TERRIFYING Motorsport Crash Compilation | NO FATAL | *Pure Sound* - Full Part | 2016

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  • BEST/WORST Motorsport Crashes of 2016 with pure and original sound engine!

    Original videos:
    avex avex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqODpzuxlUU
    Fabian Satschen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3YO9UDidbc
    Scortio670: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZKqGBpSe_g
    BRDC British Formula 3 Championship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHE6v6mj600
    Toto87: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULRJXCCTmlQ
    Patrick Quanten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k_BdR2Kwxo
    Carburando: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jk5QtutFKY
    vxwk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kXdZpHnWSg

    If you see your clip in my compilation please write down in the "comment" section. I will insert your channel name and link in description

    SONG: Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart

    2015 WORST crashes: https://youtu.be/MCpC3bLOIJU
    2014 WORST crashes: https://youtu.be/9z6Yhz28J8E
    WORST crashes *live*: https://youtu.be/WV1EKWuQggU

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    Sony Vegas Pro 140
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Comments: 373

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 3 months ago

    10/10 Love your compilations they are 100% raw and thats how i like them !

  • luis alberto romero dominguez

    like for BMTH 😅

  • FloX
    FloX 4 days ago

    0:45 Nearly at the drop

  • Garrett Burrows
    Garrett Burrows 5 days ago

    this one time I was in jail for a couple of months and all the black dudes were watching their basketball and when a NASCAR race came on I wanted to watch it, they piped up and said auto racing isn't a sport and I piped up and said well basketball isn't a sport, no one said shit. the silence put a smile on my face because I'm 6,2 and 370 pounds

  • iDreaMz4 _
    iDreaMz4 _ 5 days ago


  • ST4NC3_N4T10N
    ST4NC3_N4T10N 7 days ago

    Not the ford gt😭😭😭

  • Abbas Ahmadi
    Abbas Ahmadi 7 days ago

    5:00 amazing clouds

  • MM Creative
    MM Creative 8 days ago

    The french commentator was the best.

  • Tonscorcher Tf2
    Tonscorcher Tf2 9 days ago

    Rip Pagani Sond F

  • Killerplayz Roblox
    Killerplayz Roblox 9 days ago

    nice dude but if you were racing and then you see someone crashed in front of u would u help them

  • Wesley Putnam
    Wesley Putnam 10 days ago

    it sucks

  • HipHopGR
    HipHopGR 10 days ago

    Terrify my ass .

  • Angus Rankin
    Angus Rankin 10 days ago

    Watching rich guys crash is funny

  • RickyBrosh Racing
    RickyBrosh Racing 10 days ago

    Amazing comp!

  • Alexis sarmiento
    Alexis sarmiento 12 days ago

    sport must be fun but, you can possibly get seriously injured or killed hope these guys make bank for each race they do

  • Staff Sergeant Miner

    0:40 "I AM TITANIUM~!" *huge crash*

  • Et D
    Et D 13 days ago

    bordel les commentateur Français hahaha

  • Bubba bitty
    Bubba bitty 13 days ago

    Somehow I feel that going real fast and crashing into a wall of rubber tire's would be quite fun really

  • Mrshwooks
    Mrshwooks 14 days ago

    1:11 when you strip off to get naked

    ALPH10Zo GAMING 14 days ago


  • Sam Rasmussen
    Sam Rasmussen 15 days ago

    can you feel my heart?

  • Kris Dotts
    Kris Dotts 16 days ago

    1:44 me when im driving a car in gta V

  • Paolo Gironi
    Paolo Gironi 16 days ago

    Sarebbe meglio evitare gli Incidenti, invece di Crearli, non sempre può andare bene,
    è facile rischiare la vita. Io penso che questi abbiano la materia grigia molto scarsa.

  • 212809
    212809 20 days ago

    You came in like a torpedo.

  • barenstil55
    barenstil55 21 day ago

    where the rally crashes?

  • h0pesfall
    h0pesfall 21 day ago

    1:16 good parking :D

  • Felipe Hermo
    Felipe Hermo 21 day ago

    ._. 5:12

  • cody brinkley
    cody brinkley 21 day ago

    plz do more nascar crashes plz

  • MovieCritics
    MovieCritics 21 day ago

    The french commentators are always the best haha

  • GeikoM Mets
    GeikoM Mets 21 day ago

    what the song name 6:55?

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 21 day ago

      Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart

  • Yeah Man Me Too
    Yeah Man Me Too 22 days ago

    HOLY SHIT. The F1 crashes are fucking brutal.

  • ACE Video
    ACE Video 22 days ago

    3:49 when someone changes lanes with no signal

  • Sean
    Sean 22 days ago

    The French commentators are so OTT xD

  • Sniper Gaming
    Sniper Gaming 24 days ago

    why do they even use really expensive cars tho?

