Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

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Made in Everdream
Concept by: Lindsey Stirling

Shot on location at White Horse Ranch in Landers, California

Views: 89217283
Runtime: 3:39
Comments: 31661

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Author Betul Yokus ( ago)
süper oollaalaa

Author Brandon Ruiz ( ago)
Nadie habla español😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭

Author Patrick Lyke ( ago)
Is it me or is there a Firefly theme to this?

Author Patrick Lyke ( ago)
Holy S@*T I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE this track & video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Piper Brooke ( ago)
Lindsey your view are soooooo awesome! One time I danced to the song Brave Enough at my school Talent Show

Author C W ( ago)
Lindsey, I listen to all of your songs and they inspire me so much. This one is my favorite because it has so much energy. I love your dancing in the video! You are so talented. I'm a dancer and I LOVE dancing to this song. It's a great song to dance ballet to, believe it or not. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world!

Author Tyleenia Taylor ( ago)
Steampunk Western.
Lindsey Stirling.

. . .


Author Sophia ( ago)
i think this is the musical version of a wild west gun fight

Author Mara Ciubuca ( ago)
3 AM and i can't stop watching her videos....she is truly amaizing❤❤❤❤

Author Christina Terenti ( ago)
hey its 2017 here not 1984

Author Foutz Kids ( ago)
i LOVE this song more than ANYBODY else does! lindsey stirling, if you ever read this, just know YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!

Author Emiko :3 ( ago)
Wow!Amazing <3

Author # TheUltimateWaffle # ( ago)
That loose bow string really gets on my nerves...

Author Yasmin Ayala ( ago)

Author Yasmin Ayala ( ago)

Author L4XUS CZ ( ago)
My favorite song!!!!!😄😄

Author MrDazed ( ago)
She should totally do a song with Les Claypol of Primus!!!!!!

Author Erica Romero ( ago)
Amazing!Ms Stirling I have heard your song over and over again,it is awesome.Also,you make a great Team with the girls!:)

Author amir afridi ( ago)

Author Joshua F ( ago)

Author The Green Soul: Kindness ( ago)
I love this song so much because it reminds me of Texas

Author Martina Elizondo ( ago)
me encanta tu mucica me commueve😍

Author Andres Arias ( ago)

Author Maiz Cacahuazintle ( ago)
Hey Lindsey! I love you!!!!

Author Asia Pape ( ago)
was sge from Britains got talent?

Author I'm Sora ( ago)

Author Vanessa Pignolet ( ago)
Love it so much !

Author ImFyre ( ago)
What a perfect Video. One of the most awesome i every seen! Ist a great idea and very good implemeted!

Author MrXelium ( ago)
There's one thing I never understood...why would he close the door behind him?!

Author Snipester Plays ( ago)
April 23 2017, This vid has 89M views. If someone sees this in a few years or so, comment how many views this video has at that time.

Author Elif Osmanağaoğlu ( ago)
Very well

Author Amanda Allison ( ago)
love it

Author ScytherDOTA ( ago)

Author Josselyn Molina ( ago)

Author Deeksha K bhatt ( ago)

Author Viktoria Ebert ( ago)

Author Melii santillan ( ago)
Hermosa canción!! la quede amando❤❤

Author Tiffany Days ( ago)
Lindsey you are a beautiful & an amazing person I love your videos.

Author aya milhem ( ago)
love lindsey😘

Author Jeslyn alesha khedira ( ago)

Author merve Bayrak ( ago)
ı love you

Author NdBg- Mustafa ( ago)
ow my get l am turkish but l like to music

Author Ula Kasparavice ( ago)
I so like this music

Author şad Oruc ( ago)
güzel şov

Author Настя Прокудина ( ago)

Author Ivanka kanoa ( ago)
dis is cool !!!!

Author bobobo ( ago)

Author SimplyEl ( ago)
where's the arena gone?

