Why Do So Many People Mistake Me for a Conservative?

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    ABU ODIN 1 day ago

    you dont have to label yourself.you have to be yourself

  • J Schroeder
    J Schroeder 5 days ago

    Polarized politics. If you ain't with us, you're one of them.

  • Master Sethern
    Master Sethern 6 days ago

    Wait a second, why in the hell does the Alt Right always reference your stuff and quote you and whatever, not sure --

  • Talya Bass
    Talya Bass 15 days ago

    Lovely, that's what you are.

  • TimesThree
    TimesThree 1 month ago

    no Styx, those Islamic people that commit violence, strap bombs to them self and, kill other all in the name of islam ar the true islamics they are following the teaching of Mohamed, they are following the teachings of the Koran.

  • abelcainsbrother
    abelcainsbrother 1 month ago

    The Trump movement is just Americans fed up both both parties and the status-quo political lesser than two evil political game that is played on us. We can't stand either party or what they offer and want to totally change things politically. I do have to say though that it was the tea party that really blazed the trail for us to be in a position to have the chance we have now politically to totally change politics as usual in Washington and Trump has just tapped into it.Without the Tea Party we would not have a majority and the Democrats now in the minority.

  • Dalton Swayze
    Dalton Swayze 1 month ago

    because you voted for Trump and a lot of your followers are alt-right edgy 4chan user Trump supporters.

  • Jensploration
    Jensploration 1 month ago

    Wait. So just because liberals label a form of oppression, they are now more guilty of hijacking the English language than they are of calling out human oppression? Sorry, but this is completely backwards logic to me. I will take calling out oppression over silence lest I somehow errantly add a new word to the English Language... And sorry if your logic defies me, but I didn't hear any elaboration other than that.

  • David Stroud
    David Stroud 2 months ago

    Today's left is now so left that anything on the right is instantly considered conservative.

  • keithrig
    keithrig 2 months ago

    I always thought Styx was a Libertarian.

  • ThriveOnHavoc
    ThriveOnHavoc 2 months ago

    Welcome to the post-modern world y'all.

  • Platerpus7
    Platerpus7 2 months ago

    Here's your answer. Because you're not constantly attacking Trump.

  • RealityFacade
    RealityFacade 2 months ago

    You're a disturbed confused individual. Which is unfortunate, because you seem quite smart. Some of what you're saying is true but some is pure absurdity. I hope you do some more thinking and figure out reality.

  • Orion Feldspar
    Orion Feldspar 2 months ago

    1776 WORLDWIDE

    I'm telling Alex Jones you've said this, get ready for infowars fame, pal

  • Rafiq Jennings
    Rafiq Jennings 2 months ago

    Damn, I wish I knew about your channel before I jumped on the caboose of the Trump train :(

  • LucisFerre1
    LucisFerre1 2 months ago

    I'm an Ayn Rand Objectivist who dabbles in the occult. Figure THAT ONE out.

  • Athena's Daughter
    Athena's Daughter 2 months ago

    I loathe the Left and the Right, both are narrow dogmatic dullards. We have devolved into tribes mindlessly attacking each other and turning our political elections into some fucking game. The left are smug and delusional and the Right are aggressively ignorance and bigoted. Thank you for pointing out that every Trump fuck-up is not 4-D chess.

  • Joseph Flammens
    Joseph Flammens 2 months ago

    Describing my views is pretty difficult. I sometimes call myself fascist, but I'm not like the old fascists and some of the larpers. For example, I have no problem with homosexuality, I don't mind women having jobs (even though I do think traditional gender roles are superior), I don't want to ban or even regulate porn*, I'm generally opposed to the death penalty or even life imprisonment for what I call "civilian crimes**, and I would legalize all drugs. I call myself a fascist because I'm very nationalistic, imperialistic, believe in racial reality (I want to preserve the white race and think that westerners and East Asians should actually rule the world), and because my general philosophy towards governance is utilitarian (do what is best for the nation). I do believe the state has a role in shaping culture and society, that it should be able to propagandize, and that it should do things to improve society, rather than just letting it become a cesspit of debauchery, lawlessness, and degeneracy***. I would support things like eugenics (in the sense of controlling who gets to breed, not necessarily in the sense of euthanizing people) and think that while the state shouldn't persecute homosexuals and trans people, it should value heterosexuality above those other sexualities given their role in society.

