People Try Prison Meals

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  • People try Federal Bureau of Prison menu items.

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  • angelo cocconcelli
    angelo cocconcelli 2 hours ago

    Ok so that's prison that's not a playground or something food isn't supposed to be good cuz if they are I there it's for a reason they don't need gourmet food they only need nutrients and that's it's

  • Pugie A bear
    Pugie A bear 5 hours ago

    Why do you feel bad there in jail for a read

  • Game Player
    Game Player 9 hours ago

    Bad food? Cause that's a PRISON not a Hotel dammit

  • Abhijit
    Abhijit 9 hours ago

    i volunteer for an NGO for the poor and see so many people get a lot less to eat than what prisoners are served in the US.. cmon buzzfeed!, you can do better than this.

  • Kerry Thompson
    Kerry Thompson 15 hours ago

    the reason they have awful food is to make them know because of what you did these meals aren't your homecooked junk you human garbage

  • samthefox
    samthefox 17 hours ago

    my dad is in jail and he have to come back 2018.. 😞

  • Tomás cinnsealeach
    Tomás cinnsealeach 17 hours ago

    stuff looked okay to me , if it fills their stomachs then I dont see a problem.

  • Simon Petkov
    Simon Petkov 18 hours ago

    This is not ment to be 5 star restorount to eat what you want and be happy. THATS WHY IYS PRISON MORONS THEY SERVE ON KILLERS, RAPERS AND ALL THAT.

  • something weird
    something weird 23 hours ago

    prison food is school food for elementery

  • Lavender_ Queen101
    Lavender_ Queen101 23 hours ago

    That looks like the food we eat at school.... is that a bad thing?

  • Omar Hawash
    Omar Hawash 1 day ago

    i dont get this people are trying to make prison nice but it really isnt supposed to be prison=punishment like for real someone explain this

  • K Z
    K Z 1 day ago

    that does not look like prison food

  • BassAmpfiler
    BassAmpfiler 1 day ago

    "You loose the freedom for good food unfortunately", unfortunately?! Are you kidding, do you think prisoners deserve better food than THIS? Fucking retards, prisons should be worse. Some of these people you think should have it better would kill and some torture you if they met you.

  • shadow x
    shadow x 1 day ago

    it's not like they are invited

  • liez rams
    liez rams 1 day ago

    prioners in south africa eat kfc

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 day ago

    in my country u can buy decent food with $2

  • JanPospisil42
    JanPospisil42 1 day ago

    This honestly looks pretty good. Better than school lunches I used to have.

  • Master Butter
    Master Butter 1 day ago

    0:35 the sad truth about blacks!

  • Mya Ngugi
    Mya Ngugi 1 day ago

    even though prisoners are paying for their mistakes in jail they should be treated like other people because they're still HUMAN.

  • Simply Robin
    Simply Robin 1 day ago

    Also prison is a punishment not everything there is supposed to be good.

  • Simply Robin
    Simply Robin 1 day ago

    If they had good food people would be cutting off other people's limbs just to steal it.

  • chelsea halloran
    chelsea halloran 1 day ago

    I'm sorry but if they want good food then don't break the law...they made their choices...don't feel bad for them at all

  • blacksamurai23 animates and reacts

    if you had tried a fish-fillet before,you have not been to mcdonalds

  • Darth Vapor
    Darth Vapor 1 day ago

    That's Better and less expensive than school

  • Unimportant human being _

    Swedish school lunches is 0.90$ so don't complain!

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 1 day ago

    SJW's please die.

  • Adam Benarafa
    Adam Benarafa 1 day ago

    Be grateful u get food in prison

  • Nicole
    Nicole 1 day ago

    Would I eat prison food: No Do I deserve prison food because of a crime I did:most likely
    Would I eat school lunch: I have to Do I deserve school lunch: Hell No

  • RasberryGummyBear
    RasberryGummyBear 2 days ago

    "If the food was better the prisoners would be happier" yeah the point is not to make them happy. It's to make them pay for what they've done. They're in three for crimes. And in some cases really horrid crimes. In a lot of cultures they'd get killed but here they're getting food and shelter. They don't deserve to be "happier"

  • Lao Khang
    Lao Khang 2 days ago

    not gonna say much but, people went to prison for a reason. so they shouldn't deserve the best, just enough to survive for the next day

    THE SCAR 2 days ago

    at least its better than my school lunch

  • india primeaux
    india primeaux 2 days ago

    I would take any of those meals over my school lunches, hands down, any day.

  • Cujo19760210
    Cujo19760210 2 days ago

    But one thing must be sure...those are VERY healthy!!!

  • Aimee Mowers
    Aimee Mowers 2 days ago

    Omg buzzfeed you're getting dumber. They're in prison! They at least get free food! Homeless adults and children don't even get that!!!

