My Bunker ONE Year Later

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  • This is just a quick update video of our storm shelter 1 year after the install. If you have any questions just ask me.

    Rechargeable Colman lantern

    Must have HEADLAMP

    Crank radio light and cellphone charger

    Good bunker book to read
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  • Dirtpatcheaven
    Dirtpatcheaven 1 month ago

    Woohoo! You are kickin' it!

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Dirtpatcheaven lol crazy, look at my other bunker video lol....type in bunker installation

  • Richard Ernst
    Richard Ernst 21 hour ago

    How have you not grown grass around it in a years time..?! Wow
    It certainly won't erode anymore if there is grass , omg man..!!!

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 2 days ago

    What happens if debris covers the air vents?

  • Liam Winter
    Liam Winter 2 days ago

    you wanna put gas masks and stuff in there

  • Didier Levesque
    Didier Levesque 2 days ago

    your bugs are possobley comming in under your door

  • Canadian Classics KS cigarettes

    would be a good idea to get a light, would be pitch black if you had to use it at night

  • subzero 0997
    subzero 0997 4 days ago


  • Carmine Braile
    Carmine Braile 5 days ago

    So its a fuck my family bunker, for 1 person?

    • Carmine Braile
      Carmine Braile 5 days ago

      Well it isnt big enough for more then 1 person isnt it? If you invest into a bunker, why dont you make it bigger for a family?

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 5 days ago

      Carmine Braile really

  • WarFox Gaming
    WarFox Gaming 5 days ago

    You should put some shelves and some entertainment like cards or a board game in there

  • Jennifer Wohleben
    Jennifer Wohleben 5 days ago

    doesnt it get wet and dank

  • Prime Eleven
    Prime Eleven 5 days ago

    If you grow grass on it the soil might hold its shape.

  • Lukas Scheer
    Lukas Scheer 6 days ago

    You wont survive so long with your Family😉 but it looks great!

  • greger tratt
    greger tratt 7 days ago

    do you have wifi in the bunker?

  • James Lindley
    James Lindley 7 days ago

    Think i'd have a 45 ton jack and a steel beam down there just in case the entrance hatch gets blocked !! trees or some evil bastard trick !!
    then you can force the door if need be !

  • Alfred Wheeler
    Alfred Wheeler 8 days ago

    If there's a way, bugs will get in. Try simple felt weather stripping tape around the door for a better seal. Little bugs and spiders will still get in through the ventilation screens and grow bigger from basically eating each other, though. Cool. Good job.

  • Glen Ouellette
    Glen Ouellette 9 days ago

    do you loose cell and radio reception in your bunker? great vid

  • Winpin _444
    Winpin _444 10 days ago

    What's the bathroom situation?

  • johnisbad
    johnisbad 10 days ago

    I would recommend putting blankets in there with lanterns and batters a radio and stack the buckets

  • cheese croquet
    cheese croquet 11 days ago

    Are you real dutch (ben jij nederlands)

  • Richard Spengler
    Richard Spengler 15 days ago

    Go to an auto parts store and get a "D" gasket used for car & truck doors to replace torn ones! Comes in various lengths. In 3/4" to 1" thicknesses!

  • the4 heartsranch
    the4 heartsranch 20 days ago

    Nice storm shelter.. try diatomaceous earth to kill the bugs, its pet safe and safe for kids to be around..

  • kamui1001
    kamui1001 20 days ago

    Hi, just a thought here, you have got to get your dog trained to go into the bunker on command.. If not when the time comes with storms crashing all around you the dog will run off, and you will have the very real risk of losing her, or worse, losing someone to the storm that went off to chase her down.. Just saying...

  • Go KaRt BooM
    Go KaRt BooM 20 days ago

    that's for a nuclear bomb shelter nice video I like your bunker

  • TheIlJeep
    TheIlJeep 20 days ago

    Ok, when episode with zombie?

  • Clarissa 1986
    Clarissa 1986 21 day ago

    The door should have a rubber seal so that it is really sealed and no spiders or other crap can enter your shelter xD Then your bunker is clean for sure :) Atleast after you removed and killed all the remaining bugs :)

  • 1AYTC
    1AYTC 21 day ago

    You need to train your dog to go inside in case of emergency.

