Boyd Coddington charley hutton quits at Boyd Coddington

mja charley hutton quits at boyd coddington watch the last bit of the movie its verry sad

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Author GusBRGameplay ( ago)
Someone please... I don't understand the part when he says somebody wants

Author Terry Duerr ( ago)
and again Boyd is a huge boner with no understanding of how work goes. if
you find anything that can better your life or career take it and that's
how it goes

Author FerrariDMC ( ago)
Look how Charlie was polite when they sat down. Then look who freaked
out... This was typical BC,and a great example of why you don't treat
people like this...

Author Kane Paranihi ( ago)
boyds just rotten carcus now.

Author Mark Wallsmith ( ago)
Not to say anything bad about the departed but Boyd was a dickhead

Author hoplite46 ( ago)
BC loser

Author GusBRGameplay ( ago)
".... when you leave somebody's house and you share a friendship ???? ????
fucking competition, you try to kill us in the first place anyway, ok?
Which I told you it was a piece of shit...." couldn't get the whole thing

Author Eddie Tenimiento ( ago)
fuck you bastards! this is a low way to get attention. i hope you burn in

Author mraperish ( ago)
this boyd guy is a fukin wanker.

Author Lucky Bob ( ago)
Boyd really acts like a big man there. I never really liked him. Just his
cars, even though he never seems even do anything with the builds.

Author waswestkan ( ago)
I have gone years without cable or Sat. TV this is strange to watch I
assume this is "reality" TV for cameras to be where they are I barely
followed the street rod scene since I became disable so I don't know who
the players are anymore Jesus time moves on friendship doesn't mean you
can't change remain friends

Author matthew james ( ago)
he was banging his wife

Author jlarsena ( ago)
Who wouldn't work for Chip? Boyd sure made it easier when he said it's a
chicken shit thing to do. I would've said the chicken shit thing to do
would be to stay. Leaving is courageous, not chicken. I bet Charlie didn't
have to work long hours with Chip either.

Author xpmark1 ( ago)
There is no way I would ever work in that shop.I definitely would not be
happy with that work environment.Boyd acted like he held all the cards,but
he doesn't.Very abusive work environment.That guy who is Boyd's right hand
man is an overbearing jerk.

Author skag187 ( ago)
you've GOT to treat the guys doing the real work right. management in that
shop is pretty abusive, and if the "other guys" shop has AC, and the boss
doesn't stand on your neck while you try to work, well I say make the move
for you, and your family

Author muzeltuf ( ago)
Good on ya charley Stuff the selfish self centred money hungry old prick
(and that's not trolling...thats saying it how it is !)

Author matt1618john146 ( ago)
Charlie didn't go to the "competition", Boyd never was any "competition" to
Chip. Chip is just the BEST.

Author billy357magnum1 ( ago)
Only the rat Duane could tolerate Boyd, the only thing making that shop
work was because his guys have a real passion for restoring cars, if it was
say an ordinary auto repair shop it would have been a revolving door with
employees who else in their right mind would put up with those 2.

Author Greg Cueva ( ago)
Yeah your right! She had to sleep with that asshole, I'm sure if not
Charley it would have been someone else. I met him ( Charley) and allot of
the crew who worked there more then a few times, and they were all nice
guys. Aside from Duane and Boyd was a self absorbed asshole! To say the

Author mardamek ( ago)
can you blame him? lol

Author Tristan Wolff ( ago)
well...look at it this way chip foose is celebrated, shelby was a great
man, and who talks about boyd anymore? nobody. how well do his cars sell at
barrett jackson...enough said.

Author cct9625 ( ago)
We had dinner, we have breakfast, we had anal sex.

Author RealCamelToeJockey ( ago)
Boyd was a crappy boss and human being ... its all about him and everyone
else coold go fuck themselves. Fuck Boyd!!!

