Louise Minchin Stocking Tops

The One Show, Stockings Flash

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Author The Good Shite ( ago)
why would the fucking bitch wear stockings then try to hide them?

Author monsieur62 ( ago)
Louise is so sexy, what I wouldn't give to get up that skirt.

Author lecco666 ( ago)
I had a girlfriend who always wore stockings and always deliberately let
her skirt ride up to flash s-tops. Indeed her skirts were always chosen to
be just that bit too short to adequately cover the banding when seated.
Loved sitting next to her in the car when she drove. Her skirt would ride
up gradually higher and higher, well past the stocking tops. I'd end up
parting her thighs and stroking her panties.

Author boobtuber06 ( ago)
wonder if the produce or AD had her wear those to get some 'titillation

Author Red Jones ( ago)
WOW over 2 million shots >>>>>>>

Author Michael Davies ( ago)
My cock is so stiff once more for Louise in her black stockings, I love it
when she's doing an interview and directing her crossed legs towards the
guest, that really makes my cock throb....mmmm, very nice! Oh how I would
love to shoot my load onto Louise's legs and cover her nylons and her black
skirt with my hot spunk & then she could lick my spunky cock clean and I
could watch my cum drip from her mouth and down onto her chin. I'm almost
ready to cum now for you Louise.

Thank you Louise, you are so much nicer than Susanna Reid who has turned
into one of the umpa lumpas from willy wonka with her orange skin, stupid
bitch! 07/04/15

Author theunwrittenone ( ago)
A thick black border marking a boundry so delicious to cross..

Author Ttalkerr ( ago)
the welt peeking out from under the hem is so hot!

Author Peter Nicklin ( ago)
sexy black stockings, wrapped around my waist pumping my 10 inch cock
inside you louise

Author charliexoy ( ago)
i wonder if she shaves or no shave ?? in any case the stocking idea was
well thought out by her

Author stulli stullenwerfer ( ago)
louise farting in stocking

Author gavin mcleod ( ago)
louise was certainly looking to please the viewers or on the hunt for a
man, what a dirty slut she is

Author Jubber Ronnie ( ago)
Louise in black stockings and on all fours !!!!

Author Richard Henry ( ago)
Watch Susanna Reid top totty:-) 

Author mothy01966 ( ago)
she is lovely

Author 166PolarBear ( ago)
Louise comes across as such a bubbly woman but what is she doing with such
awful short hair, I'm sure she would look so much prettier with long blond

Author Richard Henry ( ago)
would love to hump Louise in black tights

Author MrAlwaysBlue ( ago)
I'd give her one

Author Dontwannaname ( ago)
0:06 - milf

Author EX7R3M3 ( ago)
that little whore.

Author dicky wicky ( ago)
Where are they?

Author John Jacob ( ago)
Landofcams . com always has girls in stockings ;)

Author pixiesprimecut ( ago)
Ding...Dong ! me the Thong !

Author moonspots01 ( ago)

Author Yute Hube ( ago)
Its not enough that we have to endure this watered down rubbish EVERY
FUCKING NIGHT of the week but now we have YouTube clips with over a million
views where it is a clip of that very show? We are all fucked...

Author GrooveRocker ( ago)
I didn't spot her crack ??

Author TintoBrassic ( ago)
no they're not

Author Gockle of Geer ( ago)
When she has left the studio I bet everyone sniffs the sofa where she was
sat ... I know I would ! :)

Author mothy01966 ( ago)

Author chooselife3000 ( ago)
I've seen her stocking tops and those of other young women. Went to a works
party the other year and the HR manager attended after work, but she
changed into an ultra short mini skirt, dancing on stage and revealing
clearly the tops of the lacy stocking tops and the naked flesh above. What
does it make me think? I'd pure love to fucking smash the shit out of all
of them. And with this behaviour and dressing style, they are inviting me
to do so. You're welcome.

Author chooselife3000 ( ago)
this is no particular accident :-).

Author misternylon ( ago)
Why are you even here? The title of the video was fairly self explanatory

Author Robert Lane ( ago)

Author Michael Hilton ( ago)
Lol. Very nice.

Author beary5793 ( ago)
Id love to pinch her minch dirty sexy bird

I wouldnt mind munching Minchin`s minge..quite a mouthful :)

Author n136h ( ago)

Author wayne stockton ( ago)
she knows what she is doing or she would be wearing tights

Author yokoshemp ( ago)
Was no accident. Any woman knows a short skirt is going to ride up and give
the guys a thrilling flash. My guess is she was hunting a man. Hope she got

Author john mcvitty ( ago)

Author Largactyl Kid ( ago)
Very honoured to see your stocking tops!

Author Lola Twinkle ( ago)
Poor love,she must've had a minge full of thrush....

Author shauntaylor2000 ( ago)
mucky cow

Author mothy01966 ( ago)
Been here before, I think she is very sexy & would prefer if she only wore
stockings & nothing else.

Author Dilson Belper ( ago)
Have to say that guy next to her is a complete wanker

Author 3chel3 ( ago)
I think she got the "pull your skirt down please" in her ear piece from the
director as you can see her glancing at the monitor as she makes her self
decent :-) On the other hand she might be a kinky flirt loving every minute
of it. I used to work with a very attractive young lady who always wore
very smart business skirts who used to..........................

Author copstolemywife ( ago)
Not a good looking woman but still sexy.

Author dandyfireman ( ago)
Cracking spot, my friend!

Author La1 ( ago)
Well it would save people showing the video of her stockings on daytime TV
years later.

Author La1 ( ago)
She should wear tights if she's wearing a short dress on tv.

