CRASH BANDICOOT Remastered 23 Minutes Gameplay PS4 2017

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  • thomas Drigues
    thomas Drigues 2 days ago

    i want a jak and daxter like this !!!!!!!!!

  • Darko Aleksandrov
    Darko Aleksandrov 3 days ago

    I dont like apple collecting sound

  • Evan Ur
    Evan Ur 3 days ago

    My god, this looks so good. If this is even half as good as the footage suggest, this will be the best the series has been since Twinsanity.

  • Lucas Lodetti Garcia

    Gameplay crash 3??

  • Lucas Lodetti Garcia

    Remaster crash team racing (1) and crash bash PLEASE.

  • MatheusCrashGameplay


  • Russ Stanton
    Russ Stanton 5 days ago

    The mices in the sewer look cool.

  • weed75 Black
    weed75 Black 6 days ago

    So far only the heavy machinery level I can say for sure is better than the original. Other levels look like bland pieces of donkey ass.

    The original games especially the first one had put actual homework into the design, color palette, and texture in every single level. They've pushed the playstation to its limits and the design (design is more important than graphics in visual terms) still holds up today. For one, the rocks in the games are ugly as fuck, they should've used an actual rock texture instead of a grey generic slab, the temple level looks ugly as hell.

    The design of the levels in this remaster is way too cartoony, more than the original.

    This remaster is just like Wrath of Cortex. They've up'd the graphics but never gave one shit about the artistic choices made by Naughty Dog.

  • Mr.BreakingBad
    Mr.BreakingBad 7 days ago

    Crash CTR Remastered and Crash Tag Team Racing Remastered was nice

  • TheAbeinG
    TheAbeinG 7 days ago

    looks amazing!

  • Encredible E
    Encredible E 7 days ago

    THE CRASH DANCE!!!! I FINALLY GOT TO SEE IT!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lackooo
    Lackooo 8 days ago

    I still don't like the new "1up" soud effect.... Oh, and it's a "Remake" not a "Remastered".

  • ButtonMasher
    ButtonMasher 8 days ago

    It certainly does look much better than the originals, and the soundtrack seems to have been taken up a notch. However, some of the sound effects sound... weaker, I guess you could say. I can tell that I'm gonna enjoy this, and hopefully this marks the start of a new life for Crash.

  • Risky Raccoon
    Risky Raccoon 8 days ago

    every time he says, "let's do this" i puke a little in my mouth

  • MariosCelestial
    MariosCelestial 8 days ago

    Dunno... Crash seems stupid in this game. He used to have a crazy vibe in the old ones, but not that much on the stupid level his expressions show here. Also, his new walk animation seems like a fat man trying to run. I will buy these games, but i already don't like some new aspects

  • รαd ԲX
    รαd ԲX 9 days ago

    O deep deve ta pirando !

  • SpookDogg
    SpookDogg 10 days ago

    Dude i don't need you to explain to me why crash is awesome or why i should consider buying a remaster

  • anoni mato
    anoni mato 10 days ago

    i'll would like a remastered version of the twinsanity
    A really good game for me

  • MERTENS Plays
    MERTENS Plays 10 days ago

    Crash Twinsanity please

  • Rose Supreme
    Rose Supreme 11 days ago

    I'm hoping this comes to other consoles eventually. Because Crash is still a third party character, evident by his compatibility with other platforms of Skylanders Imaginators. I don't have a PS4 and I don't plan on getting one.

    Wouldn't it be nice to play this on the go via Nintendo Switch or a gaming laptop?

  • Dark Toirtlez
    Dark Toirtlez 11 days ago

    Spyro is probably sit'n backz somewherez cryin'.

  • Ale
    Ale 11 days ago

    I don't really like the style, colore and details are not so "cartoon" style... Seems too dark compared to his ps1 older brother

  • Narciscynic
    Narciscynic 11 days ago

    I feel like I'm listening to someone read an essay

  • Brenden Burg
    Brenden Burg 11 days ago

    8:42 what's the sound? Sounds like a voice clip of something

  • DeviMon1
    DeviMon1 11 days ago

    System seller right here.

    Between this and Horizon, that 250$ PS4 is looking more tempting than ever

  • SWIFTzTrigger
    SWIFTzTrigger 11 days ago

    The original holds up extremely well, maybe an entirely new crash game would have been better?

  • TurboMax Start
    TurboMax Start 11 days ago

    best bello🔝😜👏

  • EOT—
    EOT— 11 days ago

    true g's game's back

  • VRandomVideosV
    VRandomVideosV 11 days ago

    *L I F E .. L O O K I N G .. B U B B L E S ..*

  • Kyle Tye
    Kyle Tye 11 days ago

    0:13 Really disappointed that they didn't add the classic "YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH" sound effect when the guy gets hit. I hope at least some of the scientist minions do it.