    I also am not 100% free market, but also not entirely socialist. I'm middle of the road on economics too, believing that while the market is generally better off on its own, there may be times when it is in the national interest to intervene.

    Basically, I'm a new type of fascist, uncorrupted by Christian dogma the way that the old ones were. I want a true return to the spirit of the west, a pagan spirit that was very different from that of Christian Europe. Did the pagans care about gayness? Did they care about the trans? Did they give a damn about pornography (yes, they had it too, just not in photography)? Did they usually care to regulate the sex lives of citizens or control what drugs and drink they could consume? No, at least not generally. Yeah, there was some censorship, to be sure (Christianity was, at one time, illegal. It's just too bad the Romans failed to destroy that religion). I'm more liberal than today's conservatives, but more conservative than today's liberals. I'm more traditional (forget going back to Christian morality. I want to go back to Greco-Roman pagan moral norms, for the most part) than the fascist traditionalists of the 30's and 40's, but am also quite aware that those systems were imperfect and could have been improved (getting rid of slavery, for example). I'm racially aware, but I'm neither cucked nor a supremacist who wants to kill all non-whites (I think the west should be dominant, but there is room in the Reich for talented, intelligent, westernized non-whites). I love the white race and want us to flourish, but I do not hate any other race (no, not even (((((them))))). I recognize the JQ as legitimate, but not all Jews are the enemy. There are a lot of them who are, but there are also a lot of them who we need not hate). In fact, I appreciate some of the beautiful elements of other races (black men can be profoundly smooth and talented in the arts, for example, in a way that is unique and different from whites).

    I don't hate authority, I just care how it is used, and find some laws to be unnecessary and even detrimental. Take building codes, for example. Why is it that in some places it is illegal to build yourself a tiny house to live in on your own land? Why is it that certain types of buildings, on one's own land, are illegal, even if they're constructed in a perfectly safe manner? Why should I need to ask permission to build myself a home? How does this help society? I don't believe it does. I believe it, in fact, hinders society and takes away the beauty and creativity that could be out there. Sure, not everyone will like everything that is built, but who cares? Why does the state need to use its power to enforce someone else's preferences?

    *(I would legalize all forms of pornography for viewing, even the worst sort of filth, and the only time making porn would be illegal is when children, the mentally infirm, or animals are being harmed or abused, or some other law is being broken, in which case the government would encourage people in the public to spread the video or picture in the hopes of getting help from the public to identify the people depicted so we can arrest them, try them, and send them to decades of suffering in prison upon conviction. The footage would then be used at trial to convict the perpetrator. Who cares if some pervert waxes his carrot or roughs up their clam to footage of abuse. They're not actually causing the person to be abused. Besides, footage of far worse crimes is perfectly legal. If I wanted, I could easily google videos of ISIS executions where people are drowned in acid, burned alive, or stoned to death, and unless there is reason to believe I were an ISIS supporter, I probably wouldn't get a knock on the door from the police or the FBI.)

    **(a civilian crime is any crime that is not 1. committed by a foreign national in our country against a citizen, 2. large in scale so as to be conceived of as an act of war against the people or the nation, 3. seditious in nature (large scale rioting and things like blocking roads should be treated like an insurrection and dealt with extremely harshly due to the danger they pose to public order and public safety. If any citizen dies as a result of these actions, I think the death penalty should be on the table for everyone proved to be involved, but especially the organizers. I'll bet you riots would be less likely to happen if there were these sorts of consequences to it), 4. outright treason, or 5. being in a high position in a large scale criminal enterprise. (I would execute gang leaders just for being gang leaders, and possibly their underlings depending on the crime and their willingness to leave the gang and spill the beans on its secrets) For civilian crimes, the maximum sentence you should be able to get is 20 years with an indefinite sentence beyond that. No one should be sent away for life at trial for a civilian crime. Most people can be reformed, and the ones that can't need only be secured away from society until they are no longer a threat. Some of them may even need treatment for mental health issues. But those who commit the five categories of crimes listed above cease to be civilians in my book. They can be treated as enemies of the state and subject to significantly harsher punishment, including public execution (not just the nice ones either. Some crimes warrant miserable deaths), life imprisonment at hard labor with no chance of parole, forfeiture of all property to the state (with, perhaps, a small exception made for their offspring, as it would be wrong to punish their children for the crimes of their parents), and even possibly mutilation or torture of some sort to make an example of them (blinding, cutting off limbs, etc.). Essentially, once you get convicted of one of these crimes against the nation, you're fucked in every conceivable way and will be shown little to no mercy.

