If a GIRLS ONLY Dimension was Added to Minecraft

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  • Maria Ventura
    Maria Ventura 3 hours ago

    Ayy use my skin TriggeredAsian

  • Ant Lop
    Ant Lop 5 hours ago

    whenthe boy got mad i was like get rejected

  • Tavito Espitia
    Tavito Espitia 6 hours ago

    tnt do u remember me I'm

  • Tomislav Stamenkovic

    Ok ExplodingTNT has definitely watched Rick and Morty

  • Saga Dahlman
    Saga Dahlman 12 hours ago

    I Can't seee the Haters same here

  • Lukie Doodle
    Lukie Doodle 13 hours ago

    CLICK ON MY NAME FOR a surprise!!

  • moos craft
    moos craft 14 hours ago

    do the toy's dimension

  • Sebastian Du Preez
    Sebastian Du Preez 15 hours ago

    If exploding TNT needed to kill a mouse

  • CupidGirl2768 34
    CupidGirl2768 34 16 hours ago

    If all blocks can be made as a portal

  • Srilakshmi Madikonduru

    in it make a mancwho had a wolf lose it by dimension bycgiy who hated animals

  • Srilakshmi Madikonduru

    Do animal only dimension

  • Gwyneth Acabal
    Gwyneth Acabal 20 hours ago


  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming 20 hours ago

    7:11 when you out of ideas and take ideas from rick and morty

  • Zokdul
    Zokdul 1 day ago

    Ugh a girls only dimension is a terrible idea. Just thinking about all the estrogen flying around in the air.... ugh... *shivers*

  • Angel Le (995AngLe)

    if exploding tnt have kids!!!!!!!

  • ballonhacker9 the epic bro

    well if pink sheep was removed from minecraft is a good idea 😂

  • Rebecca Worrell
    Rebecca Worrell 1 day ago

    if Minecraft has animals dimension.😃😃😃

  • Malachi Smith
    Malachi Smith 1 day ago

    probably a stupid idea probably not... what if minecraft was for 12 year olds?

  • L.R.P Gaming XP
    L.R.P Gaming XP 1 day ago

    There a refrence to Rick and Morty at: 7:10

  • Time Forest
    Time Forest 1 day ago

    *Lets off a nuke* "much better" xD

  • Ida Lloren
    Ida Lloren 1 day ago

    Guys do u know what is the sound effect when he dissaper in portal

  • The Lost Vlog
    The Lost Vlog 1 day ago

    Please ppst a clip with "The Kendama dimension" please?

  • JJ Productions
    JJ Productions 1 day ago

    explodingtnt do if a troll dimension exist in Minecraft

    OGUZHAN TEKIN 1 day ago

    what is the name of the pink sheep swag song

  • Maddie Lacey
    Maddie Lacey 2 days ago

    if minecaft and the real world switched places but the players didnt!

  • WaterDragon 57
    WaterDragon 57 2 days ago

    I know not to take this vid seriously, but not all girls love pink and flowers are overly dramatic and squeaky and everything right?

  • Blaze Gaming YT
    Blaze Gaming YT 2 days ago


  • Blaze Gaming YT
    Blaze Gaming YT 2 days ago


  • Lance Guelas
    Lance Guelas 2 days ago

    did any one see dan

  • Efrain Morales_Marcelino

    Poor notch he must say "hey girl dont kick me out i made this update if you kick me out you must get banned from minecraft"

  • Romhel Paragas
    Romhel Paragas 2 days ago


  • Romhel Paragas
    Romhel Paragas 2 days ago


  • Juan David Hernandez

    Couldn't Exploadingtnt jump over the ironbars?

  • Brenda Brown
    Brenda Brown 2 days ago


  • Calypso the Cougar
    Calypso the Cougar 2 days ago

    I am a girl but I do not like stuff that is very girly. Just keep in mind, GIRLS ARE NOT BARBIES!!!!!!!

