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    The original Puke Fruit was the Noni, now in this segment of On Location Coyote takes on the Durian fruit to see if it is the "true" king of disgusting foods!

    Audience inspired and crew accepted…this food challenge is sure to bring a whole new meaning to the term “Puke Fruit”... but will it beat the Noni as the worst?

    Get ready for Puke Fruit challenge number 2!

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Comments: 24 788

  • Sensei Swag
    Sensei Swag 12 minutes ago

    so cringey watching him open the durian with small knife,use a butcher knife

  • Infi Nata
    Infi Nata 15 minutes ago

    shouldnt eat just any old durian, some are just disgusting, gotta find the right species.

  • oniie_chan 2525
    oniie_chan 2525 38 minutes ago

    I see u video but why u say durian is disgusting....hahaha i'm in Malaysia I say durian is the best...if you can go to malaysia u can say durian is the best they not the same like u eat

  • Trâm Hoàng
    Trâm Hoàng 56 minutes ago

    i may won Coyote this time becasue i can eat half durian fruit in 1 day :v

  • Reza Dipatisurya
    Reza Dipatisurya 1 hour ago

    Duren itu buah yang Super ENAK !! Yang super stink itu "MENGKUDU", yakss..

  • Bambam's Butt
    Bambam's Butt 1 hour ago

    Jackfruit is delicious asf.

  • Mentos Legend gt
    Mentos Legend gt 2 hours ago

    Hey Hey durian is so good bro why he can't eat it is it because im indonesian ?

  • ThatKid Jordan
    ThatKid Jordan 2 hours ago

    Oddly satisfying

  • PaperMousee
    PaperMousee 2 hours ago

    I actually really like Durian. I grew up in an Asian household and we would always eat desserts with Durian in it. I never thought it smelled bad, is that weird?

  • flash more
    flash more 2 hours ago

    lol dude if your Durian smells that bad and it has a cream cheese texture its way passed eating.

  • ODST 147
    ODST 147 2 hours ago

    He hesitates with food but let's creatures sting and bite him

  • Sonic Boom
    Sonic Boom 3 hours ago

    Seeing you puke made me Puke too
    But thats ok.

  • Galia Valdivieso
    Galia Valdivieso 3 hours ago

    lol I puked in front of my mom the same way like coyote did

  • ShinyKyu
    ShinyKyu 4 hours ago

    I'm okay with durian, and the rest of my family loves it like crazy. My family literally eats durian by itself as a dessert somewhat often. You also have to choose the good durians if you want it to be delicious. And you are supposed to cut into the bulging fruit pockets, not split the whole thing apart, for both fruits. Try again, with someone who knows how choose and open the fruits. It'll taste a lot better, promise.

  • TheMegalion
    TheMegalion 4 hours ago

    Hahahahaha "a stinky banana"...

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson 4 hours ago

    I love durian

  • Han dear heater I love your videos Tran

    I love jackfruit

  • Sidaneth Sin
    Sidaneth Sin 4 hours ago

    Who here think durian is not gross

    BOOYAH NINJA 5 hours ago

    I've tasted durian candy and it was one of the grossest things I've ever tasted

  • PRO Gaming
    PRO Gaming 5 hours ago

    This fruit is called Durian

  • PRO Gaming
    PRO Gaming 5 hours ago

    I hate this fruit as well, but indonesian like it just like my parents cause i'm indonesian

  • Oh God Please No
    Oh God Please No 5 hours ago

    Durians and Jackfruit are what us Malaysians like tho =_=

  • Matt hew2007
    Matt hew2007 6 hours ago

    That durian doesn't look ripe

  • CowGirlBritney1's Channel

    Asian like sweet things :D where the Asian squad at xd

  • 290cats
    290cats 6 hours ago

    Wow i live in Singapore and eat durian very nice 😁

  • Austin Mclean
    Austin Mclean 7 hours ago

    oh I just realized that is jack fruit

  • Austin Mclean
    Austin Mclean 7 hours ago

    coyote in my country which is Jamaica there is a tasty fruit called jack fruit I don't know if it is found in your country tho

  • SHiNON-Chan
    SHiNON-Chan 7 hours ago

    That's not how you open and eat both of them, the jackfruit and durian lol.

  • BOB
    BOB 7 hours ago

    *"Its just a stinky banana"*

  • A White Wall
    A White Wall 8 hours ago

    Durians are delicious

  • Josephine Tran
    Josephine Tran 8 hours ago

    r u kidding me. i live on jackfruit and durian. it is life.

