Phil Coulter - Coultergeist

The song "Coultergeist" by Phil Coulter of his album "Highland Cathedral".

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Author TOMMY IRWIN ( ago)
you must rember,..............he's an irishman just like me !

Author Kaezer Musik ( ago)
Theme song of the banshee, Ann Coulter. Commonly known as the Coultergeist

Author GhostRake 15 ( ago)
you are Quiet the YouTube :)

Author squidy2343 ( ago)
Shadows...shadows dancing :)

Author Shuihua Zhu ( ago)

Author Tony Tavares ( ago)
positively haunting

Author fahad said ( ago)
جميل وهدا

Author dali kocic ( ago)

Author Pasărea Spin ( ago)
Draga mea, dar eu cum de n-am stiut pana acum ca postezi? cascat
ochii acum cand am vz ca ai filme pe canal...aveam impresia ca ai canal
fara a posta,,,,,scuze mii...super , super aceasta piesa...impresionanta ascultat-o cu multa placere...chitara, pianul, vioara...le
ador...:)cu drag, Roxana

Author cibulea ( ago)
Perfect, wonderful, brilliant!

Author Nicanor Nicanor ( ago)
Foarte frumos !!! Bravoo!!! Felicitari!

Author Thomas DeColita ( ago)
omg why haven't I heard this before!!!! it's amazing!!

Author 2010aussiebub ( ago)
I reconise this piece of music....isnt it the same tune used by Celtic
Thunder in "Storm" I think its called Shadow Dancing 

Author Alexander Knight ( ago)

Author arisblaze ( ago)
lol- for some reason I keep imagining a ghost in the kitchen cooking. Nice
work, Coulter! 

Author arisblaze ( ago)
@msambur I don't think the song would sound the same way without them.

Author Sarah Müller ( ago) beautiful, thank you!! 

Author Liam Donnelly ( ago)

Author Michael Sambur ( ago)
I think those sudden pauses in the music are so much unnecessary It is
really ruining the whole composition I think my computer is stuck when I
hear those delays

Author Michael Sambur ( ago)
I think those sudden pauses in the music are so much unnecessary 

Author Irene Blacksea ( ago)
Makes me think that I was deaf before I listen to this song.So beautiful
words can't say!

Author KutsaiChan ( ago)
This is a wonderful song. It reminds me of Paris, even though I've never

Author Mizana Looney ( ago)
Love how it just stops and goes on like it's just starting again x3

Author sugarbabylalala ( ago)
so beautiful xx

Author prochy master ( ago)
This is some of the most mind-blowing music I've heard in a long time. Phil
is a musical genius. I absolutely love it.

Author dick1mx ( ago)
exquisita musica!

Author Tonanzint ( ago)
Impresionante, no puedo dejar de escucharla. Genio Coulter!

Author lucasciuc claudiu ( ago)
super frumoasa melodia 

Author lucasciuc claudiu ( ago)
frumoasa melodie

Author yusetas ( ago)
ooooo my Godddd...... just one word I am impressed with music.... I have
just listened it 20 times... it is perfect...

Author Danut Miu ( ago)
In our lifes we need to return to basics...true music and art....great

Author Karina Pestana ( ago)
Just one word: amazing :)

Author cryptrider1 ( ago)
I wonder if anyone has thought to ask Phil Coulter what he thinks of
Heidron Dolde's Halloween cover of this great song? I for one would be
interested in his comment! Terry in Alexis, NC, USA

Author alfonskilla ( ago)
i love this song!<3

Author a91kk ( ago)
awesome played :)

Author GoGoshKa Kinkladze O'Callaghan ( ago)
I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Danni Coolta ( ago) 25 and now have an appreciation for classical music because
of this piece of beautiful music...should be used in a movie!!!

Author Julie Jn ( ago)
hat irgendeiner die noten?

Author gruenerKoenig ( ago)
Pausen sind Musik die man nicht hört o.O

Author scarecrow0111 ( ago)

Author CatzHoek ( ago)
i heard that track "accidently" on a radio station for older people ...
this track is a master piece that really makes you think about your music
taste ... if classic keeps on performing liek that i'll totally like that
... or i m getting old .. its great! Made it my mobile hone ring tone just

Author Janina Tröbs ( ago)
das lied mit den komischen pausen ! xD

Author Holly of Skyrome ( ago)
this is brilliant. thanks for uploading

Author jalalabad24 ( ago)
Thank you for posting. I heard it on classic radio in germany months ago -
but i didn't know the interpret - now found it. Awesome!

Author John Flood ( ago)
Ditto. If you ever find it , post address here. TY

Author 1ameise1 ( ago)
This is very cool!

Author snichoo ( ago)
this a faboulous piece of music, god bless his hands.

Author Aconite EB ( ago)
Yeah! Thanks for uploading!!! :)

Author Oshunsprite ( ago)
This song moves me; has a French sound to it as well and is both
melancholic and joyful at the same time in an uplifting wonderful way. If
there were words, I hear "that's how it goes my".

Author scarecrow0111 ( ago)

Author Alexander Michelle von Herzsprung ( ago)
its brand new :D

Author Singeranja ( ago)
Thank you for uploading this wounderful song. Iam searching for it a long
time. Thank you^^

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