    *** Degeneracy, to me, does not mean being a sexual weirdo, a drinker, or a user of drugs. It doesn't mean being flamboyantly gay like Milo, or dressing up as a woman when you're a man. It doesn't even mean being a slut or a whore. Being a degenerate, at its core, simply means a lack of civic and prudential responsibility, a lack of respect or care about your fellow citizens or about society at large. It means not providing anything of worth to society and, perhaps, even providing negative utility. A criminal is a degenerate. An alcoholic is a degenerate. A drug addict is a degenerate. A person who has fifty kids with thirty different men and is living on welfare and not taking care of her kids is a degenerate slut and the men who don't take care of their kids and knocked her up in the first place are degenerate deadbeat losers. A gay man providing comedic entertainment by being over the top and sassy who is fighting back against degeneracy and leftist cuckery is not a degenerate. He's just different, and he is in fact helpful to society.

  • Sam Hyde
    Sam Hyde 2 months ago

    Probaby because you blab above your proverbial pay-grade when it comes to politics. protip: Molyneux/Mises is babbys first political theory. Most grow out of that garbage in their early 20s

  • ReplacedByDrumbot
    ReplacedByDrumbot 2 months ago

    Dude, I'm sorry I know this is irrelevant, but have you ever considered that you might have been Mike Judge's inspiration for Gilfoyle in Silicon Valley? Cus you two look similar, talk similarly, he's a vocal satanist, very matter of fact like yourself, and I totally buy that Mike Judge could have gotten deep enough into youtube to find your stuff before/during the development of that show, have you watched that show? It's guuuuuuuud.

  • Rodney Terry
    Rodney Terry 2 months ago

    To this day i have no freaking clue what alt-right actually means.

  • Ian Warren
    Ian Warren 2 months ago

    It's the way you dress.

  • Ceasius
    Ceasius 2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what the eagle in the background means? Is it Roman?

    • Abhijeet Dave
      Abhijeet Dave 2 months ago

      It means the "senate and people of Rome"
      I think the original phrase was "senatus populesque romanus"
      My spelling is probably dead wrong, I apologize for that

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl 2 months ago

    If you like funny,, go watch Gavin McInnes break it down.

  • SkyNet
    SkyNet 2 months ago

    You are an intellectual

  • SkyNet
    SkyNet 2 months ago

    I don't

  • john kelso
    john kelso 2 months ago

    You have made it clear from when I first started listening to you in sept to oct. that you were libertarian. If anyone accuses you otherwise then they have not watched much. There is much I disagree with you on from spiritual perspectives to some political positions but you have always been consistent in your reasoning. This is why I trust your channel.

  • Greg Maland
    Greg Maland 2 months ago

    I find your videos intelligent, thoughtful and original. But here, while you say how little all these "labels" mean at this point (and I agree), you keep using them. It would be helpful if you, without resorting to labels, simply described your views on the proper role of government. You do this to some extent at the end of the video, so I appreciate that.

  • Chabot
    Chabot 2 months ago

    You should talk about jews. Good timing since some people think this syria shit is connected to them.
    Edit: Never mind, you touched on it a little.

  • ricky
    ricky 2 months ago

    styx you are such a badass

  • Ro500501502
    Ro500501502 2 months ago

    Paleo-Conservatism is the only one that makes any sense. It seems necessary in our time to go back to that.