  • Blaedyn Eberly
    Blaedyn Eberly 8 hours ago

    Who else wants to eat it

  • Johnny Gascon
    Johnny Gascon 8 hours ago

    who is filipino and kinda got affended watching coyote eat durian and said it disgusting

  • Dan Stromberg
    Dan Stromberg 8 hours ago

    I like jack fruit quite a bit. The seeds are delicious too - you can roast them like chestnuts. My wife tells me that the ripe ones are sticky, but the younger ones aren't - but the younger ones are also less flavorful.

    I really dislike durian, and have heard that it's banned on some passenger flights because they smell so bad. I'd rather eat durian than balut though.

    Full disclosure: I"m vegetarian - but even before I gave up meat I wouldn't have eaten balut.

  • Bird Lover
    Bird Lover 8 hours ago

    In the first part, it was disturbing

  • sun set
    sun set 9 hours ago

    My family Eats those kind of fruit that has spikes we have no problem eating those fruits there yummy who wants to Eat them my family eat the by a spoon full of course there stinky too

  • Alivehalo990 Roblox
    Alivehalo990 Roblox 9 hours ago

    HOW DARE YOU VOMIT. I FEEL SICK FROM SEEING U VOMIT. p.s. im sorry im mad but i HATE vomit

  • little meow meow
    little meow meow 9 hours ago

    my sister can eat durian like ALL DAY BECAUSE WE R MALAYSAIN

  • cieran Paterson
    cieran Paterson 9 hours ago

    why did they not care about corvette stingray in the background

  • Snivy and Latias Gamer

    Hmong peplum like eating so what 😑

  • Shimar Rizan
    Shimar Rizan 10 hours ago

    you can't eat it properly

  • Shimar Rizan
    Shimar Rizan 10 hours ago

    durian is the best I have ate a lot at sri Lanka it was so good

  • Patar Sudung
    Patar Sudung 10 hours ago

    so funny
    I laughed till my tears fell
    it's the best and the most delicious 😍😋 fruit in Asia

  • EchizenRyoma77
    EchizenRyoma77 10 hours ago

    This durian was probably spoiled tbh.

  • Hải Nguyễn
    Hải Nguyễn 11 hours ago

    Try Balut :)))

  • Hải Nguyễn
    Hải Nguyễn 11 hours ago

    Try Balut :)))

  • Hải Nguyễn
    Hải Nguyễn 11 hours ago

    Why did you reverse the first scene? WHY???

  • hann solo
    hann solo 11 hours ago

    hahahaha... its the wrong technique to open the jackfruit.. You can actually get the fruit stick to the stem and just pull the stem out with the fruit. the fruit is actually quite big if you open it properly... :)

    same goes to the Durian. You have to tear it along the line. you actually managed to squashed both the fruits.. :D

    but well... the british also amaze me how the eat their mango... its hard, its not even ripe yet and yeah, it doesnt do good for asian like me who have seen different types of mangoes. same goes to Durian, back in Malaysia, 'Musang king' durian is like gold. quite pricey, small portion, but worth it! you should try that one :)

  • Isabel Zuniga
    Isabel Zuniga 11 hours ago


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 hours ago

    This is racist to asians

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 11 hours ago

    0:10 - 0:13 that looks disturbing.

  • Jacket Feder
    Jacket Feder 12 hours ago

    that reveres at the start

  • Potato
    Potato 12 hours ago

    the camera man is the kinda guy to watch coyote throw up and ask him "is it good?"

  • StunningSlime Animations

    I love that you vlog a bit tho.

  • Kaylan Fan
    Kaylan Fan 12 hours ago

    I'm Asian, this is proof we can eat anything

  • sweetspice
    sweetspice 12 hours ago

    Its called a stink fruit

  • KaylaJoy Gaming
    KaylaJoy Gaming 13 hours ago

    That Fruit Is Delicious! Why You Say It Gross :(

  • Julia Gorbea
    Julia Gorbea 13 hours ago

    Put coconut oil on your hands before you carve a jackfruit and the sap won't stick to your fingers.

  • Alisaik Xx
    Alisaik Xx 13 hours ago

    I tried durian before. It hurt to see him eating it 😂

  • janelle harries
    janelle harries 13 hours ago

    try jackfruit chips! :))

  • veenoable
    veenoable 13 hours ago

    you wasted that durian.that is an awesome durian .

  • rainbow player69
    rainbow player69 13 hours ago


  • Aduain Captor
    Aduain Captor 13 hours ago

    I have never tried it so I don't know how it would taste to me, but hey, everyone owns their own taste buds and they handle tastes differently.
    But this is personally the funniest Coyote's video I've watched so far. Love the facial expressions in the beginning.