Author Martin Spasovski ( ago)
Charley was banging Boyd wife.. haaaaa :)

Author Smack Orino ( ago)
i don't watch this show so i don't understand all the drama, but i do know
this: no woman is going to cry like that over a man unless she's getting
the DICK

Author 6977warrior ( ago)
defiantly or definitely? 2 different meanings

Author mynameisray ( ago)
How ever he served that long under Boyd and Duane is beyond me, glad in the
end he did what was best for himself.

Author Greg Cueva ( ago)
Charley was fucking Boyds wife, I bet no one knew that RIGHT!! LOL!!

Author Greg Cueva ( ago)
Well said, Boyd was a real fucken asshole!! No one really liked the guy,
and Chip is a real human being. Thats why he's still alive and everyone
likes him.

Author Patrick Evans ( ago)
i never saw boyd build 1 dam car it was always the people who worked for
him & they were the one working 80 hours a week wonder why so many left??

Author Pacros Siljo ( ago)
oooo shittt.he got Boyd wife.o yes yes yes yes yes.he got her 100
percent.yust see guys body language of her and interract when she find that
charlie will go.and how she be scared that boyd now the true about her and
charlie,and then boyd tell her that charlye will quit working.ufff

Author GusBRGameplay ( ago)
Is chip foose the devil as he said? lol

Author Gregory Dean ( ago)
sounds like charlie was a important part of boyds success.

Author ndspeedster ( ago)
amazing how many videos on here are of guys quitting or being fired... must
not be a great place to work. now boyd is dead so it doesn't matter I guess

Author Goober Songuns ( ago)
To Boyd Customers were friends ! Employees were just slaves ! Hail Hail the
slave master is dead !

Author Goober Songuns ( ago)
Boyd is dead .. Chris is one of the best painters in the world .. Chip Wins

Author jshdwhite79 ( ago)
sorry, *traitor

Author jshdwhite79 ( ago)
It's funny how all these people left to go to other shops and open their
own businesses. I saw a Foose interview, and he said working at Boyds shop
help him understand how to run a business and helped refine his fab skills.
Boyd however always said Foose was a trader. There are a lot of talented
designers and builders that had worked for Boyd, and leaving that shop made
them Boyd's enemies... I think his personal affairs don't detract from the
work he's done, but he was selfish.

Author jinxtacy ( ago)
A trader huh?

Author Mama Misa ( ago)
He was good at managing his people but in selfish ways and that's what made
him successful as a boss. I'm sure he was a great builder but as a boss to
him, most employee would leave just like Foose did eventually.I'm sure
money is not the reason why Charlie left. Money was probably the only
reason why he was sticking around. When you get your employees fear you,
you can get a lot done and profit more, in most cases, until the good ones
leaves. Chip on the other hand seems to be the opposite.

Author davyboy176 ( ago)
Charley was packing Boyds wife with the meat injection obvious ; )

Author theslimeylimey ( ago)
Boyd purposely took on jobs with stupid short delivery times and expected
his employees to sacrifice their personal lives to get it done. Respect?
Don't make me laugh. If Boyd was great to work for, guys would not have
quit but that never occurred to Boyd who always blamed everyone else. Boyd
even got pissed at the guy who broke his leg while snowboarding [on his own
time] and called him stupid because it was going to affect the shop and he
should never have gone snowboarding. Douche.

Author Compton2952 ( ago)
Noel St. John, you are pretty much a worthless pos, "piece of shit" for
stating that. You are one sick un-human being.

Author moterdude1959 ( ago)
He must have had a good reason to leave from such a well known shop like
Boyd's. I think maybe he was not treated well like not enough pay for one
thing and maybe he had to much pressure to have things done. I don't really
know the situation. He was really close to the wife there to it looks like
in this video. She is pretty hot looking to.

Author Bob Barker ( ago)
Charlie was definitely porking Boyd's ho wife. Charlie probably quit
because he knew Boyd would eventually find out if he didn't leave.

