My Body Transformation [DavidBF]

I'm Spanish, I have 20 years and this is my transformation in 3 years...

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Author JowettMG (5 months)
How tall are you? Awesome abs!

Author CARLOS GUSTAVO (11 months)

Author Sam Little (1 year)
you dont want to get too skinny cause its bad for your health and you can
even die if your bodyfat levels remain under 5% for sustained periods of

Author TehAviatiic (1 year)
I'd take a guess and say he's using Anavar steroids :p

Author Luís Maria Branco (1 year)
Amazing job!! What kind of workout/nutrition did you take? In general... i
know it's hard to state all but the main changes that you fel that helped.

Author CARLOS GUSTAVO (1 year)

Author conatcha (1 year)
Muy bien, David. Procura conservarlo.

Author Andrea Comoglio (1 year)
buenisimo, no me cuadran mucho los kg, mucho salto, pero estas en mis
transformaciones favoritas!!

Author Martin Wenzl (1 year)
70kg? way too skinny

Author Fred Barrie (2 years)
Hope you can translate....not only do you have awesome abs, everything is
equally impressive. Like a magazine.

Author Tart Monster (2 years)

Author Smock-H Smock-WeeD (1 year)
T'as un bon avantage genetique mec (y) les abs

Author TheSlong101 (2 years)
nice steroid acne and nipple growth dude ;)

Author Ryan Dizbro (2 years)
killin it with the shitty dance music

Author ScreeAT (2 years)
good job man, I#m now on my 77kg looking like you with your 79kg way to go
for ripped abs

Author José-Manuel Alcalde (2 years)
a fucking midget haha

Author mliniman (1 year)
hes tiny, just low body fat. that is easily achievable in 3 years.

Author pspman2007 (2 years)
how tall were you?

Author RollingEight (2 years)
so you went from skinny, to chubby, to cut?

Author Raaatcher (2 years)
Muscle is more dense, therefore, for the same amount of each, muscle is
heavier (I actually made a mistake in my first comment). Saying that both
weigh the same is just stupid. Heavier is based in a comparison, it is made
based on density, of course. Still, I'm right and you made a horrible

Author Adam Sheppard (2 years)
He would ahve got a lot bigger using steriods

Author mark jenkins (2 years)
Said no one ever...

Author SkrOsGYMTV (2 years)
No se trata de simplemente "engordar" se llama estar en una dieta alta en
calorias, mas un entrenamiento intenso. asi se crea la mayor masa muscular
posible.. ya que estas dandole todos los nutrientes a tu cuerpo que
necesita. una de las cosas que pasa es que sube uno de peso lijeramente por
el exeso de comida. pero no es mucho.. solo uno se ve muy "ancho" mas no
gordo. si quieres saber mas sobre ese tipo de cosas, visita mi canal.

Author xFiDy (2 years)
these forms are not obtained naturally.

Author James BONGO (1 year)
was 1 or 2 cycles? *SMH*

Author Andrea Comoglio (1 year)
tio este es uno de los mejores videos de transformacion q he visto. pero me
pregunto, como bajaste 9 kgs y subiste tanto de musculo. algo no cuadra con
el peso... yo estoy en la semana 10, he empezado con el clenbuterol, y por
cuanto rajado ya estaba, he perdido 1 kg mas, pero eso tu subiste de
musculo y perdiste 9 kg?? enhorabuena tio

Author Luorhan Machado (1 year)
stanozolol, winstrol, whatever

Author Comment (2 years)
The dream body: mission accomplished

Author Redkoala974 (1 year)
after 1:10 = roids time

Author Venenillo Mahoney (1 year)
Muy buena transformación, David. Estupendo eso de subir peso a más de 80
para luego perder toda la grasa sobrante y definir, bajando a un peso muy
aceptable. 3 años de duro entrenamiento dan sus frutos. Si eres tan amable,
¿podrías poner la dieta que sueles hacer? Gracias.

Author Luorhan Machado (1 year)
stanozolol :D

Author Ruben Figueiras (2 years)
that´s the best compliment you could ever give to a natural guy,shame on

Author Leonardo La Torre (2 years)
Go home gandalf, you' re drunk...

Author Fenomenoe9 (2 years)
how man,. just how :s

Author Diynho Gomes (2 years)
Tomo anabolizante :D Com certeza!

Author Sergio Padilla (2 years)
español como nooo!! ole tu polla chaval :P

Author Paulo Pontes (2 years)
How do you get dry just the fat from your body?

Author Vova Saydak (1 year)
Seems interesting, but .I did -15 lbs in 2 weeks.Visit\#IrHvFlw

Author BlackShock185 (1 year)
Genial men felicidades :)

Author Marcelo f (1 year)

Author Anthony Baker (1 year)
3 years of quality, hard work. Definitely natty. Looking aesthetic as fuark

Author robijsr (2 years)
Hey there, have you heard of yet? Just visit that
website at On their website you can watch a useful
free video demonstrating how you can build visible lean muscle easily. This
made it easier for James to overcome his muscle mass building stagnation
and therefore build toned muscle without fat very quickly. I hope it works
for you too...

Author SuperNaturalBodyBook (2 years)
Very nice physique. I'm starting my own transformation, I'm on day 4 it's been 3 days and I've lost 12lbs. Check out my videos if you're

Author BBMG TRILL (1 year)
cuz abs are all about food

Author Don Sitjaipetch (2 years)
Clearly I'm not that intelligent but I'll put that down to typo's ;)

Author Cristi xz (1 year)
Second song please?

Author jorge Hudzon (2 years)
nice men ;)

Author Gravitate (2 years)
do you ever do squats or deadlifts?

Author Raol Xhumari (2 years)
what do you eat?what's your routine workout?share body pls..

Author bdprofessional (1 year)
Hello there, have you considered "Musclegend" (just search Google)? There
you can watch a good free video explaining the right way to gain noticeable
lean muscle really fast whilst losing unwanted fat simultaneously. Steve is
among the numerous guys who had great success making use of this approach.
It might work for you too...

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