  • Jimmy Kong
    Jimmy Kong 12 days ago

    anyone else think the loading screen is ass

  • Сергей Луценко

    This game does not look as good as the original in its time. All this could be done for PS2, only in a lower resolution

  • Mike Greenbeans
    Mike Greenbeans 12 days ago

    That one game dev said: "We got all of the original voice actors back to rerecord lines." And then two sentences later: "I'm pretty most of the voice actors have been involved in the franchise at somepoint."

    Why do people feel like they have to spin the truth to sell shit

    • Mike Greenbeans
      Mike Greenbeans 12 days ago

      That aside, this game looks beautiful & faithful to the source

  • mohammd omran
    mohammd omran 12 days ago

    this game make ps4 great again

  • Tximino M
    Tximino M 12 days ago

    This is probably the most idiotic commentary on a video I've ever seen. The guy's pointing out normal shit like it's revolutionary. How much did they pay him?

    Seriously, does this guy knows what immersion is? You can't just go around saying shit like "It's super immersive" like it means anything when it totally doesn't. I'm fucking amazed this guy has as many suscribers as he does.

    • Arthur Feitosa
      Arthur Feitosa 11 days ago

      Tximino M you do know that this gameplay isn't his right

  • JakeMe0ff
    JakeMe0ff 12 days ago

    Commentary is hella forced

  • Bryan Murph
    Bryan Murph 12 days ago

    I will definitely be getting this now all I need is Crash Bash & Crash Team Racing and boy I would be set.

  • DJQuismo
    DJQuismo 12 days ago

    will be PC version maybe?

  • William Holly
    William Holly 12 days ago

    The hell is wrong with Crash's eyes?

  • dzilecsgo
    dzilecsgo 12 days ago

    i wish i had a ps4 now :D

  • Martha Marcy Marlene

    now you can compete with Amazon with this

  • Undead Grand Emperor Ape Wizard

    I like it, I really dig the art direction. i'M unimpressed with your sewer level, Many things, at the very least Something should to be done about the water to make it look better IMO. I'd like this turn out to be as awesome as possible, I'd hate for certain things to look worse than the old PS1 version. Jak next plz?

  • StephenBVoices
    StephenBVoices 13 days ago

    I sure wish Clancy Brown would privide the voice of Uka Uka, Mel Winkler as Aku Aku.
    That would be great.

  • Kiyo Shi
    Kiyo Shi 13 days ago

    funny scream

  • jono walker
    jono walker 13 days ago

    so tedious having to listen to a fucking yank do the voice over.

  • PartyRaveAnimal
    PartyRaveAnimal 13 days ago

    Can't wait to see the space level and versus Doctor N Gin and Tiny Tiger too those are going to be fun in the remastered version

  • Brody DeLarge
    Brody DeLarge 13 days ago

    "Let me explain everything, because you're in idiot and we can't trust you with details and nuance". Thanks, gotcha.

  • Yuca l
    Yuca l 13 days ago

    why is obj_motherfucker not screaming

  • Roberts
    Roberts 13 days ago

    Talking over other peoples gameplay fotage like hes playing it himself... how low can people go for ad money

  • TheExenteration
    TheExenteration 13 days ago

    lighting looks like crap... i think ill stick to my crash 1,2,3 on my ps2 lmao

  • John Mckrugins
    John Mckrugins 13 days ago

    Fix the lighting please

  • multijoe
    multijoe 13 days ago

    Is this sponsored content? It sounds like a PR piece trying to sell the audience on the game's technical upgrades.

  • Cheappy V
    Cheappy V 14 days ago

    why are they not showing Crash 3???

  • klonter77
    klonter77 14 days ago

    This music...

  • Desfore
    Desfore 14 days ago

    When the water is electrified, it looks terrible.

  • Roger Garcia
    Roger Garcia 14 days ago

    to bad its not gonna be on xbox one :(

  • RisenWalkthroughs
    RisenWalkthroughs 14 days ago

    If only Crash Bash came back

  • Voyager Uno
    Voyager Uno 14 days ago

    Nothing new under the sun. Nothing new...

  • Miguel B
    Miguel B 15 days ago

    Did anyone really wanted remastered Crash games? they should've just done a brand new game

  • Poison Bang
    Poison Bang 15 days ago

    Why does this game look like shit? Why does it look worse than the original years and years ago?
    This is not okay...

  • saifuddin jamil
    saifuddin jamil 15 days ago

    50% comments want a remaster, new animation and better graphics while another 50% comment want this game revert back to PS1 graphics. Sheesh Crash fans how typical..

    • saifuddin jamil
      saifuddin jamil 15 days ago

      also now they complain about the new sound such collect Wumpa Fruits sound and calling new character design ugly as fuck. Man, this really me laugh so much gamer dont appreciate developer hard work.

