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Author Garry Lafferty (2 years)
Boyd gave Charlie a name.He would be a regular old body shop guy without
Boyd and his name.

Author Mark Wallsmith (1 year)
Not to say anything bad about the departed but Boyd was a dickhead

Author Gregory Dean (1 year)
sounds like charlie was a important part of boyds success.

Author KGPDK (2 years)
Boyds mind during the conversation "ME ME ME ME ME ME ME" Charleys "Family
family family family" He worked late for boyd for a long time...where were
the appreciation...

Author Mama Misa (1 year)
He was good at managing his people but in selfish ways and that's what made
him successful as a boss. I'm sure he was a great builder but as a boss to
him, most employee would leave just like Foose did eventually.I'm sure
money is not the reason why Charlie left. Money was probably the only
reason why he was sticking around. When you get your employees fear you,
you can get a lot done and profit more, in most cases, until the good ones
leaves. Chip on the other hand seems to be the opposite.

Author Daniel Seppings (2 years)
Boyd Coddington accused Chip Foose of betraying him and stealing his copy
right hot rod designs also setting up a program and taking his co-workers
in bribes and quick backs, as he states in this video Chip Foose has tried to repair the damage he
caused to Boyd Coddington and American Hot Rod program with this video

Author myredute (2 years)
Absolutely right.This guy hogged the limelight & was an arse hole to the
people who mattered.No wonder these guys
quite.Pressure,pressure,pressure,all the fucking time.Sandman1832 is right
on the money!

Author Tony Branton (2 years)
Typical egomaniac type that uses extreme cars to symbolize his lack of
sexual prowess. The wieners I've known since high school all tried to
compensate for impotence with muscle cars or something representing power.
It's so stupid. I love it when they wrap their ass around a tree and kill a
you g mother with her kids in the process. Speed AIN'T COOL. It's a
disrespectful way to show your ASS!

Author keensweep (2 years)
I just lost some respect for Boyd... I had such a large impression of his
character. Wow Just Wow!

Author SmethiousReborn (2 years)

Author Gustavo Oliveira (1 year)
Someone please... I don't understand the part when he says somebody wants

Author bajabug1303 (2 years)
charlie was FLIRTING with her for sure come on bros, you alll know how
flirts smooths the workday.

Author tyme4mike (2 years)
Everytime Boyd is in the middle of one of his asshole situations, guess who
is right there stirring the shit? Duane, Duane, the prostate pain. He would
make a great cow's rectum cleaner for a dairy farm. He should be working at
the local grocery store picking fly shit out of sugar with boxing gloves.

Author jshdwhite79 (1 year)
sorry, *traitor

Author liberatorofwar (1 year)
hey Boyd is the legend! if your gonna go to another co. never! never! the
enemy as far as i'm concerned "FUCK YOU CHARLIE!" your a fucking trader!
loyalty, honor, respect does that mean anything? Christ at least start a
little one car garage and Boyd would kick jobs your way but no! you got to
sleep with the enemy and stick the shiv up the gladiators back cause i like
both chip and Boyd but everyone knows Boyd is the Daddy and has been doing
it longer

Author silverss onyoutube (1 year)
HAHAHA charlie loved banging boyds hot milfy wife .

Author Compton2952 (1 year)
Noel St. John, you are pretty much a worthless pos, "piece of shit" for
stating that. You are one sick un-human being.

Author ben bowman (1 year)
one of boyds EX-FRIENDS,,that he used to be friend to/like family..BOYD is
your friend unless you compete against him,,,no wonder nobody showed up to
boyds funeral.

Author TheJihadsoldier (2 years)
@ samuel foose shut up and mind your biz , boyd was a douchebag and
everyone in his shop knew that thats why they left !!!

Author Garry Lafferty (1 year)
Charlie is no fan of mine when he shit on Boyd.

Author Bob Barker (1 year)
Charlie was definitely porking Boyd's ho wife. Charlie probably quit
because he knew Boyd would eventually find out if he didn't leave.

Author Goober Songuns (1 year)
Boyd is dead .. Chris is one of the best painters in the world .. Chip Wins

Author mynameisray (1 year)
How ever he served that long under Boyd and Duane is beyond me, glad in the
end he did what was best for himself.

Author jlarsena (1 year)
Who wouldn't work for Chip? Boyd sure made it easier when he said it's a
chicken shit thing to do. I would've said the chicken shit thing to do
would be to stay. Leaving is courageous, not chicken. I bet Charlie didn't
have to work long hours with Chip either.

