NO FOUNDATION Makeup Tutorial: Concealer Hacks!

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  • Cannot believe this is a NO FOUNDATION look! It feels good to have my natural skin poking through. This is a gorgeous and fresh natural look which I'm LOVING right now!

    -Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photofinish Primer
    -Maybelline Master Conceal:
    -Pixi By Petra Santorini Sunset Glow-y Powder
    -Maybelline Master Camo Kit:
    -Maybelline Color correcting stick (green):
    -Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
    -Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Duo
    -Maybelline Fit Me:
    -Maybelline Better Skin:
    -Ardell Faux Mink 812 Lashes
    -Jouer Creme Highlighters
    -Hourglass Ambient Ethereal Glow Blush
    -Too Faced Sweet Peach Oil 'Pure Peach' Lip Gloss

    Sponsored by Maybelline New York!

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    All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (

    U.S./Canadian inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson
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    Countries outside of these can contact either.

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Comments: 662

  • missaMARYca
    missaMARYca 23 days ago

    I love the brush techniques as well! Totally adds to the effectiveness of the concealer

  • Henna Elina
    Henna Elina 29 days ago

    I've started doing this and I absolutely love it! I don't feel like using foundation at all anymore, especially in the summer. This technique looks and feels so fresh and natural on the skin!

  • Gogo
    Gogo 1 month ago

    when she is sponsored but the concealer is so creased under the eyes.. lol fail :D

  • Eleni Steff
    Eleni Steff 1 month ago

    she looks so much like blair waldorf in this video omg!!

  • Neuroticat ;-;
    Neuroticat ;-; 1 month ago

    dude I just stumbled upon this video and I use both those Concealers and don't use foundation often and I'm trying to make it natural. helpful coincidence

  • Ana Karen
    Ana Karen 1 month ago

    Your pretty!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • MsLovePeace100
    MsLovePeace100 1 month ago

    the under eye concealer looked soooo bad

  • Arsalan Dani
    Arsalan Dani 1 month ago


  • Lalzada Zahirjan
    Lalzada Zahirjan 1 month ago

    to much

  • Michaela Fudges
    Michaela Fudges 1 month ago

    Your skin is so beautiful! I´m so gonna try only using concealer tomorrow ^^

  • First Name Last Name

    Love Chloe's videos. She hasnt gotten complacent like other makeup youtubers, she keeps it fresh and is always coming up with new ideas. You can tell she invests a lot of time and effort into her channel. Happy subscriber!

  • Camila Francisca
    Camila Francisca 1 month ago

    u're SO beautiful without makeup!!! 😻 love this✨

  • Usua
    Usua 1 month ago

    Loved all the tips!

  • Usua
    Usua 1 month ago

    Very good video!!

  • Tal Kujavsky
    Tal Kujavsky 1 month ago

    Keep on doing makeup without foundation. Love it ❤️

  • Krystal Nguyen
    Krystal Nguyen 1 month ago

    Chloe please tell me what brush you're using throughout the video to blend out the concealer 😭

  • Dina
    Dina 1 month ago

    "As you can see, my skin looks absolutely like skin" lol

  • Caitlin Miller
    Caitlin Miller 1 month ago

    I love how honest you were about the sponsorship, but the video wasn't obnoxiously like "This is the best thing ever go buy it rn!" Only Chloe can pull off such honesty on youtube.

  • Sophie Tran
    Sophie Tran 1 month ago

    Look this look! Though i find on my lazy days when I use just concealer it doesn't match the colour of my face like it does when I used it with foundation, so you can see where I've got product on and where I don't :-(

  • saar
    saar 1 month ago

    Where're you from?

  • Gel M
    Gel M 1 month ago

    i ALWAYS ALWAYS put the yellow in the like corner/tear duct part of my eye, kinda on the side of my nose, because is so purple there.. and i have found that mixing a yellow/salmon color with just a tiny tiny hint of creamy highlighter (one thats not too bright or strong) will always make it disappear AND also, for me, makes my eyes look further apart. which i need cuz theyre pretty close together.
    but again, *another brilliant and informative video!*

  • Elle L
    Elle L 1 month ago

    You are pretty much covering your entire face with these various products. How different is it from using one product (foundation)? Not different at all.

  • Melissa Faye
    Melissa Faye 1 month ago

    Your beautiful. Great job and I love the way you say mascara! Ignore haters.

  • Maram Hatem
    Maram Hatem 1 month ago

    That was really useful

  • Jillian Joy
    Jillian Joy 1 month ago

    why would you put a rediculous amount of corrector and concealer? and call this a no foundation makeup look? your wearing corrector and concealer as foundation. this video is a rediculous waist of time. seriously WTF. Try making a real video with bare minimum corrector and concealer with no foundation. now that would be a real no foundation look, not replaced foundation with heavier corrector and concealers! ! this video was clearly just thrown together as creating a useless video that no one would ever do because clearly WTF who would take the time and extra heavier products when wearing no foundation and minimal concealer is supposed to be natural look. easy natural not a rediculous mask of heavy full corrector and concealers just to claim no foundation look. This is a joke, and sad it's what makeup industry and sad youtubers have resorted too.