Author Bob Barker ( ago)
Hey idiot, the word is TRAITOR, not trader. You sound like you're as big of
an asshole as Boyd was.

Author liberatorofwar ( ago)
hey Boyd is the legend! if your gonna go to another co. never! never! the
enemy as far as i'm concerned "FUCK YOU CHARLIE!" your a fucking trader!
loyalty, honor, respect does that mean anything? Christ at least start a
little one car garage and Boyd would kick jobs your way but no! you got to
sleep with the enemy and stick the shiv up the gladiators back cause i like
both chip and Boyd but everyone knows Boyd is the Daddy and has been doing
it longer

Author MrSkitzo82 ( ago)
maybe if he wasn't such a self-centered asshole then maybe he could keep
the good employees

Author A1985 A1985 ( ago)
hold on so that chick crying was boyds wife at the time??????

Author upsyndrome ( ago)
Treat people like human beings and not Machines Boyd...FUCKING IDIOT

Author upsyndrome ( ago)
that GOOF Shop manager still works there..I hate the mother fucker needs a
punch in the mouth

Author Santino Caceres ( ago)
One of the best episodes of the series.

Author Melissa Luna ( ago)
he went to foose cause boyd is a asshole to his

Author Garry Lafferty ( ago)
Charlie is no fan of mine when he shit on Boyd.

Author zeroturn03 ( ago)
Charlie was sleeping in the master bedroom

Author Michael Torrance ( ago)
Yea Charlie was defiantly banging boyds wife.

Author Edgardo Amado ( ago)
I think Charlie banged the hell out of Boyd's wife ...... Man she is gonna
miss him

Author blueyota4x4 ( ago)
They had "breakfast."

Author mark rice ( ago)
Just because Boyd didn't like Foose, doesn't mean everybody else has too!!!
By the way, I never ever heard one thing bad about Foose. Heard a lot about
Boyd though.

Author silverss onyoutube ( ago)
HAHAHA charlie loved banging boyds hot milfy wife .

Author David Starr ( ago)
Lol.. TV Drama.

Author teddylilley ( ago)
don't think boyd ever knew the meaning of the word friend

Author Scott Garnett ( ago)
Charlie Hutton was/is an absolutely amazing car painter.

Author kevvsrevvscustoms ( ago)
See , that's what I was talking about , Charlie let life run him instead of
making life work for others ...

Author ben bowman ( ago)
boyd accuses chip of stealing his employee's,,,maybe boyd would be stealing
chips employees if he treated his employee's better.

Author ben bowman ( ago)
one of boyds EX-FRIENDS,,that he used to be friend to/like family..BOYD is
your friend unless you compete against him,,,no wonder nobody showed up to
boyds funeral.

Author bullseyejack ( ago)
Boyd was a trendsetter in hotrods, but he wasn't worthy to polish Foose's

Author MORRISON7585 ( ago)
For all you bosses out their. Your fight and disagreement with someone
doesn`t mean everyone you employ, including family and friends must take
your side in the argument, otherwise they are traitors to you. Your fight
with Foose was yours and yours alone Boyd. Only a tyrant dictates how you
must feel about someone. It really bothers me just how unhappy everyone is
when it came to working for Boyd. The fact that his enemies had to be your
enemies was fundamentally wrong on all levels of fairness.

Author FCM ( ago)
Sad and annoying.

Author Vill Pill ( ago)
I bet they alk left with Charlie. Now that's boyds is closed

Author bajabug1303 ( ago)
charlie was FLIRTING with her for sure come on bros, you alll know how
flirts smooths the workday.

Author Greenberet ( ago)
Boyd only considered charlie his true friend and like a son as long he was
working for him(was the same with foose if u dont know)see?i was just
charlie decide something diferent to his carrer that he became a traitor
and bla bla bla,Boyd is arrogant ego maniac who only considered "friends
and family"as long they doing his bidding,true friends try to understand
each other and support as best they can

Author Chopchopchop ( ago)
Who wasn't?

