Pir Syed Naseer Uddin Naseer "Ever Life of Prophet Muhammad"

[Must See]Pir Syed Naseer Uddin Naseer "Ever Life of Prophet Muhammad salo alahe wasalam"

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Author Md Yasir ( ago)
Mashallah SubhanAllah Hazoor

Author Asad Mughal ( ago)

Author Ahmad Ahmad ( ago)

Author Usman Khan ( ago)
Haq naseer ya naseer

Author RAJA AWAIS ( ago)
haq naseer ya naseer

Author musa bhai ( ago)
masha Allah

Author mohd nawaz (413 years ago)
Allah sona karoran Rahmatin nazal farmay ap k Mazar sharif par Zindabad Pir Sab

Author Muhammad Faisal ( ago)
Subhan Allah peer sahib
Nice words

Author Muhammad Hayat Ali Naseervee ( ago)
"Terey hasdoun ko malal hea ye Naseer funn ka kamal hea, Tera qole tha jo sanad raha teri baat thi jo khari rahee".                                                                             HAQ NASEER YA NASEER.

Author SILVER FALCON ( ago)

Author Nabeel Anjum ( ago)
such kehtey hain k brelvi honey k liye jahil hona bhut zarori hey

Author awais jutt ( ago)
yarr ap kay peer yahee haa

Author malik anwar awan mohammad ( ago)

Author Waseem Shah ( ago)
masha allah

Author Ali Yousaf Khan (396 years ago)
Wah Peer Saab!!!

Author nasir aziz ( ago)
dont disrespect ..u wwill be disrespected after ur death

Author M Usman Ali Nizame ( ago)
ya bataa quran sa sabit han or shaba sa..tari haseat kia han ..tara whabi in ki izat krta han aik musalman ko kafir kha rha ha to khuh kafir mushara .gustakha rasool or bidte ha...peer shab zida to mra ga to tm jasa sara whabi jhanamma gany ga

Author Mirza Tousif ( ago)
i think your are mother fucker who write about peer sahib because you are dog that why you say like that,inshahallah you going hell soon bitch. you come forent of me ok then i tell you, who is true. i think your mother went some other men then you born. this is answer of third one okay.

Author Mohammad10793 ( ago)
Thanks God, this Kafir (Peer) died and the people got rid of him.
He will be in JAHANNAM for ever, because he is Mushrik.
Look in the video, people are kissing his feet and bowing before him and he ( Son of bitch) does not stopped him.

Author Umar Tahir ( ago)
Subhan Allah... Kya baat ha...

Masha Allah

Allah Pak Pir Naseer-ud-Deen (R.T.A.) k darajaat buland frmaye, Amin

Author Azhar Hussain ( ago)

Author Azhar Hussain ( ago)

Author Naseeri ( ago)
My skype id is "masnud1" call me or email me on, Insha Allah I will answer your questions. If u think u r on right aqeedah and all Pakistanies who follow the peers are jahil thats not issue for me. I have concerns about your language u use about Peers and Pakistani scholars. If u have knowledge then talk to me otherwise keep shut your mouth. Ur beloved Saudi scholars can't stop their king to dance with Bush and other kafirs, have u got any Hadees which allow it?

Author Kaleem Dharala ( ago)
very real and best...

Author Muhammad Ahsaan ( ago)

Author Qaiser Manzoor ( ago)
plz puri speech uplod kro i like that prson

Author swati King ( ago)
SubhanAllah MashaAllah.
Allah Pak se Dua hai -K- Pir Syed Naseer Uddin Naseer Sahib ko Jannat ul Ferdoos main Aala muqaam Atta Farmaye AMEEN.

Author AmeerH ( ago)
Kissing the Foot

975. Al-Wazi' ibn 'Amir said, "We came and were told, 'That is the Messenger of Allah.' We took his hands and feet and kissed them."

