Al Franken Embarrasses Trump's Education Pick

During a recent hearing, Al Franken quickly realized Betsy DeVos has no idea about anything related to public education. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.
"Senator Al Franken came to today's hearing on Betsy DeVos' confirmation as Education Secretary armed with facts and figures and basic knowledge of education policy.
Sadly, Mrs. DeVos did not, as Franken soon exposed.
At one point, her answers showed she did not understand the difference between proficiency and growth when evaluating student's performance on standardized tests.
Growth is the measure of how much a student learns year-to-year compared to his or her peers. Proficiency is the attainment of specific objective benchmarks, usually determined via standardized testing. There's a huge difference between the two, and the debate is one that heavily influences public education policy.
Franken let DeVos know he wasn't impressed, chiding, "It surprises me that you don't know this issue."
(Committee chairman Lamar Alexander limited the hearing to one round of questions per Senator, 5 minutes each, claiming that it was precedent from past hearings. Despite Democratic senators' protestations, he held to that standard. )
Franken also tried to nail DeVos down on conversion therapy, asking if she supported it for LGBT students.
"I have never believed in that," DeVos replied. "I fully embrace equality and believe in the innate value of every single human being and that all students should be able to attend schools and be free of discrimination."
Unfortunately, this doesn't square with her family's gifts to organizations like Focus on the Family and other anti-LGBT organizations who actively advocate for conversion therapy.
When DeVos was confronted by New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan on the Prince Foundation's donations to Focus on the Family, DeVos denied having any position on the board of that foundation and said her mother makes her own grants to other organizations without any input from her.”*
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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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Author Steve Stiff ( ago)
Al Franken only embarrasses the State of Minnesota...every single time he opens his mouth.

Author Anzac-A1 ( ago)
A requirement for the SoE should be: you MUST have been a teacher at some point in your life.

Author SwirlyJoe ( ago)
AL Franken should run for president

Author Mary Shimek ( ago)
All through Trumps campaign I hardly heard him focus on education. Now he puts Betsy DeVos as education secretary who doesn't seem to know a thing about education. I have 5 grandchildren that are in public schools. Ever since Trump was elected I worry about their future. Since he was elected I still haven't heard him say much on our children's education. Remember our children are our future.

Author M T ( ago)
The irony. A complete moron becomes Secretary of Education. 😔

Author AlexCopyPaste ( ago)
She reminds me of myself when I had my final oral exam in high school.

Author Hugh Jarce ( ago)
America, your new administration is making your the laughing stock of the world. The emotionally unbalanced leading the incompetent. She will be leading the nations children's education?

Author Sean Zaręba ( ago)
She sounds so much like Palin lol

Author Jessica Strom ( ago)
She doesn't understand basic concepts... it is tragic.

Author fruticetum ( ago)
I believe circus clown Franken was a longtime cokehead. This is kinda like George Carlin being critical of someone else.

Author rscmrcmd ( ago)
Al Frankenstein accepted $150,000 from the teachers union to help finance his campaign. Of course he's gonna dance to their tune.

Author Cristina Cabral ( ago)

Author Arturo Garza ( ago)
Public schools are shit and everyone knows it. Devos' has the right idea, charter schools compete with one another. Competition will bring down costs and schools will naturally try to hire better qualified teachers. It would be amazing for students and their quality of education. You all don't understand business and how competition breeds creativity.

Author Melody Feltenberger ( ago)
Seriously come on America, first there's Trump and now 10 times worse Besty Devos this is sad.

Author MsDutchee ( ago)
Why should she be honest? She is rich and therefore entitled

Author Jerry St.Peter ( ago)
Senate confirmation votes have split more or less down party lines , so GOP nominees from a GOP controlled senate have little to fear and no incentive toward knowledge or honesty. Hence Devos could blather on senselessly about the threat of grizzlies, and fail to answer pointed questions about education policy, without fearing that her ignorance would make any real difference in the end.

Author X4hunterx4 ( ago)
I wonder how republicans are going to defend this person

Author Political Addict! ( ago)
For her to be sitting in that seat in the hearings shows clearly PAY TO PLAY exist.

