago


  • Chishala Matete Mpundu

    Sane vocals on a good beat

  • lily dankha
    lily dankha 16 days ago


  • Taiii Savage
    Taiii Savage 16 days ago

    Big sean is one of the best mainstream rapper of today 💯 nothin more to it🔥

  • christian banks
    christian banks 16 days ago

    big Sean goes so hard. he has so many good lines I can't even pick a favorite.

  • Sacada Zero
    Sacada Zero 16 days ago

    0:38 *girl on left* "This nigga smells like shit." *girl on right* "I hope my mom doesn't watch this video."

  • JrDeadpot
    JrDeadpot 17 days ago

    we need the beat alone mike will plz plz plz

  • Deonte Blackledge
    Deonte Blackledge 17 days ago

    Shotta Spence at 1:00

  • Eni ma
    Eni ma 17 days ago

    HELP !
    what's the name of the white chick in the car next to mike ?

  • ASAINT94
    ASAINT94 17 days ago


  • Kaleb Villa
    Kaleb Villa 18 days ago

    This song makes me wanna sit on the tv and watch the couch

  • Bobbi Johnson
    Bobbi Johnson 18 days ago

    a mf boppppp!!!!!!!

  • 8 ball pool cheats
    8 ball pool cheats 18 days ago

    wow the beat is brazy

  • DemontaeLife
    DemontaeLife 18 days ago


  • SexyDuck64
    SexyDuck64 19 days ago

    I'm real white nigga

  • Camila Coelho
    Camila Coelho 19 days ago

    que música foda, Big Sean é dos melhores

  • Zing vKR
    Zing vKR 19 days ago

    shotta spence

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez 19 days ago

    who else thinks big Sean and Kendrick should make a song

    • Youwy
      Youwy 17 days ago

      Kevin Martinez a fourth one?? every time they hop on a track together it's always something interesting but I think they have beef so I don't think they will any time soon

  • HOBBIT cadillac
    HOBBIT cadillac 20 days ago

    this beat is legendary but he needs to use more bass kicks

  • 0TheSameGuy0
    0TheSameGuy0 20 days ago

    Am I only one thinking that tory lanez should've been on this track?

  • junior rivera
    junior rivera 20 days ago


  • GoddsonDynasty
    GoddsonDynasty 20 days ago

    Biggest track on ransom2💯

    XBIT GEE 20 days ago

    im not a fan of bigsean but this shit is to fire

  • xaminxa
    xaminxa 20 days ago

    a bunch of niggers alieanated whats special ?

  • Khalis Beats
    Khalis Beats 20 days ago

    Big Sean is fire and beat is gasoline !! lit af !!

  • Joey Bains
    Joey Bains 21 day ago

    another underrated tune

  • GoddsonDynasty
    GoddsonDynasty 21 day ago

    big sean's up there with kendric and and j cole.

  • Imeall Diamondstein

    this vid is the best one ... it doesnt have some random girl twerking

  • Cre Billions
    Cre Billions 21 day ago

    big Sean, my best lyrical titan

  • andy ake
    andy ake 21 day ago

    beautiful song ♥

  • Kamano Kgasi
    Kamano Kgasi 21 day ago

    Heard this song when I was lit and damn it changed my life

  • Kevin Faftine
    Kevin Faftine 22 days ago

    Best song on a very underrated álbum if you ask me

  • Vanessa Agnes
    Vanessa Agnes 22 days ago

    that officer at the ending kinda cute

  • vishva43
    vishva43 22 days ago

    1:43 white girl's face while drinking hype! LOL!

  • congo smalls
    congo smalls 22 days ago

    my new theme song

  • congo smalls
    congo smalls 22 days ago

    luvin  big sean on this deep shit

  • Chanel Da'donConner
    Chanel Da'donConner 22 days ago

    On the come up ya know

    RAP-GODS 22 days ago

    dr dre king of old school beats
    mike will made it king of trap beats

  • Snowblind
    Snowblind 22 days ago

    Here because of the Week 13 MLS highlight video.

  • 6GOD 2
    6GOD 2 23 days ago


  • quazla90
    quazla90 23 days ago

    is there a better trap producer? guess not...

  • Aj
    Aj 23 days ago

    2017 Big Sean took the rap crown 👑

  • Kanai Sparks
    Kanai Sparks 23 days ago

    Big sean gang

  • Benji White
    Benji White 23 days ago

    Benji White - Contender
    New Rapper from the UK

  • Memphis A.
    Memphis A. 23 days ago

    Shotta <3

  • Caio Mello
    Caio Mello 23 days ago

    Holy shit Mike Will hoodie is DOPE. Anyone knows what is it?

  • Nae Levi
    Nae Levi 24 days ago

    If they don't play this beat at my funeral I'm gone be mad...

  • OfficialFirstClass D- V

    "he aint need that sentence he just need direction"

  • Collin Wilkerson
    Collin Wilkerson 24 days ago

    who else got that retarded contour commercial with the autistic people who cant do simple things

  • Anthony Guardado
    Anthony Guardado 24 days ago

    Big Sean always killing in it on mike will's intros

  • Young Lagz
    Young Lagz 25 days ago

    at the end...blacks and mexicans do like each other.. the blacks chased down the cops cuz they were going to arrest the mexican...

  • DreyListing Tv
    DreyListing Tv 25 days ago

    3:01 illuminati confirmed

  • Migaul Diaz
    Migaul Diaz 25 days ago


  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 25 days ago

    Shawn sucks, I bet people just rob his ass for fun

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