  • Peter H.
    Peter H. 22 days ago

    I was the 999th like

  • JIM Short
    JIM Short 22 days ago

    It looks like you need to pick up a 5 lbs bag of Bermuda Grass Seed. All you have to do is throw it on the ground and water and in about 10 days you will see it start to spring up. What did this unit cost you as we see it?

  • imlerith
    imlerith 22 days ago

    you already uses it at least once ?

    • DatBuoy
      DatBuoy 5 days ago

      he said at the start that they had not had to yet but it had been close

  • Gilitar
    Gilitar 22 days ago

    You need to plant some grass on the slopes.

  • 1RudeBoy
    1RudeBoy 23 days ago

    You can clearly see where the bugs are getting in at.

  • Jokeal
    Jokeal 23 days ago

    I would add a luggable loo toilet, wal mart has them

  • Backyard Fisherman
    Backyard Fisherman 23 days ago

    Keeping It Dutch How much did this shelter cost you? i am thinking of getting one

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar 23 days ago

    How much did it cost for you man?

  • jakob krštinc
    jakob krštinc 24 days ago


  • thatguy6214
    thatguy6214 24 days ago

    damn that shit is such a fail

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 24 days ago

      thatguy6214 your a fail....I take it you don't know what a Tornado is hahaha

  • Maryjane Porton
    Maryjane Porton 1 month ago


  • Invictus Dominatus
    Invictus Dominatus 1 month ago

    This is awesome

  • Dokta Gero
    Dokta Gero 1 month ago

    maybe some sort of rubber channel on the door frame so it a tight close an nothing creeps in the gap

  • chris7jakarta
    chris7jakarta 1 month ago

    why don't you build your houses out of concrete? most of the houses are made of wood "I'll huf and i'll puf......"

  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel 1 month ago

    Where do you live?

  • charles breeding
    charles breeding 1 month ago

    keep um coming Dutch.    nuff said

  • The_Gingaa_Ninj a
    The_Gingaa_Ninj a 1 month ago

    I'm from Chickasha Oklahoma and I love your channel.

  • David Vorwerk
    David Vorwerk 1 month ago

    hi i am and i just watched 2 videos and i just like your videos too
    subscribet (idk how to type it because i am german so its a little bit hard)

  • Mike N
    Mike N 1 month ago

    Great Job Dutch!
    Keep em safe!

  • Fritzkocher
    Fritzkocher 1 month ago

    Dutch the spiders are getting in at the door where you can see light. you need to put in a rubber seal at the door to keep the bugs out.

  • ProTinelapses
    ProTinelapses 1 month ago

    *TURN IT INTO A MAN CAVE!* :3 I subbed

  • Krixx Oberschnauffen

    Bugs are getting in the same way you do man :D

  • Jakes vids
    Jakes vids 1 month ago

    When your saying yo bombed are you saying you took a big crap in there

  • S.mooijman
    S.mooijman 1 month ago

    ben je nederlands?

  • Illuminati seeing eye

    you would still die you have the radiation to deal with if it happens...

  • kuba Gaming
    kuba Gaming 1 month ago

    maybe like a rubber door seal around the edge of the door to keep bugs out of it

  • tom jackson
    tom jackson 1 month ago

    Most "hurricane deaths" are from the tornados that spin off the edges of the eye.

    It looks like you are ready for some bad weather. I'm glad you didn't use the bunker, but am sure you enjoyed the security of having it every time questionable weather came close.

  • RimWulf Randall
    RimWulf Randall 1 month ago

    have you thought of planting had on that dirt? It might help with the deforming earth.

  • Tim Lipinski
    Tim Lipinski 1 month ago

    Build a run down shed over the bunker...  And some flowers or plants.  tjl

  • Hidden Mist
    Hidden Mist 1 month ago

    lol dont sufficate, those vents & door could get blocked somehow

  • Garret R
    Garret R 1 month ago

    Looks really good. I doubt many other people feel the same way as I do but I would put a small antenna tower with a rugged scanner antenna setup with a radio to receive NOAA weather and local first responders to monitor the exact position of the storm. Just a tip for some who might of not thought of this who find it intriguing

    • Garret R
      Garret R 1 month ago

      +Keeping It Dutch I would keep it fairly short for something like this and anchor it extremely well. Don't want your tower coming down as soon as the wind starts to pick up

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Garret R my buddy has a big tower he said I can have. that's a cool idea

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 1 month ago

    Mount a 12volt light in there...