Author Jack Hudler ( ago)
For those of you that remember AL FRANKIN, as the comedian AL FRANKIN.
Taken from Saturday Night Live Season 06 Episode 13 on April 11, 1981 titled AL FRANKEN ON THE DOWNFALL OF SNL. (
The cadence of the this skit works better if you watch the episode.

Most of you probably know me… AL FRANKIN.
I'm one those butt hurt senators that warms a chair in the democratic senate offices.
Now over the past 7 years or so, I have suffered countless instances of personal embarrassment, from people coming up to me… AL FRANKIN. And saying hey AL FRANKIN… you still a democrat? Or AL, how’s that senate seat comforting that butt hurt, I hear Trump’s got salve for that. Or AL boy, where’s Hillary hiding these days.
Well I am here tonight to set the record straight, I wasn’t involved with Hillary presidential campaign or the Democratic Party, and I’ve never heard of Hillary Clinton. How can I… my Butt is so sore from the ass-kicking we received, that I’ve been reduced to a debilitating drug induced fugue. I only came out long enough to tell you this, and I can’t allow this to continue.
So if you're wonder what you can do for me… AL FRANKIN.
Please send money to: Republican National Committee c/o Put the Democrats To Sleep, 310 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
Let’s put this party out of its misery.
You'll be doing a great favor for yourselves… and me; AL FRANKIN.
Thank You

Author Mortal Clown ( ago)
He went easy on her.

Author wilsonc5P ( ago)
Franken should be embarrassed about the blatant voter fraud that got him elected. These frauds deserve each other!

Author IvanZeternity ( ago)
He TORCHED her ass 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author Brian McNamara ( ago)
betsy Devos is unqualified in every way and she should drop out

Author Wanda Andrako ( ago)
You are two fools. This lady knows much more than Franken or you two just looking for ways for her nomination to be rejected. he is a fool also.

Author Frank Castle ( ago)
let's not talk about Obama's appointees with no experience or brain cells and some of the dumbass senators and congressmen / women who are borderline f****** retard

Author Steve The Philosophist ( ago)
Here you guys made a mistake. You edited that video to overlook the fact that he was being a dick. That's a mark on your integrity to those who come in disagreeing with you. I agree that she's bad, but so is your spin. Please stop lying just because it's what big media would do.

Author Peyotekeijo ( ago)
Trump is promising to bring back jobs and make America great again. Don't the buffoon and his supporters not realize that a truly great country needs strong education for future generations? And now a know-nothing, ultra-rich Christian fundamentalist moron is in charge of education. But sure, Trump has "already done more in 2 days than Obama in 8 years". smh

Author Plasma Gun ( ago)
lol TYT

Author emilie lake ( ago)
No surprise

Author elmer boinkins ( ago)
At this point ,it doesn't really matter as the public schools are a sick joke and devoid of any real chance to enable the students to compete on a global level due to the utter corruption of the teachers union and incompetence of the department of education. Private schools are the only chance for your child to have a decent productive life and to be prosperous.

Author awake and alive ( ago)
this young turds are retarded

Author Stephen Fullerton ( ago)
well if you care about education dismantle the Department of Education.

Author Dr Dermix Girl ( ago)
Not surprised. America elected a POtUS who knows nothing and doesn't care. Why on earth would he value qualifications and intellectual curiosity in his cabinet?

Author Pugnacious LB ( ago)
Scary stuff guys

Author tehnatureboy ( ago)
Was a great gotcha question...

Author comrade harps ( ago)
Stunned bunny.

Author CEV12 ( ago)
Cenk doesn't care that nominees for top government positions are qualified?

Author LonerWeirdo ( ago)
She scares me too.. because forget about raising a generation of engineers and scientists.. all you'll get is bibble thumpers.. see where that gets you in the job market

Author Kathleen Higgins ( ago)
Say it loud, Al.
Maybe a little louder.
stick with the truth, I'm cool.

Author Robert Long ( ago)
Why bone up on anything, all trumpists will be confirmed. This fiasco is rigged, they will all be confirmed. So sad!!!!!!

