The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming Soon on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the 12 BEST Upcoming Games to ABSOLUTELY play this Spring 2017! The best & newest games coming in April, May & June 2017! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

1:48 Little Nightmares

3:35 Battalion 1944

5:35 Agony

7:45 Uncharted The Lost Legacy

10:44 Sea of Thieves

13:06 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

14:24 Friday The 13th Game

15:40 Prey

18:20 Injustice 2

20:07 The Surge

22:03 Dirt 4


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Author Erick Gault ( ago)
most of these look like half finished junk or make no sense

Author Sebastian M ( ago)
buying Agony definitely... it looks cool and weird as fk

Author Turtleee Man ( ago)

Author countableowl 80 ( ago)
Agony is a doom clone

Author countableowl 80 ( ago)
Wasn't Battalion named Days of War before?

Author MrMatu2t ( ago)

Author Heavenly Satan ( ago)
Finally a good bell game

Author Erisson Magalhaes ( ago)
Rising storm 2 have so shitting graphics

Author Andy Ceja ( ago)
What about Destiny 2?

Author Reyes x Zulu ( ago)
You are amazing

Author jacobrulestheschool ( ago)
Error. Persona 5 not found.

Author Zombie_Slik ( ago)
4:05 so Battlefield 1? xD

Author hollowfied7greed ( ago)
...Where the fuck is persona 5?

Author Diarra Cruickshank ( ago)
i find Friday 13th seemed basic and op

Author Diarra Cruickshank ( ago)
Yes i buying Injustice

Author ThatGuy PS ( ago)
In the movie they were big the mimics were big

Author TheAwesomeRich Or SniperRich ( ago)
what's the point of agony?!

Author Alex Enslin ( ago)
wow! sniper ghost warrior has really bad graphics. it cant be real

Author REPVILE ( ago)
Gotta be honest, Rising storm looks like something Ill play the hell out of.

Author ТОП Лучших ( ago)
go to my channel pls :)) thx

Author Craig S ( ago)
want to make a game that will impress me create one that will pay my bills

Author Craig S ( ago)
most of these games look like they were made 6 years ago

Author rane H ( ago)
sniper ghost warrior 3 was so cool

Author Phantom 404 ( ago)

Author BoxOfNothing ( ago)
Ummm, where the fuck is Player Unknowns Battlegrounds??

Author Pita bread ( ago)
ghost warrior lol

Author RazvanUC ( ago)
I don't know if all these games will be released this spring but if any of them will, I will play them and i will post them on my channel.

Author Epiccomedy ( ago)
I'm just waiting for dying light 2
I don't care about this over hyped games

Author András Czeitner ( ago)
Ghos warriror three as on of the bigges upcome ? Buggiest game of the year all of them. City interactive cannot do good game. In hungary we have a serie about that company games. It is a joke

Author Hard boiled Egg ( ago)
All of them are just shitty indie games

Author Kristian Dalsgaard ( ago)
Wtf was that Agony shit!?

Author Firstname Lastname ( ago)
Yeah....... no.

Author JOHN BRAGA ( ago)
the game sniper ghost worrior 3

Author JOHN BRAGA ( ago)
is that in the computer???

Author I'm Done ( ago)
And nope, NONE of these interest me, I'm suprised that Yooka-Laylee isn't on this list.

Author XerxiesLv426 ( ago)
Agony looks interesting as does Friday the 13th.

Author Andrew J. ( ago)
so uncharted 5 is about nathans mom

Author NinjaCraft 164 ( ago)
Yeah right 2017 can do better than this

Author Jaden Lee ( ago)
Little nightmares looks way too creepy =c

Author Gamer Cry Stop motions ( ago)
The first game looks like a PS3 beta form 2012

Author Aiden Stephens ( ago)
For those wondering why some games have bad graphics, beta is a thin ya know

Author Jorge Feliciano ( ago)
Sea of thieves looks like friendships are going to be put to the test and I foresee many a mutiny.

Author I'm a bagel ( ago)
I'm a bagel!

Author Coyote Music ( ago)
what about shadow of war

Author StoRM tRoOper ( ago)
battalion full copy of battlefield 1

Author 3024ification ( ago)
OMG ALL OF THIS GAMES ARE THE BEST??? omg ik its their opinion but theres not much good games coming out except for uncharted but i dont like story mode shits

Author StoryTime Gaming ( ago)
The call of duty was the most interesting one by d
Far, but with the actual cod being boots on ground this year, I wouldn't pat 60$

Author Eag1e tha Seagle ( ago)
keyword upcoming games
There not the best until the game is already out.

Author MrZniviarz ( ago)
only prey is game for me from this set.