  • Facts vs. Feelings
    Facts vs. Feelings 2 months ago

    Corrupt language corrupts thoughts corrupts reality. This is why I never engage in meaningful dialogue with anyone without getting them to define racism, sexism, feminism, equality, or whatever topic we're about to talk about. Then I let them know our definitions differ and it'd be a waste of time for us to continue and walk away. To do so otherwise would be like critiquing the film Pulp Fiction when the other person is thinking of Ben-Hur, hears "Ben-Hur" instead of "Pulp Fiction", and says "Pulp Fiction" instead of "Ben-Hur".

    Ideally, literally nothing would be censored. People wouldn't be dumb enough kill people at the behest of others nor could they be intellectually dishonest enough to use it as an excuse to kill, and everyone would be smart enough to reserve judgment on every piece of information they come across, whether it's a supposed fact stated by a respected scientist or the most outrageous slander from word of mouth.

  • Wyatt K
    Wyatt K 2 months ago

    One thing I know for sure is that one would think that someone growing up in New England would be a big time liberal. I think you somehow missed liberal indoctrination in the schools. I wonder how you escaped it. There is no question that you are an independent thinker. I think you are more into common sense than a particular ideology. I do think conservatism is far more rooted in common sense than liberalism. This is because conservatives tend to look at the world as it is rather than how it should be. A liberal will love a slogan like "Peace." A conservative, on the other hand, would recognize that while peace is a nice idea, mankind has been fighting since the dawn of time and likely will never stop. us, conservatives arrive at peace through strength because they think war is so likely only strength will avoid it. In any event, I see you more common sense. I am not sure I like the image you present sometimes, but I have to acknowledge that you do have some common sense views on contemporary issues.

  • Rose Ciulla
    Rose Ciulla 2 months ago

    You must sit back and chuckle at the silly minions and mortals as plentiful as ants now or roaches, on a daily basis. Better then comedy shows, aye, or even a good trip... Amazing how stupid people are, thus their craving for labels. After all, maneuvering through life with clear analysis, critical thinking i.e.reason or actual logic is far too much work... Slap a label on so the easy task of judgement can commence... LOl
    I am surprised no one has thought of barcode tats, right!!! Tehehe...

  • Lara Fabans
    Lara Fabans 2 months ago

    It's like you're George Washington who cautioned against political parties and said to focus on the issues....I wonder if it's too late for that.

  • The Great Cornholio
    The Great Cornholio 2 months ago

    *Styx move to Vietnam.*

  • Fuzzy Cakes
    Fuzzy Cakes 2 months ago

    I love your videos but i hate how you end all of them so abruptly. It always seems like you've got a nice flow going and then there's a "that's about all" out of nowhere and it's really jarring. Maybe try to end more naturally? Much love bro.

  • Michael Derenger
    Michael Derenger 2 months ago

    The shot at Brother Nathanael I think was unnecessary. Implying hes insane? He covers facts often straight from the horses mouth.

  • Best Ever
    Best Ever 2 months ago

    I had to go to the uban dictionary 6 times watching this. whew!

  • pato milbert
    pato milbert 2 months ago

    A democrat is a cultural Marxist in my eyes. A republican can be many things, a cuck, a crypto democrat or a Mark levin or a Sean Hannity gate keeper for Israel types. Both parties are bought by the same big money.

  • tehkoalainsurgency
    tehkoalainsurgency 2 months ago

    Classical Liberalism is sort of like a default position of a Westerner who believes in Western values. Progressives are not allies of Liberals, they want to take things in a different direction; more authoritative and marked by a rejection of established structures of Western society. They have pushed the spectrum so far to the Left, that moderate and/or classical Liberals now seem they are standing on the Right side of the aisle. This is why they confuse you for a Conservative.

  • Vlad Enache
    Vlad Enache 2 months ago

    OY VEY

  • lowaces
    lowaces 2 months ago

    i thought people would call you a hippy, nyuk nyuk nyuk

  • Doc Gonzales
    Doc Gonzales 2 months ago

    Because you believe the free market is the cure for all the worlds ills? You favour the govt green lighting isp's being able to sell your search history to private companies, enough said. Oh, and the 10,000 straw man army you have to argue against the left, every fucking video, is a big hint.

  • Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu 2 months ago

    Maybe cause you're a Trump shill.

  • The Roh
    The Roh 2 months ago

    Look up Hoppean Libertarianism. Libertarianism with Physical Removal.

  • The Midnight Chimera
    The Midnight Chimera 2 months ago

    I am very thankful that I found your channel. It is remarkable how similar we are in terms of logical analysis and political affiliation. Thank you for the continued, and regular, thoughtful commentary.

  • Dave Arroyo
    Dave Arroyo 2 months ago

    I did describe you as a liberal when I shared one of your videos on Facebook. I figured if I tried to describe you as anything else the people I hoped would watch it wouldn't want to.

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 2 months ago

    Can you explain how western countries can extricate themselves from what seems to be increasingly unsustainable regimes that force policies on populations that have had demonstrably detrimental short-term effects (e.g. mass immigration)? Does your answer give you an indication of your basic values and political positions?

    Do you think at some point (let's say in 100 years) people such as Europeans will have to start thinking practically, those people who no longer have the luxury of being noncommittal? Is it possible that human society is largely cyclical, that our human nature is largely intractable due to our corporeal existence, and that at some point practical necessity dictates action even for those whose preference is procrastination, prevarication or apathy?

    All the labels are very interesting, but assuming that western societies are getting worse and not better, then perhaps when one's health, welfare, values, way of life or even survival are at stake they may be able to tolerate being called names they dislike? It feels as though many thinking people are working their way, albeit slowly and falteringly, toward one of very few viable solutions as to how to deal with the real underlying root cause problems which will only become more severe over time.

  • Lorri Lewis
    Lorri Lewis 2 months ago

    Too many people want simple labels because it saves them from having to think. They don't get political atheists who evaluate each policy on it's own merits.

  • Palmer White
    Palmer White 2 months ago

    Jesus fucking Christ. This shit is becoming just like the god damn SJWs with 100 genders or pronouns! You're either democrat or republican! Don't gimme the neo this or libertarian that. Fucks sake! You're either a liberal lunatic or a republican! End of story!

  • stevenjlawson
    stevenjlawson 2 months ago

    oh...I thought you was a Bernie Bro...

  • Kveldsmat
    Kveldsmat 2 months ago

    Any national socialist stirnerite egoists here?

  • Alex King
    Alex King 2 months ago

    Glad you made this. I like you Styx but a lot of people following this channel are fake Nazis who need a life and a better father figure lol

  • Ritean Dan
    Ritean Dan 2 months ago

    I think the term "alt-right" went through several incarnations before it was somehow settled on what everyone seems to all agree with what it now means. When I first heard it, that's what I thought I was. (Btw, Gavin McInnes did a video just today on "what is the alt-right?"). I didn't really fit Liberal, and I cannot go through the checklist of Conservative either without swaying Left on certain issues. When I listen to people like Crowder & Shapiro, both who never had sex before marriage, seemed to not date much (or at all!?), during high school, and now get preachy about being pro-life, even in cases of incest and rape, I can't stand behind that in any way. I've also come to terms with the fact that I am a Classical Liberal, which, Rubin claims he is also (and when Shapiro was on his show, he agreed he was as well!?). I've checked out Blaire White who is a transsexual conservative and absolutely hated by Leftists. In all, it's become so confusing. I just know come 2019, Justin Trudeau will more than likely be out of office. There won't be much choice other than to vote Conservative and just roll with all of the social funding & programs slashed once again for the disabled which affects me personally. At least we can maybe take back CANADA before it gets as bad as Sweden.

  • Dan Lopez
    Dan Lopez 2 months ago

    I've taken to calling myself a Jeffersonian. The Libertarian Party destroyed the libertarian label with Gary Johnson, unfortunately

  • Patrick Meredith
    Patrick Meredith 2 months ago

    tbf, I think most of the leftists are just useful idiots that don't understand that they are creating newspeak to suit someone else's motives (the big government people like Soros)

  • KDJT
    KDJT 2 months ago

    Easy: they mistake you for a conservative because you know the difference between right and wrong.