  • Saphira Bastien
    Saphira Bastien 1 month ago

    Very nice great job 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾😻😻😻💋💋💋

  • LMI101
    LMI101 1 month ago

    First step: have perfect skin already! Those were my thoughts when I saw her without makeup! She looks great, awesome tutorial!

  • Nuriyah O. Martinez
    Nuriyah O. Martinez 1 month ago

    I wish natural make up looks would become a trend! Kind of done with the same looking Instagram style faces everywhere. I miss seeing the "imperfections" which make us us.

  • Kate Lo
    Kate Lo 1 month ago

    Chloe, what is the number/color of Shiseido brow styling duo? Thanks for the video!

  • Claris Ann
    Claris Ann 1 month ago

    u look alike megan in here..😅

  • dolce k
    dolce k 1 month ago

    Awww 😍 so pretty

  • Sheno ZAMANIAN
    Sheno ZAMANIAN 1 month ago

    love u Chloe please introduce moisturiser for oily skin.

  • aurélie
    aurélie 1 month ago


  • al0ne girl
    al0ne girl 1 month ago

    now makava 😂😂

  • avalotara
    avalotara 1 month ago

    This probably wouldn't work on my face which has a large red, dry patch below the cheek. The green concealer would look too obvious :(

  • natcupcake
    natcupcake 1 month ago

    I'm obsessed with your clean, fresh face! Gorgeous! If I had your complexion I'd never wear makeup😍👌🏻

  • Bethany.J
    Bethany.J 1 month ago

    Whenever I apply foundation or concealer my 3D spots show through hugely...any tips???

    AXA ALTAF 1 month ago


  • Jessica Nikita
    Jessica Nikita 1 month ago

    People say I look like her but I have brown eyes 😂💔

  • Nadiah M.
    Nadiah M. 1 month ago

    hello Blair Waldorf

  • Mahera Raniwala
    Mahera Raniwala 1 month ago

    megan fox anyone?(cause she looks like her)

  • Ailen Beauty and Style

    I'm starting my channel, sub for tutorials and life hacks ! Chloe my inspiration 😘

  • Edward Magnus
    Edward Magnus 1 month ago

    I love your personality! Sometimes I just watch one of your videos to get in a better mood. Xx

  • Tania.K
    Tania.K 1 month ago

    That hilary duff reference tho lmao

  • hebabeauty
    hebabeauty 1 month ago

    this look is amazing on you!!! you are so gorgeous

  • Anželika Šukytė
    Anželika Šukytė 1 month ago

    the nose correction is horrible, too obvious. Was better when u werent doing it...

  • Elei Villegas
    Elei Villegas 1 month ago

    what camera do you use? :)

  • Juhi Khan
    Juhi Khan 1 month ago

    I actually tried this technique but I used a contouring stick because I don't have a darker concealer. It really did make a difference without giving that 'foundation heavy look'. Looked very no-makeup-naturally-great-skin.
    Thanks a bunch, Chloe!

  • Michelle 48
    Michelle 48 1 month ago

    Step 1 - have flawless skin 😭😭😍

  • 91082 H.
    91082 H. 1 month ago

    Liked ur before eyebrows more 😢😣

  • maria paula escamilla

    Kim Kardashian X Kylie inspired Makeup Tutorial PLEASE

  • oOLolaliciousOo
    oOLolaliciousOo 1 month ago

    Nice video! But i think the concealer under the eye should be blended with the beautyblender because it is creasin' alot

    • Chloe Morello
      Chloe Morello 1 month ago

      i have wrinkles under my eyes from squinting and so theres nothing that u can do about creasing under there x

  • Sarah onwater
    Sarah onwater 1 month ago

    Dear Chloe, thank you a lot. I´ll try that. Please do a natural spring makeup like "Jade Butterfield" (Gabriella
    Wilde in Endless Love) or "Marissa Cooper" (Mischa Barton in the OC). Thank you very much!

  • Holly Victoria.
    Holly Victoria. 1 month ago

    I do this everyday I don't wear foundation

  • N G
    N G 1 month ago

    I used to do this few years ago. But I would notice when I am out during the day, the natural light exactly shows where I applied counselor and the difference in texture and shades. So it doesn't look as pretty and natural. Do you have any advice for me?

  • MakeupByShirley
    MakeupByShirley 2 months ago

    If I looked like you, I wouldn't need foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, ANYTHING 😍

  • Taylor Pierce
    Taylor Pierce 2 months ago

    being so close up i never realised how many freckled u have... their gorg.. i have tons too. :))

  • Jennifer Branam
    Jennifer Branam 2 months ago

    Beautiful! 💛❤️💚💙💜

  • emblr
    emblr 2 months ago

    She looks a bit like Hannah from 13 reasons why

  • Wulandari Melinda Kuncoro

    y u so flawless Chloe?❤

  • heroox_3
    heroox_3 2 months ago

    I swear you're a goddess or something like whaaat 😍

    I also make videos if anyone would like to check them out and subscribe 😊💕

  • Ellen Y.
    Ellen Y. 2 months ago

    very well done! love you😙

  • Amy T
    Amy T 2 months ago

    I don't like sponsored videos:(

  • Leksie_b
    Leksie_b 2 months ago

    Love the knew background

  • ariel ava
    ariel ava 2 months ago

    Hate to see white glue on the eyelids ...

