A five headed snake found in Infosys Campus Mangalore Karnataka for dmr111

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Author Herman Bohemian (6 days)
Why not just upload the video ?

Author Roco Corea (6 months)
its only a bad fake!!! 

Author Hanya Ada Di Indonesia (8 months)
very funny ...

Author Rebel O'Conner (6 months)
clearly a fake

Author Cuzim Epiclyepic (8 months)
Bad editing its obviously fake. It'd necks are kind of blurred

Author Becks Aivids (8 months)

Author priyanka pinky (8 months)

Author owen jack (8 months)
the song is as stupid as the snake..maybe even more

Author dazzla111 (8 months)

err may i say ....BULL SH*T!!!!!

Author Mireille Bech (9 months)

Author rjdeg3 (8 months)
Wow! Really? Is that true? WOW!!!!!!!!!

Author Revi Fang Rose (8 months)
That's rare! I been to,that place and I cought one and I kept it was a pet

Author Giovanni Dominguez (11 months)
it is real

Author Bob Bowie (10 months)
Fake- And Gay.

Author Drew Skylar (11 months)
its funny how whoever made this thought that we would thinks it real

Author zzzSleepyCreeper (1 year)
they used video manager app i can totally tell because i helpe a friend
edita hydra video.

Author MrMarckeedee (10 months)
Worst photoshop ever

Author TheLeopard50 (1 year)
its true this may have been faked but this is an incident that could happen
in many creatures, even humans, if this is real it would seem that the
mother snake was going to give birth to five baby snakes, but in the womb
they did not separate properly, causing them to attach to each other
forming this five headed snake, there's also a two headed snake that was
born, a two headed human, a two headed cat and so on so forth

Author Moes Seker (1 year)
fake :/

Author Srdjan Darinkovic (1 year)
bad skills in photoshop!

Author brutisking (1 year)
Caca!! Yee!

Author J Cook (9 months)
Notice the blurring of the horizontal lines where the "heads" supposedly
come together? LOL

Author Rocky Schires (1 year)
Wen medusa looks at a snake

Author Andrew Promt (11 months)
Fake but i don't give a fuck

Author Inhuman Malice (1 year)
nice photoshop

Author didiledo5522 (9 months)

Author shottaboilife (1 year)

Author Robert Shelton (11 months)
Its a hydra!

Author ZX3PICPVP (11 months)
Exatly what a indian does dirty fucks

Author liltomkat (11 months)
Photoshop much?

Author anne karrel (1 year)

Author Lacrymozart (11 months)
Orochimaru, is that you?

Author hamid sting (9 months)
fuck this video......

Author andrew enfermo (1 year)
adobe photoshop


Author Nizar Kalai (1 year)

Author Nintendoguy020 (10 months)

Author smellpickle (9 months)
The deep deep deep deep nama nama nama nama nama nama hello 2005

Author Andy Man (1 year)
Too fake

Author Nenad Petrovic (1 year)

Author SophieMoto (1 year)
Wow, that was some amazing photoshopping skills there.... >.>


Author aj morrison (1 year)

Author Sabino Garcia (1 year)
You mad bro? Lol

Author Saranya Manoj (1 year)
i like but its not true

Author Sky de (1 year)
Whaaaat?! Nice? Is the worst photoshop I've ever seen

Author TheAddictedGamer HD (1 year)
Photoshop. its blurry o.o

Author Kimberly Fraizer (1 year)
If this were real, it would be five times as deadly.

Author prem sawlani (1 year)

Author Edmar Fecler (1 year)
snake: "COME AT ME BRO!"

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