Author DJGMOTO ( ago)
There's a reason Boyd lost people to Foose, Boyd was an asshole slave
driver. Who wouldn't want to go work for Foose instead of Boyd back then?

Author trashy10 ( ago)

Author Francisco Serna ( ago)
Boyd was a ego maniac and a arrogant dirtbag fucker had lots of ex friends
he call them

Author rick daz ( ago)
WTF is up with that silly bitch crying and carrying on, he was defintely
fucking her and my guess is Boyd would watch

Author MehdiTheSlave ( ago)
@ samuel foose shut up and mind your biz , boyd was a douchebag and
everyone in his shop knew that thats why they left !!!

Author Jeff Osborn ( ago)
Saying he would "could go right to god and tell him that is the last time
Charlie and I need to talk" might have been pushing his luck.

Author Daniel Seppings ( ago)
Boyd Coddington accused Chip Foose of betraying him and stealing his copy
right hot rod designs also setting up a program and taking his co-workers
in bribes and quick backs, as he states in this video Chip Foose has tried to repair the damage he
caused to Boyd Coddington and American Hot Rod program with this video

Author charvel1959 ( ago)
Oh yeah! an d the emotional blackmail from the man stealing blond hoar was
beyond belief! what a mutt!!

Author charvel1959 ( ago)
What an evil vindictive little fucker than man was, thank fuck he's dead.

Author chadb234 ( ago)
It's not really stealing an employee when you're such a douche bag
employer. Boyd was a prick. The world is a better place without ya Boyd,

Author Kully ( ago)
R.I.P Boyd. Great show here in the UK. Get ya family back Charley.

Author JusSkott ( ago)
Common problem with owners / managers of any company. They get emotionally
upset and start flipping out is when the employees leave on their own
terms. To sit there and end a friendship over a man doing what he needs to,
so he can provide for his family, is a classic example of insanity.

Author sik59rt ( ago)
boyd was always a douche and hadnt done his own work for years....cant
imagine why everyone left him

Author cb3961 ( ago)
and who could possibly work for a little Hitler idiot like Dwayne !!!

Author uChakide ( ago)
Why does quitting mean they can't keep their relationships...the problem is
way too many defined themselves and others by what or where they work.

Author TommyKx ( ago)
whilst boyd has his moments..... wishing death on someone in the car
community is on par to them acting like a dick if not worse..... RESPECT is
key to real Motoring and car enthusiasts mate.....

Author mrbobsshow ( ago)
That was the ONE AND ONLY TIME I agreed with Duane "Let him go for 6 weeks
and bring him back" That would have been the SMART thing to do. Boyd is a
ego maniac

Author c6rocks ( ago)
I think Duane is relation. So He's stuck there.

Author skirkland1980 ( ago)
Boyd Coddington is full of himself

Author BuckMcLean ( ago)
Boyd constantly bitched that Chip was stealing everyone away from him. But
did he ever stop to consider why it was so goddamn easy? Simple. Everyone
was always looking for a way out. With the single exception of that nut
licking pussy, Duane.

Author bob owens ( ago)
charrley buffed that ass out :)

Author Alpha Bravo ( ago)
Who cares where he goes after...

Author WeinerNumismatics ( ago)
Boyd was full of shit

Author taurusguy95 ( ago)
Yeah, Charlie was hitting that for sure!!!

Author TheGoldvarg ( ago)
They used to have three-ways with Charlie in the middle.

Author Garry Lafferty ( ago)
He rode is employees hard what boss dont.He would be a no body without
Boyds name.Charlie screwed Boyd if he left company to start his own shop.
Thats one thing.But to go work for the devil in Boyds eyes.You dont fuck
your friend like that.

Author Garry Lafferty ( ago)
Boyd gave Charlie a name.He would be a regular old body shop guy without
Boyd and his name.

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