  • ThatGuyScott
    ThatGuyScott 1 month ago

    You should put grass around it

  • Paul Whitehead
    Paul Whitehead 1 month ago

    they are smaller than the screens when hatched they then go through the screen

  • Paul R
    Paul R 1 month ago

    I bet the bugs are getting in around the lower part of the door. I saw a lot of daylight coming through when you latched it. Maybe some weatherstripping would keep 'em out.

  • Shufflebot47-Gaming
    Shufflebot47-Gaming 1 month ago

    Withstand nukes?

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Shufflebot47-Gaming lmbo you should read some of the comments I got on my other video lol

    • Shufflebot47-Gaming
      Shufflebot47-Gaming 1 month ago

      Keeping It Dutch Lmfao I know it was a joke hahaa.

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Shufflebot47-Gaming heck no, but and F-5 tornado

  • Twisted
    Twisted 1 month ago

    The bugs are getting in via the door. You need to get some better weather stripping to seal it up.

  • monkeymanjack 01
    monkeymanjack 01 1 month ago

    you should add a car battery so you can charge you phone of you ever in there

  • Bossman757
    Bossman757 1 month ago

    Thats how it goes, I purchase a Generator b/c my power would go out doing bad storms all the time. As soon I got the Generator, I only Used it ONCE due to a tree fall on a Power line.

  • e barrows
    e barrows 1 month ago

    that's really nice I love it but you should consider putting a bunk bed in there wish I had one 😘

  • yasser Chill
    yasser Chill 1 month ago

    When you closed the door it was not fully sealed, you can see a gap where light went threw... so do the insects

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      yasser Chill yes for sure. I need to put a seal on it for sure.

  • Griff
    Griff 1 month ago

    I'm sure if you go to the Automotive store and buy a generic roll of door trim and install that around the door it will seal it. Plus a few LED tap lights for when its sealed

  • Matt Lund
    Matt Lund 1 month ago

    Gonna need a way thicker door/surface walls for protection from radiation

  • Jelle Baris
    Jelle Baris 1 month ago

    I am sure you aldeady do this, but make sure you have some toiletpaper in there, so you can use one of the buckets as a temporary toillet

  • Geoff Garvis
    Geoff Garvis 1 month ago

    Nice grow room.

  • Kevin Ferrell
    Kevin Ferrell 1 month ago

    What did that set up cost ? I like it

  • Jorge Serna
    Jorge Serna 1 month ago

    I use a homemade submarine and dive to the bottom of the lake.

  • Frank Walker
    Frank Walker 1 month ago

    mate i would of built it atleast 4x the side with a place to shit atleast homi

  • рахеr кеноби

    это не бункер это бетонный гроб.....
    This is not a bunker is a concrete coffin .....

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      рахеr кеноби naw it's a bunker to protect against tornadoes

  • Benjamin Hippler
    Benjamin Hippler 1 month ago

    what do you use as lights? do you keep them in the buckets? another thing that comes to mind is some distraction/entertainment for the kids so they will not be too scared.

  • Rory Albertyn
    Rory Albertyn 1 month ago

    No toilet? O.o

    • Rory Albertyn
      Rory Albertyn 1 month ago

      I mean, so sectioned off area? Fear the beans and broccoli night in that small space. lol

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Hades Akoula buckets

  • lineflyer1
    lineflyer1 1 month ago

    just curious why you did not have it installed closer to your house...

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      lineflyer1 When we build out house this will be right next to it.

  • Wagar Carey
    Wagar Carey 1 month ago

    Try spraying it with peppermint extract mixed with water. Spiders  and a lot of bugs are not supposed to like it and leave or don't enter.

  • mrelectron62
    mrelectron62 1 month ago

    Glad I seen the this follow up looks like its staying dry in there good thing. I like some of the other viewers think if you go to like a home depot and get some of the self sticking foam weather striping it may help the bug issue. I could see some light coming in around the door and most likely the source of your spider tenants. Hope you never need to use it but $$ well spent.

  • Ross Thomson
    Ross Thomson 1 month ago

    have you tried putting a rubber seal around the door?

  • Jen Hol
    Jen Hol 1 month ago

    May 14, 2017. Time to watch Twister the movie.

