Women's wrestling. Submission wrestling

Namazon Club (St.-Petersburg). The trainings.

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Author arthie cummings (7 months)
what a great come from behind submission victory!
is this what Russian mommies do while daddy is at work?

Author Tom Snyder (4 years)
I'd like to train with them girls

Author Vladimir Ustimov (5 years)
Good idea. Our girls love to win bodybuilding

Author GerBear52 (6 years)
Nice tough match with pretty strong women

Author Czerniakowska (6 years)
After the takedown, the brunette seemed to lack the confidence to go for
the full mount position, probably because she was aware that the blonde was
so well balanced and her legs so active that she would probably be swept if
she did so. Once the blonde had worked her legs into the full guard
position, the brunette seemed to know that the game was up and her chance
opf winning was gone. "She who hesitates ..." and all that.

Author flyrite (5 years)
Check out the kid at :12-:13, he's probably saying OMG what's happening to
my mom. Then the end of the fight, kid says see my mom ended up kicking you
moms ass.

Author ChevroletFan (5 years)

Author John Romano (5 years)
maximum you are a dopy fool

Author ddman7524 (1 year)
WHO brings kids to a wrestle mach

Author Ali Akbar (5 years)
i can grapple girls and rape them

Author Nathan O.K (6 years)
XD. This is how the kids learn.

Author Nathan O.K (6 years)
Exactly. She didn't look like she would come back.

Author PFCthomas Blackhawk (2 years)
I wanted to see the girl with dark hair. PULLED BY HER HAIR

Author agverdict (6 years)
Not good.

Author Czerniakowska (6 years)
Great comeback from the girl in the pink top.

Author moyajc (6 years)
Horrifying blue pants but good stuff all the same! Where's this from?

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