Louise Minchin Stocking Tops

The One Show, Stockings Flash

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Author DieterVonTeuchmann (5 days)
she's not pretty...she ain't no Emily Maitlis

Author Jubber Ronnie (15 days)
Louise in black stockings and on all fours !!!!

Author Shamus Mcfamus (1 month)
Very sexy Lady indeedy....... dare to wear and reveal stockings.... must be
for the boys hey Louise !!
Thanks to up loader..... :)

Author Richard Henry (4 months)
would love to hump Louise in black tights

Author mothy01966 (1 month)
she is lovely

Author 166PolarBear (3 months)
Louise comes across as such a bubbly woman but what is she doing with such
awful short hair, I'm sure she would look so much prettier with long blond

Author ChristmasTrax (1 year)
Oh sorry I must have misunderstood your comment. I thought you were mocking
people for watching this video which made me wonder why you were then
watching it. It is all sorted out now though so Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year

Author Lola Twinkle (1 year)
Poor love,she must've had a minge full of thrush....

Author sexy99006 (3 years)

Author TintoBrassic (10 months)
no they're not

Author MrWeekendoff (3 years)
filthy fucking mare.

Author tectorama (1 year)
Well, I think she's the best female presenter on breakfast TV. Better than
the awful Sian Williams, or the theatrical Susanna Reid, who likes to keep
pulling faces.

Author wayne stockton (1 year)
she knows what she is doing or she would be wearing tights

Author fleemonstay (2 years)
Did anybody notice the sound was out of sync.

Author john mcvitty (1 year)

Author mothy01966 (1 year)
Been here before, I think she is very sexy & would prefer if she only wore
stockings & nothing else.

Author yokoshemp (1 year)
Was no accident. Any woman knows a short skirt is going to ride up and give
the guys a thrilling flash. My guess is she was hunting a man. Hope she got

Author JOHNBASTOW (3 years)
Good on you Louise! Were they hold-ups or suspenders? Keep up the good
work. Love J. XXXX

Author hujintao3 (2 years)
minchin is one dirty slut

Author skELATOn (1 year)
Is your comment serious?

Author adoptoid62 (3 years)
@martoman75 that's why god invented pillow cases

Author Peadeatric (2 years)
Man alive i have wanked so many times to this M.I.LF. she is sensational.
If you type in Louise Minchin panties on google you will find a site which
has her topless (glorious tits) with little lacy ones downstairs.

Author luvnylonlegs (4 years)
Love that sneaky peek of her stocking tops on her legs, great clip, well

Author mark caine (1 year)
But why wear a dress so short on tv ? its obvious it going to ride up dont
these women presenters thing ahead and be more careful in what attire they
are going to wear, if she had worn a longer skirt then she would not have a
problem of always pulling down her dress, but it was nice while it lasted
hey guys lol

Author electronicjimbob (3 years)
she knows what she's doing. in the trailer was showing off her cleavage,
then after she was asked to cover up she still showed off her stocking
tops. she loves the attention...

Author gnamp (4 years)
she should keep her minge in. Old hag.

Author firebladedave (1 year)
Amazing very sexy Lou xxxx

Author wikichris (3 years)
Not quite as pretty as her colleagues which is why she's making up for it
with this. New contract + pay rise for Minchin...

Author Robert Lane (1 year)

Author Tarah4826 (3 years)
I think that she is not afraid of taking chances and she is a woman who
knows her own strength. --> - Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M - -

Author Stevesopenmind (3 years)
@martoman75 Hey!!..I,ll be her Jolly Roger..and I,ll give her a Jolly good
Rogering :)

Author Ozz19801 (3 years)
dispite the fact her head isnt the best i would still go straigt through
her..amazing what a short dress and stockings do for a moose!!

Author pixiesprimecut (8 months)
Ding...Dong ! me the Thong !

Author mothy01966 (1 year)

Author loydcrucial (3 years)
I would bang the arse off her for sure.

Author Chuck Norris (2 years)
Louise 'Minge-munchin' Minchin. Mmmmmmmm, almost a million people, can't be

Author ninelivecat (4 years)
Awesome She looks stunning

Author TheMasterNo6 (2 years)
I'm sure the prodcution team via her earpiece told her to pull her skirt
down. I wonder if she wears outfits that show a bit of leg top or cleavage
really for her husband if hes at home watching her on tv...either that, or
she really is wearing these items to show off a bit and titillate male
viewers a bit-one does wonder as there are moments where it does seem
intentional on purpose-yes, I'd do her too.

Author Dilson Belper (1 year)
Have to say that guy next to her is a complete wanker

Author GrooveRocker (10 months)
I didn't spot her crack ??

Author dicky wicky (7 months)
Where are they?

Author TheGodParticle (1 year)
dirty cow, i bet shes gagging for it..

Author djsuploaded (1 year)
Horny old MILF

Author mothy01966 (3 years)
a good facial would be good for her.

Author chooselife3000 (1 year)
this is no particular accident :-).

Author weeweeeewee (10 months)
Its not enough that we have to endure this watered down rubbish EVERY
FUCKING NIGHT of the week but now we have YouTube clips with over a million
views where it is a clip of that very show? We are all fucked...

Author IIIEX7R3M3III (7 months)
that little whore.

Author stockingsonherlegs (4 years)
Saw this too shame they told her to cover her tits up first clip I saw she
had no White top under her dress .......great tease of stocking though she
looks uncomfortable ....why not sure she looks so shaggable more please

Author moonspots01 (9 months)

Author skELATOn (1 year)
Yeh, but based on the uploaders reasons for posting it and all of us here
for the same reason, your comment doesn't work here. You pointed out the
obvious too late, in the wrong place :) I'm not havin' a dig. Its the same
if some bloke uploads a female presenter showing cleavage, all the comments
are men perving and you point out she should do her buttons up... ya know.
Its obvious, not insightful and contradictory to the point of the upload.
So whats your name? Suzanne yeh? How're you anyway?

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