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Title: Rich Edwards - Where I'll Be Waiting (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
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Runtime: 3:21
Comments: 361

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Author TECH GAMING ( ago)

Author Mia McCloud ( ago)
Can't stop watching these

Author Makenna Sanders ( ago)
me feeling bad about myself

Author Irvin Pereznegron ( ago)
talent pure talent any body disagree let me see u do better

Author SadiMaz MTK1214 ( ago)
I wish I could like this video a million times!!!

Author TP199TP Simon ( ago)
These jumping of my skateboard doing a flip bullshit just sucks.
Almost no skill involved

Author James Bloom ( ago)
im such a loser.

Author Michaela Morris ( ago)
0:52 the guy in the 👕his face though

Author Awesome Edits ( ago)
0:09 elephants are awesome

Author BlakeFireSwords ( ago)

Author Squad Goals Forever ( ago)
Halo Squad where u at??

Author Al Triplett ( ago)
the guy with the red balls,I saw thread attached to them so......

Author Ella K. ( ago)
0:18: Wow I Love ist
0:28: That is amazing

Author Aman Sharma ( ago)
They are really AWESOME....

Author Deva Nandu ( ago)
wch song is this

Author Rex Graphics мσтιση ɗєѕιgηєя ( ago)
How's the move on 1:20 called? O.o

Author Ashik John ( ago)
and here i am ,,, achieved absolutely nothing in life ,,,woke up at 11 am,,, now eating breakfast and lunch together and watching youtube videos all day.

Author InspectHerGadget ( ago)
Without me it's just aweso...

Author EllieBlueZoo11 ( ago)
I don't think that elephant is real you know

Author JonasHL ( ago)
This is motivational

Author Matthieu Rouillier ( ago)
Who thinks this video is even crasier than the others? 🙋

Author Terry White ( ago)
The music is shite!

Author Margie Zerstörer ( ago)
can anybody help me with 2:05 and tell how is that thing called with the smashing magic RED BALLS????PLEASEEEEE NOW!!!

Author Pushkar Kumar ( ago)

Author VAM Channel ( ago)
Real Awesome

Author Dhruv Naik ( ago)
whats the name of the song??

Author pirate jump 2251 ( ago)
what is the song????

Author CoolDogTV ( ago)
poor elephant...

Author Lemon Bird93 ( ago)
It's enough I need to see myself now in FailArmy

Author Tyra Tmt ( ago)
That whit the elephant was don t Good 😭😭😔

Author Naoshad Ahmed ( ago)
Really, its just fantastic...................

Author Gus Tulloch ( ago)
all i can say right now is wow and how

Author Atomos ( ago)
Feel bad about yourself yet? Yeah I thought so.

Author Snake Bight ( ago)
I'm sorry who said white guys cant jump.

Author Clorox bleach ( ago)

Author GadgeTech Guru ( ago)
2:14 that was awesome?? Bitch I can do better..

Author Luna Sun ( ago)
omg, that one with the elephant tho, so impressive

Author DA GAINZZ ( ago)
The guy at 0:33 has no balls

Author AsianBoyWonder 21 ( ago)
Subscribe to keemstar

Author Ryguy ( ago)

Author AsianBoyWonder 21 ( ago)
Fuck isis

Author AsianBoyWonder 21 ( ago)
Hail Hitler

Author Fatal -Gota ( ago)
title fail,the correct title is....

american are awesome!

Author Rin Okumura ( ago)
2:29 is my fave

Author Wall Street meme trader ( ago)
People are also douchebags 😄

Author TribeFanMike1 ( ago)
Wow - so i quit asking how these people do these things. The real question is how do you find out you can do these things?!

Author Bart Tak ( ago)
whats the name of the song??

Author 여행을떠나요 ( ago)
와우 대박 어텋게 이럴수가있냐~~

Author Janko Petkovky ( ago)
Can somebody tell me what is a name of thing ,or whatever is it on 0:34

Author 손윤 ( ago)

Author 2R -pk ( ago)
Hey !
I don't like to do that but I'm beginning a new Parkour channel, check out if you're interested !

