Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

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Made in Everdream
Concept by: Lindsey Stirling

Shot on location at White Horse Ranch in Landers, California

Uploaded by: Lindsey Stirling

Views: 93685000
Added: 2 years ago
Runtime: 3:39
Comments: 32737

Tags for this video:roundtable rival  roundtable  Lindsey Stirling (Musical Artist)  Music (TV Genre)  music  lindsay  lindsey  stirling  sterling  durango  durango black  dance  Electronic Music (Media Genre)  Electronica (Musical Genre)  hip hop  violin  fiddle  western  steampunk  desert  cowboy  shatter me  shatter  album  single  rival  duel  faceoff  

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Entertainment INCEntertainment INC (1 hour ago)
wow this girl has beautiful eyes and smile

LMB 202613LMB 202613 (3 hours ago)
Girl power♡

KSHITIJ SinghKSHITIJ Singh (4 hours ago)
BC kuch bhi

KSHITIJ SinghKSHITIJ Singh (4 hours ago)
Please translate yourself

Auro 88Auro 88 (4 hours ago)
it' s genial

Amiiro OmarAmiiro Omar (4 hours ago)

алиса дымоваалиса дымова (4 hours ago)
The most beautiful Russian clip YouTube Aria oskolok ljda(Ария осколок льда)

Darian BoudreauDarian Boudreau (5 hours ago)
Lindsey just like "It's HIIIIIGH NOOOON" 😂😂

pasi tpasi t (6 hours ago)
wow it's aasom

Antonia the vampireAntonia the vampire (6 hours ago)
i love it!!!!

Юлия КаневаЮлия Канева (7 hours ago)

moodi komandomoodi komando (9 hours ago)
so nice 😍

Ricardo RamírezRicardo Ramírez (13 hours ago)
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Ricardo RamírezRicardo Ramírez (13 hours ago)

RockScavenger9RockScavenger9 (16 hours ago)
Question. What category(s) would you put this in?

Vanessa SalazarVanessa Salazar (17 hours ago)
magnífica!!!me encanta escucharla

Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake (17 hours ago)
Don't look at the vid. It is dumb. Just listen it, or get lost in the comments section.

Lil AbbieLil Abbie (17 hours ago)
She looks like the girl from mean girls

JAMCastillo1JAMCastillo1 (18 hours ago)
If only the wild west was fought with instruments and dance 😂

Great song, that first breakdown was kinda off of what I expected but the rest of it was 👍👌

Grecia Paola StgoGrecia Paola Stgo (18 hours ago)
mas q genital :)

peter tranpeter tran (21 hour ago)

Andy AndyAndy Andy (22 hours ago)
Какое же убогое низкосортное говно.
Американцы, вы там совсем в край ебанулись.

Will PattieWill Pattie (1 day ago)
The music is good, but worst video ever! lol

Mr. JackMr. Jack (1 day ago)
Лучше бы они забрали деньги...

JosieJosie (1 day ago)
the fiddle sounds dope, but that was a dumb video

DarekDarek (1 day ago)

kathire Olivetkathire Olivet (1 day ago)
No entiendo como puedes tener dislikes ,eres increíble

Klára LeblochováKlára Leblochová (1 day ago)
I can't even say how much amazing this is.

Валерий СверидаВалерий Сверида (1 day ago)
Это шикарно))

Crislakawaii Zhou JinCrislakawaii Zhou Jin (1 day ago)
me encanto is berygood im espanish

Master CoinMaster Coin (1 day ago)

ži tancom olivka Zacharováži tancom olivka Zacharová (1 day ago)
to je super

elitemaster0elitemaster0 (1 day ago)
wenn es die Stadt in Wirklichkeit gibt will ich da mal hin

0123mandatory0123mandatory (1 day ago)
I was praying for a musical variety in my already diverse taste and here you are the answer to my prayer.... subscribed and shared

Simon KubicaSimon Kubica (1 day ago)

Alexander VeselyAlexander Vesely (1 day ago)
Wow! This is amazing! 😲

blue blood onlineblue blood online (1 day ago)
I think this is the best of lindsey stirling

ulka 5847ulka 5847 (1 day ago)

srefany vasquessrefany vasques (1 day ago)
me justa su melodia

劉珩劉珩 (1 day ago)
It's soooooo cool!

Beatriz NavarreteBeatriz Navarrete (1 day ago)
This Song is familiar. Is it 2 u?