  • KikifuriousTheMeifwa

    I don't get why everybody thinks girls only like pink and purple NOT TRUE I'M A GIRL AND I LIKE BLACK AND YELLOW AND GOT A PROBLEM? ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING WHY DOES EVERYBODY DO THIS? STOP. JUST, JUST STOP! THERE ARE THINGS CALLED TOMBOYS YOU KNOW... (But thanks anyways ur always awesome but just keep this in mind. Maybe a tomboy ONLY world, would be nice.)

  • Austin Dreemurr
    Austin Dreemurr 2 days ago


  • Lemon
    Lemon 2 days ago

    I know this is for fun but I really do find these videos sexist.

  • Thecats Gamer
    Thecats Gamer 2 days ago

    Annd people always call me a girl because I like catsssss.

  • Thecats Gamer
    Thecats Gamer 2 days ago

    But I'm a unicorn!

  • David Young
    David Young 2 days ago

    She said good job GUYS 7:30

  • Eva Jančiauskaitė

    more more!!!!!!!! like hwo agreeeeeee!!!!!!!! pink!!!!!!!!! i like pink...

  • thanhthuy pham
    thanhthuy pham 2 days ago


  • john patrick
    john patrick 2 days ago

    noobs domenetion

  • BDatGuy
    BDatGuy 3 days ago

    U stole the court scene from Rick and morty

  • PinkSakures
    PinkSakures 3 days ago

    if mouse dimension add to minecraft

  • fan av dantdm midolten

    boys diemension pls

  • Dark Steel
    Dark Steel 3 days ago

    Dang I didn't know all girls that playd minecraft were Lezbian 0_0

  • Smelly Ketchup
    Smelly Ketchup 3 days ago

    The boy should have told the cop ARE YOU ASSUMING MY GENDER

  • My Swag Videos
    My Swag Videos 3 days ago

    Like if I am stupid

  • DaRealMoosecraft
    DaRealMoosecraft 3 days ago

    Your kind ain't allowed here?...well that is racist they could've said in a not racist way

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 3 days ago

    idea 1: If there was a god dimension
    idea 2: If gods came to Earth
    idea 3: if there was a hardcore dimension
    idea 4: If you couldn't drop/attack anything
    idea 5: if there was a secret door found....

    Circle for the idea you like/used!

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 3 days ago

    6:67 how can the girl not tell that the girl that is in trouble did not realize it was somebodies drink and she thought it was hers.
    That's not even close to a crime.

  • i am the one
    i am the one 3 days ago

    you made a rick and morty referance respond if yes plese

  • Multi Plex
    Multi Plex 3 days ago

    Their shift key and mouse must be destroyed by now

  • Abe Cho
    Abe Cho 3 days ago

    If a girlfriend dimension was added to minecraft please

  • Amantha Tsaros
    Amantha Tsaros 3 days ago

    EPLODING TNT!!!!!!! YOU ARE IN HUGE TROBLE!!!!!! I SAW DanTDM in the vid celebrating when the girls where gone!!! He is my favorite youtuber I am so cross with you! 😡

  • /Haylee MSP
    /Haylee MSP 3 days ago

    Right, because all girls are just *obsessed* with pink.

  • mendry2010
    mendry2010 3 days ago

    I hate girls lm a boy i wont subcribe only Pinksheep Chad alan and Dennis Nobody likes mouses i hate all the girls i make a world of killing girls in minecraft

  • Si Random
    Si Random 3 days ago


  • Abdullah gulzar
    Abdullah gulzar 3 days ago

    That judge should not be a judge

  • Abdullah gulzar
    Abdullah gulzar 3 days ago

    All I would do to enter is break the rules and enter the dimension since my character is Sans I can teleport and even if I am trapped or anyone destroys something which I like there gonna have a bad time for real

  • Melanie Rivas-Banegas

    1. Noob Dimension
    2.dirt Dimension
    3. Kids Dimension
    4. Cheese Dimension
    5.pink sheep Dimension
    6.exploding tnt Dimension


  • Jakewebmaster8
    Jakewebmaster8 3 days ago

    It is our turn now...Boys only.

