TERRIFYING Motorsport Crash Compilation | NO FATAL | *Pure Sound* - Full Part | 2016

BEST/WORST Motorsport Crashes of 2016 with pure and original sound engine!

Original videos:
avex avex:
Fabian Satschen:
BRDC British Formula 3 Championship:
Patrick Quanten:

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2015 WORST crashes:
2014 WORST crashes:
WORST crashes *live*:

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Sony Vegas Pro 140
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Author LoneWolf ( ago)
10/10 Love your compilations they are 100% raw and thats how i like them !

Author Lolita Liebl ( ago)
l. l.

Author frdmf105 ( ago)
How Do You Doooooooo!

The best commentary.

Author Charles Fortes ( ago)
Oh my god are they're still alive

Author KandaPanda ( ago)
wow, grass seems to eat those cars up! they seem to spin waaaay more the second they hit the grass....

Author A Person ( ago)
1:35 That was not non-fatal he actually died

Author пукпукру укрукру ( ago)
this is AUTOsport

Author Regent hawk ( ago)
put monster jam crashes

Author David Moya ( ago)
the end lancia screen
music name?? 21 pilot remix?

Author Ady W201 ( ago)
4:13 Malaysian flag. Cheers! 😊

Author SilenCz ( ago)
God Bless their necks

Author Marisa Tamayo ( ago)
did the guy in the first clip survive that?

Author Justin Miller ( ago)
LOL The French announcers do not hold anything back when they call a crash.

Author Joaquin The red tubbybot gaming ( ago)
Pin me

Author Joaquin The red tubbybot gaming ( ago)

Author bilibiliism ( ago)
After watching your videos, I started to wonder what material are racers made of. Steel? Carbon fiber? Definitely not normal human flesh.

Author Kingdom of Afro ( ago)
Love the compilations. So far these are the best I've seen. None of the replays, I saw in this video, I've seen in other vids. i like the no copy and paste video. Good job.

Author Kingdom of Afro ( ago)
That 3rd crash I hope the civilians were alright with no serious injuries. I know it says no deaths, but that shit must've been insane.

Author Dubstep Addict ( ago)
"Hoow do you dOOOOooOoO!"

Author enzomine2017 ( ago)

Author starduke38 ( ago)
0:44 car cruch public but is not fatal?

Author antonio clemente ( ago)
song at the end?

Author Ζαχαριας Α ( ago)

Author Jordan 51203 ( ago)
5:12 ear rape for headphone uses

Author Fabian De Leon ( ago)
i wish forza motorsport crashes looked like this 😥

Author JPM R ( ago)
Kevin Magnussen's crash in Eau Rouge was terrifying in my opinion!

Author ElRaulo WTF ( ago)
1:38 aguante uruguay

Author Peter Timowreef ( ago)
2:47 Karma baby, love that one. Get fucking wrecked you nudging prick.

Author Peter Timowreef ( ago)
Channel named "Planeta das Gêmeas" stole your video mate.
Edit: Make that multiple videos.

Author Jonathan Quinn ( ago)
I saw the first one in real life in maccau, it was so scary

Author alkadraz ( ago)
3:15 What is the name of the racing category?

Author DildorTheDecent ( ago)
4:45 green Seat having the time of its life.

Author When You Get Cerebral Hemorrhage From The Wubs ( ago)
1:00 Mazda Laguna Seca?

Author Confusing Cube ( ago)
Lol @ the french announcer

Author HunterCivilianPlays ( ago)
did anyone die?

read more

Author Suh Dude ( ago)
At 1:19 how do you survive that?

Author 19mswiatek ( ago)
Th first commentator sounds like Gru from Despicable Me

Author Roy Czorny ( ago)
Bring Me The Horizon ❤️

Author Budget Hooligan ( ago)
2:17 🏎 Nooo! Not the B197 Judd!

Author Karl Österberg ( ago)
2:47 The dipshit deserved it.

Author Barton Seven ( ago)
That first call....."How do you dooooooo.......oh noooooooo"

Author speedfanatic fitipaldi ( ago)
4:14 Damn air horn seems to attend all motor racing events

Author Xerptomon ( ago)
had a stressful day and this helped it

Author Jarkoo ( ago)
glad ur still making these after 3 years

Author M1ZKA ( ago)
I once watched Nascar and the commentators are just the worst, so boring. and there is a fucking commercial brake every 5 minutes.

Author Ace Tech ( ago)
Lol the fiat crash was bad but I can't help but laugh it's freaking fiat.

Author The Naked Argonian ( ago)
For the great speeds these cars are crashing at, you have to appreciate how safe they really are. None of these drivers died, and most of them seem unharmed. Not bad given that the cars are practically disintegrated in these incidents.

