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  • Mauro Ariel Alegre
    Mauro Ariel Alegre 7 hours ago

    When you are a lousy teacher bitch, karma happens. 1:28

  • anime_sisters
    anime_sisters 8 hours ago

    Tht white board gave dat pre school teacher pay back like BIATCH IM MOVING U DOWN

  • Nightngale Rayne
    Nightngale Rayne 1 day ago

    What is he eating plz help!!! @ 5:24

  • Natalia Martinez
    Natalia Martinez 2 days ago

    4:23 "Not the thorn bush. AHH!" I AM CRYYING

    EMILY MCMULLEN 2 days ago

    My last day of school was today ❤️🙏🏻

  • Oh Wishu
    Oh Wishu 2 days ago

    4:40 such a cutieee<33

  • Luce Grant
    Luce Grant 2 days ago


  • MasterOf4Elements
    MasterOf4Elements 3 days ago

    That one kid was a disrespectful little shit to his mother. I would've let him stay out there all night.

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez
    Jocelyn Gonzalez 3 days ago

    This is stupid cuz there a kid watching a video and this video come up and thay get scared

  • Nijahlangley
    Nijahlangley 4 days ago

    White people fails

  • Kory Brooks
    Kory Brooks 5 days ago

    i was laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Chronick GamingHD
    Chronick GamingHD 7 days ago

    I thought we were idiots 😂

  • Innaka Nasya
    Innaka Nasya 7 days ago

    2.55 omg😂😂😂😂

  • Mareya Ward
    Mareya Ward 7 days ago

    0:40 seconds i would have to fight the teacher and make him pay for a new phone and the phone bill !!!!

  • AnimeFanatic *One And Only*

    00:30 Thats illegal and the teacher can lose his job and most likely did lose it. That was also a dick move

  • Joanne Green
    Joanne Green 9 days ago

    What's the fail called at 8:10

  • lostboy br
    lostboy br 9 days ago

    you sou fun for mi , yes i AM braziliam

  • Yuan Shi
    Yuan Shi 9 days ago


  • Tinopinoh
    Tinopinoh 10 days ago

    i feel so smart.

  • Colin Crawford
    Colin Crawford 12 days ago


  • Genesis Wakeland
    Genesis Wakeland 12 days ago

    pause at the right moment of 6:48 and see how happy the kid still is after smashing his face

  • 人生楽しみたい人間 [巨乳]

    Subscribe me to watch funny Japanese butts :D

  • Natalie Harmsworth
    Natalie Harmsworth 12 days ago

    Through all of these, I was just thinking, "same."

  • J. Janes
    J. Janes 12 days ago

    at 5:01that happened to me in 5 grade

  • Stylinson Baby2124
    Stylinson Baby2124 13 days ago

    1:54 he was literally flipping them off! Look at his finger! 😂 #DontMessWithTheShyKids

  • KhytarHD
    KhytarHD 13 days ago

    0:51 That Silence tho

  • kierra bradley
    kierra bradley 14 days ago

    10: 48 is my school😂😂😂

    COLORING CHANNEL 15 days ago

    so funny

  • Russian Doctor Who
    Russian Doctor Who 16 days ago

    7:15 I think that's my friend Crystal holy shit

  • Vincent Springtrap
    Vincent Springtrap 16 days ago

    oh god

  • Rick Too
    Rick Too 16 days ago

    7:18 AH HELL NAW LMFAO!!

  • Ailyn Martinez
    Ailyn Martinez 16 days ago


  • Ashmead Law
    Ashmead Law 17 days ago

    that teacher is a savage
    like if you agree

  • Chibi Zwei
    Chibi Zwei 17 days ago

    Teenagers are the best XD

  • Miguel R
    Miguel R 17 days ago

    "Luke I'm gonna clip u down! Stop it" hahaha

  • Matt Craig
    Matt Craig 17 days ago

    1:25 that laugh xD

  • Harpa Slade
    Harpa Slade 17 days ago

    Tell me why my school is so strict 😂 I could never do any of this shit lmao

  • jordan brenes
    jordan brenes 17 days ago

    Does anyone understand the coconut one please explain

  • Gizzy gaming:P
    Gizzy gaming:P 17 days ago

    5:47 made e laugh and I am ashamed

  • Ashley Torres
    Ashley Torres 18 days ago

    rude teacher who threw the phone

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 18 days ago

    that fat ass broke the floor

  • Haley Quinn Lover
    Haley Quinn Lover 18 days ago

    it's usually the boys who break stuff And the girls just hurt them selves and laugh in this

  • ArianaBea456 - Videos and More

    FUCK dat teacher

  • Rylee Hope
    Rylee Hope 18 days ago


  • Alisha Piekarski
    Alisha Piekarski 19 days ago

    1:52 my favorite..."dont touch my freakin desk"

  • Oscar Bazan
    Oscar Bazan 19 days ago

    is it just me or in 4:58 the girl looks like brittney smith

  • Brandon Dennis
    Brandon Dennis 19 days ago

    he threw the phone i would have puched him in the troat what a asshole.

  • Gracie Schellenberger

    at 9:00 - 9:08 wich one is the fail? both?!😂

  • Erin Evans
    Erin Evans 19 days ago

    I didn't watch them all they were so stupid

  • chris hubbard
    chris hubbard 20 days ago

    Honestly, that teacher at :40 would have gotten a backhand. Just on reflex, not because im some sort of badass. I would have hauled off and slapped him one.