Author littletiki1 ( ago)
do juicy bitches like her know just what they're doing to us red blooded

Author derekthesec ( ago)
Louise looks beautiful

Author maddave999 ( ago)
mmm i'd love to do some munchin on her minchin

Author djsuploaded ( ago)
Horny old MILF

Author captaincomputa ( ago)
Dirty bitch

Author mark caine ( ago)
But why wear a dress so short on tv ? its obvious it going to ride up dont
these women presenters thing ahead and be more careful in what attire they
are going to wear, if she had worn a longer skirt then she would not have a
problem of always pulling down her dress, but it was nice while it lasted
hey guys lol

Author ChristmasTrax ( ago)
Oh sorry I must have misunderstood your comment. I thought you were mocking
people for watching this video which made me wonder why you were then
watching it. It is all sorted out now though so Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year

Author Nikki Klass ( ago)
Who's claiming to be the height of cool ? Weird.

Author ChristmasTrax ( ago)
why are you watching this if you're the height of cool!

Author lee mont ( ago)
she needs one fired up her

Author Douglas Angus ( ago)
@tospicy4ya In your dreams. She is mine.

Author tectorama ( ago)
Well, I think she's the best female presenter on breakfast TV. Better than
the awful Sian Williams, or the theatrical Susanna Reid, who likes to keep
pulling faces.

Author tospicy4ya (437 years ago)
GET THIS VIDEO OFF that's my wife!!!

Author TheGodParticle ( ago)
dirty cow, i bet shes gagging for it..

Author NoRedFlags ( ago)
The lovely or what!

Author Nikki Klass ( ago)
It's an underskirt you desperate little cretins.

Author firebladedave ( ago)
Amazing very sexy Lou xxxx

Author dirtypervert66 ( ago)
Louise is the tops- the stocking tops xx

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
Louise 'Minge-munchin' Minchin. Mmmmmmmm, almost a million people, can't be

Author Robert Jose ( ago)
@TheMasterNo6 Must be a handful for whoever on the production team has to
watch her to make sure she doesn't try to be too slutty. She wishes she was
as sexy as Sian

Author paddy9i99 ( ago)
That'll boost her career, she is a contrived cunt anyway

Author TheGodParticle ( ago)
Dirty slut, she loves it.

Author theQuestion626 ( ago)
@stockingsonherlegs well that's what makes people take the new seriously.
Attractive, slutty and scantily clad women who fucked their way to the top.

Author Harold Shand (700 years ago)
@arcimeedees Your 8 inch what?

Author TheMasterNo6 ( ago)
I'm sure the prodcution team via her earpiece told her to pull her skirt
down. I wonder if she wears outfits that show a bit of leg top or cleavage
really for her husband if hes at home watching her on tv...either that, or
she really is wearing these items to show off a bit and titillate male
viewers a bit-one does wonder as there are moments where it does seem
intentional on purpose-yes, I'd do her too.

Author moofsah ( ago)
Dirty slut. I'd do her.

Author Peadeatric ( ago)
Man alive i have wanked so many times to this M.I.LF. she is sensational.
If you type in Louise Minchin panties on google you will find a site which
has her topless (glorious tits) with little lacy ones downstairs.

Author Mark Moran ( ago)
@electronicjimbob Don't all women??

Author SuperPragma ( ago)
@dalength you are simply jealous that I could score a hot piece of ass like
Minchin, while you must settle for Sue Barker

Author SuperPragma ( ago)
@dalength No, I fucked her ass instead

Author 007bondspy ( ago)

Author CradaOC ( ago)
@ProperMuzik -yeah we should kill ourselves because a woman in stockings
turns us on you must be a right faggot queer sausage jockey and a virgin!!!!

Author Alfred Limescale ( ago)
@GriefTourist Ha Ha excellent response. Me too !!!

Author Disley74 ( ago)
Loves playing the slut! Great

Author GriefTourist ( ago)
wouldnt say no to a sniff of those tights

Author satts shettyenko ( ago)
i find this video very difficult to masturbate over

Author satts shettyenko ( ago)
i find this video very difficult to masturbate over

Author SuperPragma ( ago)
@dalength You need to fuck off and die.

Author adoptoid62 ( ago)
@martoman75 that's why god invented pillow cases

Author martoman75 ( ago)
@Professor6871 no, that's why i posted the comment. if you are a sensitive
to these things then don't use the internet. i shudder to think the birds
you pull, if any, if you think she's attractive. i imagine your in your
late 40's, live in a single room at your mum's and spend hours wanking your
brains out watching dogs having sex with fat women.

Author Professor6871 ( ago)
@martoman75 Rather offensive don't you think. I think she's rather
attractive but if she doesn't look like Jordan then she hasn't got a chance
in your considered view. Start growing up there.

Author SuperPragma ( ago)
@dalength How about you go fuck yourself. Nobody else will.

Author neilmac991 ( ago)
is that louis the jew with the beard?

Author dandis0707 ( ago)
500 thousand views for this ugly old nobody! sorry but if she was ever hot
musta been a few decades ago

Author SuperPragma ( ago)
I want to fuck her wet cunt and cum in her mouth.

Author Stevesopenmind ( ago)
@martoman75 Hey!!..I,ll be her Jolly Roger..and I,ll give her a Jolly good
Rogering :)

Author Stevesopenmind ( ago)
This was accidental on purpose..Alex Jones did the same a couple of weeks
ago,still a nice sight tho..but I prefer Alex

Author steve hewitt ( ago)
wow !!

Author mothy01966 ( ago)
a good facial would be good for her.

Author MrWeekendoff ( ago)
filthy fucking mare.

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