Author Joshua Lopez ( ago)
This is going to be a very fun, entertaining and scary 4 to 8 years.

Author OldCatLady MB ( ago)
This woman is the stupidest person on earth. Now she is in charge of education? It is the dumbing down of education!!!

Author Aus Wrangler ( ago)
The sekaterri of edukason... The future of American English...

Author baddbradd89 ( ago)
what a retard...he sucked on snl and he still sucks

Author edward woods ( ago)
This joke of a woman Betsy Doesn't care because she knows she already has a job the qualification was no experience needed..

Author Julian Röth ( ago)
Love Jon's shirt, anyone know where I can get it?

Author Khalid Hussain ( ago)
The very example of nepotism and the spoils system with skin and bones, ladies and gents.

Author Tandy Braid ( ago)
NO!!! She is not anywhere close to what we need as the Secretary of Education. Didn't know the difference between competency and growth, didn't know that IDEAS is a federal program. ANd bears on campus. I have been an educator for 19 years and have never had a bear!!! Also my interviews have been way longer than what they were able to question her for, VOTE NO!!!!!! She is not the choice of educators or children!!

Author Socialistgypsy ( ago)
I disagree with Cenk. John has the right idea we need to fill the government in field specialist," without money in politics," because it's best for progress. And it's a Claude Saint Simon socialist idea.

Author edargentina ( ago)
The real disaster is today's education,run by the democrats the last 8 years.......

Author Ann Moore ( ago)
She has no clue! She lives in a Glass House!

Author TheJfranco9 ( ago)
Lol wtf did she say

Author floex831 ( ago)
Too bad all this questioning will make ZERO difference and she will still be Secretary of Education.

Author James Irving ( ago)
DeVos is a Christian Fundamentalist nutcase.....She is ON RECORD saying she wants her "Christian God's Kingdom" to be taught in ALL SCHOOLS.....

Author Nic Luciano Sr ( ago)
Mr. Kramden your first question is "Who wrote Swanee River?" ... "humina, humina, humina ... Ed Norton?"

Author Asmobia ( ago)
Advisors: "Mr. President, this ignorant women will ruin our children and our country will be full of idiots after 4 years".
Trump: "Great, I will win popular vote next time".

Author queenbeethatme100 ( ago)
She doesn't have to study. if Trumps wants her to do it, Republicans are irresponsible enough to make it happen.

Author DeniseN ( ago)
It's not enough to just say what your opposition is but you need to have some sort of plan or idea of how you're going to fix it and it has to benefit everyone. You can't be against public schools and your solution is Christian private or Charter Schools because everyone is not a Christian or attached to a religion. Your plan needs to be inclusive not exclusive.

Author Sherlock_Tom ( ago)
Why isn't there any committee of ethics that can dismiss her for not being qualified at all? It bothers me even more because she's now the head of EDUCATION

Author djibamaster ( ago)
I have a feeling trump has nominated all these clueless people so he could blame them when things go wrong.

Author Miriam Elise Morea Shaal ( ago)
Al Frankenstein is a living walking joke!

Author Glenda Valente ( ago)
Just get up there and act and look really stupid and you will be confirmed.  You will fit right in.

Author Micah Laraway ( ago)
I hate to gang up on Trump but his nominees just seem to be not the sharpest and best-qualified people IMO

Author Mick G. ( ago)
Isn't catching out new cabinet members during the inauguration process a bit like shooting fish in a barrel? A bit weak and easy I think.

Author Wisdom Wissy ( ago)
Embarrassing to watch her stammer and not being able to answer the basic questions being thrown at her.

Author carole mcphee ( ago)
as corrupt as the dems are they really do show they are so much better and smarter they are over the republicans!!

Author Leo Yohansen ( ago)
What? Study for the issue of education? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Author Fried Bullet ( ago)
She's never been an educator. That is obvious.

Author AliensAnonymous ( ago)
"Thank you Senator for that question. Could you please have someone explain it to me?"

