Nicki Minaj, Cassie - The Boys (Explicit)

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  • Elly Kögl
    Elly Kögl 29 minutes ago

    Schöne Haare

  • Allie
    Allie 6 hours ago

    I'm not a lesbian but for some reason I'm attracted to Cassie in this music video lol

  • Adi Chuk
    Adi Chuk 6 hours ago

    if you didn't get it they hated being the cute ones that every boy asked out and the boys always spending all their money on love means that the men thought they were hooked all the time and they thought it was insulting .

  • Joonie Oppa
    Joonie Oppa 10 hours ago

    Yep, Nicki's ass looks incredibly fake in this one

  • Jacinto Depaz
    Jacinto Depaz 13 hours ago

    that's fine

  • La Bala
    La Bala 14 hours ago


  • mila gustavo.
    mila gustavo. 1 day ago

    the third verse >>>

  • Angelica Jolie
    Angelica Jolie 1 day ago

    nicki Minaj looks like the product of a monkey and a hawk gross and fake

  • Booker Wiggins
    Booker Wiggins 1 day ago

    I like this song!

  • Brad Savoie
    Brad Savoie 1 day ago

    Damn, Nicki looks x20 hotter than the other chick imo

  • Валерий Журавлёв


  • The Unholy Duo
    The Unholy Duo 2 days ago

    I have to say this is one of Nicki's better raps...thank God. Great song production and love you Cassie

  • Tara Mustafa
    Tara Mustafa 2 days ago

    niki is gay

  • brooklyn Harrison
    brooklyn Harrison 2 days ago


  • niesha love
    niesha love 2 days ago

    I'll swerve on a nigga if he actin up__ so meek Mill anyone

  • Plam Martinez
    Plam Martinez 2 days ago

    *Your dick would feel every ripple of my pussy massage it.*

  • James West
    James West 2 days ago

    Can somebody cut all the scenes together when they were in the room I need it for private stuff.

  • Michi Von D
    Michi Von D 2 days ago

    l love Nicki's pink Barbie concept <3

  • Yara Alves
    Yara Alves 2 days ago

    Brasil marcando presença kkkkkkkkk

  • Vlog Struck
    Vlog Struck 2 days ago

    Crack a cold one with...

  • Anele Malinga
    Anele Malinga 2 days ago

    Nicki took out a song a while back about how she was 'thinking up a plan to steal Cassie from Diddy' then this... did she succeed? lol

  • Mehmet Çekiç
    Mehmet Çekiç 3 days ago

    always same moves i dont like this rap and beat always same also kinetik moves same

  • Holly Havens
    Holly Havens 3 days ago

    I like cassie's singing

  • Dizzy Ness
    Dizzy Ness 3 days ago

    nicki. slayed

  • Jamal Widby
    Jamal Widby 3 days ago

    yo yo make me happy I love this song you sing good you seem very very good to make this song you make me happy

  • Yailyn Cortez
    Yailyn Cortez 3 days ago

    When 2012 was everything

  • pikapedia gaming
    pikapedia gaming 3 days ago

    my fav line is "YOU dusty, you a little dusty possum" like wtf Nicki

  • Kyrnoff
    Kyrnoff 3 days ago

    Nicki's third verse is definitely my favorite.

    "I put all you ... on to them good lace fronts, girls is my sons carried them for eight months. And yes, you pre-mature, young money to the core, I might give you a ticket so you could come see the tour. Oh, that's your new girl? That's that mid grade. Buck 50 on yo face with the switch blade. Or the razor, yeah the razor. She my son, yeah, but I ain't raise her. Goose me hater, I got that loose leaf paper. Them V-necks be studded out. T-Rex be gutted out. I told 'em Nicki be chillin, Imma keep hurtin they feelings, because you'll never be Jordan, you couldn't even be Pippen, you couldn't even be trippin', you can't afford a vacation, I'm out in Haiti with Haitians, I go to Asia with Asians, you mad dusty you a lil dusty possum. I just come through with the six like my name was blossom."


  • The epic Unicorn
    The epic Unicorn 3 days ago

    Anyone else straight but went gay for Cassie 😍😍🤤🤤😘😘like Slay Yasss seriously she sexy as fuck

  • Rose Samiratou
    Rose Samiratou 3 days ago

    j t'aime 'niki minaj 😘😍🌎🎆🎀🎶🎤

  • Bonita lol
    Bonita lol 3 days ago

    Pakistan the fuck is this

  • Gabriela Interiano
    Gabriela Interiano 3 days ago

    Nicki show that pussy and them boobs👉👌

  • h hhh
    h hhh 4 days ago


  • the ac Cheseldine
    the ac Cheseldine 4 days ago

    cassie has a better way of singing 😛😛

  • Coonstar
    Coonstar 4 days ago

    Cassie looks like she would be a good villain in Far Cry or something :D

  • ASJ Vlogs
    ASJ Vlogs 4 days ago

    How did those jeans fit?

  • Pumpkin Henderson
    Pumpkin Henderson 4 days ago

    I love your outfits they always on fleek 👌👌👌👌

  • Bayr Temugen
    Bayr Temugen 5 days ago

    Blue yollow pink white hair NICKI MINAJ

  • Y B
    Y B 5 days ago

    The blue and pink hair looks so good on her

  • apersonthingy
    apersonthingy 5 days ago

    Cracking open a cold one with...

  • And Gymnast
    And Gymnast 5 days ago

    Teacher: Where's ur homework?
    Me: 3:24.

