Imam W. D. Mohammed's Remarks at MANA Conference

Imam Mohammed is introduced by Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Speech given during a workshop at the 1st MANA Conference. Philadelphia, PA

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Author Jamal-ud-deen Al Ajnabee (5 years)
Oh just read that he died already!!

Author Dawud Bryant (6 years)
there has never been anything honourable about elijah the kafir muhammad

Author basicbass (6 years)
When the Imam speaks of Islamic Alliance, I guess that means He is turning
back to refering to the Positiveness of the Work of the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad. To me, I see him turning toward speaking better of his father's
work in starting all of this.

Author Dawud Bryant (6 years)
my bad, i was looking for the part where he said the honourable elijah
muhammad as i emailed this video to the presenter of the deen show who
knows siraj and has him on the show quite often, i said he should ask siraj
why the foolish comment

Author salimah umrani (5 years)
on the anniversary of your death we want you to know your contribution to
the growth and development of Islam in america will never go unnoticed,we
miss and love you may Allah make your grave spacious and give you the
paradise Ameen

Author lyricaladaud (6 years)
This idiot went to the pope and asked him to pray for him and his
followers. That was major shirk. Nuff said about this moron. Run away from
him with your Deen, or be destroyed!!!

Author salimah umrani (6 years)

Author Harzburgitic (6 years)
"He cannot lead me NO WHERE!!!" Your sentence structure is wanting.

Author RomanticConfusion (6 years)
May Allah, above all exalted, forgive Imam W.D. Mohammed's sins and grant
him Jannah Al Firdaus... Ameen! Much Peace,Love,and Blessings!

Author TKASH (5 years)
May Allah Grant him Paradise.

Author TheAsiatic1 (6 years)
He is non productive, inarticulate, and he is a follower of Arabs and Arab
culture!!! He can not lead me NO WHERE!!! To each his own..

Author Sumayah Muhammad (5 years)
@lyricaladaud he behaves in a very imprudent, evil and insulting manner."
(Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Belief, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 33)"

Author tjdakidwp (6 years)
Again we should do more research before we call people names and
espiecially before we accuse someone of shirk, do u realize how big of a
claim that is to say that someone committed shirk? If this man committed
shirk then present your proof

Author firstman5555 (5 years)
Al-Islam = White Arab's imperialism... Aramaic belongs to the Afro-Asiatic
language (THE BLACK MAN/GOD) family. Aramaic script was widely adopted for
other languages, and is ancestral to the Arabic and Hebrew ...

Author firstman5555 (4 years)
@jafalib *) Can you give us some proof Mr. Slandering Muslim?.

Author nasiruyola (6 years)
subhanallah May ALLAH forgive you and uplift your status . Ameen

Author islamismyway (6 years)
salam brother./sis Pls be aware with the following quotation.... thank
you...may be peace upon you all. QS 49:13 O mankind! We created you from a
single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes,
that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily
the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most
righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with
all things).

Author islamicperspectives (7 years)
The power is in the transmission. From | The Last Sermon of Prophet
TODAY. ...All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and
those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better
than those who listen to me directly. "...This day, I have perfected your
religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you
Islam as your religion..." (Quran 5:3).

Author Truth3312 (6 years)
For those of us who were members of the Nation of Islam during the time of
the leadership of Elijah Muhammad and believed in a false concept of
Al-Islam; we will forever thank our Lord-Creator Allah for Imam W.D.
Mohammed. He alone was responsible for turning our hearts and minds towards
true Islam.

Author Laurence Chiniquy (1 year)
May Allah forever bless Warithud' Deen Mohamed for the service he rendered
to humanity. The Muslims world would be much better today if they had
listened to and implemented his advice.

Author Jamal-ud-deen Al Ajnabee (5 years)
May Allah guide him and saraj to the sunnah ameen.

Author RomanticConfusion (6 years)
What a Blessing that our Beloved Brother Imam W.D. Mohammed was taken by
the Angel of Death during Ramadan! Indeed a Blessing to the Believing
Muslim. May Allah, above all exalted, forgive your sins and grant you the
highest level of Heaven, Jannah-al-firdaus. AMEEN! We'll be making Du'a
(supplication) for you, Imam. Peace, Love, and Blessings,

Author salimah umrani (7 years)
powerful message said so much in very little words,this brother has been at
the forefront of Islamic direction for decades.

