This Pen Might Save Your Life!

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  • Cooper Florio
    Cooper Florio 17 hours ago


  • Mohamad Ahmad
    Mohamad Ahmad 10 days ago

    why In 2:23 hi is wearing another t-shirt and a cap and he is outdoors😂😂😂😂😂

  • Scorpion Shield
    Scorpion Shield 10 days ago

    whos gonna be carnap??

  • Arno Victor Dorian
    Arno Victor Dorian 12 days ago

    0:15 taras just saw his friend graduate

  • Humbleq123
    Humbleq123 13 days ago

    never do a middle of window always corner

  • The Mr. Man
    The Mr. Man 13 days ago

    Russian weapon testing.

  • killem_ softlie
    killem_ softlie 15 days ago

    1:28 when mu gf breaks up with me

  • batzilla
    batzilla 16 days ago

    thanks for helping me break into that car

  • Laura Metheny
    Laura Metheny 16 days ago

    Pretty nifty doodad crazy dude! TY!😂✌

  • MasterRainer 251
    MasterRainer 251 17 days ago

    taras are you gamer , look even taras have gaming laptop its the asus ROG nice !!!!

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 17 days ago

    I clicked this vid of the dog...

  • Melinda Lane
    Melinda Lane 18 days ago

    you are soposd to do it on the side of window

  • Blazingfire Gaming
    Blazingfire Gaming 18 days ago

    Reading the title without watching the full video yet....."This Pen Might Save You Life??? huh."(burns house and using the pen to extinguish the fire)

  • aden danos
    aden danos 18 days ago

    you have to break the window in the sides

  • Pink Sprinkles on a Yummy Cupcake

    1:28 and pause
    look at that beauty!

  • Brandon Warino
    Brandon Warino 21 day ago

    I wonder if I can bring this to school.

  • PaulArvey  D
    PaulArvey D 22 days ago

    The title should be: This Pen might break your skull!

  • CFHD
    CFHD 22 days ago

    Yeah, Soon people are gonna break into cars! This is gonna start a war!!! EVERY 5th liked will get a free gun GOODLUCK!

  • Perfectard
    Perfectard 22 days ago

    In Soviet russia, pen save you.

  • Hacked Hacked
    Hacked Hacked 23 days ago

    Turn the captions on at 1:19

  • Infired Trash
    Infired Trash 24 days ago

    1:19 turn on the captions

  • Plantium_ Damage
    Plantium_ Damage 24 days ago

    1:26 he has a gaming laptop
    CrazyRussianGamer Confirmed

  • Aksel Steeves
    Aksel Steeves 24 days ago

    Or id just use my forehead...

  • JapKiller 666
    JapKiller 666 26 days ago

    Nice gaming laptop

  • that one lion from the Lion King

    When he said he would test breaking the car window i actually expected him going to an actual car to break and the window

  • SuperGoatOfJoy
    SuperGoatOfJoy 27 days ago

    Are you a gamer? Cuz you have an ASUS gaming pc.

  • Opswiz
    Opswiz 27 days ago

    Great review. Nice and Short!!!
    Brevity is the Soul of Wit.

  • Robert Rittenhouse
    Robert Rittenhouse 28 days ago

    turn on cc at 50

  • Samantha Noble
    Samantha Noble 29 days ago

    guys, shame does anyone hear larger than this verxion#wyf

  • abeee __
    abeee __ 29 days ago

    so cool!!

  • DarkShadowSlay11
    DarkShadowSlay11 1 month ago

    When you break a car window your suppose to hit the corners because it is easier to break

  • Indirect hits DIY
    Indirect hits DIY 1 month ago

    What pen was that

  • Oxid05
    Oxid05 1 month ago

    10kk incoming

  • Night of Flames
    Night of Flames 1 month ago

    Your post to break it on the side.

  • Undertalelover 9000
    Undertalelover 9000 1 month ago

    1:19 with captions on
    LooK at that gl(ass)!
    I was like: what the heck YouTube?

  • jan Koper
    jan Koper 1 month ago

    deffinitely putin in my car

  • Lulu Batarseh
    Lulu Batarseh 1 month ago


  • Benjamin Joa
    Benjamin Joa 1 month ago

    once burglars get that car will be gone

  • Tan Jin Ung Leslie
    Tan Jin Ung Leslie 1 month ago

    break in water pls...

  • rdtv 5
    rdtv 5 1 month ago

    that jacket looks gud on taras

  • JakeTheCake BoyHoward

    1:59 is the best

  • Foxtrot Felix
    Foxtrot Felix 1 month ago

    I agree, that glass was E X T R A T H I C C

  • Marioman574
    Marioman574 1 month ago

    What happens if you put pashtet in liquid nitrogen?

  • CarstenMK
    CarstenMK 1 month ago

    You show a pen and give NO information about this article like manufacturer or where to buy? 😂😂

  • Astroflight
    Astroflight 1 month ago

    He's back in the lab LOL.

  • หรรมเดิพ

    When this pen is stronger than you.

  • conswela smith
    conswela smith 1 month ago

    *crashes car into water just to use the pen*

  • Annie Gueimer
    Annie Gueimer 1 month ago

    Josuke, is that you?

