Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

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Made in Everdream
Concept by: Lindsey Stirling

Shot on location at White Horse Ranch in Landers, California

Views: 83963726
Runtime: 3:39
Comments: 33725

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Author Dominik Poznański ( ago)
l love you

Author Elizaveta Obsekova ( ago)

Author Jerry Kw ( ago)
정말 이노래 좋음. 린제이 로한도 좋아하지만 린제이 스털링 음악을 더 사랑할것 같아.

Author Jerry Kw ( ago)
Is she similar who Lindsey Lohan ? I thought she REALLY was ... (maybe broken english :) 린제이 로한 닮지 않았나요?정말로 난 그런줄 알았어.ㅋㅋ 정말로 연주 잘하는데 멋진 전자바이올리니스트. 바네사 메이나 본드가 생각남.

Author תימאא ענבר ( ago)
😙😍love villon😙😍

Author Shanna Pagaduan ( ago)
Love the music and dancing at 1:01 - 1:17. All I'm looking at is Lindsey. She is really good.

Author FireCloud ART ( ago)
i am liked so is beautifully // Perú :D

Author Clay Goodin ( ago)
0:50 the guys dancing tho... the cringe...

Author Julie C ( ago)

Author ShockGamer LoT ( ago)
this fits McCree so well

Author Pura Mentira Cuack ( ago)
Sos la mejor. Desde aca Argentina

Author Dijanus Laura ( ago)
sau gut der hammer

Author Julie Loft ( ago)
Love her. Love her creativity and talent. She so much bigger that AGT and the best thing ever to happen was to be voted off the show. True creativity is stifled by big labels and mainstream entertainment. Keep collaborating and creating! It's working.😎

Author Kimberlee Strickland ( ago)
this is fkn GREAT

Author Open Road Homeschool ( ago)
favorite one!

Author Totoro Foxy ( ago)
Wow so Cool and Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎

Author Malaikah Rahman ( ago)
west cow boys with electric guitar and violin= my dream ;-)

Author Chosen Few ( ago)
lol awesome

Author Hubert Kapera ( ago)
I want to see her with Arima Kousei :D

Author Selina Binder ( ago)
cool des ist so geil 😎😎😎

Author Adrian Lara ( ago)
My favorite song... LOVE U... Come to México please!!!!

Author Florence Bonzai ( ago)
I love this music

Author Rocio Herrera ( ago)
It's 2017 and I'm still watching this !

Author Whoviak ( ago)
it's weird but i really like her dance moves..

Author Karin Eduardo ( ago)

Author Mr Kox ( ago)
I like it, regards from Poland

Author Marylou Choserot ( ago)
J'adore !☺

Author Алия Хабирова ( ago)

Author Алия Хабирова ( ago)

Author Emily skycage ( ago)
I bet Americans got talent regret saying she wouldn't make it

Author Emily skycage ( ago)
I bet Americans got talent regret saying she wouldn't make it

Author Lu Bäumchen ( ago)
Love it😘

Author Dyana Roxana ( ago)

Author valid649 ( ago)

Author Faycel Koriche ( ago)

Author L.O.S.G. ( ago)
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*_we can confirm that this is a brilliant production_*
+Lindsey Stirling

Author Николай Чупаков ( ago)
Красивая Композиция я за ценил не слышал
ни когда такой красивой скрипки =))

Author Teresa Hopkins ( ago)
Still her best Shatter. Me is a close second in my opinion.

Author Official SaoWarrior ( ago)
This soundtrack should be in fairy tail😃

Author ahussainnpm ( ago)
Very very very very very very very cool

Author Laura Schwartz ( ago)
I was like, why does this video have so many more views than her other songs? Then I watched and figured it out. It's awesome.

Author Ando Lloyd ( ago)
They are like three masketeers

Author wojtek binek ( ago)
Najgorsze dziadostwo kture słuchałem

Author Red_Milk ( ago)
I can't decide whats better: the music or the old guys at 3:06 standing next to the speakers like " **bleeb** this **bleeb** ima' get some Taco Bell after this."

Author Graham Nesbitt ( ago)
hi big fan but dab

Author Sara F. ( ago)
I just love it! And the video gits perfectely with the song!!

