Car Crash Compilation # 63

All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔FACEBOOK

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Author Cyodide ( ago)
I find it funny how most of these crashes were Russian

Author 38th Meme Time Lord ( ago)
"All crashes in this video are non-fatal" Expect they cause injuries.

Author Panda Nguyen ( ago)
I kinda feel bad

Author Gamer Star ( ago)

Author Shavine Hill ( ago)
Russians can't drive for shit😂

Author Luke Camp ( ago)
Why did the toilet paper cross the road so he could get in the crack if you liked the joke like it

Author Shane Young ( ago)
Proof that you've got to drive defensively at all times. A lot of the people with the most serious damage didn't seem to be at fault.

Author BeAmazing24x7 ( ago)
you can call it supid people compilation

Author TheDahaka1 ( ago)
Private transportation was a mistake

Author no name ( ago)
3:34 that lady is the smartest driver i have ever witnessed wow got out of deadly situation with only a scratch

Author FarmDude ( ago)
Did any of these people have brains?

Author KOSFIGHTs ( ago)
sometimes my Mom says STUPID to
those drivers that don't pay u tension =-O

Author KOSFIGHTs ( ago)
this looks like Russia 😐

Author Pinto Beans ( ago)
Slow down.

Author Filip Eriksson ( ago)
can u take non russian crashes?

Author Mark Vance ( ago)
There are a lot of American driving videos, but when it comes to all out stupid and brain-dead maneuvers, these Russian videos have them beat. I can't for the life of me figure out why these people do the things they do. It really defies explanation. I've been driving since 1983 and I've NEVER done any of the things you see here. I used to go out and party on the weekends, drinking beer, liquor, smoking pot, but still never did anything like this. Not even on my worst night. I just don't know. I can't figure it out.

Author Lanny Robinson ( ago)
sorry for your

Author boredom ( ago)
Cop at 7:24 did nothing.

Author Gloria Nsongan ( ago)
obviously these morons that somehow got there driving license are stupid enough to not know which side of the road to go on THE LAST ON PURE STUPIDITY ALL OF THE CARS WHO WERE GOING THE SAME WAY HE WAS GOING WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE ITS EITHER THAT HE DIDN'T NOTICE CAUSE HE'S BLIND OR HE JUST WANTS TO DIE AND POSSIBLY GO TO JAIL!!!!. what I'm just sayin.

Author HeezNeez ( ago)
Who knew they had dash cams in the 1940's? Oh wait, they're just poor foreigners.

Author gameAddictionz _ ( ago)
Why does it seem like all the car wrecks happen everywhere except the United States?

Author JTkikz ( ago)
this was too mean u little prick how dare u njbdajbh.fg.eHFbj˘‰ËDG.WUd√˚Ó◊„>Dvw

Author SPORTS FAN 316 ( ago)
How does this video Have 20 million views?

Author Kevin Burkett ( ago)
moral of the story? buy a dashcam. to anyone criticizing this because it's primarily in russia, i've seen countless accidents purely due to operator error in my state alone...Some people just shouldnt be allowed to drive

Author Antonino Parisi ( ago)

Author Samantha Rogers ( ago)
The last one was an example of why you should never pass a semi dum crap

Author Kiki ( ago)
That 2nd Russian:

Author Jason Ventura ( ago)
That cat who crash dis bitch didn't cad

Author ( ago)
The last one was the worst

Author greninja da pokeeman ( ago)
oh damn people need to be more carefull

Author Ramiro Escamilla ( ago)
Yo look ugly

Author Kevin Payne ( ago)
I don't have to worry about this with my jet pack, gg noobz

Author Riedel Longkutoy ( ago)
2:38 Can't believe car can beat a tractor ) just like that

Author Joshua Hunt ( ago)
At 6:34 they were the same cars

Author The Caterpillar King ( ago)
Did anyone else start flinching towards the end of these?

Author Just be Happy ( ago)
ohhh my good

Author Josh B ( ago)
Given that the most of the bad crashes are because of too much speed, I think cars like Honda that promote speed and horse power should be restricted or removed.

Author super112495 B ( ago)
why are people so so so so so so so stupid they do not know how to drive people out of the U.S. country are pure stupid they clearly do not need to drive

Author Bruce Wayne ( ago)
Russians going full retard

Author Kissing Bandit ( ago)
the crash at 240...stupid haha

Author ilker turhan ( ago)
6:33 jump ? XD

Author Daily vlog With destiny ( ago)
how do they know if thier gonna crash

Author delon t ( ago)
I admit I searched for car accidents. LOL

Author Dan White ( ago)
Fuck minivans

Author diwakar raman ( ago)
atleast the ppl in other cars pull over and help out, unlike a few other countries ......

Author Kayla Barrett ( ago)
That last one was just omg 😳

Author vegard pig ( ago)
Hey description, are you sure thats non fatal at 10:06?

Author Irwan Zulhairie ( ago)
the first crash i know its dandtm because i watch the video that says *sad dantdm*

Author Designated Street ( ago)
Crossing a Russian road is the last thing on my bucket list.