  • trademarktaz
    trademarktaz 2 days ago

    that food actually doesn't look half bad

  • The Mastermind
    The Mastermind 3 days ago

    why do prisoners get more food, than me at highschool. one slice of nasty pizza is 2.25 and every side is 15¢. we even have to pay extra for a sauce packet.

  • IskylexHD
    IskylexHD 3 days ago

    well prisoners have the benefit of actually eating where many people in the world dont have access to food

  • MackNified
    MackNified 3 days ago

    You're in prison you killed,raped sold meth to 5 year old kids why should you have rights to good food good comfy beds music television. we pay for prisoners to survive get an education get extremely muscular get a degree in some cases. no you should get a concrete floor and walls 1 hour to eat and maybe get air and suffer. the system is a joke

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 3 days ago

    so people dont steal,kill etc or else u gonna eat crappy food

  • Dem H78
    Dem H78 4 days ago

    It takes some nerve to commit a crime, get sent to prison, then complain about the food one is getting. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time/eat the food. Do these folks expect foie gras and filet mignon every night? Your average middle class, law abiding American family doesn't eat that well.

  • Ramundo Santos
    Ramundo Santos 4 days ago

    all these prisoners wanna act outta control and everything then they don't deserve good food. they wanna act like animals then treat them like animals. all this talk about rights, what happened to the rights of the guy you murdered?, or the woman you raped? what happened to their rights

  • brandon 52
    brandon 52 4 days ago

    this looks better than school lunches

  • Ghost
    Ghost 4 days ago

    Tbh it looks alot more better than my school lunch

  • Aleena Siraj
    Aleena Siraj 4 days ago

    Well, they're prisoners. Murderers, rapists, theives etc etc. People who arent good. People who we are warned about. Prison is supposed to be a fucking punishment. Bad food is punishment.

  • Cindey Reyes
    Cindey Reyes 4 days ago

    that like more food than I would eat , I would honestly enjoy it tbh bc at least your getting food...

  • Shelby_Tap
    Shelby_Tap 4 days ago

    They still get better food than my school's lunches.

  • Conor O'Brien
    Conor O'Brien 4 days ago

    "maybe if they had better food they would be alot happier"
    ...huh am gonna say it once
    THEY ARE IN PRISON! kinda part of the package is to have everyday luxuries not be so everyday

  • Cj De Vera
    Cj De Vera 5 days ago

    For the Filipino prisoners, that is heaven :(

  • Jaciel Roblero
    Jaciel Roblero 5 days ago

    Why should prisoners complain about the food that we tax paying people give them they shouldn't complain cause they don't pay for it they receive it for free

  • Ameera Angoang
    Ameera Angoang 5 days ago

    When it said inmates only eat 2 meals a day IM LIKE SO WHAT I EAT ONE MEAL

  • venice house of wedding and cakes birthday Semarang

    Eat prison meel for a week

  • venice house of wedding and cakes birthday Semarang

    Neat prison meal for a waeek

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 5 days ago

    Well at least inmates get legit food

  • Juiced Mirror
    Juiced Mirror 5 days ago

    It looks fine to me. Really enough said.

  • Thereal 872
    Thereal 872 5 days ago

    How to avoid prison food: Don't go to prison.
    How to avoid prison: Be from a white, upperclass family.

  • vidgirlgames
    vidgirlgames 5 days ago

    this looks like my school lunch

  • Bry FlyGuy
    Bry FlyGuy 6 days ago

    Because what a better way to punish prisoners than to feed them gourmet food, great logic Buzzfeed

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 6 days ago

    Fucking pansys.

  • Castelias TV
    Castelias TV 6 days ago

    worest episode ever. thumbs down.

  • Oscar Meza
    Oscar Meza 6 days ago

    Who's the girl in the blue jacket she's gorgeous

  • Dollsmartfix
    Dollsmartfix 6 days ago

    Still better than school lunch episode....

  • Jennifer Rummel
    Jennifer Rummel 6 days ago

    2:05 "If the food better the prisoners would feel better​" I'm sorry, excuse me, WHAT???? Making murders theives and your dreaded Raipes are what jail is for. SERIOUSLY??? IGNORANT YUPPIE

  • Murica
    Murica 6 days ago

    The prisoners don't need good food they are criminals

  • Murica
    Murica 6 days ago

    Where is joe from aps

  • Jasmine Armstrong
    Jasmine Armstrong 6 days ago

    This is kind of wrong with the food my Bro says it's better then maccas and he can eat when ever he wants

  • Hailey Smith
    Hailey Smith 6 days ago

    Boi food in prison should be free that looks like dirt

  • Jacob Stone
    Jacob Stone 7 days ago

    nobody cares what they eat in prison, a lot of prisoners should not be allowed to eat

  • Rose nash
    Rose nash 7 days ago

    i think they forgot that they are criminals lmao

  • AlexanderTheNotSoGreat

    1:35 Hey lady, they aren't in prison to be happy. They are there to suffer the consequences of their crimes either for duration of their sentence or the rest of their lives. They should be greatful that we aren't forcing them to eat sloppy soviet style gruel, which I think we should be feeding them. It'd be a hell of a lot cheaper and deserving for their crimes. Don't give me this whoreshit about how they "need to be happy". They lost their right to " be happy", end of story.