Author salimah umrani (6 years)
you end your comments with peace when your words are filled with hate for a
man that has passed,and whom ALLAH is his judge now,thats the problem you
people who want to hold on to the theology of the Nation of Islam you dont
beleive in afterlife and that one day you will have to be accountable for
your actions and deeds,if you had ISLAM you wouldnt have to ask the
question what will Islam do for you, the Nation of Islam time has came and
passed either you accept the truth or perish in the fire

Author islamicperspectives (6 years)
ASA, The comments of Imam Mohammed were not edited, the comments of Imam
Siraj had a quick edit because of a camera anomaly during taping. Nothing
was left out intentionally.

Author TheAsiatic1 (7 years)
Place, "what is drill" in your browser. Wallace Muhammad has not did a
thing since 1975!!! You judge a "Tree" by "The Fruit" it bears!!

Author TheAsiatic1 (6 years)
TO Harburgitic: "He cannot lead me NO WHERE!!!" Your sentence structure is
wanting. "Oh my god, I posted a double negative on YouTube" !!! "And
recognise that bringing ppl to Islam" It is spelled recognize..with a z,
not an s!!! But you got my point didn't you?

Author TheAsiatic1 (6 years)
The spirit of God in him died long ago. Old looking, weak looking, tired
looking, worn down!! But he can speak Arabic. He looks like a BUM evertime
that I see him!! I guess that is what "True Islam" will do for you. Peace

Author lyricaladaud (6 years)
WD committed shirk when he asked the pope to pray for him and his
followers!!! The pope is a taghoot (false god) because they give him the
attribute of perfection and many others. WD was an incredibly ignorant man
who has a lot of Muslims astray, today!!!!!

Author Realisation786 (5 years)
There is no differance between a black man and a white man, what makes the
black man so special, need i remind you God choose the Isralites during The
time of the pharoahs, they were jews not blacks, therefore black or white
there is only 1 diff, taqwa.

Author jafalib (5 years)
muslims kill malcolm x becouse he talk about muhamed having sex with his
17,18, n 19 years old workers n having kids wth them, as we all know
malcolm was open mainded, arabs dont like blacks but they need black to
share islam,black people was at a point where they needed some things to
belive in, the same arabs who sold us to there westeren follow us to the
state to trun us aginst eothers like they have being to centurys, READ

Author islamicperspectives (6 years)
To briefly entertain lyric- Please explain in what way were the actions of
Imam WD Mohammed shirk. I would posit that any opinion that would include a
dua for the destruction of a pious believer would be rejected by the
Creator. Please explain yourself to the world.

Author lyricaladaud (6 years)
Siraaj can't even say "Salallaahu alayhi wa salam" correctly. Peopl have
the nerve to call him the "Imam of America"!?! Subhanallaah, he's an

Author firstman5555 (4 years)
@jafalib *) Can you give us some proof Mr. Slandering Muslim?.

Author Voyage Islam (6 years)
Raheem Allah, even though I had my disagreements with the mans perspective
at times, he seemed to be a great human being may Allah bless him and raise
him to the highest level of jannah.

Author Dawud Bryant (6 years)
who said that ahki?

Author tjdakidwp (6 years)
With all due respect brother you should do more research before you slander
the Imam like that, you can't be serious by calling this man an idiot
becuase he did something that you did not agree with.

Author Sumayah Muhammad (5 years)
@Truth3312(ASA) Allah makes Muslims not man, but I understand what you
mean, May Allah reward the Imam for his work Ameen

Author Harzburgitic (6 years)
You're wrong! One spelling is american the other is british. to think that
you went back to my old post to nit pick. how lame! read a book! Oh my God!
yes you made a GROSS gramatical ERROR! Yeah I get all your points and when
they are connected they draw a confused picture of one who is caught up in
themselves. "But you got my point didn't you?" Yes I get my cat's point
when she scratches the door doesnt mean she's articulate.

Author whitepeepleareDevils (6 years)

Author Dawud Bryant (6 years)
no, i call him an idiot for doing something ALLAH disagrees with

Author salimah umrani (6 years)

Author Harzburgitic (7 years)
His name is Warithu deen. Have some respect. And recognise that bringing
ppl to Islam, millions that is, is plenty of "fruit" from that "tree". Imam
Muhammad is a community. we are him and he is us.

Author Dawud Bryant (6 years)
why has it been cut, he said the honourable elijah muhammad and that bit is
gone now

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