My Body Transformation [DavidBF]

I'm Spanish, I have 20 years and this is my transformation in 3 years...

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Author JowettMG ( ago)
How tall are you?  Awesome abs!

Author CARLOS GUSTAVO ( ago)

Author sam w ( ago)
you dont want to get too skinny cause its bad for your health and you can even die if your bodyfat levels remain under 5% for sustained periods of time.

Author Andrea Comoglio ( ago)
buenisimo, no me cuadran mucho los kg, mucho salto, pero estas en mis transformaciones favoritas!!

Author CARLOS GUSTAVO ( ago)

Author Luís Maria Branco ( ago)
Amazing job!! What kind of workout/nutrition did you take? In general... i know it's hard to state all but the main changes that you fel that helped. Congratulations!!

Author conatcha ( ago)
Muy bien, David. Procura conservarlo.

Author TehAviatiic ( ago)
I'd take a guess and say he's using Anavar steroids :p

Author Pragadishwaran M.P ( ago)
Crazy clip. Excellent movie. My cousin had been a flabby. He went from 293 lbs of pure fat into 205 lbs of full-strength muscle mass. We think it is incredible! I just signed up myself because I'm hoping to get heftier muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...

Author JOHN BODEN ( ago)

Author Smock-H Smock-WeeD ( ago)
T'as un bon avantage genetique mec (y) les abs

Author Facundo Barboza ( ago)
que estatura tenes?

Author CBO Burguers ( ago)
soi espanyol al principion entrnavas cada dia responde por favor

Author giannis tillos ( ago)
ofcourse not my friend he took steroids to loose the fat...

Author luis eduardo ( ago)
Que rico ♥♥

Author Luorhan Machado ( ago)
stanozolol, winstrol, whatever

Author Luorhan Machado ( ago)
stanozolol :D

Author Michael Jahnke ( ago)
Hey guys, I’ve gain muscle mass very fast and easy by following the best customized nutrition from I’ve tried other programs in the past but this one is the best. Follow MAXIDALE.COM for best results. How does the hospitable night surpass the behavior? Why does the cooperative motion accelerate the smile? The responsible swim informs the debt.

Author Bryhan Agüero acosta ( ago)
como sacaste esos abdominales tan perfectos ? un saludo

Author mliniman ( ago)
hes tiny, just low body fat. that is easily achievable in 3 years.

Author mliniman ( ago)

Author Luke Williams ( ago)
all haters, the guy says hes 70kgs. if he had takes roids he would be much bigger, plain and simple logic.

Author dont care ( ago)
did u chisel in your abs?

Author James BONGO ( ago)
was 1 or 2 cycles?

Author Santosh Vatrapu ( ago)
Yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

have a look here

Author Masud Rana ( ago)
Hey, have you heard of "MuscLeader" (look on Google)? There you will find a smart free video explaining how you can develop noticeable muscles very fast while dropping body fat at the same time. Ryan and plenty other guys had good success by using this methodology. Hopefully it will work for you also.

Author Andrea Comoglio ( ago)
tio este es uno de los mejores videos de transformacion q he visto. pero me pregunto, como bajaste 9 kgs y subiste tanto de musculo. algo no cuadra con el peso... yo estoy en la semana 10, he empezado con el clenbuterol, y por cuanto rajado ya estaba, he perdido 1 kg mas, pero eso tu subiste de musculo y perdiste 9 kg?? enhorabuena tio

Author Davide Osmelli ( ago)
I train in the gym for 10 years consistently (natural) but do not have your abs.

Author Sougpar Sadiq ( ago)
Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. check it out here

Author benancioheller ( ago)
Controla esa gine

Author Ash Rock ( ago)
Its great you got stronger, but looks fake sorry.

Author Vova Saydak ( ago)
Seems interesting, but .I did -15 lbs in 2 weeks.Visit\#IrHvFlw

Author Cristi xz ( ago)
Second song please?

Author geografi beograd ( ago)
how tall are you?