Author Ray Guzman ( ago)
Bleh, they screwed Uncharted up... The only one I may try is Little Nightmares. Looks interesting and scary how those creatures chase you lol.

Author IndieGhost11 ( ago)
Little Nightmares looks good but everything else looks terrible.

Author Jenna Copper ( ago)
1944 game what a fuc king joke

Author Josh Bro ( ago)
What is the mask in the picture I clicked on? It wasn't even in the video??

Author dikke pater ( ago)
i didnt like any of them.. theres only 1 game for me and thats skyrim :p

Author Shizle 007 ( ago)
Little nightmares looks good and promising!!!

Author Mr Timok ( ago)
be cool

Author Crowned King ( ago)
god this guy does sure love clickbait

Author dante sparda ( ago)
Buen vídeo y excelente canal y tremendos juegos con unas magnificas gráficas y muy buena trama y\o historia saludos desde Venezuela

Author Fernando Lopez ( ago)
battalion 1944 WW2 in to the next generation of video games , we wanted to play something tha doest exist .......
Day of defeat ring any bells ?

Author ZombieBoy- -1947 ( ago)
Thought is Army Of Two🙁

Author warrior shadow ( ago)
hey!!! i am from Vietnam

Author LAZOS ( ago)

Author Ciro Rider ( ago)
and xbox 360?

Author PlayStation Series ( ago)
i m back

Author L' anticristo ( ago)
i must have agony

Author WastingSolid ( ago)
What happens to good ol "Nathan Break"

Previous game this is essentially for all the jacksepticeye fans out there

Author xRudy ( ago)
The second one is a little ironic if you ask me

Author xRudy ( ago)
Is it just me or is the first trailer the sequel to call of duty ghosts

Author 5hooom The Shrooom ( ago)
The second game, 'little nightmares', needs a 'T00L' soundtrack.

Author Razor 54221MC ( ago)
They already made battlefield 1

Author 111 Desolator ( ago)
hah why am i not surprised? 90% of the upcoming games are about aggression and warr, no creativity, no brain user, no nothing, just warr and blood... HUMANS... -.-

Author PROTOYPE Gaming ( ago)
Watch all these games get cancelled...

Author Joaquim Ayrton Gancia ( ago)
why does battalion look like a arcade version of ro2?

Author Miles_Tails_ Prower ( ago)
I skiped the first game just to watch the little nightmares trailer XD

Author Soccer Is Life ( ago)
For the first one the graphics seem to bad to be spring 2017

Author Montana Griffith ( ago)
The only gone with good graphics was Sea of Thieves.

Author Montana Griffith ( ago)
No offense, but the Xbox 360 graphics were better than this. Lets please not go back to the 80's graphics. Please.

Author zack last name unknown ( ago)
agony was just disturbing

Author Dynamic M0n0 ( ago)
Lol 3rd one is just bf1

Author FarkingLoL ( ago)
Most of these look uninteresting and pretty boring. But HOLY FUCK does the Friday the 13th game just look like the biggest pile of shit ever. Jeeeesus.

Author MaryAnn Stephenson ( ago)
why are they replacing nathan drake?

Author Damian cyhanick 133113 ( ago)
I believe someone should make a civil war game

Author Arroze ( ago)
Make sure to check out Agony, the perfect game for your psycho child!

Author Andrew Payne ( ago)
"Improvise" *runs someone over*

Author meme69erxD ( ago)
Friday the 13th looks like a walking simulator

Author DarkMatter879 ( ago)
yet another shitty uncharted game.

Author GamersxXxLand Max ( ago)
I'm looking forward to Injustice 2 because I loved the first one 3 years ago

Author DarkMatter879 ( ago)
sniper ghost warrior 3 = dishonoured+wildlands.

Author Butter 'Em Up ( ago)
well agony is gonna get a FT for f'in terrifying

Author ʍρhɨą αяєf ( ago)
Can't wait for Sea Of Thieves, no really good online pirate games.

Author Christian Rogers ( ago)
I'm getting Friday the 13

Author Gameingwithjoe ( ago)
Friday the 13th and prey. Im so excited

Author HextechHD ( ago)
"Best"? Consider me disappointed.

Author Bowser Juniors adventure ( ago)
wonder what battalion sounds like battle feild 1

Author Hsjsjsjz Sjsjsjsjs ( ago)
sot only on xo and pc rip

Author Leonel Bernardo ( ago)
Uncharted lost legacy looks amazing ❤️😜😜

Author I'm a turtle ( ago)
agony looks satanic asf

Author Ginoboyy_NL ( ago)
Agony is the same as the PC game. FOREST

Author D40 Motionzz ( ago)
The guy who is voices the green lantern is the guy from zombies dempsey

Author Angel Roxana ( ago)
AGONy omg !! very good game ! :D <3

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