spicee @ club rubi in dressing room

spicee tells all

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Author THISISRISE (4 years)

Author rmackcore (4 years)
shout out to yo cam i c u feeln down but keep ya head up stay strong don't
let em replace you wit out the fd up cam no spicee

Author Syco2k3 (3 years)
Invest in a WORKING camera y'all!!! The quality is $hit and the phasing

Author KiannaMiss (4 years)
gettin this money huh ? shake your ass to buy a new fuckin camera ! hahaha.
broke ass busted ass wig.

Author benton2010able (3 years)
and most likely you having sex with every dude in the hood go home and shut
the heck up.

Author Mo Rackz (4 years)
u hear me... dat worldstarhiphop video put u on.... n dez vids keep cuttin
n and out... we want more of u

Author ThatguyNice (3 years)
It's not the crappy camera, Spice is showing off her outta this world
Predator camouflage skills to match the outta this world azzz. It's good
for sneaking up on dicks.

Author benton2010able (3 years)
all your videos are disrespect to women in many ways! you make people think
all women is about money but all women not like that just women like you!

Author STEPHANIE HENRY (4 years)
GOD forgive me... this a "straight-up" BITCH-ASS-HO... can we say "2 dolla
trick"... just plain "NASTY"!!!!

Author cicely scott (4 years)
how is is possible that the camera does not work in any of your videos???

Author leta4u (4 years)
damn you got ass spice.....cum to detroit

Author jayboleno1 (4 years)
Go to WoodnitesEntertainment to see more!

Author kashmereken11 (4 years)
lol i know this chic

Author tresvenidas123 (3 years)
estas buenisima Cajun

Author Evee0883 (4 years)
...I'm in love...LOL Do ya thing gurl!

Author tresvenidas123 (3 years)
estas buenisima Cajun, i love your strong legs. more videos

Author hastious (3 years)
The American Dime Piece. hahahahahahahahahaha I'm off to Brazil Niggaz.

Author tresvenidas123 (3 years)
estas buenisima Cajun, i love your strong legs.

Author benton2010able (3 years)
you need to go home and have some respect for your self and others because
you don't get no respect from me dressing like a hook and looking like a
hoe and rapping those lyrics!

Author jade002467 (3 years)
Hey Spicee, Im a big sexy sister myself. You doing your thing and by some
of the posts. The brothers seem to luv ya. Keep on doing you and get that
paper. I luv the fact that you are so comfortable with your body. Good for
you my sister.

Author larry thomas (4 years)
come on i can"t even see you good... what's up with that?

Author OutHerSpac3 . (4 years)

Author slicdro (4 years)
why she call her self spicee cajun and first of all it's evident by her
accent she is not from louisiana and second a cajun is a white person from
louisiana. a black person is called creole. change your name to spicy
creole and it wopuld almost be all good.

Author jayboleno1 (4 years)
Shout out to Woodnites Entertainment launching in 6 days

Author Mr88visions (3 years)
spicee cajun! u need to get a new camra! most of your uploads r fucked!
need 2 see that booty

Author mrtundra45 (3 years)
i thought you had a 'one track mind with money on your mind'? lol but you
still cant afford a functioning camera?

Author lakers8888 (3 years)
you can hurt somebody with those thighs

Author new royale (4 years)
lol shes like the predator, she's got stealth!

Author jayboleno1 (4 years)
She Supa Thick

Author LEX LOGAN (4 years)
That effect in you're videos is annoying

Author spbxl (3 years)
wow, she really fits in that outfit....fat cunt!

Author kaponeG (4 years)
is it just my labtop or is ur videos going n and out? u need 2 tell ur
camera man 2 spend more than 5 dollars on a camera. u bout 2 start having
alot of traffic and ur shit need 2 b on point...looking good

Author bxlazyboy155 (4 years)
New camera !

Author yungdtownsolja2 (4 years)
space age technology cloaking device

Author bademployee (4 years)
what the fuck is with that camera???????

Author speedo534 (4 years)
fat must be the in thing

Author Tariq Kamara (4 years)
juiceee fruitesta

Author TheAbanks03 (3 years)
cajun spice please ma....u from da wedge broke bitch cant even afford a
decent camera.....sucking dick and riding the train wow i thought u was a
1000 bitch GO home...ur a disgrace to BK

Author Drag Lee (4 years)
cajun huh so u from louisiana?

Author MsCardigan1 (3 years)
She looks real nice in this video,hair and outfit!!!!!

Author InchesNPK (4 years)
Wheres the sound at?

Author scissorspaperrap (3 years)
@OutHerSpac3 hahaha here here - what a goose!

Author thickums30093 (4 years)
i cant see nothing.

Author mello2182 (3 years)
Spicee your body is so fantastic,I´m Brazilian and here i don´t see a
wonderful ass like this.Congratulations!!!!!

Author TerronMackTV1 (2 years)
fuck this i'm going overseas. least the girls there don't wear rainbow
colored weaves.

Author 601muddy (4 years)
dat summerjam video is wuts up....but now fix dat camera....please!!!!

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