Pulse Jet Engine Powered Bathtub Boat

White Pine County Rec. Ely Nevada Cave Lake Bathtub Races Summer of 2010.
My entry was a Lockwood Pulse Jet Engine Powered Bathtub. Just burning off some excess propane. And entertaining the crowd.

For more information about future Bathtub Race's. Call the Ely's, Bristlecone Convention Center at: 775-289-3720

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Author Michael Ellestad ( ago)
Hey have you been pulse jetting lately? I still have my Reynst pot jets and
recently back in 2014 learned that rear projection TV's yield huge Fresnel
lenses and I have made a solar death ray from one and you can see it on my

Author carter murphy ( ago)
apparently this guy does not get the point 

Author QsoftStudios ( ago)
Pulse jet engines make thrust buy a bunch of small explosions in the
combustion chamber, the rumble you hear is the frequency of the explosions
in the exhaust. Thay are also some of the most efficient internal
combustion jet engines man has ever built with uses like, heating water,
propulsion, building heating etc. Thay also can run on almost any fuel
meaning bio fuels as well as petro fuels. Thay have almost no toxic
emissions as well due to the complete combustion of the fuel. 

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Well, because its fun. And these engines are so simply anyone can build

Author Igor Igor ( ago)
then how is it practical, why dont you make a better more efficient engine

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
No. That's just the way Pulse Jet engines run. loud and use a lot fuel.

Author Igor Igor ( ago)
sounds unstable as if its about to blow up, and so noisy cant u make a
better exhaust pipe?

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
That's what I had on this years Bathtub Boat, 2-110 lb. Valved Pulse Jet
Engines some serious thrust compared to the Valveless. There was to much
back wind to get them started that day. Maybe next year.

Author Michael Ellestad ( ago)
Hey have you ever made any V1 type pulse jets (valved pulse jets)? If you
want some serious push you may want to build you a scaled down version of a
V1 that makes 200-300 lb thrust then you will truely fly across the water.

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Yes your right. I've seen some turbocharger Jet turbine engines that would
blow your socks off. This was fun for the moment though. And the crowd
seemed to like the noise.

Author 321Racer1 ( ago)
yes I know , but the fuel consumption can be minimized a little bit ;D ,
perhaps you can try to make an real turbine out of a turbocharger ;D , i've
seen some turbochargers where fit a basketball into the main input ;D 

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Pulse Jet Engines are very poor on fuel economy. Thanks for the comment

Author 321Racer1 ( ago)
it run on too much fuel , you can see this at the flames comes out of it ,
the optimal is when you see no flames

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Sadly, last months Bathtub Race was a disaster. The Game Warden, smelt raw
gas and I had to call off the show. At least my Ford starts. 

Author Michael Ellestad ( ago)
Have you driven your pulse jet lately?

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Thank for the interest! 

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
When referring to thrust it is simply the quantity of matter, it is a
universal term. The physical weight of the engine is about 50US pounds or
22.6796 kg

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
If I changed the fuel delivery system to liquid fuel, 100 pounds thrust. On
vapor fuel around 70 pounds thrust.

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Here's the name of that video: Bathtub Races at Cave Lake

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Here's a video with it in the water moving: ( NUf3ertVWCA ) copy and paste
into search. Then go-to time mark 2:53.

Author Max Hughes ( ago)
I kind of expected it to be in the water and move, not stationary

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Thanks again!

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Kind of is. Thank for the comment

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
A glow stick that eats a lot of fuel.

Author Manfred Diedrich ( ago)
then it just a huge glow stick if its to loud lol

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
One of the reasons they were so ineffective as a weapon during WWII is
because of the noise. Thanks for the interest! 

Author Manfred Diedrich ( ago)
put a warhead on it and u got yourself a missile

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
It is; and the Game Warden even thought i't would explode for sure. The
propane is being consumed so fast the tanks are freezing up. 

Author biga87718 ( ago)
Kinda close to that propane tank. Looks nice tho.

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
"Thanks for the complement" 

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Because this is a valveless Pulse Jet, 100 pounds thrust at best I believe.
And YES, if I changed the fuel delivery system it could run on a mixture of
white-gas and gasoline. A high octane liquid "gasoline" in a low
compression engine burns poorly. I'm sure you've done your home work, so
these engines rely on a Resonance sound waves and Atmospheric pressure.
"physics" 101 Thanks for your interest!

Author Michael Ellestad ( ago)
If you had it running liquid propane then it would probably be making 250
or 300 lbs thrust you can also run it on liquid fuels like gasoline

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
It does sound like the V-1. It was made from an old semi truck exhaust
system. I hollowed out the muffler. Real crude, but it is almost perfectly
tuned out. 70 pounds thrust on propane vapor. I was afraid to run it on
liquid propane. I bet it would produce 100 pounds maybe more???