Anyways, THIS WOMAN IS On FiRe

Ilyas SchweigenerIlyas Schweigener (1 day ago)
great !

seafoam the angel dragonseafoam the angel dragon (1 day ago)

love the sound of a fidel

Juana CañónJuana Cañón (1 day ago)
sorprendente tocas muy bine el violin siii like

Bob HedgehogBob Hedgehog (1 day ago)
She's really a great violinist and that's really the best music I ever heard!

omzig18omzig18 (1 day ago)
She needs to do scores for westworld

Dream CookieDream Cookie (1 day ago)
Girls vs Boys
Girls win
HAHA boya

Lucas AnjoLucas Anjo (1 day ago)
Sério, demais, sem palavras. algum brasileiro?

Vivienne ChristineVivienne Christine (1 day ago)
I wonder if this will be looked back on as the classical music of our era

Silvia SteinSilvia Stein (1 day ago)
Super geiel

Het OHet O (1 day ago)
Wow 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Unicorn UnicornUnicorn Unicorn (2 days ago)

Elle WyllysElle Wyllys (2 days ago)
Coolest western themed video ever

Ramzi AjemRamzi Ajem (2 days ago)
This will be my workout music for tomorrow.

Elza SuladzeElza Suladze (2 days ago)

Jenna MarquizeJenna Marquize (2 days ago)
This my favorite ne I've seen

Poopy PotatoPoopy Potato (2 days ago)
did Justin bieber made 18k accounts to dislikes this?, hope not

Daniela HirmizDaniela Hirmiz (2 days ago)
I love you so much your the best

Alexei GenschelAlexei Genschel (2 days ago)
ich liebe deine Lider

ItsTotallyWillItsTotallyWill (2 days ago)
The level of epicness is of 9000

Saffron SaulSaffron Saul (2 days ago)

krismelody1krismelody1 (2 days ago)
what the heck are these

Béatrice LangloysBéatrice Langloys (2 days ago)
t'ai cool Béatrice

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GameSoundsMixesGameSoundsMixes (2 days ago)
aaaaaoooooooooowwww ınsane song

Vilmos KoppVilmos Kopp (2 days ago)

Amb GadAmb Gad (2 days ago)
This is legitimately one of my Favorite songs

Matthew EscateMatthew Escate (2 days ago)
I must drink bleach after watching this

John TalfordJohn Talford (2 days ago)

Potato GhoulPotato Ghoul (2 days ago)
Right click+loop=greatness

momo y maluli las pesadasmomo y maluli las pesadas (2 days ago)
Hola mi mi nombre es morena 🎻

Jenial B.Jenial B. (2 days ago)

Johnnypiere JohnnypiereJohnnypiere Johnnypiere (2 days ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bibi uchiha bibibibi uchiha bibi (2 days ago)
muito massa eesa eivalidade

Isabella MiaIsabella Mia (2 days ago)
one of my favorite songs EVER

Петрик ПьяточкинПетрик Пьяточкин (2 days ago)
Ось такі повинні бути війни , або спортивні , не більш ні меньш. Гарний кліп та задумка.

Akame DragneelAkame Dragneel (2 days ago)

Pika JoshPika Josh (2 days ago)
Just finished my exams - could not think of better thing to watch

Minecraft ManiacsMinecraft Maniacs (2 days ago)
I love this song!

Kayli CarlisleKayli Carlisle (2 days ago)
Sounds like something you'd hear in the witcher!

Ashley 13Ashley 13 (2 days ago)

ZolixarZolixar (2 days ago)
Beatiful music! Nice to listen it :))

Matylda JeleńMatylda Jeleń (3 days ago)
jak ona to robi? ♡♡♡♡♡♡

ngọc ánhngọc ánh (3 days ago)
1:43 and 1:46 =)))

Ben KelschBen Kelsch (3 days ago)
cool, ist das eine Geigopete ? ^^

Aura AiAura Ai (3 days ago)
That's..just the most amazing battle gear ever. Plop on some headphones(well seeing as how they used it for protection in the video).

HSB GamesHSB Games (3 days ago)
como uma pessoa consegue dar deslike nesse video?

Serge GanzSerge Ganz (3 days ago)

Michael hammerlikMichael hammerlik (3 days ago)

Fruddy M.Fruddy M. (3 days ago)
No bad! U looking good!

Andrew AVGAndrew AVG (3 days ago)
Что это было???

Kyle Rak'ZerothKyle Rak'Zeroth (3 days ago)
That was freaking awesome! hahaha best music video I've ever seen! Ending was a little cheesy, but what the hayfield? It's a music video not a blockbuster. Although it sure could be a Broadway special some day hahaha.

Madison C.Madison C. (3 days ago)

Diego CuadraDiego Cuadra (3 days ago)
Nice me gusta

DooM DooMDooM DooM (3 days ago)
пизда джона смело

skelet meisterskelet meister (3 days ago)
i love yor musik

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