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Title: PYLOT - Shadowtask
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Runtime: 4:4
Comments: 378

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Author Hubert Krawczyk ( ago)

Author Santiago Medina ( ago)
What music?

Author FOOTBALL Myth ( ago)
2:20 mad talented he is!

These people awsome

Author TheNerfDk ( ago)
im from denmark

Author Jacob Lahaie ( ago)
she is flexible 3:19

Author Jacob Lahaie ( ago)
0:57 homemade segway

Author Chris Matinet ( ago)
great video...except take out the basketball shots, they aren't even close to being impressive. skating backwards down a hill on one foot is or balancing and muscle control on the human body definitely is.

Author TreFe ( ago)
I think people were more awesome 2016

Author Дима Калинич ( ago)
tru gym 0:24 channel!!!

Author Martijn Ravenstijn ( ago)
That woman at the end is the ultimate limbo champion

Author Shakib Munshi ( ago)

Author Jye Spanner ( ago)
0:28 we finally found someone stronger than John Cena

Author Valkyrie Kinq ( ago)
How does she do that @Then end

Author Sonny Lummes ( ago)
a lot of these are like a real, real life assassins creed

Author game geek ( ago)
0:44 he looks like Deadpool...... plus 1:03 spider Man spider he does whatever a spider can

Author Weeb Warfare ( ago)
Love shadowtask this song is so good

Author ETech Recyclers ( ago)
WOW - WOW - WOW!!!!

Author RoboGlock ( ago)
Hermes daughter right there

Author Just Another Random Guy ( ago)
this is what i call awesome there is no awesomeness in risking your life

Author Димитрий Пахомов ( ago)

Author Hem T ( ago)
That's not the first time that lady has juggled big balls. Same goes for the man.

Author the great CHEESE ( ago)
ppl are shit! now piss off!

Author Rift Mystic ( ago)
That guy like the third one was lifting a foam weight like hahaha

Author bert luis ( ago)
That chick was a real life Hermes from Futurama lol

Author Dickin Mcnugget ( ago)
shit! that's what that bump was when I left for work this morning.....

Author suresh kolsekar ( ago)
difficult to judge who is the best but i am partial about skaters

Author Matthew Covey ( ago)

Author pilla santosh ( ago)
this is my child time stunts

Author Anthony Primicerio ( ago)
the chick at the end is straight out off my nightmares.

Author Dasme Sha ( ago)
I can do that

Author takeru CHANNEL ( ago)

Author DIRT McGIRT ( ago)
0:23 lightweight crossfit plates. 0:56 a crossfitter on his way to blowing his back out.

Author Jake And Sarah Health Nuts ( ago)
that ending lol

Author who's your daddy ( ago)
that last chick broke the record for most savage wedgie

Author steve b ( ago)
EASY to indoor rock climb when you have a ROPE pulling you up.

Author Play now or die ( ago)

I... Have... the power!!!

Author Play now or die ( ago)
Thumbnail is the first clip? holy shit

Author Victor Given ( ago)
Fitness is a selfish thing, caring for others or helping others is awesome.

Author Gacek. Dnb ( ago)
Limbo girl kill it

Author chirpy the warrior ( ago)
1:03 i wish I could climb like that

Author Rod Long ( ago)
0:02 is where all the magic happens

Author US Citizen ( ago)
I can lift my beer to my mouth with one hand.

Author Marko Kuzmanovic ( ago)
blame social media

Author Cutey Mee ( ago)
188 people work for NASA and CIA

Author Chris In Minneapolis ( ago)
to focus on sports and attribute that to amazing people is just stupid. most of this is just pedestrian with little to no meaning or reason. amazing people effect others most of these people are all about themselves.

Author Venktesh Babu ( ago)

Author EazyDuzIt187 ( ago)
some assassins creed shit goin on

Author dunruden ( ago)
Definitely going there next time I need a new muffler fitted!