  • Alcadias X
    Alcadias X 15 days ago

    Stary dobry Crash... aż sie łezka w oku kręci...
    Grałem w to za dzieciaka i teraz tez chce pograć. :)
    Czekam na premiere. :)

  • Vic Boss
    Vic Boss 15 days ago

    if the make CTR its instant buy PS4

  • Marko Deniro
    Marko Deniro 15 days ago

    21 years later you get the same game with better lighting and hd, fucking amazing.

  • susan barnes
    susan barnes 16 days ago

    Can't wait long over due thanks so many memories

  • Kyler Ramos
    Kyler Ramos 16 days ago

    Not really sure why they are bragging about the lighting in the first clip, it totally lacks the color and depth of the original. Sure it has higher fidelity but it's missing the atmosphere and looks super de-saturated. Overall it looks fine but they can do soo much better.

  • Xíng Hài the Urobutcher

    Sonic Mania (The Better Version)

  • Cactus Dog
    Cactus Dog 16 days ago


  • Endri Lauson
    Endri Lauson 16 days ago

    Wait, they fixed the crate's colors, they went back to orange! Good.

  • pablo elguay
    pablo elguay 16 days ago

    8:17 epic timer glitch. and thats some freaking basic programmation

    • TheMoonRover
      TheMoonRover 14 days ago

      Looks like someone got "less than" mixed up with "less than or equal to" or something like that.

  • llronaldll
    llronaldll 16 days ago


  • Tekno Pathetic
    Tekno Pathetic 16 days ago

    The lighting is garbage, really needs to be sorted out before release

  • Victor Chayks
    Victor Chayks 16 days ago

    btw, Crash Bandicoot and CB: Warped felt different in gameplay. To me warped was more fluid controls-wise, while original game was somewhat woody.
    Does that remain the same or both of them are similar?

  • Victor Chayks
    Victor Chayks 16 days ago

    gt buy myself ps4.
    Nuff said.

  • Yuki Ren
    Yuki Ren 16 days ago

    This commentary is trying to hard. Yes lighting, BECAUSE GAMES NEED IT. Its bread and butter game design!

  • JasonRedHeart527
    JasonRedHeart527 16 days ago

    Sonova why do we gotta wait till close to the end of June for this Crash Bandicoot was one of my favorite games back in the day my older sister loved this as well I was around maybe 6 or 7 when I first played this so now that its coming back I wanna see the entire gameplay of it first hand so I can immerse myself into how much more amazing it is in today's graphics

  • Michael the Legendary Super Human.

    Everyone wanted Crash Team Racing while I want Remakes of Crash WOC and Twinsanity.

  • Kenny Argus
    Kenny Argus 16 days ago

    I really don't see why people like crash bandicoot. The platforming is the most lazy and most boring thing ever and also secretly and very repetitive. None of this looks clever or fun at all. Looks like a kid made the level design

    • Drop Release
      Drop Release 15 days ago

      You have to remember when these were released it was groundbreaking stuff and was one of the 'killer-apps' for the PS1 system. Additionally, you can't really tell with these updated graphics, but the original graphics still hold up to some manner due to the time spent on the art style by Naughty Dog back in the day, it was one of the best looking platformers of the time that could still be played today without losing much quality. Additionally, it is a game that starts off quite easily, but becomes exponentially more difficult as you play. This is why people rated it.
      Granted it doesn't hold up as high when compared to today's standards but when it is viewed with the lens of the past, it is amazing. Also harkens back to a simpler time in gaming.

  • RageRaccoon
    RageRaccoon 16 days ago

    The narrator is annoying as fuck. Game looks amazing tho cant wait

  • AeonEric
    AeonEric 16 days ago

    I might never be able to own the PS4, the Xbox One or the Switch.....but damn it's great to be a gamer in this age.

  • The Elba
    The Elba 16 days ago

    Ugh, why do they put out these fucking investor trailors to the general public. "So here we some of the great lighting effects for the..." Fuck off! Bloody hell.

  • goblin300000
    goblin300000 16 days ago

    you'd expect that on PS MOTHERFUCKING 4 they could make crash look wet after diving into water... I think this remaster kinda lazy to be honest..

  • Caesium-137
    Caesium-137 16 days ago

    Crash 1's ground dirt textures are looking kind of dull, but besides that, it looks amazing.

  • adaw2d3222
    adaw2d3222 17 days ago

    The SS/HBAO looks terrible!

    • adaw2d3222
      adaw2d3222 16 days ago

      Uhm... But it does?

    • Bwansson
      Bwansson 16 days ago

      "Hey guys look at me I'm tech-savvy, do I get a medal?"