976. Suhayb said, "I saw 'Ali kiss the hands and feet of al-'Abbas."

Author AmeerH ( ago)
Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal has quoted the hadith as narrated by Zayd ibn Arqam thus:
He Rasoolallah sallahualayhiwasallam said said: `Whosoever accepts me as his mawla (master), `Ali is his mawla (master); O Lord! Befriend whosoever befriends `Ali and be the enemy of whomsoever opposes `Ali.

Author AmeerH ( ago)
@there was an incident where 2 jews asked Rasoolallah sallahualayhiwasallam he answered it they kissed his hands and feet and said he was a nabi, so they converted.
Once, two Jews came to the Holy Prophet and asked him a question. The Holy Prophet answered them. Thereafter, they kissed the hands and the feet of the Holy Prophet and told him that they bear testimony that he is a Nabi.Tirmizi Shareef; Mishkaat Shareef.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad Now giving money to some person is not forbidden in islam. can u prove that our religion forbidden us. Sahaba Karam also gave their money to NABI SAW for reliogous purposes like jihad etc. If you want to know what Pir sb is doing with all this money then i can tell you?ask me

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad These are the name of books by Pir syed Naser uddin sb.

Islam me Shahiry ki Haseat
Qurane Majeed k Aadabe tilawat
Lafaz Allah ki Tehqeeq
Range Nizaam
Mawaznae ilmo karamat
Kia ibleem aalim tha?
Fatwanaweesi k aadab
Musalmanoo k arooj o zawal k asbab
Pakistan me zalzly ki tabakarian Asbab aur tajaveez

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad send me your email address or past here bcoz urls cannot be pasted here. so i send u urls of books

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
PIR Shb aik azeem shakhsiat ha jo nai manta wo na many laken yad rakhy k jo aasman ki taraf mon kar k thokta ha thok us ki mon pe hi parta ha.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad URLS are not pasting here so send me your email address.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad send me your email address. I will send you the urls of books and videos of Pir Sahb

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
Link are not posting here so I will send them to you email. You can see lot of books written by Pir Syed Naseer uddin SB. You can even see the videos of KHATABS, in ENGLISH and urdu also. So you are laking of knowledge. firstly see what u r then say anything. now your mouth should be shutup.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad Click on this link to see the books of Pir Syed Naseer Uddin sahb.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad Now after giving you your proper food I will show you the answers of your questions.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad First of all you should investigate about your sisters where they are danciing. ugly guy firstly look at your home then say anything to another. i was discussing abt u not abt ur family. and i will tell you the detailed education of my pir and his books and will shut up your ugly and bloody mouth with the piece of pig.just wait

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad You and your GUstakh AALim like MUselma Kazzab, founder of Wahabism, Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Gustakhe Rasool, Qasim Nanotwi, theif are all Gustakh and dont know what to say.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
@dodyfarhaad You dont have any right to say somethings about a great Aalim of the time. You deserved all these words because you are educated ignorant, you dont know how to respects those who r superior than us in the sense of piety, ilm and family. you must firstly consider yourself who r u then say anything.

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)

Author Muhammad Inam ul Haq ( ago)
Mr, first of all befor saying any thing about any great person you must consider who r u, u said about a great ALIM, you r 100% ignorent, you dont know how to speak. you are giving comments about my pir, I am his Mureed and you are still not equal to my shoe, stupid,

Author Muhammad Nadeem ( ago)
video Respons walay tumheen is abdul rahman muljim muradi qatil-e-Hazrat Ali ki shakal o hulye waly shaitan k sewa koi nahi mila jis ki andhi taqleed karo? appnay wahbi guro ghntalon ki books parho our socho is kharji shaitan our us kharji shaitan main kiya farq ha? yaqenan koi farq nahi,jharo jitni lambi darhi,moti gardaneen adhi pindle nangi, muo par quran quran or dil bheriye say sakht, apnay sewa sab muslims ko mushrik kehna our kufar ko dost rakhna, lanat ho kharjiyat par

Author True Muslim ( ago)
can any one provide me Pir sabs CDs / DVDs ?? i can pay for that

Author AK7861000 ( ago)
subhanallah wa. wa. what a great great great peer. surely will be missed

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
i've given u reference of hadith , now see it urself.
may Allah give u hadayat aamin. and if ur wahdaniyat is at such a high level then don't dare to go to doctor, or any other person to whom we go for routine works. as according to u it's against hadayat. and ask only Allah to make ur work happen without any wasila. ok
now u send me comments.

