The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming Soon on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the 12 BEST Upcoming Games to ABSOLUTELY play this Spring 2017! The best & newest games coming in April, May & June 2017! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

1:48 Little Nightmares

3:35 Battalion 1944

5:35 Agony

7:45 Uncharted The Lost Legacy

10:44 Sea of Thieves

13:06 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

14:24 Friday The 13th Game

15:40 Prey

18:20 Injustice 2

20:07 The Surge

22:03 Dirt 4


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Author Ryan Nguyen ( ago)
Is Laura Croft in the lost legacy?

Author I Am Batman ( ago)
should do a game about the purge and make it part mmo and not sure who is going to kill you or not or help you.

Author Justin Magno ( ago)
Thank you for putting the titles in the description.

Author Exercite Seu Intelecto ( ago)
Lot of shitty games huh

Author heyboobsniceGirl ( ago)
shit graphx bro

Author Guery ( ago)
Lol all these games are shit

Author drabent99 ( ago)
the surge, rest is bullsh@t

Author Bhagwan Khetade ( ago)
B p

Author sanjeet arun ( ago)
I miss the character Ghost

Author noah anderson ( ago)
my wallet is going to be crying.

Author Fabio Gampl ( ago)

Author Roger Combo ( ago)
I need a werewolf game!!!! Somebody!

Author GREEDY GAMEZ ( ago)
why did they stop sea of thief

Author Animal Mother ( ago)
Why does battalion look like it came out in 2005?

Author Man Of Evil Steel ( ago)
Only games I'm looking the most is: Cyberpunk 2077 Days Gone Red Dead Redemption 2 Spiderman Destiny 2 Middle Earth Shadow Of War Injustice 2 Friday The 13th The Game God Of War and The Last Of Us Part ll

Honorable mentions:
Uncharted The Lost Legacy
Escape From Tarkov
Last Year
Kingdom Come Deliverance
Battlefront ll

Author Alisha wung ( ago)
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Author Meowsiph Stalin ( ago)
What in the actual fuck is Agony???? How fucked up in the head do you have to be to play that game like wtf is wrong with people...

Author Jimbo Jam ( ago)
Rising Storm 2 looks like it could be the sequel to Call Of Duty: World at War!

Author Apacaveli Tha Don ( ago)
Sniper ghost war 3 looks fucking dope

Author ArthaxtaDaVince777 ( ago)
Lol garbage, 2017 was a let down man. Most especially Mass Effect. But atleast we got Ringed City. DS never dies.

Author Ac1dWater ( ago)
Well I'll be dammed, a game that uses Swastikas! Well played!

Author Reinhardt ( ago)
I don't really see any worth buying.

Author Rocketman3344 blakely ( ago)
agony reminds me of fucking mixed dantes inferno and silent hill

Author WeanieGaming ( ago)
why is battalion on here what in god's green earth

Author The Engineer ( ago)
Games I'm looking Forward to In 2017

1. Little Nightmares
2.Last of Us 2
3.Friday the 13th

Honorable Mentions:

1. Uncharted: Lost Legacy
Reason: I wasn't Really into The Series

2.Sea of Thieves 
Reason: I Wish I would Play the Game with friends but That would Require me To Get the Scam Member Ship AKA PS plus. And there free games Suck..

Author Bradlee Marcy ( ago)
I just love watching a bunch of nobodies play a sea game... my god that was cringy. Half these games are junk, and the other half is just repetitive shit we've seen created already. The only exception to this game set is Prey, and Friday the 13th. The gaming industry has gone to shit in the last 4 years, and i don't see a way out.

