The Absolute Best of Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Cosby Shmoony
    Cosby Shmoony 14 minutes ago

    Milo is great but the graphics gave me cancer.

  • S4M
    S4M 56 minutes ago

    He's too good

  • Dubstep Highlights
    Dubstep Highlights 3 hours ago

    he deserves to be on savage TV

  • The Bubba Yega
    The Bubba Yega 7 hours ago

    Milo on Islam. Doesnt understand what Islam really is. You're wearing a hijab in America. Whats wrong with u? lol Freedom In America is dead. I dont even think it exists. Also back to islam. The way He's saying about women being oppressed. Yes in Muslim countries women are oppressed but ITS NOT THE ISLAMIC WAY. The countries follow something called wahhabism where they take literal interpretation from the Quran and they use it against people. ROFL!!!! when he says it does not happen outside of Islam LOL! WOW! WHERE BROTHERS AND COUSINS AND FAthers go and RAPE. I could name at least one. ITS not a religion. ITS A RACE. I wont say that race as You will call me a racist when i am not. Dont worry its not (black Asian Mulatto) They do FAR MORE NASTY STUFF INCEST ITS A FUCKING EPIDEMIC FOR THESE PEOPLE TRUTH YET THERES A FUCKING RELIGION FOR IT AS WELL. WHERE IS IT? its in AMERICA. ALso when he says OH WHEN THERE's MASS MUSLIM IMMIGRATION THESE PATTERNS REPEATS ITSELF DAFUQ? are u serious? Like i have never heard a NON MUSLIM ever not doing it. I could take it that Muslim people are doing nasty stuff as all other Religions have bad people in it too. Also ever since Gay Marriage was legalized. Because A LESBIAN COUPLE OR A GAY COUPLE CANT MAKE CHILDREN. U KNOW WHAT THEY DECIDE to do. Adopt. I am not saying all Gay people or all lesbians but THESE FAGGOTS do nasty stuff to these children. TAKING AWAY their HUMANITY. By having INTERCOURSE with them some gay people are just nasty. I am not a muslim but srsly I might even convert to ISlam now. I know ISIS is not ISlam it was made for business not being created for a caliphate or whatsoever. The MEDIA IS FUCKING LYING TO U. You are all mental ENSLAVED. FREE YOURSELVES. UNLEASH THE TRUTH.

  • Trigger Finger
    Trigger Finger 11 hours ago

    SKY NEWS is the biggest pile of dog shit I have ever seen. This dodgy cunt is one of the worst ones employed by them.

  • Billy Stott
    Billy Stott 13 hours ago

    best intro every

  • Ninja Hamster
    Ninja Hamster 19 hours ago

    They will let the chick talk but won't let milo say a damn thing

  • AnimeBro1 Gaming
    AnimeBro1 Gaming 1 day ago

    I want milo for president

  • ph0kused
    ph0kused 1 day ago

    any good debater knows he/her is winning when the other side is just trying to interrupt points, milo has patience, and still destroys - true talent there.

  • nameinuse22
    nameinuse22 1 day ago

    SMH!!! That poor kid at 16.10 is about as smart as a box of rocks. I watched this 5 times trying to figure out if he simply doesn't understand the question or actually thinks he's answering it.

  • Impecable Gaming
    Impecable Gaming 1 day ago

    "the amount of black dick in my mouth"

    this guy us a fucking legend

  • Nic Tanghe
    Nic Tanghe 1 day ago

    I disagree with the man on so manny levels but damn is he doing a good job. XD

  • yannic johnson
    yannic johnson 1 day ago

    the dude at 21:15 absolutely speaks truth

  • anonimas12
    anonimas12 3 days ago

    One thing is certain. He has one awesome wardrobe.

  • Aquamarine Mystique

    None of these people have facts or accurate statistics and the brown-haired woman at 3:45 is so biased against Milo it's actually quite infuriating.

  • Aquamarine Mystique

    The woman at 3:45 keeps womanterrupting Milo. What a sexist Matriarch.

  • Vulnerable,Guliable Sheep

    did they actually used to think thinking to much dried up ovaries? lol AHAHAHA that's so funny.

  • oiurehj
    oiurehj 4 days ago

    All women say "only a woman can understand another woman"...that's why they fight all the time.

  • Andriy Selezen
    Andriy Selezen 4 days ago

    this guy alone doing more favor for gay community than all of the gay parades combined

  • Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas 4 days ago

    Dude does not care about anybody

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

    i love how feminists interrupt people and when they keep talking, they go fucking apeshit.

  • LastLegionaryIX
    LastLegionaryIX 5 days ago

    The guy in the last one who says "he likes black guys" is my friend from college lmao. That was at Miami University last school year

  • Ivaylo Kaloyanov
    Ivaylo Kaloyanov 5 days ago

    OOOOOOOOOOh i want to see milo in an epic rap battle with a feminist.

  • Sami Zayn
    Sami Zayn 5 days ago

    That intro was amazing.

  • Gabriel Rodda
    Gabriel Rodda 5 days ago

    Milo has to meet up with Tommy Robinson. That world be class for them to speak out about Islam.

