Driver San Francisco - Drifting, Crashing and Jumping

Some more fun with Driver San Francisco

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Author bobby bowman (25 days)
Im the 1,000th subscriber

Author Motaz Mostafa (2 months)
Man u really suck . I got 1679 points in one drift noob

Author Ilija Simin (25 days)
i now how to km/h 

Author Tom Loader (2 months)
i mean days

Author Icarus Israel Silva dos Santos (3 months)

Author Tom Loader (2 months)
you dont have alot of money i have like over a million and the best cars in
the game and all that in a few weeks

Author ------ Ivory ----- (19 hours)
u drift is shit

Author Weston Robert (4 months)
dude really those drifts were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Best Die (5 months)
Driver SF Is Was My Best Games Ever !! But The Problem Is Not Get Any
Update And Any New Cars!!!

Author richie baby (9 months)
i was thinking of getting gta 5 but this looks way better

Author John Walker (6 months)
Wow you are bad

Author Jens Thalau (10 months)
dude you realy suck at drifting

Author mgparks172000 (8 months)
Do you use a wheel?

Author Elias Silva (10 months)

Author Jens Thalau (10 months)
you can"t even drift a R8 just dumb

Author ShAdOw GaMeR™ (6 months)
Here in Spain for PC is 14.45€

Author Launker Mods (8 months)
What is the menu Of Cars?

Author FullscreenGroups (9 months)
Hello. We sent you a message regarding your video. It would be great if you
could take a look at it and get back to us as soon as possible or email us
at Kind Regards

Author Harvey Sohanpal (9 months)

Author jayveion moore (10 months)
Ah man he was so close

Author Blake Buchanan (1 year)
And no he is not roman

Author Jan M (1 year)
Is the game still fun after completing the career?

Author RageDev (2 years)
Nope The cars are not modded in any way

Author RageDev (2 years)
Yes but if you have a look at the upload date this was one of the longest
drifts back then...

Author HoboWithWiFi (2 years)
I've gotten 308 point drift with the Camaro SS. I nearly hit a wall until I
blasted the throttle to increase the distance away from it.

Author JwblackRS (2 years)
sadly no

Author RageDev (2 years)
Nope its available on PS3 and XBOX360

Author Diego Rosales (2 years)
Is this a mod?

Author Edmund Hammond (2 years)
can you change the colors of the cars?

Author Jake Mcdoodle (1 year)
You can drive

Author RageDev (2 years)
I didn't install any mods.

Author nayim hasnain (1 year)
your just stupid- disliking a video means that it does not meat the
description or title. you clicked on the link- if you have nothing good to
say dont say it because no one wants to hear about the ignorant kid who
didnt read the description and title before watching the video!

Author luke fowler (1 year)
Good driver

Author RageDev (1 year)
I have a new video of Driver San Francisco! Click on my channel name to
view it!

Author DESTROYER999998 (1 year)
Yeah but you cant do the missions again. Only challenges i think.

Author MrJdmania2000 (1 year)
Mate your mumma failedat at 1:58 in the morning cuz that's the time she had
sex with a male prostitute and 9 months later you were born ultimate fail

Author dylan hendriks (11 months)
i have $1.824.771.053

Author Shisha-Pauli (1 year)
The nissan sounds like a porsche

Author rotkadaver (2 years)
how dit you recorded this video? i play driver SF myself and i want to show
my skills to the whole world ;)

Author Mike Theunissen (1 year)
You can't. The game doesn't support wheels. I've tried to play this with my
G27 but no.

Author abz nego (2 years)
hate this 1 i like div3r

Author SSXsmokEz (2 years)

Author RageDev (2 years)
Will be making more when I get Windows 8 Pro as atm it is not compatible
with the Release Preview or RTM and it its the only OS I have currently.

Author Laiton Keijo (2 years)
Not longest... I had 463 with turbo trans am

Author SuperNes1996 (1 year)

Author RageDev (2 years)
The multiplayer is pretty much dead.

Author ragerancher (2 years)
Is it just me or is there nobody online for the multiplayer?

Author rakoczyn (2 years)
Why is this in so strange aspect ratio? Like 21:9?

Author TheBigmac700 (1 year)
REALLY!????? OMG, THINK I BROKE THE RECORD! I had one with a 792m!!!!!!!!!!

Author Dacian Birta (2 years)
it`s a good pc bro :)

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