  • BHsoFunny
    BHsoFunny 17 days ago

    Omg.. Thanks for telling us about the water effects
    -No One

  • Rodrigo Samuel
    Rodrigo Samuel 17 days ago

    Crash Nitro Race and Crash Team Racing REMASTERED
    PLEASE !!!

  • Silver_Arrow
    Silver_Arrow 17 days ago

    Issa L. Naughty Dog should have done it

  • Mega Scout, Super Running Mercenary

    Still waiting for Warped gameplay

  • NoNameC68
    NoNameC68 18 days ago

    It feels like it takes a while for the fruit to register when you run into them. Does that get in the way of gameplay at all? It looks like it would drive me crazy since they want to linger on the screen for a while after you collect them.

    • Elijah Toombs
      Elijah Toombs 16 days ago

      +NoNameC68 but seriously, that still a stupid complaint

    • NoNameC68
      NoNameC68 16 days ago

      Well, you see... wait, I get it! Still not... FOLLOWING! I love puns.

    • Elijah Toombs
      Elijah Toombs 16 days ago

      +NoNameC68 still not following YOU

    • NoNameC68
      NoNameC68 16 days ago

      If you're trying to grab some fruit and they linger on the screen, you might stop for a brief moment thinking you failed to pick up the fruit, only to have it zoom across your screen. Imagine playing a game where everything lags and each time you try to collect something it takes a moment to register. Annoying, right? That's my concern about the fruit.

    • Elijah Toombs
      Elijah Toombs 16 days ago

      NoNameC68 this is one of the most stupidest things I read. the fruit instantly tallied once you pick them up. so it shouldn't matter

  • Your Waifu's best friend

    I wish there was an option to switch back to the older graphics. There are just certain things in this remaster that look uglier than the older game, like the big polar bear looks just bad. I'll just buy the old crash games I guess.

    • Your Waifu's best friend
      Your Waifu's best friend 4 days ago

      Bunsterr It could be nostalgia to some, but I still play the older version and the art style naughty dog chose made it pop. My biggest complaint about the remaster is how they changed the art style to a more boring and forgettable art style. And I would have tried to go the whole way through all the arguments without flipping out, but when the first reply is an insult there's only so much I can do.

    • Bunsterr
      Bunsterr 4 days ago

      Your Waifu's best friend, I understand exactly what you are saying. You seem to have received a lot of crap for your opinion, but in my mind you told your opinion in a very respectful way in the start at least and received very harsh criticism for it. But maybe our way of seeing it is covered in nostalgia..

    • Drifter422442
      Drifter422442 11 days ago

      Your Waifu's best friend uh huh

    • Your Waifu's best friend
      Your Waifu's best friend 11 days ago

      Drifter422442 Typo, I meant to say compared to the old one.

  • HikikomoriGamer
    HikikomoriGamer 18 days ago

    I think they tweaked the color of the crates in the later builds of the game...

  • RoCk-N-PaRtY
    RoCk-N-PaRtY 19 days ago

    did anyone realise that Crash's standing pose is the exact landing pose like Crash 1 when in Crash 2 and 3 his standing pose with his arms are a bit more different

    • Silver_Arrow
      Silver_Arrow 16 days ago

      Elijah Toombs Dude hold the L and evacuate. Your point is invalid

    • Elijah Toombs
      Elijah Toombs 16 days ago

      +Silver_Arrow and it's stupid as hell.

    • Silver_Arrow
      Silver_Arrow 16 days ago

      Elijah Toombs Hold this L. His running and stationary position has EVERYTHING to do with the game mate. It's called nostalgia for a reason

    • Elijah Toombs
      Elijah Toombs 16 days ago

      Silver_Arrow complaining about something that has nothing to do with gameplay.

    • Silver_Arrow
      Silver_Arrow 17 days ago

      RoCk-N-PaRtY Yeah that needs to be changed. Crash looks and runs like a retard

  • TheMoin2200
    TheMoin2200 19 days ago

    Still waiting for that crash 3 footage.

    • Tyler Walkerdine
      Tyler Walkerdine 11 days ago

      TheMoin2200 kinda hope they don't show any, I'm the most nostalgic for the third, so I kinda want to be surprised

  • Maximum1Impulse
    Maximum1Impulse 19 days ago

    Very well done, it's a must buy for me
    I'm hoping sales are good with this trilogy and maybe we'll see Bash, Team Racing and Wrath of Cortex remade as well :)

  • Sebastian Villalba
    Sebastian Villalba 19 days ago

    16:43 toxi waste :3

  • Noxar
    Noxar 19 days ago

    i want see crash bandicoot 3 !!!!

  • Bromas y Retos OMG
    Bromas y Retos OMG 19 days ago

    copia del play 1 es

  • Roger França
    Roger França 19 days ago

    The tunnel looks way more immersive in 16:9.

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