  • 5burowz
    5burowz 2 months ago


  • Hey Mike
    Hey Mike 2 months ago

    Honest thoughts on pjw?

    ZERO COOL 2 months ago

    i thought you just called out bullshit. that goes for both sides.

  • Khorvin Veneer
    Khorvin Veneer 2 months ago

    Labels, while expedient, when used singularly, usually cannot exclusively encapsulate identity. They often lead to confusion and are a means to reinforce a group mentality, which leads to ingroup/outgroup biases.

  • TheGnarlyDoug
    TheGnarlyDoug 2 months ago

    You're right, these labels often hinder more than they help. I believe in the non-aggression principle as the best baseline for personal and political morality absent exigent circumstances. That is the type of 'libertarian' I am, but just saying I'm 'libertarian' or 'anarchist' confuses more than it clarifies many times.

  • Bottlekiller
    Bottlekiller 2 months ago

    Reality check: You can have free speech AND a fucked up non-functioning political landscape at the same time.
    No need to get salty dude, it's just what it is.

  • james jones
    james jones 2 months ago

    styx comes off as a apologist

  • M kusanagi
    M kusanagi 2 months ago

    corporal radar of "MASH" more like, no? :0 ~~ 😎 -msi

  • Joelthedon22
    Joelthedon22 2 months ago

    "bernie bros" are nazis - Styx

    lmfaooo this dude needs help

  • Second Coming Of Bast
    Second Coming Of Bast 2 months ago

    Probably because you're an independent thinker not bound to any hardcore ideology, whereas most liberals are leftist shills.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 2 months ago

    Sorry but europe has significantly better freedom of speech laws compared to the US. They are known as Human Rights and are not a new concept that gets shoved down our throats every time someone wants to make a political point like in the failed American constitutional system. We don't brag about about freedom of speech everytime we get a boner because we don't have to. It's like healthcare, it's absolutely free over here and no one makes a big deal about it - THE WAY ALL CIVIL RIGHT MATTERS SHOULD BE.

  • mit mumo
    mit mumo 2 months ago


  • Ariane Kosmolowski
    Ariane Kosmolowski 2 months ago


    Let me put it this way: In a deeply unreasonable society, resonable people just have no drawer to fit in. Except for the one labeled "reasonable people".

  • Anthony Caputa
    Anthony Caputa 2 months ago

    O used to consider myself a Libertarian who didnt believe in Open borders. But at somepoint between 2012 and now they bevame overrun with modern liberals who at least lean SJW. Ill stick with classical liberal.

  • OnEiNsAnEmOtHeRfUcKa
    OnEiNsAnEmOtHeRfUcKa 2 months ago

    Because you actually make sense most of the time.
    There you go, mystery solved.

  • Sly Goat
    Sly Goat 2 months ago

    You're a right-winger. Libertarianism is right-wing. People think right-wing just means conservative, even though conservativism has little to do with economics at this point other than the idea that we should all embrace corporatism.

  • eric vulgate
    eric vulgate 2 months ago

    on the words point-
    the various 'phobia' accusations bother me as well.
    just because someone doesn't support, or doesn't like something doesn't mean they're afraid of it.
    and everybody knows this. but they keep using the words.
    it's a purposeful misuse of language in order to control the dialog.

  • eric vulgate
    eric vulgate 2 months ago

    on the islam point-
    there are plenty of moderate muslims, but no moderate islam.

    • birlyth
      birlyth 2 months ago

      sufi and ahmadiyya are moderate.

  • B Hobbs
    B Hobbs 2 months ago

    Stop living in denial. You are very conservative leaning libertarian.

  • Auceza
    Auceza 2 months ago

    None is really an absolute conservative. Life goes on.
    But some ideas of the past are good. Not everything that's trendy is good.

  • Farmeraap
    Farmeraap 2 months ago

    No freedom of speech in Europe?

