Car Crash Compilation # 63

All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔FACEBOOK

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Author smackedinthejaw ( ago)
I'd have been concerned if this vid was titled "car accidents compilation" as a lot of these look like sheer stupidity and bad driving as supposed to genuine accidents.

Author wumpascott ( ago)
4:25 so random

Author Spolt ( ago)
no wonder they keep haveing car crashes half of them are on the wrong side of the road


Author Pussy Slayer ( ago)
Gta v:

Author YoCatto ( ago)
Note to self, drive 100 ft away from any car.

Author Melak Hamed ( ago)
In this video, I learned how RETARDED PEOPLE CAN BE!!

Author Edward Carson Wilkey ( ago)
Retards on wheels

Author Bruce Lee ( ago)
I got in a car accident yesterday and my car is totaled.

Author The Last Greaser ( ago)
I had a head on collision today at 40mph... We both walked away without a scratch. Praise God

Author Noctis Kami ( ago)
Russians give 0 fuck when driving

Author S u r f e x p ( ago)
The best way to get around in Russia is by google earth...

Author SerialElf ( ago)
The first one the driver of the white SUV needs their license revoked. Speed aside because we can't tell causing an accident like that at least deserves license revocation. Had the video driver died I'd want at least vehicle manslaughter. Seriously just let people pass.

Author Carol Labeots ( ago)
ɷɷ ᕼEEYY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᘔ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪᗪᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕITTTTT : -

Author 예수애미마굿간콜걸 ( ago)
feel so good

Author Luca Korteland ( ago)
It sounds like that annoying girl is in every car...

Author T-MONEY Official ( ago)
7:21 you may now kiss the bride 😂

Author xxceylincookie gamingxx ( ago)

Author Tupac ( ago)
I sometimes wonder why would someone film the road while driving....

Author Fredrik Hermansson ( ago)
I've always enjoyed watching these types of videos but after being in a head on crash it's really hard enjoying them...

Author Teia IsSupergirl ( ago)
Yay the tree is fine at 2:13 and why am I happy when someone got injured now I feel bad

Author Meagan Volk ( ago)
"zenga zenga zenga zenga"

Author JoEbYX ( ago)
Anyone know why the guy in the first video is in the passenger seat before he gets out, but it looks like he takes his seatbelt off?

Author emiiee cx ( ago)
this is why i dont want to ride cars

Author Amber Smith ( ago)
Why are most of these Russians?

Author Elijah F ( ago)
first dude was chill

Author oddpodlbkk ( ago)
The tractor fell over in slow motion

Author Samantha McManus ( ago)
this is why i dont want to drive

Author Hunglikeahippo 69 ( ago)
What is it about Russians and car accidents

Author Cris Miszel ( ago)
2:30 whose foult???

Author Madison Miller ( ago)
Some dude came running into my car today so i got hurt but im fine now

Author xXPaulPlaysXx ( ago)
7:16 Wanna kiss? Seriously that part made me wanna drink bleach

Author xXPaulPlaysXx ( ago)
Car flip challenge!!! On the beginning

Author Abraham Alanis ( ago)
i got in one on dec 19 2016




Author Alexis DeArcos ( ago)
I feel bad for the people

Author Umberto2 ( ago)
Look at these dumb fucking foreigners

Author Bush made dank ( ago)
Why TF was he going so fast in the first and second one

Author Yakut Karali ( ago)
1:33, motorcycle guy: Crashes.......... really man......looks down.....well shit......

Author Reckless Sniper ( ago)
Is this why most women don't drive😂😂jk don't take it seriously😂😆

Author Matthew Moore ( ago)
The guy in the first video was so damn calm, like he's experienced that a few times.

Author TUgamer 101 ( ago)
What happened to them at the end?
It cuts it out...

That's Deep 0-0

Author pkc night ( ago)
cyka blyat

Author the vloging master of vlogs ( ago)
lessons learned for the first guy

Author Hardik Chovatiya ( ago)
nice video but my video Best

Author darshan kumar ( ago)
the left pedal is for accelrator and the middle one is for brake..jesus !

Author Andrea Bricklin ( ago)

Author SyntaxErrorXoXo ( ago)
3:35, that was legendary! haha

Author Barack Obama ( ago)
The last one obviously looked like it was on purpose.