Author Ashraful Islam ( ago)
Hello, have you heard of "MuscLeader" (look on Google)? There you can watch a good free video explaining the way to develop visible muscle mass quickly whilst dropping unwanted fat as well. Fabian and many other guys enjoyed great success because of this approach. It may help you too.

Author george pliak ( ago)
what steroids do you use?

Author Igor Tarabik ( ago)
Hey! I'm Nicole.I did -30 lbs last 30 days.Go to\#H4s8V

Author Marcelo Feldes ( ago)

Author Mohan Kumar Annadurai ( ago)
yep. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. btw!but ye One of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. worth watch here now

Author fuckryw ( ago)
Me podrias decir el ciclo?

Author kirshma gurung ( ago)
They laughed when I told them I would get ripped with "Elite Muscle Formula", but then they saw the results. Do a search on Google for Elite Muscle Formula to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

Author Lucas Oliveira ( ago)
How tall are you?

Author Masoud Houssein Hassan ( ago)
Stop hating it is possible to gain that shape in 3 years. I gained 35 pounds in just 1 year....

Author Zyzz Trance Music ( ago)
lol nice

Author Martin Wenzl ( ago)
protein, protein, protein SURE YOU HAVE TO EAT PROTEIN, but no, protein powder isn't necessary. Watch your protein intake from your solid food, if you realize you can't get your intake goal, then take a help - supplementation (protein powder) Hope you understand

Author Martin Wenzl ( ago)
70kg? way too skinny

Author Ángel Carreño Sánchez ( ago)
yo ahora peso 58kg y mido 1.85m estoy como tu en las primeras fotos jaja

Author 78361000 ( ago)

Author Ignacio Nicolas Vernal Rojas ( ago)
song of shit.

Author Jeroen Aerts ( ago)
u're right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Between In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. worth watch here now >>>

Author funkdafied ( ago)
how long did it take you to achieve that? and whats your workout regimen?

Author Potito D'Cicuta ( ago)
Muy buena transformación, David. Estupendo eso de subir peso a más de 80 para luego perder toda la grasa sobrante y definir, bajando a un peso muy aceptable. 3 años de duro entrenamiento dan sus frutos. Si eres tan amable, ¿podrías poner la dieta que sueles hacer? Gracias.

Author Anthony Baker ( ago)
3 years of quality, hard work. Definitely natty. Looking aesthetic as fuark bro!

Author Masoud Houssein Hassan ( ago)
Yeah bro, non the less great transformation.

Author Denzel M. ( ago)
Good job! But the 6 pack does seem kinda TOO good, almost looks fake

Author bdprofessional ( ago)
Hello there, have you considered "Musclegend" (just search Google)? There you can watch a good free video explaining the right way to gain noticeable lean muscle really fast whilst losing unwanted fat simultaneously. Steve is among the numerous guys who had great success making use of this approach. It might work for you too...

Author jason samuel ( ago)
mhmm i think i see roids acne

Author kosala kalhara ( ago)
Have you seen "Blistering Fat Loss"? (Go google it) It is a quick way for you to lose fat fast.

Author hasikunsan ( ago)
you are correct. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. i found it here ->

Author Sahharian Knifer ( ago)
gr8 job bro

Author MAFLSTAR ( ago)
Soy curioso de su dieta

Author BlackShock185 ( ago)
Genial men felicidades :)

Author Leonardo La Torre ( ago)
Go home gandalf, you' re drunk...

Author Magureanu Mihai ( ago)
My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with "Atomic Max Muscle", but then I showed them the results. Do a search on Google for Atomic Max Muscle to see their reaction.

Author sufy kazi ( ago)
amazing ab genetics perfect symmetry

Author MegaManiackiller ( ago)
2nd song name?

Author mark jenkins ( ago)
Said no one ever...

Author Martin Wenzl ( ago)
yes time to gain to 90kg and cut down to 80kg just for a bigger body, 70kg is too low

Author Innocent Girl ( ago)
wow I love his body

Author santi amen ( ago)
jajajajajajajjajajaj huele a muchas proteinas y muchas drogas! venga ligon q con tanta mierda que te has metido al cuerpo ligas seguro ;) ya me cuentas de mayor el destrozo que te has hecho... seguro q tienes menos fuerza...

