Hamsterball Custom levels

As I do not have Win XP on my PC anymore, I can not offer further help with the game.
Some of Hamsterball custom levels I made, like the Darkness Race, Headache Checker Race...

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 5:46
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Author Matthew Lilley (1 month)
I guess the next best thing is a Marble Madness level editor.

Author Lowdog002 (5 months)
I do not think you know what a custom level is. You may have changed
textures, yes, but you have not changed the overall layout or form of the
level. You need special tools to edit the mesh files in the game directory,
so you can change the shape of the level, and that would actually be a
custom level.

Author Matthew Lilley (1 month)
You can open MESHWORLD files with FileViewPro, but that's only available in
the full version.

Author Toom-san (5 months)
You just changed textures...

Author MittenzTheCatbug (4 months)
Only the textures are different :P

Author 土屋紘子 (6 months)

Author Imran Meco (7 months)
such a noob becuse you dont know tricks

Author Imran Meco (7 months)
hahahahahahahah i bossted your time

Author Imran Meco (7 months)
god the dizzy race lokks dizzy

Author Skeletrox Leone (2 years)
how 2 make custom textures your hamsterball directory
"textures" folder will see the "checker" image with 2x2 pixels, open
it 4.magnify the size and edit with your own color. 5.have fun!!! note:
1>you can edit any other textures with it. 2>the "checker" means like this:
greenChecker, grayoutlinechecker, etc. 3>in neon race checker, edit it with
corel photo paint, use 24-bit rgb in the color mode. edit, and change it
back to 8bit paleted with optimized mode.

Author Simeon Ristic (1 year)
kako si to uradio?

Author Skeletrox Leone (2 years)
READ my comment by showing all comments

Author diane guieb (2 years)
poop race

Author guyisbackable (1 year)
I know: Open the (Color)Checker.bmp/.pmg/ and edit it with Paint!

Author Andiow M (1 year)
just edit??

Author Fernald Jornales (2 years)
@Jujudesjp whoa you got all the races but please help i need a full version

Author diogodeyugioh (2 years)

Author Juliano BC (2 years)
sorry, i don't have hamsterball since more than a year so i don't remember

Author Jaden1291 (2 years)
I've just did the same. But it glitches in the Warm Up Race and the Toob
Race. The others work fine. Just modifying everything in my game! Yay!

Author Shebaz Raza (4 years)
hello i am shebaz i will tell you how to do that colour hack just open your
hamster ball folder and open textures folder there are pictures open with
paint and change that picture colour

Author Juliano BC (2 years)
@kuneng16 yes, but i haven't photoshop yet.

Author Juliano BC (2 years)
you need to open the png file in paint (2x2 pixel) and u change the color.
I don't remember in which folder it is because i don't play it for 2 years.

Author Jasperfritse (2 years)
This isn't how you build custom levels... You've just changed the

Author kuneng16 (2 years)
@Jujudesjp no the "start here!" Should be photoshop because the background
of the picture it's white

Author hammycheez (4 years)
I think I am starting to Play HamsterBall again. But I found a Glitch!
Sometimes you go on a Race. The Game Faces the Collour Like HamsterBall
Races are not Edited =3

Author Juliano BC (1 year)
I made it by myself. But I don't remember how i did this, long time ago. I
can't have Hamsterball anymore because I've got Win7. I just remember I've
opened the texture files on paint and edit.

Author ChannelTVOTV (2 years)
I don't know how to build costum levels?

Author Kayy Chan Lau (1 year)
Where you get custom level?link please!

Author lenonbaby (1 year)
not just custom levels but the enitre game

Author DarkDoomWarrior (3 years)
how do you actually make a race?

Author BroarmySquadron1 (1 year)
You go into the textures folder of hamsterball and edit those

Author CihtonomksilebO (2 years)
Jujude you just changed the texture from the folder of hamsterball gold

Author guyisbackable (1 year)
The Darkness Race

Author Jaden1291 (2 years)
@Jujudesjp It is not compatible with your computer anymore because you
didn't read the system requirements.. THat's the reason.

Author Juliano BC (2 years)
@spawn3331 with me it worked (don't you have windows 7?)

Author vasilestefan6 (1 year)
how did you make them?

Author Juliano BC (2 years)
the odd race

Author Jaden1291 (2 years)
Well, I replied to you. I've edited everything - textures.

Author kuneng16 (2 years)
You should use photoshop

Author Romeo Bengil (1 year)
But i do know just paint it in Paint then edit the pattern,flags and others

Author funnelcake56 (2 years)
you know that this is a newer version of "marble madness" but more detailed
and that

Author mastardchief (4 years)
lol modified skins.

Author hammycheez (4 years)
How did you Hack HamsterBall

Author Skeletrox Leone (2 years)
did you reply to me??? if you reply to me thanks!!!

Author william valerian (1 year)
How do you make?

Author Juliano BC (2 years)
@kuneng16 photoshop for a 2 pixel large picture?

Author Russell Dilag (2 years)
Why I've did not if that

Author spawn3331 (3 years)
When I try to edit it, it says "Acess Denied." When i'm editing the
textures in paint. And if you change the picture and open Hamsterball, will
it really work?

Author Russell Dilag (2 years)
He never know

Author inoy salman (3 years)
aneh banget

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