    Article 7:
    1. None need approval to publicize thoughts or opinions through press or other media.
    2. There may be no prior limitations withholding one from publicizing through radio or television.
    3. No one shall be required to submit thoughts or opinions for prior approval in order to disseminate them by means other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, without prejudice to the responsibility of every person under the law. The holding of performances open to persons younger than sixteen years of age may be regulated by Act of Parliament in order to protect good morals.

    This article completely rules out the act of censorship in the Netherlands.

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 2 months ago

    I never used the word Cuck in regards to politics(at least not in regards to what you say) I mostly used it to label a homo who's led around by his women hooking his foreskin as she fucks his best friend... lol! Most of the time that can be pasted onto those who try and speak on politics and then their girl steps up to shuts them up for it not being her similar feminazi narrative, hence they then become a Cuck...😂 Because they're letting their woman wear the jeans and can't speak for themselves, but I never took it to be meaning Cuckservative. As a matter of fact the way I use it it seems more trended to the Left than the Right.

  • I Frames
    I Frames 2 months ago

    On point as usual

  • AL GIZ
    AL GIZ 2 months ago

    You can't believe in Capitalism and the monetary system and at the same time be against wars. It doesn't make any sense. If you play a game, you have to accept all the rules of the game.

  • Cos Its 167
    Cos Its 167 2 months ago

    Christ. I just realised I felt unable to turn to any commenter to make sense of this Syria strike bullshit, then I saw you in my feed and thought "Oh yeah, that guy, he seems sensible." And sure enough, with this video, you've cemented that opinion.

    It's amazing how badly traditional media have shit the bed that I turn 40 and consume little but youtube commentary to get my facts (hopefully). Thanks for being sane and informed enough to hold my interest.

  • Gonza
    Gonza 2 months ago

    Should we start the Muslim question?

  • Kingfloppynip The 3rd
    Kingfloppynip The 3rd 2 months ago

    because you say shit that ppl don't like

  • killmodecapitalism
    killmodecapitalism 2 months ago

    It's like the "latin X" narrative. Latin languages Identify gender xD

  • Tomato Man
    Tomato Man 2 months ago

    Hey, you prove you are not conservative by wearing rainbows and a g-string and promoting NAMBLA.

  • Disaffected Left
    Disaffected Left 2 months ago

    You may think Leftists are inventing all these terms to control language and thus outlook but that's just your "power + privilege" speaking :P

  • Oliver Cromwell
    Oliver Cromwell 2 months ago

    my politics and faith is so broad views are hard to define as well i don't really agree 100% with any one philosophy that is out there liberals think im a hardline Conservative and Conservatives think im a liberal i would say im a sane person love your channel and show.

  • Al Wake
    Al Wake 2 months ago

    I just think of you as a good ol dude!

  • MEGA
    MEGA 2 months ago


  • Gareth Browne
    Gareth Browne 2 months ago

    So many people call you conservative because it seems 'conservatives' are the only ones who still have functioning brains anymore, so naturally they make the assumption you are a conservative because you have the ability to think for yourself.

  • Hardcase726 on Gaming and Politics

    What's the difference between liberals and libertarians? Simple liberals are the SJW's and libertarians is now more right or "Alt centered"

  • PeterFied FM
    PeterFied FM 2 months ago

    Im not on any side, only for FREE WILL, its really easy. ACTUAL BODILY HARM TO OTHERS is the LINE, its a concept women do not get and alot of men can't get for some reason. I dont know why.

  • Gotthatgoin4me
    Gotthatgoin4me 2 months ago

    because you're are articulate and intelligent

  • FallenOnDryTinder
    FallenOnDryTinder 2 months ago

    (((Styx Kikenheimer )))

    Jk, luv u bruh

  • Donn Harper
    Donn Harper 2 months ago

    Heinlein libertarian.....The term I use....Styx sounds often like Lazarus Long, and I mean that completely complimentary! maybe Heinlein minarchist....
    with clear understanding of cultural Jungian Psychology....

  • FallenOnDryTinder
    FallenOnDryTinder 2 months ago

    Alt-Right = White Ethno-Nationalism. This is not a question.

  • Allan
    Allan 2 months ago

    Governments just like pushing everyone around regardless of what they call themselves.

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