Author olikat8 (2 years)
That's why I could only ever stand watching a few of the shows. I thought
it ironic that they product said anything like "Boyd Coddington Hot Rods"
because I never saw him even work on one.

Author MORRISON7585 (1 year)
For all you bosses out their. Your fight and disagreement with someone
doesn`t mean everyone you employ, including family and friends must take
your side in the argument, otherwise they are traitors to you. Your fight
with Foose was yours and yours alone Boyd. Only a tyrant dictates how you
must feel about someone. It really bothers me just how unhappy everyone is
when it came to working for Boyd. The fact that his enemies had to be your
enemies was fundamentally wrong on all levels of fairness.

Author chadb234 (2 years)
It's not really stealing an employee when you're such a douche bag
employer. Boyd was a prick. The world is a better place without ya Boyd,

Author David Starr (1 year)
Lol.. TV Drama.

Author Santino Caceres (1 year)
One of the best episodes of the series.

Author Greg Cueva (1 year)
Well said, Boyd was a real fucken asshole!! No one really liked the guy,
and Chip is a real human being. Thats why he's still alive and everyone
likes him.

Author musclecar rocklover (2 years)
Charley made a good choice many dead lines and late hrs and quality
tumbles (one bad job and your a has been ) far as Jo,s and Charlie "
friendship" thats all it was they were best,s possible for
opposite sex,s to be just that

Author waswestkan (1 year)
I have gone years without cable or Sat. TV this is strange to watch I
assume this is "reality" TV for cameras to be where they are I barely
followed the street rod scene since I became disable so I don't know who
the players are anymore Jesus time moves on friendship doesn't mean you
can't change remain friends

Author ben bowman (1 year)
boyd accuses chip of stealing his employee's,,,maybe boyd would be stealing
chips employees if he treated his employee's better.

Author Nunye Bizznezz (2 years)
What a freaking jerk off! How can you consistantly push people/deadlines
like that? I can't imagine, even if I had the money, throwing something in
his direction knowing that he's always pushing a deadline on something.
What about all of the cars in the background in the shop? Who is working on
those projects?

Author boowonder888 (2 years)
You are right, most guys there were strange dudes. Like that Beetle Baily
and that fat douche bluebear and many others. Dwayne and Boyd too. Remember
Sr saying "vinnie didnt leave because of me" and told vinnie that he made
him? Sr has his own issues too. The milf is hot!

Author ARCSTREAMS (2 years)
guess his wife is back on the market then,,unless shes with charlie now

Author Greg Cueva (1 year)
Yeah your right! She had to sleep with that asshole, I'm sure if not
Charley it would have been someone else. I met him ( Charley) and allot of
the crew who worked there more then a few times, and they were all nice
guys. Aside from Duane and Boyd was a self absorbed asshole! To say the

Author Tristan Wolff (1 year)
well...look at it this way chip foose is celebrated, shelby was a great
man, and who talks about boyd anymore? nobody. how well do his cars sell at
barrett jackson...enough said.

Author Cliff King (2 years)
Maybe if you wer'nt such an asshole the help wouldnt be jumping ship!!!!

Author jdguy23 (2 years)
my dad tryed selling his wheels allways got screwed stupid idiot

Author islandteacher013 (2 years)
TOXIC! Toxic work environment, Toxic friendship, Toxic loyalty. Coddington
was a dick to all his people. He wants employees who give all... yet claims
HE did everything! Good riddance.

Author rick daz (2 years)
WTF is up with that silly bitch crying and carrying on, he was defintely
fucking her and my guess is Boyd would watch

Author skag187 (1 year)
you've GOT to treat the guys doing the real work right. management in that
shop is pretty abusive, and if the "other guys" shop has AC, and the boss
doesn't stand on your neck while you try to work, well I say make the move
for you, and your family

Author Melissa Luna (1 year)
he went to foose cause boyd is a asshole to his

Author Kane Paranihi (1 year)
boyds just rotten carcus now.

Author taurusguy95 (2 years)
Yeah, Charlie was hitting that for sure!!!

Author ARCSTREAMS (2 years)
yeah i didint know lol i have not kept up with that show for a long while
but realised this recently,,thx,,so what happened to the company? its funny
i was chatting with liz miles a while ago and she didint say nothing about

Author hellno50 (2 years)
Boyd adn Duane are dickheads thats why everybody bails on him.

Author Bob Barker (1 year)
Hey idiot, the word is TRAITOR, not trader. You sound like you're as big of
an asshole as Boyd was.

Author trashy10 (2 years)

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