  • Kheldaurus
    Kheldaurus 7 days ago

    People who are in prison chose the actions that put them there. Prison should be a punishment and food should be even worse. No love for prisoners.

  • Sage Skywater
    Sage Skywater 7 days ago

    Guys seriously. Everyone says "They're Prisioners!". THEY ARE STILL PEOPLE! THEY ARE HUMANS! Crime or not they ARE fricking HUMANS!

  • Riley Roo 02
    Riley Roo 02 7 days ago

    Why does that food look so much better than what they try to murder us with at my school? 😑

  • PloofPliff
    PloofPliff 8 days ago

    This food better than food lunches....

  • XxRed WolfxX
    XxRed WolfxX 8 days ago

    Still better than school lunches oh well in our school they have pretty delicious food like baked ham with red rice I'm like damn this school has delicious food we had tacos like damn even we had shrimp pasta with alfredo sauce

  • Alondra Orozco
    Alondra Orozco 8 days ago

    I swear that the food at my school is a thousands times worse

  • Abit Tv
    Abit Tv 8 days ago

    "Would you eat this food?" No, because i decided not to steal that car and murder it's driver.

  • Eri the panda
    Eri the panda 8 days ago

    looks like school food

  • MysticalA
    MysticalA 8 days ago

    I don't even get that much in my schools lunch

  • EACM17
    EACM17 8 days ago

    if the food was better the prisoners would be happier? are you fucking serious?

  • Kat Eyed Gurl
    Kat Eyed Gurl 8 days ago

    I feel like these meals were actually a lot better than what prisons are serving in most places.

    UN-DEAD ME X__X 9 days ago

    I don't think the food is enough to make them happier, but opinions

  • the study buddy
    the study buddy 9 days ago

    why the sad song? lmao they're prisonners who murdered, raped, stole, they don't deserve pity.

  • sarah j.
    sarah j. 9 days ago

    they're being fed healthy meals for free, they should be grateful.

  • Zonnique Howard
    Zonnique Howard 9 days ago

    It looks better than school lunch. Be grateful.

  • TuffArms
    TuffArms 9 days ago

    my god. i rather eat prison food than school lunches

  • Tory Beckford
    Tory Beckford 9 days ago

    Rikers island jail halal chicken patty taste good lol. And the greasy chicken

  • MRCC Admin Anthony Yu

    That's why... never break the Law.. :)

  • Mark Barnes
    Mark Barnes 9 days ago

    It depends on what prison and where. I was a correctional officer in a small prison in South Carolina and we ate the same food as the prisoners and it was good food.

  • WB IsMe
    WB IsMe 9 days ago

    $2.5 a meal, 3 meals a day. So much tax payers money spent on these prisoners. Let the flame war begin!

  • Ivann Lopezz
    Ivann Lopezz 9 days ago

    Grow Hemp That's It You Can Eat Clothes and Shelter Yourself with Hemp!

  • ksm95
    ksm95 9 days ago

    oh yeah i guess the rapists should be eating lobster right?

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro 9 days ago

    Did that girl just say that the food would bring the morale down in prison?

  • Aphmau Lover123
    Aphmau Lover123 9 days ago

    This food is OVER 9000 times better than my cafeteria food

  • Julie wychunas
    Julie wychunas 9 days ago

    Tbh I'd last in jail because i like most of the food .

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Prison people do bad, so they get bad

  • Rowan07001484
    Rowan07001484 10 days ago

    yeh i would eat it. looks alright.

  • Zukula Zama
    Zukula Zama 10 days ago

    Very interesting to see the standard of living for some people. I come from South Africa and as much as I haven't been to prison or seen/tasted our prison food (which I can assure you, is probably 10x worse - to some people's standards) I'm fairly amused at how some of these tasters can say "eeeww" to what I saw as a healthy and tasty looking meal that even I don't get in my university cafeteria. But anyway, who am I to judge. One man's meat is a another man's poison.

  • OmenaPVP
    OmenaPVP 10 days ago

    My school lunch at Finland cost about 90 Cents!

  • viperteddie
    viperteddie 10 days ago

    Lmao. the black guy saw the food and said it makes him feel like home XD

  • Imme 1331
    Imme 1331 10 days ago

    do not say that its bad that the prisoners get food that is kond of not good, think like this, why are they in prison?

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