    • ZeyZerX { GD }
      ZeyZerX { GD } 23 days ago

      Sniper Gaming The manufacturers are the one who wants their car to race

  • county gamer 45
    county gamer 45 24 days ago

    how do you dOOOOO oh no the van strikes again

  • Saint BigMac
    Saint BigMac 25 days ago

    That Was Fatal At 1:44

  • Saint BigMac
    Saint BigMac 25 days ago

    That Car Came Out of Nowere at 1:19

  • prototip99
    prototip99 25 days ago

    what the hell are these cars and people made of?

  • Elijah Nelson
    Elijah Nelson 25 days ago

    crashes are the best and I don't care if someone dies

  • Paul Pfeiffer
    Paul Pfeiffer 26 days ago

    French race commentary is the best race commentary

  • Kronus
    Kronus 26 days ago

    Do you guys know who is paying for the crashed cars? The sponsors? Would like to know :)

  • GaMeR Du Suprême
    GaMeR Du Suprême 26 days ago

    ho shit

  • Crazzy Miner123
    Crazzy Miner123 28 days ago


  • Rytis K.
    Rytis K. 28 days ago

    French commentators are the best

  • iAgentLu
    iAgentLu 28 days ago

    If car flips in a corner, you know it's not for racing.

  • The1Music2MyEars
    The1Music2MyEars 28 days ago

    5:11 guy was so hype that what he anticipated came true.

    AFTER DARK 29 days ago

    1:38 WTF ? was he drunk ? Did he fall sleep ? or is he just plain dumb ? idk WHy would u purposefully steer off the course for ?.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 29 days ago

    French people sound funny when they yell.

  • Qaim Miah
    Qaim Miah 29 days ago

    these all look pretty much fatal... but amazing video thumbs up! 👍

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 28 days ago

      Thank you

  • luis matos Oliveira
    luis matos Oliveira 29 days ago

    the frenchman is ridiculous


    French, Italian, and Japanese motor sports announcers simply make me laugh until I piss blood.

  • 1dashcamboatsandcars

    way she goes

  • Cole Rochlitz
    Cole Rochlitz 1 month ago

    how do people survive this shit???

  • Im a Fox
    Im a Fox 1 month ago

    I know its dangerous but those little Fiats look soo cute when they crash😂😂😂

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 1 month ago

    1:32 just right on the apex wow

  • Naja Alaric
    Naja Alaric 1 month ago

    0:06 how do you doooo

  • Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    3:02 the cool thing about this part is when I take one ear out of the head phone Il hear the voices and the f1 and with the other Il only hear the car not the voices thats weird!

  • xxceylincookie gamingxx

    At 2:35 the car was like

  • haaa gay
    haaa gay 1 month ago

    the last one is 17 years old and lost two legs....

    • haaa gay
      haaa gay 1 month ago

      oh, you are right

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 1 month ago

      no, this is not the crash of Billy Monger

  • vaniljaums
    vaniljaums 1 month ago

    And that kids, is why you should buy a roll cage!

  • valerio mautone
    valerio mautone 1 month ago

    Ma quanto urlano sti francesi Madonna

  • Golann - CSGO
    Golann - CSGO 1 month ago

    1:18 He flew at least 5-7 meters

  • MrZlodeus
    MrZlodeus 1 month ago

    2:45 instant karma (that's what you get for trying to force a competing driver off the track)

  • Vikash Appadoo
    Vikash Appadoo 1 month ago

    did they died

  • Dan Lennartowski
    Dan Lennartowski 1 month ago

    Great video!!

  • Dario de nero
    Dario de nero 1 month ago

    Crash terrible, ooh la la, sacre bleu! French bell end.

  • German 75
    German 75 1 month ago

    0:41 ♫ I'M TITAANIII...BOOOM!!

  • chp2111
    chp2111 1 month ago

    How do you DOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • 8166 491
    8166 491 1 month ago

    Why can't the 458 behind the Lamborghini crash instead? Also, why do Fiats race?

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis 1 month ago

    Oh my god this is such Pure Sund that I just can't believe it. I'm shitting myself.

  • Fluffy Jerome
    Fluffy Jerome 1 month ago

    The 3rd one is in Trinidad, right?

    METHOD ONE 1 month ago

    Watch golf.....looks safer.

  • AsunaIsMyWaifu7 yuuki77

    6/10 there was no sprintcar it was just pavement and 0 dirt track racing accidents you even had nascar

  • KillerShaws
    KillerShaws 1 month ago


  • fonsholm
    fonsholm 1 month ago

    "How do you DOOOOO" is usually how I greet people.

  • Edgar Cabada
    Edgar Cabada 1 month ago

    I loved that you put BMTH as the outro!!

