Drowned Pass Darksiders Collectibles (Wrath Shards, Artifacts, Lifestone Shards, Armor +)

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This video covers all of the Darksiders collectibles (wrath shards, artifacts, armor, lifestone shards, etc...) in Drowned Pass. We made a video for each level covering all of the collectibles in the game, so make sure to check

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Author Sasque Uchija ( ago)
ok so i follow your walktrough why is my map still showing a chest in the center exactly where i get sword piece and artifact.

Author Cody Baker ( ago)
Where do you get the grappling hook? I'm passed this part but I've come back thru later in the game and still don't have the hook to get the #5 collectable (lifestone shard)

Author yuptydoo ( ago)
It's a glitch, the IGN official walkthrough states there was never supposed to be a chest there. Thumbs this up so people can see.

Author Liam Woodofrd ( ago)
thanx again for another 5 minutes of waisting my life why cant anybody show me how to get the hidden one for god sake.

Author Kfatfat19 ( ago)

Author Oliveira Tonny ( ago)
I'm having the same kind of trouble dude... I'm sick of it!

Author TotalFilmPictures (1809 years ago)
same problem.

Author blaydemastah ( ago)
at 4:00 the chest isnt there it doesnt show for me why?

Author jaaarbas ( ago)
you're welcome, Captain Ungrateful...

Author HammerDemonn ( ago)
Thank you, captain Obviouse...

Author Gamasix ( ago)
that chest probably spawn after you do a certain weird task, like at the crossroads chest where you had to destroy all the fire hydran i beleive to make it spawn? anyway, right now im trying to kill every fucking little crow that fly around that area, might work or not.

Author vestolorde1 ( ago)
How do u get the chest on the building it's not their when I go up their I tried everything

Author jaaarbas ( ago)
people, please get all the gears before coming here to complain. In the game, there are a lot of places that have chests and items which you need gear that you will unlock later. Just come back after getting them. For example, the ice is broken by tremor gauntlets, that you will unlock near getting the third heart of the chosen if I'm not mistaken.

Author darkwiz428 ( ago)
@phuturephunk you have to leave the area and come back but yes

Author phuturephunk ( ago)
You know, I never figured to ask: Do enemies respawn in this game?

Author Joao Victor Alves ( ago)

Author That Greek Guy ( ago)
@Captain47z thanks dude but i am searching for the damn hidden chest next to it

Author Captain47z ( ago)
@LethalAxis If you search for the blade part its right on top of the right building. You have to climb the left one first (there is no other way anyways) go to the top then put your mask on and hook spot will appear. Hook shoot it and you will swing to the other building where the piece of Armaggedon blade is. Sorry if some details are wrong I cant remember much of the game.

Author Captain47z ( ago)
@LethalAxis Its a bug on the map. The final piece (I couldnt find) its when you port from a territory to a new one (I dont remembe from where to where you have to teleport since I played this like years ago) and when you spawn in the ghoust-ish short area is right behind you! You have to turn around and walk a bit. At least that was the hardest for me to find.

Author That Greek Guy ( ago)

Author Reactiv Penguin ( ago)
how do you get that chest i have everything cept for that

Author abuelagrimosa ( ago)
I also have problems with the chest on top of the building. I tried killing every monster and crows but it didn't work like with other ones.

There is something breakable? Because to make one chest appear I had to destroy them also.

Author piqs00 ( ago)
Hey did you came acros a zombie in a hat (bowler hat?) that says something to you fights you and then dissapears? Maybe he has something to do with that chest, like hydrants in crossroads?

Author WarMageNero ( ago)
I am having problems finding the same chest... it'd be nice to have an answer on why no one can find that chest...

Author samuel lagunes ( ago)
cant find that chest :S

Author -Mimic- ( ago)
yeah, thats what my game says too... is it a glitch or something?

Author Ste M ( ago)
great help thank you

Author MACABIZIT ( ago)
the last chest?

Author Captain47z ( ago)
Hey what about the chest on the top of the second building? Where you get your piece of Armageddon Blade, on the mini map it shows there is a chest but seems no one can find it..

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