  • Tekassassin96
    Tekassassin96 5 days ago

    Milo is a fucking hero.

  • Glen eve
    Glen eve 6 days ago


  • Alternative Lapsi
    Alternative Lapsi 6 days ago

    17:10 that girl's face :D

  • Magicconchshell1
    Magicconchshell1 7 days ago

    What if I hate trump and all of these dipshits? Where does that put me?

  • Blue Cabbage
    Blue Cabbage 7 days ago

    5:52 Jesus. the got absolutely flucked here. Milo destroyed what she just said

  • Pontrik Stoomp
    Pontrik Stoomp 8 days ago

    I love it when the crowd starts screaming USA

  • Edgy Kid
    Edgy Kid 8 days ago

    As a white ex-muslim born in a muslim family and a predominantly muslim country, I hate muslims for forcing me to explain to the new people I meet that I'm not a muslim just because I come from a country where islam is the predominant religion.

  • D Rami
    D Rami 8 days ago


    Buzzfeed headline be like : Gay guy makes a Nazi salute to a woman and says that he will fuck her.

  • Trevor Osborn
    Trevor Osborn 8 days ago

    17:00 savage Milo

  • Stuff Stuff
    Stuff Stuff 9 days ago

    How many times has he moved head in this video. 1000 times, probably more

  • NCTarheel13
    NCTarheel13 9 days ago

    Muslim witches forgot their brooms.

  • Apostolos Petkoglou

    that black dick in his mouth thing was too cringy

  • Anissa
    Anissa 9 days ago

    That asian kid at the end had nothing. Once he realized he lost and didnt know what else to say that could even justify that Milo is a white supremacist he immediately used his "Trump Card".

  • HotDawgPro
    HotDawgPro 9 days ago

    Praise our Lord and Savior!

  • Off-Brand Continuity Error

    God loves fags!

  • ParkWayBoiz
    ParkWayBoiz 9 days ago

    milo is a fukin god

  • Slinja99
    Slinja99 9 days ago

    what does she say at 9:26?

  • World'sFinest
    World'sFinest 10 days ago

    he is kinda predjudice no matter what you say but he is funny af

  • I Want Lee
    I Want Lee 10 days ago

    "Because you support Donald Trump" :)

  • AlbinoSpottedFrog
    AlbinoSpottedFrog 11 days ago

    Milo is an absolute savage. Almost as savage as my Grandpa and that is saying a lot.

  • electroleah
    electroleah 11 days ago

    1:13 when you secretly find milo funny but you're a hardcore feminist & have to pretend you didn't (the girl)

  • Jacob Austin-SIdes
    Jacob Austin-SIdes 11 days ago

    LMFAO if you can take a dick you can take a choke...the balls xDDDDDDD

  • sloth hajen
    sloth hajen 11 days ago

    6:30 As much as i support Milo i do have to disagree with that statement. Singapore has islam as its second most popular religion and there is definately no female oppression

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar 12 days ago

    i sexualy identify as Milo

  • Swifty_All Star
    Swifty_All Star 12 days ago

    I thought Asians were smart

  • Mack Begg
    Mack Begg 12 days ago

    I love his points until the audience starts to chant "U. S. A! U. S. A!" it is just a little cringy.

  • ZiiRaZoRiiZ
    ZiiRaZoRiiZ 13 days ago

    If anything America can learn from 911 is, how fucked up the people in control are.

  • Celio Ribeiro
    Celio Ribeiro 13 days ago

    We had enough fun at expense of the disable kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    Milo is the living legend that haunts the nightmares of feminists

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 14 days ago

    Got so hyped when the music started at the 14th minute or so

  • Warp
    Warp 14 days ago

    "Would you rather your child have feminism or cancer?"

    At least cancer is curable.....

  • Rasmus Blom
    Rasmus Blom 14 days ago

    gotta love how that 1 girl claims to have survived stage 4 cancer from her neck to her pelvis lol

  • Jackiepoo
    Jackiepoo 14 days ago

    My mum is against all of racism, sexism and the other 'isms'. And thinks that women just can't do as much things as men and she thinks that it is just a fact.

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson 14 days ago

    I agree with him on everything but one thing, his view on islam .
    I have fucked a lot of muslim guys and they never seemed to have a problem with it .

  • KhastyBaknoReal
    KhastyBaknoReal 15 days ago

    This, scares me. There is a possibility in the future that it will be legal to go against a professionals dictation, from this new bill thats going through right now. What the hell? I hope that it wont go through, that some politicians wont be pressured by the media and these butterflies to go through with it. Why are they allowed to affect other peoples lives? What did we do that made them so angry? How did these myths surface and become accepted as fact? Thats when we, as a society, should draw the line. Its a "do whatever the fuck you want" country, until you start to affect others.

  • Stuart Murphy
    Stuart Murphy 15 days ago

    That Service man... Epic! Im from the RoI. But i know his love is sent vicariously through all "Christendom"

  • N U M B B O D Y
    N U M B B O D Y 15 days ago

    Milo want's to speak much faster cause his brain's got so much to say

  • DaboooogA
    DaboooogA 15 days ago

    This is the downfall of the West, bear witness

  • Calamity Cat
    Calamity Cat 15 days ago

    damn I love this man. great video by the way! 👍

  • Isabelle Brady
    Isabelle Brady 15 days ago

    I fucking love this guy putting all this pricks in their place brings me the most joy in my life.