  • Samara Ring
    Samara Ring 1 month ago

    This is not terrifying, it's espectacular, and beautiful to see and know that nobody get hurt

  • Tadgh Collins
    Tadgh Collins 1 month ago

    If you're going to put your title in English why not use proper English.. such as instead of no fatal lets use the proper no fatalities as then ordinary people can read it and say oh that's no some random wanna be English speaker that's a good channel

    • Tadgh Collins
      Tadgh Collins 1 month ago

      ilovemanunited yeah that's probably true. I didn't think of that at the time. just thought he was just a lazy English speaker. and there are many of those to go around

    • ilovemanunited
      ilovemanunited 1 month ago

      Tadgh Collins English probably isn't his first language.

  • JDJones22
    JDJones22 1 month ago

    Is that first clip in St. Petersburg FL or somewhere else?

  • Mo Vlogs
    Mo Vlogs 1 month ago

    How do you doooooooooo Ohhhh No no no
    DanialBrian ; Yes Yes Yes

  • DW Gaming
    DW Gaming 1 month ago

    I kinda feels bad for the gt86

  • Shenux
    Shenux 1 month ago

    1st race type?
    I see Audi,MB,Lambo and more supercars

    • GT Fan 8899
      GT Fan 8899 1 month ago

      These are GT3 cars. To be specific this crash was at the Macau GT World Cup. GT3 cars are based on real world mid-level sports cars and are heaviley modified also allowing driving aids like TCS and ABS, although they are very cheap in terms of a race car that can be raced around the world in many series. Which makes it also accessible for a lot of small teams with less professional drivers ending up with big grids in the most series. GT3 is with all these factors currently the juggernaut when it comes to international privateer racing.

  • xNo Scope
    xNo Scope 1 month ago

    Min 6:05 Wheelie

  • MrMJmusicLover
    MrMJmusicLover 1 month ago

    When will they implement racing safety features in civilian cars. The fatal injuries will drop.

    • MrMJmusicLover
      MrMJmusicLover 22 days ago

      ZeyZerX { GD } They should create a civilian version of the HANR and 5 point safety harness. The number of fatalities will drop to almost zero.

    • ZeyZerX { GD }
      ZeyZerX { GD } 23 days ago

      MrMJmusicLover race car are one of the reasons why cars today are safer and easier to drive, but i dont think putting a roll cage on a normal car is practical

  • Roy Veldboom
    Roy Veldboom 1 month ago

    Impressions of this video:

    "Run for your lives!"

    "Do a barrel roll on Google, not the racetrack!"

    "Catch fence, eh? Bugger the catch fence!"

  • Kaushik Sidharth
    Kaushik Sidharth 1 month ago

    What happened at 2:38

    DOGE MUCH WOW 1 month ago

    4:50 i was at that race when that happened!
    i mean i was in the crowd not racing

  • OMG its Mac Rocket League-More

    2:35 real glitch

  • Colt Shelton
    Colt Shelton 1 month ago

    6:20 that's why those aren't ment to race

  • Colt Shelton
    Colt Shelton 1 month ago

    how do fourmalo one racers not hit there head when they flip

  • MrFox 14Gamer
    MrFox 14Gamer 1 month ago

    This is horrible to watch...but because the cars are made to be lighter, when they collide with something, they fall apart like peaces of paper..and that makes it look so scary, altho the driver is 50% safer than a regular driver in a car crash

    • GT Fan 8899
      GT Fan 8899 1 month ago

      It´s actually good when the car falls apart. Yes they have a strong center with the rollcage but anything outside of that needs to take up as much of the energy of an impact to not get into the center and affect the driver. All of the debris falling of or crumpling take up this energy making the driver safe.

    • man strouts
      man strouts 1 month ago

      Especially the Fiats, when that car was rolling and it stopped it looked like a trainwreck.
      But, those cars are technically safer becuase they have rollcages that protect the driver and the main body of the car.

  • Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    0:19  looks like the drive saw the camera and wanted the video to be more exiting so he turn hard left and flipped .thats my opinion.

  • John Bonham
    John Bonham 2 months ago

    How do you DOOOO!

  • Matheus Theisen
    Matheus Theisen 2 months ago

    much engine, so wow

  • Matheus Theisen
    Matheus Theisen 2 months ago

    so madness.... so vrooooom. Wow

  • Lolita Liebl
    Lolita Liebl 2 months ago

    l. l.

  • frdmf105
    frdmf105 2 months ago

    How Do You Doooooooo!

    The best commentary.

  • Charles Fortes
    Charles Fortes 2 months ago

    Oh my god are they're still alive

  • KandaPanda
    KandaPanda 2 months ago

    wow, grass seems to eat those cars up! they seem to spin waaaay more the second they hit the grass....

  • Moose_exe
    Moose_exe 2 months ago

    1:35 That was not non-fatal he actually died

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