Comercial Bratz Spa y Salon de Belleza

Comercial Grupo Kreisel, Producto Bratz Spa y Salon de Belleza, Año 2003

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Author Emma Rogerson (5 years)
i suppouse. xx =PP

Author Goodmorning, Sunshine (5 years)
why do the older bratz hafto be better than the new bratz...

Author juzzalilfun (6 years)
i have it but mine came with fianna

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
@TheBratzGirlist1 Ur username should be TheBratzRacist1 instead lol

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
lol, so u do have it in England? They keep revamping it here in all sorts
of pastel colors with Fianna. I have this 1st one with Dana though lol

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
@ladygaga544 Cloe :D

Author Roxxiane (5 years)
i want this cute bratz salon...too bad they only sold the yellow salon one
(i think comes with fianna doll)...

Author MeowcatBissy (6 years)
Ah, the good old Bratz days! When they first came out...:] Well...yah

Author Emma Rogerson (5 years)
WHAT!!??? again, anthoer play set that NEVER came out in england!!! wtf!!?

Author alexbabs12345 (6 years)
I have it with Dana!

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)

Author BratzyLuver1986 (6 years)
I have the Bratz Salon 'N Spa! with Fianna. Love that commercial.

Author clueless2530 (6 years)
i always wanted this but i never got

Author BratzyLuver1986 (6 years)
I also have the BRATZ Salon 'N Spa! with Exclusive DANA doll!@ Love her so

Author alexbabs12345 (4 years)
@TKE2964 Yes it does :) You got a later version :P

Author Glockenshire (4 years)
Tengo esta version. Me encanta mucho! Le amo a Dana! Ella es muy bella! Me
gustaria a tener la otra version con Fianna tambien. I have this version. I
love it very much! I love Dana! She is so beautiful! I would like to get
the other version with Fianna also.

Author Sugar Venom! (3 years)
Oh my god. I had this XD haha

Author TKE2964 (4 years)
i hav that! but it doasen't come with make up trust me

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
Really? I'd figured u get it a least once! The UK gets TONS of exclusive
dolls and playsets, even though most of them are just revamps, they look
super cool!

Author bratzofficial (4 years)
I used, to have this when I was young. But my sister ruined it!

Author sailorb1959 (4 years)
LOL Jade= Hahdey LOL gotta love awful translations :P

Author BellaWilson1 (5 years)
i got this chucked out o well i guess i still hav the doll wat is her name
any way??? :(

Author TheBratzGirlist1 (5 years)
What the fuck is wrong with you because the shh!Ty thing with spanish ugly
languange is dumb

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