Author SC457A ( ago)
If your racing, tighten the belts a bit more.

Author Misan tropo ( ago)
1:18 i cant crash that hard even when i try

Author Carson King ( ago)
Great video, thanks for not adding your own choice of music, it drives me mental when they do that.

Author Antonio Quintanilla ( ago)
3:14 , poor guys but lol.

Author Mauricio Lezcano ( ago)
muy buen vídeo Mr m saludos desde Florencio Varela!!!!

Author scope ( ago)
4:43 that green seat...

Author frank rizzo ( ago)
no fatal? wow that's amazing what great safety gear nowadays

Author Rizal Batheki ( ago)
Where can I find "yes fatal" crash videos?

Author AleCampusa ( ago)
why the people think RALLY is better than FORMULA 1?

Author Thallium RC ( ago)
1:18 did that guy even live through that!?

Author Der Stratege ( ago)
Name of your Outrosong?

Author David Falconer ( ago)
Your videos are quality sir.... thankyou

Author Filippo Marchioro ( ago)
quanto cazzo urlano i francesi

Author dirtTdude ( ago)

Author remsky zzz ( ago)
Neil hugging races for our racing team in the lambo

Author KingEagleman ( ago)
Impressive compilation, generally shocked!

Author Mantas Isganaitis ( ago)
0:40 Trinidad Tobago, learning stuff abot safety the hard way

Author Armin Vuk ( ago)
3:20 Bruh sound? LOL!

Author Nicolas Mora ( ago)
the esses on mount panorama xD i always crash here in videogames xD

Author Matze Nasum ( ago)
2:45 KARMA!

Author KegPatcha ( ago)
Nasty shit. Brutal.

Author Dominik Junior ( ago)
wow BMTH!

Author Aurelio G ( ago)

Author DChaos ( ago)
Abarths are more dangerous than mustangs damn

Author Blighter Bollocks ( ago)
I love how the French commentators come up with a new definition of 'crash' every time and absolutely go ballistic. They sound like some top chef going mental at the kitchenstaff while preparing a heavenly dish.

Having a crash and flipping upside down in those open top racers man, you would shit yourself wouldn't you, proper brown and that.

Author michael mixon ( ago)
Amazing that the drivers survive the crashes!

Author Patrut ( ago)
0:10 Who needs tires to drive when u have roof!

Author Francesco Atzeni ( ago)

Author De mon ( ago)
Can you remove the crap label

Author xX-FLuKE-Xx ( ago)
2:25 Pointlessly prevents further damage
2:46 Karma

Author Bapton Dberger ( ago)
No music.... perfect !

Author mippy moo ( ago)

Author THENONAME ( ago)
0:39 wtf no fatal?!??

Author ewen bouamra ( ago)
2:45 yay a video from my country

Author ewen bouamra ( ago)
when a racer loses his cool, the race is over. he keeps making errors so he can't go fast.
this race is over, Shingo.
—Takeshi Nakazato, Initial D, 1998

Author Brendan Walsh ( ago)
just prooves how good racing equipment is

Author phapnui ( ago)
non-stop action

Author Romain Tastet ( ago)
Nous les français, on vit toujours les événements à fond! tout est bon pour crier!😁

Author Frank Chen ( ago)
even with today's safety standards these drivers still need big balls to drive those cars at those speeds...holy shit

Author Hans Orlich ( ago)
0:05 I hate this fucking track! I always smash my car into that corner in racing games!

Author pgzzz ( ago)
Best crash video i have seen in a long time

Author Bapak Andeh ( ago)
this is pure motorsport crash.

Author The Poor Teenage Gearhead ( ago)
The crash at 5:55 was nothing compared to other crashes in NASCAR.

Author Michel Rodrigues ( ago)
histeric french screaming !!!!

Author Mocking69 ( ago)

Author Antti-Jussi Lakanen ( ago)
2:50 Brutal crash, amazing that he walked away (I suppose he did).

Author The Black Hole Guy ( ago)
Thank you for putting Christopher Bell's flip at Daytona in this video but ive got to say, there was at least five more Nascar crashes across all three of its series (Cup, Xfinity, and Truck) in 2016 that more then qualified to be in this video.

Author Marlee Roberts ( ago)
Hooooooooooooolyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt!!

Author Mantis79 ( ago)
Am I the only one that thought that the French guy was annoying as fuck?

Author Dill Hole ( ago)

Author pzalanHUN Racing ( ago)
We need this is rally part 7!

Author Hallison Michel ( ago)
Cars at 2:12?

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