Helen Fospero's hot legs

Helen Fospero is a newscaster for 5 News and Sky News in Great Britain. As shes foooine as hell.....

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Author Merlin176 (5 years)
Hello Helen Fospero, I want to fuck your brains out !

Author TomMarAlem1987 (5 years)
Go get something better to do. She's a human being and not a sex toy for
you. The way you dress is the way you want to be treated.

Author alfathomas30 (7 years)
What's so sexy about this? That skirt is too long to be sexy, unless the
one watching is really a pervert and has never seen a woman's legs.
Wayne418, have you ever been in the U.S dude? if you have then you must be
in blizzardville where you don't see legs at all LOL. Try going to
California, Texas, Florida etc etc. and you will see there is never a
shortage of honeys with awesome legs.

Author sonnyreddevil69 . (6 years)
ide make her squat on that pionty thing on the table

Author Telstar10000 (5 years)
Two problems here. 1. She not showing enough leg. 2. Her legs are bare.
Bare legs simply won't do. They are a turn off. Sheer hosiery is a must.

Author theone666100 (2 years)
i disagree i think bare is better you get to see her pure flesh and as im a
foot fan if she dangles you get a wiff off her barefeet :) lool

Author pduffy4 (7 years)
She was showing off her stunning legs again tonight May 7th 2007 but as
usual the prude or homosexual that decides which camera angle to use only
showed her legs fucking ONCE! this really pisses me off. why the fuck do
they bother to hire beautiful ladies with great legs and then don't show
them! Wake up 5 news you are loosing out of many new viewers. let's see 'em
legs! and Kirsty Young

Author Y4J (7 years)
It's called Stacy Kiebler

Author agfagaevart (6 years)
Prefer Kate Gerbeau meself.

Author u-said-what? (8 years)
She sure knows how to fill out a pair of soft, silky pantyhose;)

Author neilandrewporter (6 years)
i've seen better legs on a fuckin' snooker table

Author pduffy4 (7 years)
don't tell us she's married dude! there will be suicides!

Author SuperAgartha (2 years)
Inspiring feminine quality...

Author 8igcelebfan (5 years)
best shot of her legs is from 1.04-06. that stupid table

Author DuncanMcA (8 years)
love seeing just that peek of thigh!

Author blkjedi954 (8 years)
Her legs aren't that great,a nd the honeys in the U.S. have legs that's 100
times sexier than hers will ever be, she's an old hag

Author idlerace1 (4 years)
you would not get out of bed if she was in it

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