  • Gamepass Tokyo Ghoul

    can u do if musical.ly was added to minecraft plzz

  • Glitter Gaming
    Glitter Gaming 3 days ago

    O it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

  • 戀舞萌主
    戀舞萌主 3 days ago

    If a KIDS ONLY Dimension was Added to Minecraft.

  • Roberto Cepe
    Roberto Cepe 3 days ago

    if pink sheep dimension was added

  • OverDoseTV
    OverDoseTV 4 days ago

    hey I'm a tomboy I am not girly.

  • muhammad iqbal
    muhammad iqbal 4 days ago

    explodingTNT what are you doing in there

  • PeN PhumiPak
    PeN PhumiPak 4 days ago

    RachanonTH 2

    SPEEENGBEEEB 4 days ago

    Feminists: Everyone should respect women!
    Me: EvERYoNe sHOulD reSpECt wOmEN!

  • Eduardo Picoaga Sanchez

    if the pink sheep take control of minecraft

  • Douwe Somers
    Douwe Somers 4 days ago

    That whole thing at 6:30 just came from Rick and Morty

  • pug lover
    pug lover 4 days ago

    *BEEP *beep* i SMELL A SEXIST

  • Sweetie Smith
    Sweetie Smith 4 days ago


  • Galactic Dane
    Galactic Dane 4 days ago

    what is the happy background song name?

  • Breitlynne Twa
    Breitlynne Twa 4 days ago

    How come we never saw what it looked like in the girls only dimension can you make a video of what it looks like please?

    • Arooj n
      Arooj n 3 days ago

      Breitlynne Twa they did at 5:30 ish

  • Uyen Duong
    Uyen Duong 4 days ago

    or if a pink sheep dimensimon add🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Sofia taylor
    Sofia taylor 4 days ago


  • StormNike fsed
    StormNike fsed 4 days ago

    if a an aliens dimension was added to minecraft please

  • Epic destroyer
    Epic destroyer 4 days ago

    77,778th liker, howbow dah xD

  • geogamer Liza
    geogamer Liza 4 days ago

    If area 51 was added in minecraft 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Sky Sweet
    Sky Sweet 4 days ago

    i love u tnt

  • Taynebella Minecraft

    if pink sheep took over mc

  • iTzFeLem
    iTzFeLem 4 days ago

    I farted right when a fart was released lmao

  • Manaro the Gamer
    Manaro the Gamer 5 days ago

    so pink sheep is other so... he or she idk? is dating a girl and purple shep calls him daddy!?

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog 5 days ago

    If WWE dimesion was added to minecraft.

  • Asher Weems
    Asher Weems 5 days ago

    Why does the portal frame have photos of plant reproductive parts on it? EXPLODINGTNT why are you so inappropriate?

  • JalyGator
    JalyGator 5 days ago

    what if alligators and reptiles where added?

  • Ender Girl
    Ender Girl 5 days ago


  • JalyGator
    JalyGator 5 days ago

    omg what if tarantulas where added yay

  • Ender Girl
    Ender Girl 5 days ago

    and not all girls are pyscos like them btw

  • JalyGator
    JalyGator 5 days ago

    what if plushes where added?

  • Ender Girl
    Ender Girl 5 days ago

    i want to have a baby did it relly say dat?

  • JalyGator
    JalyGator 5 days ago

    what if pearls and jewelry was added???

  • Haydar Alsharifi
    Haydar Alsharifi 5 days ago

    If fidget spinners were added to minecraft

  • Kaio Di fran
    Kaio Di fran 5 days ago

    someone got inspired by rick and mortyyyy

  • Alex DaBeast H
    Alex DaBeast H 5 days ago

    Tell me exploding TNT why are you so good like if you agree💩

  • bebezinha Yasmin
    bebezinha Yasmin 5 days ago

    por que é legal👍

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