Author Briskeh ( ago)
number 13: halo 3 anniversary

Author xXGamerForLifexX 209 ( ago)
I hope this year we have bo1 on ps4 and roblox

Author 25eshu ( ago)
my 7 yr old kid is gonna love playing agony during our late night gamming sessions

Author KAY JAY Johnson ( ago)

Author KAY JAY Johnson ( ago)
Another uncharted

Author killer 360 ( ago)
you forgot Ace combat 7

Author Evan Arensen ( ago)
Guy #1: what are you doing? Our destination is over there!
Main character: I'm improvising

Author Alexei Maistruc ( ago)
Agony must be WM18

Author Artorias The Obese Walker ( ago)
These games dont really look that good... kinda uninteresting

Author Serendipity Music ( ago)
Prey: The Half Life Simulator

Author Marauder1981 ( ago)
Don´t forget Battletech.

Author MadBlade 12 ( ago)
10:26 Lara Croft in Uncharted?

Author Joshua Nelson ( ago)
This list sucks ass

Author Superpooperscoper ( ago)
tbh the pray mimics just looks like they copied half life

Author Gol D. Roger ( ago)
is the battalion 1944 thing real the footage looked shitty and the guys had call of duty 2 boxes by there computers

Author Wolf Gamer ( ago)
The one that I'm interested in
1. State Of Decay 2
2. Sea Of thieves
3. Cities Skylines Xbox One Edition

Author Son Of Troy ( ago)
Man..... these games suck

Author Steven Moultrie ( ago)
Eh I think the best one is little nightmares, injustice 2 and uncharted lost legacy. Out of all injustice 2 is the best

Author H03 Benjamin Stonehouse ( ago)
Haven't watched vid yet but I hope red dead redemption 2 on this list who's exited for that game ????😊😊😊😊

Author Time Heist ( ago)
looks like the only advertisement YouTube has left is Nissan because its the only one ive seen over and over and over on every video i watch and you cant skip the damn thing! im really getting sick of seeing it

Author AlawyIbra ( ago)
agony is interesting game

Author Frank ( ago)
all these games are dispointing not in graphics way but gameplay its all the same from other games just in diffrent dress all im waiting for is NFS underground 3 or some shooter coming out like battlefield 4 or new tekken but theres nothing like to cheer for ghost recon wild lands was good looking but in 2 weeks you kinda did finish the gameplay.

Author Dovydas Staponas ( ago)
Only the pirate coop one looked fun and maybe the little nightmare, but everything else looks pretty boring.

Author xXx_Utube_User_MLG420_xXx ( ago)
another shit videogames year, ill have to wait til 2018

Author Desmond Donaldson ( ago)
Kim Kardashian?

Author Contrust ( ago)

Author Atinverd ( ago)
SGW3: "Improvise" *runs a guy over*
Sea of Thieves looks like the pirate beta from last year.
FT13 looks great
Prey looks like the Half Life 3 y'all been waiting for
Injustice 2 i'd like to see more of

Author itsScope ( ago)
are these freE?

Author melissa lanier ( ago)
rising storm looks bad ass need be on console's

Author BigBeastGamer ( ago)
dirt 4 looks like a game I used to have with the wheel and everything

Author Jonathan Tran ( ago)
all these games suck

Author savage dude132 ( ago)
I also want to play rising storm 2 Vietnam

Author savage dude132 ( ago)
I want to play sniper ghost warrior 3

Author Elijah Paul Patriarca ( ago)
Thank God for Uncharted 5!!!

Author Savage Dog ( ago)
Is it just me or does sniper ghost warrior 3 it was seem like wildlands

Author IntexFusion ( ago)
The graphics in sniper ghost warrior aren't that good

Author Rikard Galfi ( ago)
looks like its going to be a crappy year

Author Toad El Psycho ( ago)
Wow. I'm not impressed by none of this shit. I'm gonna checkout Injustice 2 though

Author MrWalalaa ( ago)
the surge looks like shit

Author hue toob ( ago)
No one wants yet another world war 2 game. Everyone was sick of it being beaten into our skull in school then we had to endure it in the virtual world repetitively.

Author Aryoza Aryoza ( ago)
The last good game I've played was The Witcher 3. And none of these will be half that good.