Author johnnie sm Han ( ago)
wow....  people are really awesome

Author Matthew Conway ( ago)
People Are Awesome...

Author Elo ( ago)
I dream to can do all of this x) 🙄❤

Author ThatCanadianBull_ Unknown63 ( ago)
That's why im watching this channel... THIS IS AWESOME!!

Author Md Abdullah Shahriar ( ago)
wow so nice song. i like this.

Author Kritik ( ago)
Now FailArmyTM is sad ☺

Author Dhruva ( ago)
Which song is this?!

Author 暗黑 ( ago)
Seeking background music

Author Jayrage Jr ( ago)
Wonder how many times they failed before succeeding...Happends to all of us. As i say "champions are made of practice"

Author Gniewomir Ciołek ( ago)
You cut sound and play shit music. Damn you!

Author Jacob Devereux ( ago)
anyone who plays csgo was the guy in the 3rd clip wearing a hyper beast singlet

Author Middle Age Sucks ( ago)
i used to do that with my elephant

Author Liam Phair ( ago)
"I've been around the world twice, talked to everyone once. I've been to three world fairs and seen two whales fuck. I am a hard bodied, hairy-chested, rootin, tootin, shootin, parachutin, demolition double cap crimping Frogman. There ain't nothing I can't do. No sky too high, no sea too rough, no Muff to tough. I've learned a lot of lessons in my life. Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet. I drive all kinds of trucks. 2x's, 4x's, 6x's even those big trucks that bend and go TSSHHTT TSSHHTT when you step on the brakes. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards. I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a UDT/SEAL Diver. If your feeling froggy than you better jump because this Frogman has been there, done that and is going back for more."

10 points if you dont have to google it.

Author Sahal Sain ( ago)
I really like the bgm
Which is it??
Pls reply

Author Mixenix 007 ( ago)
Crazy tricks

Author Muhammad Ameruddin Farhan ( ago)
not malaysian guys in this video, hmmm

congrat another successful country

Author Its2Late4You ( ago)

Author Lil Zacky ( ago)
really awesome

Author A- J ( ago)
true crazy.......

Author A- J ( ago)
true crazy.......

Author Fernanda Estrada ( ago)

Author Blingmster 81 ( ago)
you know when you see these and your like that's awesome but I'll never be able to do that

Author Loup ( ago)
thanks for sharing a clip of my video!

Author Justice Wren ( ago)

Author Maven19gracias Joshua ( ago)
* ohh yeah*

Author H.F H ( ago)

Author Francois Pereira ( ago)
There is a fake ...

Author moneya3 ( ago)
the name of this song

Author Dorian J ( ago)
What's this song

Author iiCryptic ( ago)

Author Arika Miller ( ago)
What is the song?

Author Jerry Due ( ago)
my fucking god y cant i do all of that

Author AirBorne2win ( ago)
one of the best channels on youtube

Author Marco Barracho ( ago)
this types of videos only show that fat people are NOT awesome

Author rando gaming ( ago)
people are awesome i have a ?

Author TheOffice112 ( ago)

Author jdogsful ( ago)
i hate myself

Author Crystal x Clear ( ago)
xD I can't even do a front flip

Author Carson's World ( ago)
They should do a parkour edition

Author Omer Revach ( ago)
2:10 that man looks like he wants to rape you

Author shahin shams ( ago)
seems like noone knows the song name

Author douts88 ( ago)
so close to unsubbing because of the elephant clip. Animal abuse should NEVER be in your videos.

Author Sincerely, NoVA PsBiteMeM8 ( ago)
If one of them would have failed they would be on "people are idiots"

Author Ayala Amana ( ago)
Hold my beer i got this

Author I'm awesome ( ago)

Author m0m0bxl ( ago)
why would you like my comment??

Author MrGlasex ( ago)
Y se supone que esto es lo mas "asombroso" que ha pasado en este mes? Puta que esta cagao el planeta.

Author Shea McGreevy ( ago)
What is that song called?

Author Deez Nuts ( ago)

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