Author Sgt. Hoffman ( ago)
3:18 she dodges the car, like Neo did to bullets in matrix

Author Sgt. Hoffman ( ago)
3:18 she dodges the car, like Neo did to bullets in matrix

Author pomodorek78 ( ago)
those kind of videos always inspired me... the only limit human got it's just in their heads

Author Ashaun Walwyn ( ago)
that limbo made me think that if she can do that I could beat usaint bolt

Author Sam Dilworth ( ago)
If anyone out here is reading this comment and wants to see just how awesome people are, type this in on youtube -Insane Bike Race Must See It-. When you type that in and watch the video you will see how awesome people are. the video has sick music and sick bikes. wait until you see the accidents. youll thank me later for sending you to such a awesome video. Enjoy it I no I did. that video Inspired me to buy my 07 Yamaha R1

Author Vivek Nayak ( ago)
Real Life Nathan Drake

Author John S ( ago)
There's got to be 150 count potatoes not liking this

Author allthehuesofblue :D ( ago)
the second guy was a power tumbler. good job dude!

Author Pseudo Mortality ( ago)
Guy with walker probably had workers comp calling him the next day, "So what's this about you were hurt on the job and can't return to work?"

Author MelonThrower ( ago)
lol I can't even skate holding onto someone never mind super fast, backwards and only one 😂

Imaging if two of them collided..... would it create a black hole?

Author Pabin Tamang ( ago)
what's the name of song???

Author Nathan Wilson ( ago)
Really! I can barely jump rope...

Author Brandon Does everything ( ago)
Grandpa can still move

Author Soveryverytrue ( ago)
That Turkish get up though

Author Theodore Roosevelt ( ago)

Author Homie Beluga ( ago)

Author Journeyof Happiness ( ago)
I could do all of that .......

Realized I said that from a couch eating chips....

Yeah I could totally do that.

Author 1wor1d ( ago)
3:38 Did anyone notice the pervert with the camera hiding behind the couch,
trying to add a camel toe photo to his collection??

Author 1wor1d ( ago)
2:57 Why was he having so much trouble skipping??
It's not that hard!!

Author Andrea Fairley ( ago)
was that an actual old man at 0:07

Author Henry McCallum ( ago)

Author GraffitiIstKunst ( ago)
1:01 Assassins Creed Style :D

Author Onyx gaming ( ago)
dude people are sometimes so weird

Author JuTroXx ( ago)
The Last Girl... :O

Author Alvaro Matias ( ago)
2:50 Where is that?

Author Christian Hurtaco ( ago)
Still trying to figure out what was so special about the one at 2:50

Author pork grind ( ago)
the reason hospitals exist

Author Kailey StarTube ( ago)

Author Oskar Königsson ( ago)
Nice vidio

Author clem72tro ( ago)
People are awesome or failarmy?

Author Jamaal Jones ( ago)
Number 3 looks like weird al

Author XAmeliaX ( ago)
Not to be mean or anything but that guy with the weights at 00:30 something like that. It wasn't real because when he dropped it at the end it just made a tiny noise. But if you dropped a real one of those, it was hurt your ears and make you move. But oh could also se win the mirror that they just sat there when he dropped it. Anyone else notice?

Author Shiran Shwartz ( ago)

Author gamerKid ( ago)
0:50 2 fast 4 me

Author Kristel Koivistoinen ( ago)
houli shed

Author Dancan Chibole ( ago)
am only awesome at being rejected by girls😂 I think I should start a channel

Author RaGe_ Epikz ( ago)
2:43 i think thats thor.

Author Lalrimoi Ngamlai ( ago)

Author Muhammed Ali ( ago)
3:23 paranormal activity

Author Nokjen Pangtha ( ago)
Nice 1

Author Michael Harris ( ago)
That transition from the jump-roping dude to trampoline guy was some slick editing...

Author максим коваль ( ago)

Author Mr.Wood& DaliroTM ( ago)
3:43 really????

Author dagurday walker ( ago)
The last girl was like an octopus just wow

Author brad6785 ( ago)
3:17 100% stripper

Author Jen Tuesday ( ago)
These videos inspire me to get active.

Author Riley V ( ago)
DAT grandpa is pro

Author anas mohamed ( ago)
lol this old man made me laugh with tears

Author only-one earth ( ago)
Love it !!

Author Jakir Miah ( ago)
nice videos

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