Author i want to get sucked Off ( ago)
1:07 " Go Deep inside"

Author Abdelwahab Taoufik ( ago)
downlod it now

Author Deathly_challenger ( ago)
little nightmares gave me a limbo vibe

Author Luke ( ago)
Some of these games look promising and interesting (Little Nightmares, Agony) while others look very, very bland (Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Battalion 1944)

Author Derek Lohr ( ago)
Is it just me, but these games are weak as fuck! There ideas are running out and the graphics are getting worse!

Author LitGeekSquad Official ( ago)
prepare for downgrades...

Author kobe carreto ( ago)
nobodys going to buy agony thats for sure

Author Michael Edenfield ( ago)
Well. agony is going to be banned in Australia.

Author PNK PNK ( ago)
alot of bullshit....

Author Godri ( ago)
sly cooper come on'!

Author Sérgio Canali ( ago)
am i the only one who would like a triple A vietnam fps?

Author Jacob Longman ( ago)
It's kinda sad about battalion 1944 as the next cod will be in WWII so it might not do as well

Author Harsimran Kaur ( ago)
I liked the (Friday 13th! !) that game is going to be awesome! !!!!!!!!!!

Author Steven Postmus ( ago)
What is agony about

Author Zach Stacy ( ago)
What has this world come to.... we really let kids play a game about being a demon in hell? This isn't Spawn we're talking about guys... that's truly demonic and disturbing. Kids playing that game are going to end up killing small animals before you know it. Wow I'm so ashamed. Hell is not something to be considered a game. Demonic whispers while sacrificing people... all time low for humanity.

Author kozaczyna85 ( ago)
you show boring games..

Author James Madison ( ago)
injustice gods among us sounds fun

Author Gamer Zombie ( ago)
sub me plz

Author The Concan ( ago)
Everything here is garbage and/or will be hit by heavy downgrades.

Rising storm 2 may be good if it's anything like Battlefield vietnam.
Sea of thieves could be good depending on how it compares to Blackwake.
Prey may have interesting story.
Racing game looks good, but it's a racing game, slight suspicion it might be like all other racing games.

Author Flaming Potato ( ago)
Halo 6?

Author uniekenaam verzonnen ( ago)
Best fellow gamers,
Read this comment very well.
all these upcoming games will be full of glitches, bugs, ugly graphics, a storyline that suck, gamebreaking stuff, and other garbage.
you'll spend your money and you'll play the game for a few days, maybe weeks.
and than you'll realize that you play pure garbage. all of this because the game developers lazy and greedy.
so you addicted to good games you played and for now you will be hypnotized with this trailers that look like movies and everything high graded in it.
now we have to stand up and don't buy these garbage games to let these developers know you can't mess with us.
please make a good decision.

Have a nice day everyone!!!!!

Author Max Mad ( ago)
have you people ever wonder. only in videos games & movies the governments are always the bad guys & in real life they do bad things & stress the people but the people don't react to it like in movies or games.

Author TheOtherClone ( ago)
What game is thumbnail? I immediately thought army of two when i saw it.

Author Skull Crusher ( ago)
i know it just released now but you could have put for honor somewhere in there..

Author S3XY REAGAN IAM ( ago)
wth is agony. jesus

Author MetalheadRob Redbar ( ago)
Little nightmares is the only game that looked good imo. Seems like all the others are only about looking good graphically.

Author Chad White ( ago)
This looks like free games from the App Store those graphics through and most of those are already made

Author Jammie Games ( ago)
Sniper ghost warrior looks good

Author Jalen Green ( ago)
yo im straight on that demonic vampire game

Author Samuel Dingui ( ago)
Battalion 1944 I Can't wait

Author DanielHamer ( ago)
It is such a pity that the quality of newest games is continuously dropping... In the previous years I had games to look forward to... Now... This list really doesn't make me wanna buy anything... I will be waiting for Resident evil 2 Remake,Final Fantasy 7 remake and Death Stranding instead

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