Author Jozsef Jakab ( ago)

Author 南郷あきら ( ago)

Author molly presto ( ago)

Author JILL M ( ago)
I luuuuuuuuuv this. I vote she performs at next Super Bowl

Author Hansenfmly ( ago)
That awkward moment when the backup dancers do more than you.

Author Ben Ali Mohamed Yahia ( ago)
complimenti fantastique

Author Family Mooney ( ago)
My school used this song for a play!

Author Cha Leowin ( ago)
This should be settle with an orgy. 1 2 3 GO!

Author Геннадий Козырев ( ago)
Фоллаут Нью-Вегас

Author iLa Fantoma ( ago)
Respect little Lady.

Author Bruna Rocio ( ago)
Awesome!! I loved this song!!

Author Maria Jose Pineda ( ago)
Me gusta mucho

Author Miss Nadine ( ago)
i could never get enough of the video

Author Bora Nathan ( ago)
Gr8 just gr8

Author Eula Paula Souza ( ago)
Amei o video

Author John allen ( ago)
Angel that was rude love you forever baby truly six forever Angel

Author coraice ( ago)
Les francais qui est la grace a luckytonio ?

Author Lucas Souza ( ago)

Author Pedro Dias ( ago)
good dance

Author Elena Mendoza ( ago)
I love it!!!😍😍😍😍😍

Author Alexandra James ( ago)
MUSE got a baby sister..!!

Author matsu kou ( ago)
So cool‼️

Author Franca Karssen ( ago)
oMy lindseys numbers are so cool I want to have them all

Author illimar777 ( ago)
Wery cool!

Author Grzesiek 41st ( ago)
Great! Spectacular! But out of tune...

Author tarık Ekici ( ago)
adamlar gitar çalıyo keman sesi geliyo amk

Author default gameing ( ago)

Author Jeremy Abels ( ago)
you know.. besides your music talent Lindsey your also beautiful and well duh on bijg beautiful.. but your cortographer.. / if that's how you spell it is a genuis.. you both make great videos and the fact you can put your dance into your music is amazing xD I'm sorry I'm just a new nerd / fan boi hip to your talent and beauty..

Author Chesse Win Sur Youtube ( ago)
Qui est la grace a Lucky Tonio

Author Барнасюк Лена Барнасюк ( ago)

Author Stauroula Pankou ( ago)
I love it

Author Edyta Pytel ( ago)

Author Danchan ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling tried to defeat the metal. She FAILED, and was HURLED to the ground!

Just kidding. Great music!

Author evelyn lugo ( ago)
she is the best

Author Deven Rippy ( ago)

Author Giovana Buck ( ago)
essa música é muito legal meu irmão até injuo

Author FNAF Adventures and more! ( ago)
My music teacher shows us secret videos at the end of the class and we watched this!

Author Jorge Arturo Muñoz Mata ( ago)

Author Evan Au ( ago)
your costume makes you look like you may be from leage of legends or an anime

Author Olivia Ammons ( ago)
that music tho

Author liz zz ( ago)
hola soy luna Miranda tengo 8 años, me encanta como tocas el violín, y todos tus videos son excelentes, todos los dias te escucho

Author Bella Rossová ( ago)
Wow! Amazing video and the more Amazing music! I LOVE THIS!!! ❤❤❤

Author Lis garcia begue ( ago)

Author Evan Au ( ago)
this is amazing

Author Wiktor Frączek ( ago)
THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author axelino Nick ( ago)
She kooks a little bit little bit like Anna Kendrick

Author Nikola Vitkova ( ago)

Author Sofia Alexeyenko ( ago)
lIKE! I love music of Lincey Stirling!

Author Entre Chien Et Loup ( ago)
Trop bien la musique je suis le seul français ?

Author Chrissy Byrne ( ago)
So glad she didn't win AGT , she's too good... they would have ruined her 💖

Author Jelena Sekuloski ( ago)
Bolje pesme nisam cula!!!!!!!

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