  • Yarely Perez
    Yarely Perez 20 days ago

    1:34 Bitch deserved for putting the kids clip down

  • Shanoa David
    Shanoa David 20 days ago

    I noticed this video consists 99% of stupid white people

  • Sharp sw0rd37 VIDEOS

    Teacher was a freaking savage

  • DappleCat :3
    DappleCat :3 21 day ago

    I have that same black and pink dress as the girl at 6:12

  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie 21 day ago

    5:26 he looks like Finn from Star Wars or its just me...??

  • nathan
    nathan 22 days ago


  • Torrestube
    Torrestube 22 days ago

    9:03 lol

  • LegitWeirdSpice
    LegitWeirdSpice 22 days ago

    when you're in school watching about school

  • Karlie Stepke
    Karlie Stepke 22 days ago

    3:40 is my favorite 😂😂

  • India Sharee
    India Sharee 22 days ago

    Me at life

  • Donuts Cake
    Donuts Cake 22 days ago

    6:30- the kids in my class did that

  • Creative Siblings
    Creative Siblings 23 days ago

    my favorite part is girl rap at 1:51

  • TheGurlsWhoLove
    TheGurlsWhoLove 23 days ago

    What was the guy eating at 5:25

  • Sariah!!
    Sariah!! 23 days ago

    0:40 not cool

  • Andrea Huibrechtse-Berndorff

    6:49 they start so soon

  • Jossilyn James
    Jossilyn James 23 days ago

    the third one was halarious

  • Alen Peter Jeron
    Alen Peter Jeron 23 days ago


  • John Howze IV
    John Howze IV 23 days ago

    ive done the nap thing lol

  • gebezeira
    gebezeira 23 days ago

    One, two, tree. - Nahasapeemapetilon, Apu

  • Alesha Rahman
    Alesha Rahman 24 days ago


  • samantha Haase
    samantha Haase 24 days ago

    1:34 that kid in the blue robe that's my best friends brother.... Landon....

  • Paulo Oliani
    Paulo Oliani 24 days ago


  • MrEmerald77 Minecraft

    Last one was AMAZING

  • Marlea Sequeira
    Marlea Sequeira 24 days ago

    kids should not be allowed to have phones in school half of these are kids screwing around in class to show off online.. and no I didn't watch it all

  • Viviani Rivera
    Viviani Rivera 25 days ago

    good luck

  • Racia Baptista
    Racia Baptista 25 days ago

    3:50 some shit school 😂 can't they not fix there roof

  • Drovlara14
    Drovlara14 25 days ago

    I know the girl at 4:34

  • Cocktail Game
    Cocktail Game 25 days ago

    That dead silence when he threw his phone 😂

  • 전수연
    전수연 25 days ago


  • Elizabeth G.
    Elizabeth G. 25 days ago

    That teacher would've bought me a new phone

    KASHMIR R3 25 days ago

    12:30 that makes me laugh damn hard

  • Plyneco HD
    Plyneco HD 25 days ago

    0:30 ...

  • x.Alanna.x
    x.Alanna.x 25 days ago

    that dumb fucking teacher is such a homeless shithead

  • Savannah Hopson
    Savannah Hopson 25 days ago

    All those people who tried to jump over chairs etc. guess they didn't make the track team

  • Ryu Hyun
    Ryu Hyun 25 days ago

    I think some of these kids are drunk XD

  • Ninja Roosters
    Ninja Roosters 25 days ago

    6:28 when you r trying to be cool around girls

  • Samantha Gannon
    Samantha Gannon 26 days ago

    4:20 "not the thorn bush...ahhhh"

  • Beautiful Ramirez
    Beautiful Ramirez 26 days ago

    The teacher at 0:20 was so mean
    Any one else felt bad for the Student?

    • Megan Wright
      Megan Wright 25 days ago

      _ LMAO _/ _Mexican_101_ it was staged

  • shyenne debar
    shyenne debar 26 days ago

    when you realize you cant be any of these Because​ you're not popular and you don't have friends.

    • okxykayla
      okxykayla 25 days ago

      That's sad. I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND

  • sophia rogers
    sophia rogers 26 days ago

    im not even surprised that my old middle school is in this video twice 😂

  • Annabelle Burkhold
    Annabelle Burkhold 26 days ago

    I feel bad for the kid who was trying to wish his teacher happy birthday ☹️

  • Aizaliz Reyes
    Aizaliz Reyes 26 days ago

    What the heck was that guy in the beginning doing?!? LOL!!

  • Emily Cowley
    Emily Cowley 26 days ago

    I feel for that kid that thought it was 7:00am!!!! I've done that so many times!!!!😂

  • clumsy chicken
    clumsy chicken 26 days ago

    0:40 omg so fucking awkward

  • Daisy Ulloa
    Daisy Ulloa 26 days ago

    0: 41 😂😂😂

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey 26 days ago

    And that teacher was fired.

  • cad say
    cad say 26 days ago

    you just know that 4:27 are arabs from the color of wall

  • Ariana Mendieta
    Ariana Mendieta 26 days ago

    Funny story: 3 years ago I got the meanest teacher at school she was really rude
    then 3 months into the semester I went into the class and she said:"Ms.Angulo is your new teacher" Ms Angulo was the nicest teacher I'm #blessed lol

  • Jessica You
    Jessica You 26 days ago

    some of these i feel sorry😄😄😄

  • Thalia Olvera
    Thalia Olvera 26 days ago

    1:33 lol that what that bitch gets

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