BD Moore- Pastor Tiny Lucas @ LCM Part 4

pastor Tiny Lucas

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Author poetangel2000 (2 years)

Author Goodword2ME (6 years)
Does anyone know if Shep schelduled to be in the Carolinas anytime soon?

Author Master Jedi (4 years)
These Jezebel women pastors better step down and repent. Women are not
called to be Pastors, Bishop, Ministers, Etc. This is HERESY!

Author giftedct2 (7 years)
You are so correct!!! I remember that day like it was yesterday and feel
where your coming from....Sad how folk are... But people will wreap what
they sow they better be careful how they treat men and woman of God

Author david everette (2 years)
This women of God is anointed and powerful!!!!!! Preach Tiny..!!!!!!

Author Roshada Hammond (4 years)
Now this lady is speaking !!!!Preaching Up IN HERE!!! never heard her, but
this is truth!

Author Master Jedi (4 years)
@juanbellard Ye of little knowledge and I not compel to
warn the fools of their foolishness. Does the scripture not say in ( 1
Corinthians 14:34-35 ) women are to remain silence in the church. Please
explain to me what is the definition of silence. And if women are commanded
to remain silence in the church, how can she then expect to preach
(pastor). You err in NOT knowing the scripture.

Author StrivingMom302 (5 years)
My Loooooord I have got to find out when she'll be back in the area! I felt
this sitting here in my PJ's! JESUS!!

Author Brent Foster (7 years)
Is she based out of "Life Center"? If so, ya'll are a BLESSED church!!!

Author bishoptony (7 years)
when is she coming back to Salisbury Maryland

Author holygrits98 (7 years)
Does her church have a website? She spoke at our church once in 2004 or
2005 and I enjoyed her. Great and powerful woman of God!

Author Melissa Sanders (7 years)
Good Lord! She make the preacher within a preacher stand up and holla!!!!!
Yes Lord!!!! Hahaa!!! Yes God she has caused my baby to leap in the Holy
Ghost on tonight!!!

Author Master Jedi (4 years)
@ juanbellard...Women may be gifted teachers, but they are not permitted by
God “to speak” in such a manner in His churches. In fact, for them to do so
is “shameful,” meaning “disgraceful” When you read the bible pray and ask
an elder with understanding to better explain the scriptures to you.

Author Brent Foster (7 years)
The doors of the church are now open!!! LOL

Author Jerome Barmore (6 years)
Evangelist Lucas will be in revival at my church the Jones Memorial COGIC
(old CHRISTIAN TABERNACLE)in Philadelphia.... august 6 @ 7:00 august 7 @
7:00 august 8 @ 7:00 come out and be blessed!!!!

Author LilMaestr0Bishop (7 years)
yea she is beast.... she got some oil on her

Author tanmills (6 years)
BLESS JESUS BLESS to me pastor JESUS is the reason for my
living.preach it!!!promotion does not comes from east nor west it comes
from GOD."keep on watching!!!"

Author juanbellard (4 years)

Author daveydee1989 (5 years)
I love tiny

Author juanbellard (3 years)
@ahbadan just pray for them all of this is nonsense just let god arise and
the enemy be scatter. the arguing about who can and who cant is simple. how
many men have and his bringing greator disgrace to the body of
christ........ let GOD judge them all you just do what ever it is that GOD
called u to bless who ever you are

Author Myke Williams (6 years)
Work Shepardess ! My God .. preach in here. She preached @ our Convocation
about 2 years ago & tore it UP!

Author giftedct2 (7 years)
yes she is the former wife

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