Author Michael Ellestad ( ago)
Thats a healthy sounding lockwood engine. Sounds like a German V1

Author 55dcyinely (871 year ago)
In World War 2 time era, they were state of technology. 

Author yerst2 ( ago)
looks very inneffective with so much flames outside...

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@monsieurcollins Thanks my friend'

Author Viv Collins ( ago)
Nice one Doug, runs a treat ;-)

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@herauthon Maybe, Thanks!

Author herauthon four ( ago)
The next of the V1; the B1

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@FreedomRebel It won't the temperature is constantly changing. Take a look
at this video; 55JoyhDwggU

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@ixiuzsuper It won't the temperature is constantly changing. Take a look at
this video; 55JoyhDwggU

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@johnny1bucket No melting! It would just stop working. And that is the down
side of a Pulse Jet, you can't combined it with (or as a pair) anything as
functional engine. It would how ever if submerged in water create steam. 

Author FreedomRebel ( ago)
won't it melt without cooling ??? and can't you combine this maybe with a
steam boiler for extra power & cooling... or even a peltier element to
generate electricity ?

Author 1stMrSceptical ( ago)
That gas cylinder's getting nice and warm 

Author Ron Swanson ( ago)
I wanted to see it cool down ):

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@johnny1bucket Their be no guessing having this land on your roof

Author johnny1bucket ( ago)
Dear Santa...

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@landyladv8 It's cool! Build a bathtub boat and join us next year in Ely's
bathtub boat race.

Author Ash Witty ( ago)
Thanks for the reply, I hadn't realised you answered the exact same
question in a previous post, sorry for being dumb!

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@Austyg So, Propane is Condensed into a -42° Fahrenheit Liquid until we
make it boil and release it as a gas to BBQ. 

Author 55dcyinely (177 years ago)
@Austyg (NO! it looks to boil like water at 212° Fahrenheit.) Both BOILING
AND CONDENSATION points assume a standard of 1 Atmosphere unless otherwise
noted. A 20 gallon tank of propane at 70° Fahrenheit the liquid boils and
turns into gas the pressure will be 109 PSI, another at 80° Fahrenheit the
liquid boils and again turns into gas the pressure will be 128 PSI. See a
trend? Temperature is the key factor! Lower temperatures the less the
pressure is. And “Vice Versa”

Author pcblah ( ago)
@TonyODonnell01 you mean incenerate :P

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@TonyODonnell01 Nope! You mean melt! Maybe next time.

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@landyladv8 Hello, NO! The gas is being consumed so fast that the bottle's
are freezing up in-turn slowing the flow of propane vapor. Propane boil's
at -43 Fahrenheit, "which is a gas at the freezing point of water!" So to
help keep the propane from boiling I mounted the bottles close to the 1200
degrees, actually ORANGE HOT engine. Thank you! 

Author Ash Witty ( ago)
Very cool, is there any insulation between the red hot engine and the gas

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@neem2345 The thrust is 70 lbs on propane vapor. I'm sure if I ran it on
propane liquid it would be more! Thanks!

Author Ganesh Kumar ( ago)
looks great what is the thrust you recorded for this engine..

Author Hugh Dalrymple ( ago)
@55dcyinely cheers man :)

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@vamsterr This is a Lockwood Valveless Pulse Jet Engine. It was Lockwood's
idea to use both the intake and exhaust ports for thrust. The one with the
blue flame is the intake port. Thank you 

Author Hugh Dalrymple ( ago)
wich tube is providing the thrust? the blue flame one or the other? very
interested in this:) good video 

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@sappiou Yes, it looks like it is. But No Problem! The gas tank doesn't
even get hot! Thank You

Author Andreas Demetriades ( ago)
i think the gas tank is too way close to the hot tube... 

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@CountDollarz Thanks! "it's all part of the show, what you think could
happen and what's really happening"

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@GerbilEssences Thanks!"it's even louder standing next to it"

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
Thank You!

Author GerbilEssences ( ago)
It's.... beautiful :)

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
@vanpenguin22 Yea! That’s the difference between fact and fiction! 

Author vanpenguin22 ( ago)
Sad to see you ran out of fill right in time to miss the KA BOOOOOOM!!!!!!
Damn that movie and TV industry!

Author 55dcyinely ( ago)
If the temperature of the cylinder were to exceed roughly 130°, the tank
contains a safety relief valve that would release any pressure in excess of
300 psi. YES! Anyone in their right mind would not tempt faith. However,
the propane vapor is being consumed so fast it is freezing the tanks in
turn. It is really a misconception that propane tanks are prone to
exposition. Thanks to Movie and TV entertainment industry! 

Author Dj NDAA ( ago)
Awesome! propane tank or whatever fuel is in those tanks look too close to
the hot engine tubing, could be a recipe for disaster.

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