  • Othou123
    Othou123 14 hours ago

    I love durian

  • Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer 14 hours ago

    Why it is sooooooo delesious

  • Joey B
    Joey B 15 hours ago

    Whenever he puked, I just blurred my eyes. Or closed them, Or hid in the comment section. Oh god, now my stomach is hurting..... ;-;

  • mayBfairy
    mayBfairy 15 hours ago

    durian is expensive in my country 😂

  • Tiffany Huynh T
    Tiffany Huynh T 15 hours ago

    Hey I'm Asian and Asian people like those fruits so I like them

  • arima rana
    arima rana 15 hours ago

    we eat it...its called 'kathal' in hindi...

  • Galaxy Sparks
    Galaxy Sparks 15 hours ago

    is it rotten cheese or old cream cheese coyote?

  • Thaw Zaw
    Thaw Zaw 15 hours ago

    :( I love Duran, it tastes pretty good to me. And this video makes me sad, #LostASub

  • Souls Fanatic
    Souls Fanatic 15 hours ago

    I think your supposed to cook durian before eating it.

  • Stux
    Stux 15 hours ago

    Durian actually tastes pretty good if you get someone to pick out the sweet ones

  • Nadyajacksons Andjani
    Nadyajacksons Andjani 15 hours ago


  • Matthew funtastic
    Matthew funtastic 15 hours ago

    if you eat durian eat like you eat ice cream

  • Matthew funtastic
    Matthew funtastic 15 hours ago

    its my original country fruit but i dont like it

  • Ican'tHandleHobisBoogieBootyAnymoreSendHelp

    10:45 That's what he said!! xD

  • Dave Banning
    Dave Banning 16 hours ago

    Come to philippines for a better durian fruit (Davao city)

  • tommy nguyen
    tommy nguyen 16 hours ago

    My parents are from Vietnam so they eat that and like it. It is okey with me ,but I ❤️ jack fruit!

  • George D
    George D 16 hours ago

    OMG I could smell how stinky it is just by watching the video 😂😂

  • Felix Miller
    Felix Miller 16 hours ago

    I've been eating durians quite a lot, and to be honest, that durians look terrible.. the texture of that durian is so weird and disgusting.

  • Sharkclaw YT
    Sharkclaw YT 16 hours ago

    10:11 thank me later

  • Rusyaidi
    Rusyaidi 16 hours ago

    the jackfruit's fruit is actually bite size. it's not that small. and as for durians, it depends on the people. it's either u love it or u hate it. me personally i hate it haha xD

  • Davide Cerignoli
    Davide Cerignoli 17 hours ago


  • Eugenia Winata
    Eugenia Winata 17 hours ago

    I love durian by the way I am from Indonesia

  • Aleksandra Nicheva
    Aleksandra Nicheva 17 hours ago

    Is it even fruit?🍒

  • Viri Corral
    Viri Corral 17 hours ago

    well there goes his smootie

  • Angela Waas
    Angela Waas 17 hours ago

    Seriously 🤔🤔in my country🇮🇩🇮🇩 people eat it like every time

  • ThatAsianDude
    ThatAsianDude 17 hours ago

    My people are getting offended

  • OtakusGT lol
    OtakusGT lol 17 hours ago

    wtf durian does taste good but the smell ugh I agree with coyote but the taste nope Its one of my favorite fruit

  • ThatAsianDude
    ThatAsianDude 17 hours ago

    In my area we eate them all the time and most of the people love them

  • Wafi 01
    Wafi 01 18 hours ago

    in singapore it the best fruit

  • Cristian cw7
    Cristian cw7 18 hours ago

    funny that all of my family love durian.. except me :h.. because the smeel is not good.. and the fruit taste is bad :h

  • Mr Bleu
    Mr Bleu 18 hours ago

    coyote is just like playing with durians

  • Heavens_ Knight_-
    Heavens_ Knight_- 18 hours ago

    bear grylls have to do this

  • Drone Striker
    Drone Striker 18 hours ago

    The durian fruit in Malaysia is freaking amazing,I don't know about the durians there

  • Springtrap 223
    Springtrap 223 18 hours ago

    Indonesian Montong durian is the sweet's of the durian

  • Pusheen da UNICORN
    Pusheen da UNICORN 18 hours ago

    i've read a book in 3rd grade about durian fruit. It said it was one of the most stinkiest fruit, but also the most delicious. Idk i think the book wuz wrong :/

  • Berwyn Vicky malasina
    Berwyn Vicky malasina 19 hours ago

    Dude durian is nice in my country its pretty common and its ok

  • Tavin McGhee
    Tavin McGhee 19 hours ago

    6k dislikes are from salty Asians

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