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
i reply u but u says i cannot reply so read this hadees a pak
The hadith sharif about kissing feet is '' when we reached madinah, we quickly took off from our rides and began to kiss prophet(PBUH) hands and feet'' abu dawood hadith # 1784.
Another hadith ''we went near prophet (PBUH) and took kiss of his hands'' abu dawood hadith # 1786.

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
ma bhout zabat sa kam la raha hoon ainda pir shab ko hindo na khana ma na apne eyes band nahi ke u r nao suni u see munazra of hanif qureshi you comments are related with zamatooti murdood.ainda pir shab ko hindo na khana.

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
i upload that full program in 2,3 days inshallaha in tat program all bataya pir shab na daleloon ka sath ke ha wo suna.qadam boosi karna kufar nahi

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
tara ferqa kia ha murdood

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
tara farka kia ha?

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
O a tu tr karda hi bakwass a tenu te apna deen te mazhab hi nahi pata te tu gallan ineyin wadiean karda a . Sharam kr lanti , dnky , iblys aur kia laqab doon tujhey . u charsi sharabi bhangi and jahil our uneducated tujhey 2 chaar jooty maarty tu tera dimaagh teek hujata . Mardud tu aur tera peer

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
''chaar gham kuttu ko bhonknay py uksatay rahe
aik chand, phir roshan, aur phir itna haseen, itna buland.''

tou zamatoti jitna b bhonk lo chand ny tou nikalna hai kuttu k bhonknay sy is ki shanay zeesan mai koi mutlak farq nahi paray ga.

Author loyal 888 ( ago)
masallah allah khush rahey aap key rooah ko aur jannat ma bara darja dey.........tamam muslmanoooo sa request hai ka allah ka khoof karo peer saab peer mahir ali shah ka pootey hai muslmano ka alam hai un key izzat karo warna qayamat door nahi fasla khud ho jae ga

Author Raja Saboor ( ago)
Naseer shab ko un ka jana ka bad glat kha raha ho,Sharam karne chayea.Ho to un jase tkrer kar ka dekho.

Author RaqseeBismil ( ago)
Zamatoti@ there is a very famouse stanza which i am remembering on ur comments about pir sahb (RH) it is for you dear

Urfy tu mandeesh zaghoghaey Raqeeban
Awaze Sagan Kam na Kunad Rizg e Gadarh

Author RaqseeBismil ( ago)
May Allah Showers his Blessing on Pir Sahb

Author RaqseeBismil ( ago)
Haq Naseer ya Naseer

Author miiikaal ( ago)
he was syed the sardar thts y he got tht right to

Author Mohammed Younis ( ago)
yes tis is one of my favourite speeches mashallah he handled ahl-e-sunna vry nyc way v hav lost a big dolat may allah giv us haday 4rm our beloved murshad

Author RaqseeBismil ( ago)
Allah o Akbar very sad if this Great person has been Away May Allah shower his blessing on pir sahab shrine

Author RaqseeBismil ( ago)
when pir sahab passed away r u sure is this true if it is true then very sad and so bad Ahlesunnat lost a great scholar

Author Habib mughal ( ago)
inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajiuun
(to Allah we belong and to him we SHALL return)
this great man has passed away..

Author shutyourtrap ( ago)
@ 6.21...haaan jeee

Author safbat ( ago)

Author RaqseeBismil ( ago)
SubahanAllah qurban in ki shan per can u put full video or can u post me full speach of pir sahb i m in uk will be very thankfull if u send me full speach may Allah give u great reward for this blessed work

Author Muhammad Ali ( ago)
Jazakallah. I am from UK. Can you put the complete speech on you tube?

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