  • Jumal
    Jumal 15 days ago

    feminists deserve to die

  • _ Plumpasaurus _
    _ Plumpasaurus _ 15 days ago

    Cancer and Feminism is the same rofl

  • James Of Hoenn
    James Of Hoenn 15 days ago

    You know, this Milo footage is basically showing the reasons the media is lying to us, the races pointlessly butt heads, and the world does not truly want world peace. These people who argue and walk out on him prove that we as a race are idiots and will not truly fix our problems. Facts are facts, evil is evil, and violence is violence. That is what milo tells us, and people chose to go after him for speaking truth. We all need to speak how milo speaks, then maybe- just maybe- change will occur

  • chuklerz
    chuklerz 15 days ago

    14:40 what did he say and chill on the editing faggot

  • Callofduty23 Lopez
    Callofduty23 Lopez 16 days ago

    this guy shoots this shit haha haha he is a smart af

  • Paul Villarreal
    Paul Villarreal 16 days ago

    Milo is making me believe Trump is a great president, and I'm not even American. But on the other side, besides his opinions, Trump is such a character, his tweets, his history, that is ridiculous

  • Kelly Medley
    Kelly Medley 16 days ago

    He's so gracious to her just before he PWNS her "feeeeeelings" lol!

  • Shane Leone
    Shane Leone 16 days ago

    I'm Christian... so ill keep my thoughts on gays to myself and let God do the judging... However... Milo speaks the truth... God bless and forgive him and all of us. AMEN

  • jiale chen
    jiale chen 17 days ago

    Its the first time that i see such beatiful

  • Don Dappa
    Don Dappa 17 days ago

    cant hear what he said at 14.30

  • AgentFox16
    AgentFox16 18 days ago

    I dont share his views on muslims hating gays as lets kick them out bc christians are homophobes too, but everything else i agree on. Fucking legend

  • Poor Fucking Infantry

    Milo is a bottom right? ...I have ideas.

  • UnknownAnon
    UnknownAnon 18 days ago

    Milo is the greatest race mixing kike faggot on the planet.

  • Paul Slater
    Paul Slater 18 days ago

    Milo I'm straight and your gay but I f,cking love you man 😃

  • gazza james11
    gazza james11 18 days ago

    the only faggot I like

  • sTaTiiC BlaDeZ
    sTaTiiC BlaDeZ 18 days ago

    if women got paid less than companies would only women to save money. even if companys hire more women than men its not beacuse women cost less money its because they have to show "diversity" in their work peoples.

  • Al D
    Al D 18 days ago

    The ginger at the start trying to be prince Charles " order!! "  What a fag

  • Emmanuel F
    Emmanuel F 19 days ago

    17:01 BRUH lmao that guys face after he said it

  • rhys1265
    rhys1265 19 days ago

    That Ginger kid thinks he's mint 'ORDER' haha

  • Nefeli Lazaridi
    Nefeli Lazaridi 19 days ago

    He should be half Jewish​ half Greek , taking into consideration his Last name , Right?

  • poke1 oake1
    poke1 oake1 20 days ago

    13:23 "jesus christ" at the lady with double question lolol

  • Pli Mak
    Pli Mak 20 days ago

    Donald Trump, that must be it...hahaha!
    MIlo, keep on the awesome work! <3

  • killerxd2003 J
    killerxd2003 J 21 day ago

    This man should be a preacher FR

  • Frank Robert
    Frank Robert 21 day ago

    I love the use of meme circus

  • Lui Lopez
    Lui Lopez 21 day ago

    guess Milo likes immortal technique

  • Lui Lopez
    Lui Lopez 21 day ago

    Milo is my hero

  • Aids467
    Aids467 21 day ago

    dropkick murphies nice song selection (no i am not being sarcastic)

  • Sandeep Shankar
    Sandeep Shankar 21 day ago

    Omg that intro at 0:30!! AMAZING EDITING!!

  • Jayant Bakshi
    Jayant Bakshi 21 day ago

    aah, the Dropkick Murphys intro, followed by Milo. not a perfect video, but damn close

  • Kashmir
    Kashmir 21 day ago

    Fucking love Milo.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 21 day ago

    16:26 holy fucking shit, who is that girl on the stage?!

  • John Neeley
    John Neeley 22 days ago

    I love Milo Yiannapoulus

  • Wildfire
    Wildfire 22 days ago

    14:00 get rekt bitch, amazing edit haha the quick scope was funny as fuck

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 22 days ago

    6:00 when that airhorn goes off hahahaha totally fuckin rekt stupid ignorant bitches, this is what happens when you base arguments off made up "facts"

    Milo - The hero that straight men needed

  • JustGotJuiced
    JustGotJuiced 22 days ago

    I'm Muslim and i like trump and milo, is that weird?

    • Ariadne Sousa
      Ariadne Sousa 15 days ago

      No, it means you are a nice Muslim. I'm actually glad that people like you exist. :)

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