Author Jacob ( ago)
Your violin playing is good but not great compared to Hilary Hahn. She's amazing because she doesn't need Techno music to back up her playing. Stop dancing you look like an idiot! Show some skin you mediocre violinist.

Author Angel Nieves ( ago)

Author John Figari ( ago)
I play viola in school and yes I know she plays the violin or fiddle

Author valentina nekoo buenante ( ago)
me gusta mucho el ritmo

Author Joseph Mumola ( ago)
This is the best music video I have ever seen

Author Xb\DJ Paul/dX ( ago)
Master way to put the video!

Author Alliny lopez ( ago)
perfeito 😍😍😍

Author Phil Norris ( ago)
I love this song

Author Emily skycage ( ago)
Astonishing ❤️🖤

Author Dylan Nichols ( ago)

Author Marc Rhodes ( ago)
I know this is old. but how do u move playing the violin.
I can only just play it standing still lol 😂

Author Official SaoWarrior ( ago)
She is hot

Author sylvie leroux ( ago)
super merci bises sylvie

Author #thunder or blue bolt ## ( ago)
Go Lindsey

Author Kristynka Radonova ( ago)
je to ta nejlepší píseň

Author Pinselchen Polina ( ago)
woow! I have goosebumps!

Author 10fang711 ( ago)
As a band member, I can indeed confirm that this is how we settle disputes...

Author Jakob Gibbons ( ago)
If peter Hollens did vocals to this then.....

Author JoySynthesis ( ago)
Absurdly amazing fiddle, but the steampunk aesthetic and electronic music just makes me cringe

Author Szczygi Wigi ( ago)

Author Mike B ( ago)
I kept waiting for Midvalley the Horn Freak to show up.

Author Oona Keskitalo ( ago)
what a powerful song! love so much💗

Author Zbabajz ZnbB ( ago)
amei toca demais 👏👏👏

Author Broadfall Productions ( ago)
reminds me too much of Michael Flatley with all the prancing around. she's hot but playing that violin is just weird and uncomfortable. ok if u like Irish jigs

Author Dyana Roxana ( ago)
muzică de ninja

Author Walker Kirmis ( ago)
I've watched this like a million times

Author Maya davidson ( ago)

Author Dangerously Sweet Candy ( ago)
by far one of her best.

Author Emma's Kingdom ( ago)
I really love her violin here

Author Megstar360 ( ago)
So what's the story behind Steam punk? I'm still trying to figure out what it is. Someone please tell me!!!

Author Antonio Anello ( ago)
excelente video musical

Author catalina montoya cardona ( ago)
que gran batalla de musica

Author Amparo Lasso ( ago)
el arte de hacer musica sin idiotas letras de mierda como el regueton y demás generos parecido...esta musica esvla mejor gracias por existir lindsy

Author gadiel chirguita ( ago)
I love , music

Author Hjalte ( ago)
wow this was... terrible

Author Be Happy ( ago)
More than LOVE IT!!!❤❤❤

Author Bananna Kingdom ( ago)
*-A battle of music-*

Author Juliet Carrion ( ago)
I can play the vialen too

Author xxknolpowermeisjexx msp ( ago)

Author Beileebee ( ago)
Reminds me of the movie "6 String Samurai"

Author Ярослав Козыряцкий ( ago)
Где подклучите плиз

Author MrMilktray Man ( ago)
swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty. (let's see if anyone has seen that meme)

Author Mona Mustein ( ago)
This is so cool

Author wan hellsing ( ago)
thanks lindsey. :-) my Sons is Perfect. my Sons 3&6yo

Author Вильнар Ахтямов ( ago)
великолепная игра на скрипке+очень красивая владелица инструмента)

Author Heaven Claunch ( ago)
My friend showed this to me now I just keep watching her videos.

Author Timothée L ( ago)
It's so funny and butefoul

Author Zurfuffio Pastelli ( ago)
Lucio: "This is my jam!"

Author Олександр Лихота ( ago)

Author Federica J ( ago)
wow! Simply amazing 😍

Author edek zareba ( ago)

Author Ghalaghor McAllistor ( ago)
I love you Lindsey!

Author Hailwell Callden ( ago)
Sounds a bit like celtic music

Author Estrella Gancedo ( ago)
I love the costumes! They have that steampunk style!

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