Author anas anchu ( ago)
If your desire is to get ripped, make sure you Google search for "Aston Muscle Ripper". You are going to get the body you should have.

Author Avihay amar ( ago)
too ripped if u ask me.

Author MiguelitoECC ( ago)
flipaaaa.. si has metido cambio.... como se nota q definiste enserio ehhh! yo ti empezando..habe si llego a algo asi! porfavoo ve preparando la comida yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Author Fresh Berry ( ago)
Jeje, pues yo quiero un novio así! :D Wow, pero de verdad que cuerpo tienes, me enamoré!

Author roshnigi ( ago)
SICK!!!! Time to put one some more weight ;)

Author Jonathan Frias ( ago)
1:14 wow jaja re cuadraditos tiene los abdominales jaja

Author Florin Rusu ( ago)
It is naturally lol . If you work hard and do exercises correctly .

Author @Killer_How@ ( ago)
pump, pump is sure the guy does not get that size in 3 years doing naturally

Author channelin ( ago)
steroids straight up

Author charlie dia a dia ( ago)
now is beatiful your muscles:/

Author David4Fly ( ago)

Author realzaragoza69 ( ago)
Ya puedes hacer mucho mas pecho,hombro y biceps,de lo demas perfecto.

Author Paulo Pontes (317 years ago)
How do you get dry just the fat from your body?

Author Diynho Gomes ( ago)
Tomo anabolizante :D Com certeza!

Author Diynho Gomes ( ago)
com certeza!

Author mauvador lindo ( ago)
tomo bomba !!!

Author tom sop ( ago)
@owkzurp u're right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye My senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. you can see it here -->

Author Raaatcher ( ago)
You are stating obvious facts. But, when you compare the weight of two different things, it is per unit of volume. Thats density (mass/unit of volume). That's all it is. You are saying muscle is more dense (obvious, my 5 year old sister know it) but weighs the same (just an absurd statement). 5kg of fat weigh the same as 5kg of muscle. True. But muscle weighs more than fat, as it is more dense + comparisons are per unit of volume, as I said. You're trying to sound smart yet you are looking dumb.

Author Don Sitjaipetch ( ago)
Clearly I'm not that intelligent but I'll put that down to typo's ;)

Author Don Sitjaipetch ( ago)
A horrible comment! It's simple maths. A pound of muscle weights the same as a pound of fat, the same way a tonne of coal weights the same as a tonne of feathers. Muscle is denser than fat, which means it takes up less space than fat. Muscle takes up approximately four-fifths as much space. I'll leave it at that, you're not very intelligent.

Author Raaatcher ( ago)
Muscle is more dense, therefore, for the same amount of each, muscle is heavier (I actually made a mistake in my first comment). Saying that both weigh the same is just stupid. Heavier is based in a comparison, it is made based on density, of course. Still, I'm right and you made a horrible comment.

Author Don Sitjaipetch ( ago)
A pound of fat weights the same as a pound of muscle. Muscle is more dense.

Author thesharkman9007 ( ago)
no he is Definitely not natural...he is beyond that...he is in the..... "hard work" zone,A normal fatass like you would never know about that

Author F Word Pictures ( ago)
154lb is not the weight of a steroid user LOL

Author Raaatcher ( ago)
Haha exactly, that's why more fat weighs the same as less muscle. Thanks bro!

Author thesharkman9007 ( ago)
hahah you meant muscles weighs more than fats not the other way around

Author Adam Sheppard ( ago)
He would ahve got a lot bigger using steriods

Author Sanderley Filho ( ago)
Name of last music please

Author Raaatcher ( ago)
Just quit man, these fat dicks are ignorant. Worst thing is, they don't want to learn shit either.

Author Raaatcher ( ago)
That's because you are probably fatter than him. Fat weighs more than muscle. A lean 90kg dude would look RIDICULOUS. An average 90kg tall person is a bit fat, 22% I'd say.

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