Author fauteupb ( ago)
Cenk obviously doesn't know what he's talking about with respect to the issue he's explaining, but he knows way more about it than Devos. As an educator, I'm pretty horrified.

Author matszz ( ago)
Why don't they blush? Whenever I make a faux pas or or mess something up, I blush. How come they never do that?

Author rutger houtdijk ( ago)
I have reported this video for misogyny. We can't accept this hate and intolerance any longer.

Author Rottler Property Services ( ago)
she needs to go back to teaching sunday school! what a dummy!

Author Stacy Chapman ( ago)
He did an amazing job and I love the fact that she was asked about her donations being the reason she is in that seat. He it that right on.

Author Kevin Lee ( ago)
This woman is just getting crucified.

Author Anthony ( ago)
They didn't study becuase they thought they would not be scrutinized as much and just fly through.

Author Lanz Varon ( ago)
What's with TYT and cutting off the best parts? Thumb'd down because they cut-off the best part when Al said "It really surprised me, well not THAT surprised."

*S* *A* *V* *A* *G* *E*

Author jennings mills ( ago)
what education? California no longer has high school exit exams. you can literally Google yourself through all four years on a Chromebook provided by the school district! Viva'la'pensions!

Author Yonce 266 ( ago)
Love the graphic in the background 😂

Author Dene Young ( ago)
So I am not an American - how likely is it that any of these "nominees" will not be confirmed? This woman seems not just terribly under-qualified, but to have an agenda that will be so destructive as to leave a mark on America's productivity and competitiveness that will take at least a couple of decades from which to recover. Educate me, folks!

Author Jordan Johnson ( ago)
well at least she seems too stupid to do anything too disastrous

Author Jordan Johnson ( ago)
Thank Christ I'm done with school😧

Author bloodsoldierZ ( ago)
She's embarrassing Stefan Molynuex.

Author L Lawliet ( ago)
Almost nobody has experience in any cabinet position until after they are appointed.

Author Susan Kay ( ago)
Ugh...just hoping the Sun explodes soon.

Author MrK00070 ( ago)
She make Sarah Palin look like award winning genius.

Author Kathrin Alber ( ago)
I believe Trump picked her as the secretary of education because he genuinely doesnt care about the education system. I think he will pull a lot of funding out of education, hence Betsy DeVos is going to be unable to create many policies anyways.

Author Teresa Carter ( ago)
Betsey DeVoss is clueless about public education! She believes all teachers should carry guns in schools- to shoot any bears that wonder too close outside! Could we at least get someone who has stepped foot inside a public school?

Author Ron Ryan ( ago)
what a dum gop hoe

Author Ron Ryan ( ago)
another dick in the wall

Author Adrian Brown ( ago)
This woman is the perfect example...of what a private education system gets you.

This is the archetypal foundation for an oligarchy type society...

Author Beau Tiplady ( ago)
I think it's pretty obvious. You help the kids that need the help. Children who are doing well don't need the extra help.

Author PumpkinsnBlackcats ( ago)
A moron running our education system. Only republicans.

Author Myk Dowling ( ago)
Do any of these hearings matter? Aren't the Republicans rubber-stamping all of them?

Author xKid Kidx ( ago)
That caption is amazing!
S/O to the Lauryn Hill reference.

Author Mikℯ Kℯn† ( ago)
The iraq, such as.

Author Sam Woodward ( ago)
Lol at the suggestion Rex Tillerson has no experience in international diplomacy, only the CEO of a giant multinational company that has been dealing with governments all over the world for decades....

Author LoneRiderz ( ago)
Fellow educators... are you shaking your head in uniform disbelief?

Author SaikouUsagi ( ago)
so sad. so let's say she is unqualified then who is the second choice. this is stupid because she has the position in the bag.

Author Evan Wheeler ( ago)
Lib left retards are in full meltdown. Riots, bizarre lies. Racist hate as blacks blame whites for election loss. Media totally exposed as fake.
America looks in astonishment as the Democrats disintegrate before their eyes. The Trump phenomenon is real. Its international. Its here to stay. Thank you for your total co-operation tyt and rest of fake news media.

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