Phil Coulter - Coultergeist

The song "Coultergeist" by Phil Coulter of his album "Highland Cathedral".

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:17
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aldbroughs beach launch needs some work,


Author Shuihua Zhu (17 days)

Author Tony Tavares (3 months)
positively haunting

Author Ali Bitarafan (1 year)
loved it

Author Liliana Gheorghita (3 years)
no comment!

Author itsallinwidescreen (3 years)
@rhinobassdude Phil Coulter has been making world famous music since the
sixties when he composed for Luke Kelly amongst others. This is not a new
phenomenon. Look for his earlier stuff. This is an amazing tune nonetheless.

Author prochy master (3 years)
This is some of the most mind-blowing music I've heard in a long time. Phil
is a musical genius. I absolutely love it.

Author dick1mx (3 years)
exquisita musica!

Author dali kocic (1 year)

Author Sandy Salmansohn (3 years)
@DavesHome - Me too. I'm ready to start dancing to Hava Nagila.

Author babylicious170394 (5 years)
super good music. i am addicted to it . thats the way phil coulter deliver
his music .... simply amazing. it also sound similar to jay chou's secret

Author Brandyn Williams (2 years)

Author alfonskilla (4 years)
i love this song!<3

Author scarecrow0111 (5 years)

Author Dermo101 (5 years)
I NEED TO GET THE SHEET MUSIC FOR THIS!!! cant find it anywhere

Author GoGoshKa Kinkladze O'Callaghan (4 years)
I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author William Bray (3 years)
Monster Mad Genius! :) Brilliant music!

Author John Flood (5 years)
Ditto. If you ever find it , post address here. TY

Author Julie Jn (5 years)
hat irgendeiner die noten?

Author bokyebwi (5 years)
its not a brand new song at all. its been written for years and years, but
thanks for the upload. ive been looking for it forever. its quality!!!

Author Sarah Müller (3 years) beautiful, thank you!!

Author yusetas (4 years)
ooooo my Godddd...... just one word I am impressed with music.... I have
just listened it 20 times... it is perfect...

Author fahad said (9 months)
جميل وهدا

Author arisblaze (2 years)
@msambur I don't think the song would sound the same way without them.

Author Susann E (5 years)
Yeah! Thanks for uploading!!! :)

Author cibulea (1 year)
Perfect, wonderful, brilliant!

Author Finnthecrasher (4 years)
Ich liebe dieses Lied

Author Liam Donnelly (3 years)

Author CobaltLink (3 years)
Phil Coulter you are a musical genius! Your music expresses such a vast
array of emotions that only a master muscian could compose.

Author Pasărea Spin (1 year)
Draga mea, dar eu cum de n-am stiut pana acum ca postezi? cascat
ochii acum cand am vz ca ai filme pe canal...aveam impresia ca ai canal
fara a posta,,,,,scuze mii...super , super aceasta piesa...impresionanta ascultat-o cu multa placere...chitara, pianul, vioara...le
ador...:)cu drag, Roxana

Author Karina Pestana (4 years)
Just one word: amazing :)

Author firediver95 (4 years)
This song is really cool

Author KutsaiChan (3 years)
This is a wonderful song. It reminds me of Paris, even though I've never

Author Thomas DeColita (2 years)
omg why haven't I heard this before!!!! it's amazing!!

Author rhinobassdude (4 years)
I stumbled across this by accident but how serendipitous!! This is
delightfull! A composer to watch out for i feel.

Author snichoo (5 years)
this a faboulous piece of music, god bless his hands.

Author jalalabad24 (5 years)
Thank you for posting. I heard it on classic radio in germany months ago -
but i didn't know the interpret - now found it. Awesome!

Author ohjuest (5 years)
is good

Author Nicanor Nicanor (1 year)
Foarte frumos !!! Bravoo!!! Felicitari!

Author Alexander Michelle von Herzsprung (5 years)
its brand new :D

Author Arete888 (3 years)
Love this piece!!

Author Oshunsprite (5 years)
This song moves me; has a French sound to it as well and is both
melancholic and joyful at the same time in an uplifting wonderful way. If
there were words, I hear "that's how it goes my".

Author ozwizardks (3 years)
Genius !

Author NnIiNnAa0003 (5 years)
wunderschöh.. die spannungen, die immer wider durch die Pausen entsteht,
ist meisterhaft!!

Author MeggieLou14 (4 years)
love, love, love, love. Phil, your amazing.

Author lucasciuc claudiu (4 years)
super frumoasa melodia

Author Danni Coolta (4 years) 25 and now have an appreciation for classical music because
of this piece of beautiful music...should be used in a movie!!!

Author Irene Blacksea (3 years)
Makes me think that I was deaf before I listen to this song.So beautiful
words can't say!

Author Schaumfee (5 years)
Beautiful. Wonderful. <3 My dream is, that I can play it on the piano (:

Author tonannzint (4 years)
Impresionante, no puedo dejar de escucharla. Genio Coulter!

Author aglais0 (5 years)
einfach genial -post me

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