  • plaidandglitter
    plaidandglitter 2 months ago

    why not... hilary duff... yes

  • astry canales
    astry canales 2 months ago

    It looks kinda cakey under the eyes

  • Lilyywhite_
    Lilyywhite_ 2 months ago

    camera quality is amazing !!! looking good girl xx

  • I, TamiShey Make Videos About Weird Products

    you have beautiful skin I have some blemishes so I have to do all the steps with foundation I am treating my skin now hopefully I will be able to wear no foundation. Sometimes I feel like doing nothing with my face lol :)

    WASAN IBRAHIM 2 months ago

    U r so beautiful in everything you do.. I love you❤️

  • amanda n.
    amanda n. 2 months ago

    Your skin is so flawless. ugh so lucky

  • Samantha W
    Samantha W 2 months ago

    Can you do some videos that aren't sponsored next? No hate.

  • Gabbie Salgado
    Gabbie Salgado 2 months ago

    Thank you for not blurring out your skin to show is how it looks on real life👌🏻🙌🏻😘

  • Alyssa paige
    Alyssa paige 2 months ago


  • Saragury
    Saragury 2 months ago

    Chloe, you are Hillary-ous! haha but seriously, I loved the video.

  • Eva Rene
    Eva Rene 2 months ago

    Girl this video made me a subscriber😉

  • Sheena Chand
    Sheena Chand 2 months ago

    Just reiterating some comments already here but you definitely look different Chloe! I couldn't put my finger on I had to pull up the old Concealer Hacks video and compare it to now bahaha and I think it's definitely (1) darker hair, (2) fuller cheeks <3 , (3) paler skin, and (4) your lippies were more more Angelina Jolie before with a plumpness in the middle! Have you changed your esthetician, or whoever does your lip augmentation?? I think your beautiful inside and out so these are just some observations, no offense intended. :D

  • sara 19
    sara 19 2 months ago

    Chloe this is AMAZING 😍😍this is going to be my every day morning makeup.LOVE YOU ❤

  • lloydy woydy
    lloydy woydy 2 months ago

    no difference tbh waste of time

  • Ebony Fergusson
    Ebony Fergusson 2 months ago

    Love this so much xo

  • Maria Belen Manzotti
    Maria Belen Manzotti 2 months ago

    That hair color completely suits u!

  • paul w
    paul w 2 months ago

    It's a real shame that you feel you need make up but women are made to feel that way by advertising to get you to buy it.

  • laura russet
    laura russet 2 months ago

    Rip to all the animals maybelline killed testing those products.

  • Leticia Miculinic
    Leticia Miculinic 2 months ago

    What brush is that blender brush she used for cream concealer ?

  • Princess Roqia
    Princess Roqia 2 months ago

    I liked it😍💜

  • stockhomolou
    stockhomolou 2 months ago

    Can you do a video about how to reduce bumpy skin and a cakey nose please :) not sure if you made one before but just in case.♥♥♥♥

  • Ema H
    Ema H 2 months ago

    You should try a full face using Sportsgirl beauty products! :)

  • Cook Your Beauty
    Cook Your Beauty 2 months ago

    I LOVE your face structure. And love your personality too 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • starmildmenthol
    starmildmenthol 2 months ago

    Your video quality keeps getting better with good natural lighting and lots of close up shots that really shows true skin texture (no diffuse filter, obviously). More natural look tutorials/GRWM/tips/hacks, pretty pleaase? Big love to you Chloe!

  • Melodie Sanchez
    Melodie Sanchez 2 months ago

    love this 😍😘😄

  • Sarah Dennaoui
    Sarah Dennaoui 2 months ago

    I swear this is my everyday routine 😂🙌🏽

  • Asil la
    Asil la 2 months ago

    I've been doing this for years i only wear foundation on special occasions .

  • Lara Cruse
    Lara Cruse 2 months ago

    freckles !!!!

  • Tori Watson
    Tori Watson 2 months ago

    I love this look! You wouldnt even know it was just concealer! And the only hack I knew was the eyebrow one... really changes the shape of your brows!

  • Yvette 83
    Yvette 83 2 months ago

    Your skin looks glowing. So beautiful Chloe xx

  • Jess Mae
    Jess Mae 2 months ago

    Making your eyes super creased AF ..

  • totallytony
    totallytony 2 months ago

    haha Hilary Duff made me double take lol

  • VxYLife
    VxYLife 2 months ago

    OMG!!!! As you took off your head band I suddenly saw a striking resemblance between yourself and Blair Waldorf!!!!!

    amazing video as always

  • Mariah Jo
    Mariah Jo 2 months ago

    what shade did you use for the contour?

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