Author Brent Downey ( ago)
The time stamp on one says 2019!!!!!!!

Author Blaine Burns ( ago)
Russian`s and vodka....tsk tsk

Author Bilan Adan ( ago)

Author Anthony Hewitt ( ago)
RIP last person

Author Vinnie Scotti ( ago)
Ooooo the last one was really bad someone probably died

Author Vinnie Scotti ( ago)
Omg they are probably drunk drivers

Author WingDings Aster ( ago)
in Russia it's crash or get crashed

Author Gerard fornell sala ( ago)
most of them, or all of them ar russian? wtf.. how they drive?

Author Chanel With No Name ( ago)
What the fuck just happened at 2:42?

Author Gavin Dressler ( ago)
Notice how most of these were Russians

Author Sidney Mckenzie ( ago)
2:26 TRACTOR TIPPING!!!!!!!!

Author Neema Jackson ( ago)
How it feels to chew 5 gum.. 5:14

Author Bostonian Gamer ( ago)
America: *slight bump* "OMG ARE YOU OK" Russia: *fatal crash kills 3 people* "dang"

Author dishchicken ( ago)
I would be so mad if someone lacerates my car, if I first determine it was intentional or them being stupid, if it was a legit accident the fine

Author Leo VanHoover ( ago)

Author Viviotic YouTube ( ago)
Why did I laugh at the one at 7:14

Author 1Corinthians1:3 ( ago)
There's a lot of retards in Russia. aren't there? =)

Author Elman Heydarov ( ago)
Блин это просто Кошмар

Author Karla Sepulveda ( ago)
0:45 dei ja vu

Author Carson Neunaber ( ago)
the first one was fake because the drivers side was on the right

Author Elite Alex ( ago)
Bloody Russians!

Author J C ( ago)
just more reasons why i chose to have my steering wheel on the left side of my car. smh...

Author EnforcerX71 ( ago)
In Soviet Russia, car stop you...

Author Ashraf Hammad ( ago)
jawad. joud

Author 2016chicago cubs world champs Go Cubs Go ( ago)
They f'd up

Author Swagimation ( ago)
Why the fuck am I watching this

Author Just Jordan ( ago)
Man i thought American drivers were dumb, but damn lmao

Author 2JZ - CSGO CONTENT ( ago)

Author Michael Weinert ( ago)
9:04 Grandma's House

Author Mr. Makeithappen ( ago)
Bro if these are the same people recording every crash where ever there from got bad drivers

Author Scoobi Snax ( ago)
This can't be real...

Author Flet urf ( ago)
I find it funny how most of these crashes were Russian

Author 38th Meme Time Lord ( ago)
"All crashes in this video are non-fatal" Expect they cause injuries.

Author Panda Nguyen ( ago)
I kinda feel bad

Author The beast Videos ( ago)

Author Shavine Hill ( ago)
Russians can't drive for shit😂

Author Luke Camp ( ago)
Why did the toilet paper cross the road so he could get in the crack if you liked the joke like it

Author Shane Young ( ago)
Proof that you've got to drive defensively at all times. A lot of the people with the most serious damage didn't seem to be at fault.

Author BeAmazing24x7 ( ago)
you can call it supid people compilation

Author TheDahaka1 ( ago)
Private transportation was a mistake

Author no name ( ago)
3:34 that lady is the smartest driver i have ever witnessed wow got out of deadly situation with only a scratch

Author FarmDude ( ago)
Did any of these people have brains?

Author Free TV ( ago)
sometimes my Mom says STUPID to
those drivers that don't pay u tension =-O

Author Free TV ( ago)
this looks like Russia 😐

Author Pinto Beans ( ago)
Slow down.

Author Filip Eriksson ( ago)
can u take non russian crashes?

Author Lanny Robinson ( ago)
sorry for your

Author boredom ( ago)
Cop at 7:24 did nothing.

Author katylen emoji ( ago)
obviously these morons that somehow got there driving license are stupid enough to not know which side of the road to go on THE LAST ON PURE STUPIDITY ALL OF THE CARS WHO WERE GOING THE SAME WAY HE WAS GOING WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE ITS EITHER THAT HE DIDN'T NOTICE CAUSE HE'S BLIND OR HE JUST WANTS TO DIE AND POSSIBLY GO TO JAIL!!!!. what I'm just sayin.

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