  • The Modern Rogue
    The Modern Rogue 1 month ago

    call it the fallout shelter

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      The Modern Rogue it's more for tornadoes then anything

  • patrapper7
    patrapper7 1 month ago

    you need a bucket for toilet use...spray permathrin to keep bugs out for months

  • Pamela Schmidthuber
    Pamela Schmidthuber 1 month ago

    We have the exact same shelter. Okie as well! Spiders & scorpions were a problem. We put a rubber seal around the door. We also double layered wire mesh screens in the ceiling vents(offset) & problems solved. Any smell from the adhesive in yours? Also...huge thing was how hot it got in there. We bermed ours really well then laid some sod! So much better. Glad you got it. We okie folks need them for sure.

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Pamela Schmidthuber that's awesome..I'm in Northeast Oklahoma pryor, where u guys at. I need to do a seal also. no adhesive smell any longer. thank you for watching

  • Espen Aven Skeie
    Espen Aven Skeie 1 month ago

    Put a soft floor in it. You don't know how much you will appreciate it if you are more than one person and you have to stay overnight

    FOOD SECURITY TECH 1 month ago

    DON'T USE THE TOXIC SPRAY - USE PEPPERMINT! If you are not into growing your own - buy PEPPERMINT TEA BAGS- Brew the tea for 3 mins, remove the bags and put the bags down there. NO MORE SPIDERS.

  • D Steven Paisley
    D Steven Paisley 1 month ago

    Bunk Beds ???

  • D Steven Paisley
    D Steven Paisley 1 month ago

    Spray around your door entrance with some raid or simular product will keep the bugs out also some on the screens The residue will stay quite awhile and help keep them out

  • orcslayer006
    orcslayer006 1 month ago

    Plant some grass around it and paint it green.

  • phill wood
    phill wood 1 month ago

    bugs in there count me out will ride out the storm outside lol

  • JaTon
    JaTon 1 month ago

    Could you put a rubber seal around the door?

  • Peter Szucs
    Peter Szucs 1 month ago

    So, what's that bunker against for? Against storm?

    DENMONKEY 1 month ago

    what about something to go to the toilet in ?

  • 614 Outdoors
    614 Outdoors 1 month ago

    Hi, awesome bunker! Do you have dog food or any animal food for your dog and other animals if you have any?

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      614 Outdoors yeah we got food for gabby but the chickens pigs and rabbits are on their own lol

  • sss
    sss 1 month ago

    You never planted the grass around it???

    • sss
      sss 1 month ago

      Keeping It Dutch It would look nice and would stop the soil from being rinsed off ;)

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      sss no

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster 1 month ago

    Aww, Gabbie still doesn't want to enter the shelter. Bribe her with some snack foods! I'm not sure those latches are very strong. I'd hate to see your door sucked out by a strong storm. I now understand why your shelter isn't fully submerged - it's because of water issues. I would definitely drain the water away at the low end of your shelter (door entrance) with a French drain and keep that dirt away from blocking the door. It'd really suck if it became blocked during a real emergency. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  • Sullivan Family Homestead

    Looks great! Even though we don't necessarily need one for tornadoes anymore, i'd still like to have one for emergencies anyway. We moved to East TN from Wichita (where Hubster is from) and it was incredible to see the difference in what folks live in. Back home (Oklahoma/Kansas) we're used to always thinkin' about safe places to go for tornadoes. These folks live in CAMPERS!! On BLOCKS!!! It's insane! lol. And I would say a good 65% of homes out here are camper/trailer/modular something or another. To find an actual stick built house is fewer and farther between. It was an adjustment for sure! We had the worst time finding a "REAL" house that had more than a half acre with it. LOTS of properties for sale with good chunks of land and a single-wide. cray cray.

    • Sullivan Family Homestead
      Sullivan Family Homestead 1 month ago

      Awesome! We'd be happy to have ya! :-) Yeah, it is NUTS! Well, looks like ya did a great job!

    • Keeping It Dutch
      Keeping It Dutch 1 month ago

      Sullivan Family Homestead that is crazy...looking forward to watching some of your guys vids. I'm glad we got this shelter, we had one back In the house in town but when we moved to our land we knew we had to get one for sure lol

  • evictionnotification

    A year later, the German Sheppard wont budge!

  • jun junk
    jun junk 1 month ago

    rain will continue to wash the dirt away due to the slope. I recommend you lay some sod on the slope so the roots of the grass keep the dirt from washing out

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