Author Maximalist_54 ( ago)
The guy who made the gray car flip at 5:18 is such a piece of shit, man. You can clearly tell it was his fault and as he steps out of his car, he waits for the driver with the camera to get it out and check out the gray flipped car because he knows he fucked up.

Author Vince Rodriguez ( ago)

Author Solomon Grundy ( ago)
At 4:55 I thought it was Santa Claus

Author KW ( ago)

Author Juliana Fernandez ( ago)
2:42 when u car is on her period

Author Adrian Claudiu ( ago)
7:11. That was so funny :))

Author SkyEarthOcean ( ago)
Crazy Russians

Author Baba Yaga ( ago)
2:54 they probably were like " anybody seen that " no no were good lol

Author Yana Walljasper ( ago)
could I use one of the clips in this video for a school project? it will most likely be published on youtube. I will credit you (or the original source if you have it) in the description, thanks in advance

Author SSE Outdoors ( ago)
like 99% was from being impatient, selfish little fucks.

Author xuligantos ( ago)
4-20 животноЕ орёт ЗАЯ ГОНИ НАКУЙ.....по ходу хахаль ейный подрезал детишек на скутере...

Author Jericho Reynolds ( ago)
Did anyone die in any of these crashes

Author Tera Morris ( ago)
did that kid get thrown out of there car then got ran over by a car

Author high octane ( ago)
first guy was an idiot

Author zzzzHALEzzzz ( ago)
So much of this shit happens because people don't have PATIENCE

Author Panamint Joe Smith ( ago)
Russia seems to be a rich source of crash videos. Are those drivers drunk, or merely incompetent?

Author Wargaming 61 ( ago)
this is funny

Author Summer Breez ( ago)
Mucho grande stupido Russian, senior!

Author Haitam EloualiENG,FR ( ago)
0:00 who the hell he will not do an accident
100% confirmed and accurated that he will easily flip off

Author Miss .Taytortot ( ago)
so do people just like... not pay attantion to the fucking road?

Author Kmononoke957 ( ago)
Why don't people have common sense when driving? Please be aware of your surroundings everyone.

Author Fresco L ( ago)
I once ran infront of a car but I got tired... so I ran behind it instead but got exhausted.

Author Ivor Biggun ( ago)
This is just a Russian drinking game. You and your mates sit around watching crashes on youtube, and every time there's a crash, you all have a shot of vodka. After an hour of this, you all go out for a drive. It's very popular over there.

Author Crazy Car Crash Compilation ( ago)
0:28 OMG :O

Author Führer des Benutzers ( ago)
4:43 You don't even have to speak russian to understand that he asked her "Are you okay?" and she replies "Yeah".

Author Britt Zeroni ( ago)
Most of these people are dumbasses cutting off other cars

Author Alexander Ruder ( ago)
сука, сколько тупорылых ублюдков на дорогах!

Author Gokhan J. Yenigun ( ago)
Never let Russians in your country

Author K111 wb409 ( ago)
Those last two ....damn !!!

Author JASFMXL ( ago)
4:02 rolling drums...CRASH!!

Author Giovanny 110 ( ago)
on the first one the guy was like "did i miss anything"

Author Liam Strömberg ( ago)
Take care of your friend!... at 4:09😡

Author Leo Mullen ( ago)
warning, don't drive your car after watching this

Author joe woodchuck ( ago)
People driving carelessly and beyond their capabilities are the major causes of crashes yet the government - ALL governments from what I can tell - won't enforce simple driving rules. All crashes are treated as just so much serendipity and the drivers get off scot free. Shame on the cops and on the courts. They have zero interest in truly saving lives. Seat belts and speeding tickets hardly scratch the surface when it comes to road safety. It's sad that our leaders think so little of their constituents to treat us like we don't matter.

Author Prasad Wagh ( ago)
7:12 How I met your mother

Author Funny Bunny ( ago)
the person at 8:14 got his payback a few seconds

Author Funny Bunny ( ago)
only in russia...

Author Bogdan Grd ( ago)
Only in PL 😂😂

Author Leo Trejo ( ago)
GTA 6 looks really realistic!

Author teepicgamer73 ( ago)
Russians are comparable to Bostonians in their driving

Author Musically Best ( ago)
some of these are really funny when nobody gets hurt but some noooo 😒

Author Gamer 2017 ( ago)
5:50 Why was that motorcyclist riding on the white lines? WTF.

Author Laura DeAngelo ( ago)
Geez Russia

Author Garretts101 ( ago)
8:59 who else was paying attention to that truck instead of the actual crash that was about to happen XD

Author Sencer Koca ( ago)
these russians are....

Author Omar Castro ( ago)

Author CreeperGamingYT Channel ( ago)

Author K. Holder Phillip ( ago)
Be careful, thanks!!

Author amber devaul ( ago)
7:20 the cars kissed 😂

Author Angelo Ronquillo ( ago)

Author The Kobester ( ago)
What I've learned from this video: 3/4 of accidents are caused by the biker, rather than the car driver.

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