  • Game Eggzplain
    Game Eggzplain 1 month ago

    Did anyone have CC on?

  • Asyraf Wafiq
    Asyraf Wafiq 1 month ago

    wow i like this pen

  • Carla Ramos
    Carla Ramos 1 month ago


  • Khi Mac
    Khi Mac 1 month ago

    When you realize that taras is a retired slo mo guy

  • Austritistan
    Austritistan 1 month ago

    Sefti is nambawon prayoriti

    ZULKARNAIN GAMING 1 month ago

    where do you buy it?

  • Yanellifyer Of love
    Yanellifyer Of love 1 month ago

    why aren't there any booms in the vid

    INTENSE 1 month ago

    1:44 gave me chills

  • Hamza Raja
    Hamza Raja 1 month ago

    where we can buy this pen

  • Jim
    Jim 1 month ago

    a headrest works just as well..

  • Hans Christian
    Hans Christian 1 month ago

    I think he have a predator 21x

  • StonedBoom
    StonedBoom 1 month ago

    Where can i buy this pen?

  • Kenneth Deinla
    Kenneth Deinla 1 month ago

    Why do you have a gaming laptop

  • Toru Sato
    Toru Sato 1 month ago

    what rog is that

  • zach cook
    zach cook 1 month ago

    who else thought of Percy Jackson?

  • jayden daye
    jayden daye 1 month ago

    where can i buy this

  • Yousef Odeh
    Yousef Odeh 1 month ago

    cool cool cool

  • Suzanne Ribas
    Suzanne Ribas 1 month ago

    Taras hi from Puerto Rico. Where can I get the pen?

  • Derpy Official
    Derpy Official 1 month ago

    1:17 f*king Russian has a gaming laptop that worth more then my whole setup..... fu russianamericanhacker

  • Support highlights
    Support highlights 1 month ago

    Nice gaming laptop ya got there

  • Rakesh Rohit
    Rakesh Rohit 1 month ago


  • Rakesh Rohit
    Rakesh Rohit 1 month ago

    what is the blood on ur thumb

  • CanadianGuy XPG
    CanadianGuy XPG 1 month ago

    If you're reading this......

    Have a wonderful day🌞🌞🌞🌞 or night🌜🌜or afternoon or evening


    You're AWESOME!!!!!

  • Mace Fields
    Mace Fields 1 month ago

    Taras, where can I buy one? I'll pay you!

  • chorizo overpowerboss

    I can just use my hands

  • Gerald Fallon-Griffin

    Great,useful video - thank you ...Where do you get this pen ?

  • Diago Anthony
    Diago Anthony 1 month ago

    where can I get this

  • FocusFusion 22
    FocusFusion 22 1 month ago

    Try it under water

  • suf sanin
    suf sanin 1 month ago


  • VlAdO MaKeR
    VlAdO MaKeR 1 month ago

    скажи пожалуйста как долго ты учился английский язык и естли ето тяжело?

  • KINGArthurGaloppin
    KINGArthurGaloppin 1 month ago

    I really need this...I alway drive my car into the water :'-(

  • Albanianator
    Albanianator 1 month ago

    I went to .25 speed for even slower motion.

  • FreshGamerZ
    FreshGamerZ 1 month ago


  • Faridun OB
    Faridun OB 1 month ago

    Lol it saysCrazy russian hacker 2k17 at the end

  • AJ Martirez
    AJ Martirez 1 month ago


  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 1 month ago

    were can you buy it

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 1 month ago

    That'd be much more difficult when submerged in water :P

  • Danail Ivanov
    Danail Ivanov 1 month ago

    Cool laptop

  • Kristina the player
    Kristina the player 1 month ago

    wow cool

  • Calvin Cao
    Calvin Cao 1 month ago

    Where did you get it Russian hacker I really want it

  • Matthew Kohmann
    Matthew Kohmann 1 month ago

    Especially when your under water in your car and your windows and doors are all jammed..... because it happens on a daily basis

  • Louise Gonzales
    Louise Gonzales 1 month ago

    oh my god his Laptop Tho 😮😮

    thats a freakin Asus Gaming laptop 😮😮😮

  • JustArandom Guy
    JustArandom Guy 1 month ago

    To truly test the pen you should test it underwater like it's meant to be used

  • TheOreowithDepression _notsocool

    This is what they use in the Kingsman.

  • Geeky Cat
    Geeky Cat 1 month ago

    2. You know the thing on your seat that you can put your head on is detachable and can break the car window too, right?

  • YourBuddyFoxyFNAF Gaming

    This dude might be the last man standing in war. Just look at all those skills he got and tips that actually WORK!

  • Iluminati Confirmed
    Iluminati Confirmed 1 month ago

    So more vat 19 products

  • Guess who's Back
    Guess who's Back 1 month ago

    I think u should've tested it in water too

  • Rexor Romain
    Rexor Romain 1 month ago

    This pen saved my life 3 months ago. So I got drunk, the car went to the lake, and we started to drown. This pen saved us.

    PRUNĂ VERDE 1 month ago

    Creizi ruşian hecăr

  • AyoMrGreen Machine
    AyoMrGreen Machine 1 month ago

    Buddy is really getting ready for war

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 1 month ago

    I want that dog. what breed is it?

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