  • Isabel andrsn
    Isabel andrsn 5 days ago

    No sé como rayos llegué aquí
    Esto es música?? Está fea la canción

  • Vixenator
    Vixenator 5 days ago

    i cant be the only one who wants NickDominates to react to this

  • jacek pietrzycki
    jacek pietrzycki 6 days ago

    nicki minaj to super laska i fajnie spiewa jacemtal biedrona jadzka buntforever

  • Jessica Kinzonzi
    Jessica Kinzonzi 6 days ago


  • LaMauria Page
    LaMauria Page 6 days ago

    I love this vid brings back so much memories

  • Acidic Mango
    Acidic Mango 6 days ago


  • Camila Rojo
    Camila Rojo 6 days ago

    cassie se la rifa

  • Mofasa king
    Mofasa king 6 days ago

    Pinki Minaj

  • Mofasa king
    Mofasa king 6 days ago

    79k dislikes? r u serious? why

  • Lashawna's Diary
    Lashawna's Diary 6 days ago

    who's whatching this in 2017???

  • CoolAkramTV
    CoolAkramTV 6 days ago

    Crack open a cold one with the girls or boys?

  • kellys horlan
    kellys horlan 6 days ago

    the pute nicki minaj

  • Mshadowman
    Mshadowman 7 days ago

    If youre listening to this song with earphones the clear version is at the left side

  • Keela Terrell
    Keela Terrell 7 days ago

    nicki looks cute at 3:25 and she look like liv and maddie

  • Sami Jaquin
    Sami Jaquin 7 days ago

    Nicki butt is so so big

  • David Oliveira
    David Oliveira 7 days ago

    nicki minaj idolaaaaaaaa

  • Corrie Brathwaite
    Corrie Brathwaite 7 days ago

    Lol ☺🙂🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑I love it

  • Corrie Brathwaite
    Corrie Brathwaite 7 days ago

    I love

  • Savage Queen
    Savage Queen 7 days ago


  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 7 days ago

    Cassie is the bomb yo 😜😍

  • Nela Jenner
    Nela Jenner 7 days ago


  • pop
    pop 8 days ago

    2pac + Eminem + BiG + NAS < Nicki Minaj

  • milagros favatuer
    milagros favatuer 8 days ago


  • Leylani Zamora
    Leylani Zamora 9 days ago

    mi autograpo

  • Shalyn Harris
    Shalyn Harris 10 days ago

    I love this song 😍😍😍

  • Shalyn Harris
    Shalyn Harris 10 days ago

    I love this song 😍😍😍

  • Emily Otting
    Emily Otting 10 days ago

    This my song

  • Carlos Daniel
    Carlos Daniel 10 days ago


  • Tiaba Gay
    Tiaba Gay 10 days ago

    l love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • mc booba
    mc booba 10 days ago

  • Ka Cheung
    Ka Cheung 11 days ago

    she said the b word i dont care she can say anything she wants to say

  • C
    C 11 days ago

    i feel like people go one every video just to say "omg its 2017 who's here" its honestly annoying go to bed kyle.

  • Apostro Mkay
    Apostro Mkay 11 days ago

    Nicki's got the ass of a goddess. I'd like to know what her pussy taste like. Oh wait! I forgot it's cheap plastic. Fuck!

  • Apple Apple
    Apple Apple 11 days ago

    So butifol😍

  • Alex Mania Alex Mania

    i love you Nicki Minaj

  • DragonMermaid 602
    DragonMermaid 602 12 days ago

    Nicki literally looks flawless with any color hair

  • George Ngari
    George Ngari 12 days ago

    minaj remains my all time favourite .

  • Waterbliz
    Waterbliz 12 days ago

    i love nicki the boy end cassie

  • Mariq Georgieva
    Mariq Georgieva 12 days ago


  • Cashgirl Msp
    Cashgirl Msp 12 days ago

    es gibt selten solche billige hurren

  • Vaira V'Nathan
    Vaira V'Nathan 13 days ago

    My God! Cassie is so damn hot!

  • marlon umali
    marlon umali 13 days ago

    kalami ana u...

  • Represted Emo spongebob

    June 2017😜😜

  • Gustavo Lima
    Gustavo Lima 13 days ago

    2017 ? ♡♥

  • jahnyla100
    jahnyla100 13 days ago

    nicki can i see u in real life u are my number one fan please nicki

  • Articfox 1300
    Articfox 1300 13 days ago

    And fix ur hair while ur at it :/ What a bitch

  • Articfox 1300
    Articfox 1300 13 days ago

    Cover up ur chest u slut

  • Bria Pierce
    Bria Pierce 13 days ago

    Hot video

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 14 days ago

    My name is cassie

  • most noiuralmat
    most noiuralmat 14 days ago


  • Nevaeha Yeager
    Nevaeha Yeager 14 days ago

    I love. it

  • Nicki Minaj Maraj
    Nicki Minaj Maraj 14 days ago

    love you Nick Minaj

  • Illusionworks NR6 ind.

    at 1:03 i would have gotten pissed if that guy painted my face bruh.

  • Katelynn Fiori
    Katelynn Fiori 14 days ago

    I was so naive I thought the color hair was real didn't click test they were wigs lol

  • meliza Rubio
    meliza Rubio 14 days ago

    is sexy niki

  • Manu 1996
    Manu 1996 15 days ago

    Nicki's expressions 😁🌷

  • uwolf
    uwolf 15 days ago

    The most underrated song of Nicki! this is pure gold

  • ringo pattison
    ringo pattison 15 days ago


    MD MOSLEM 15 days ago


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