Floyd Mayweather "Conor McGregor is not Boss if he was the fight will happen by now"

Floyd Mayweather "Conor McGregor is not a Boss if he was, the fight will happen by now"

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Author Christian Garcia ( ago)
This is the same guy who beat ladies and threaten his children? Pfft, have a fun time Connor.

Author John C ( ago)
Connor has a big chance and he knows it.

Author John Q Public ( ago)
Mary Weather is a punk assed Shit Skin ?

Author Carlos Cornejo ( ago)
Mayweather is a chicken head he scary

Author C&S C&S ( ago)
boxing doesn't go to the ground Floyd. so don't worry about that. just worry about that left. it's going to hurt.

Author Jimbo Jones ( ago)
Floyd be scared...

Author Tuff Gong ( ago)
If FM and CM fight!?...I believe it could go either way. To both be in the ring together, both men stand a chance!..IMO
Both men will want to 'dish out the punishment' but only one man can win! Both men have massive fan bases..and it is these exciting elements that gives this potential contest a 'fight of the century' feel!!!

Author Tuff Gong ( ago)
Great interview!
Floyd and Ferdinand
Chillin out!

Author christopher zorinsanga ( ago)
conor doesnt need floyd.. floyd needs conor..

Author Soulexternal ( ago)
Mayweather is full of shit,it's well known why the fight hasn't happened yet,mcgregor wants the same cut that Floyd wants,which is how it should be,with the winner getting a bonus..put up the money Mr Jr. n fight rather than being a bitch about it

Author Keith Nicholson ( ago)
Mayweather the biggest name in the UFC?......................hahahaha

Author Keith Nicholson ( ago)
I fucking DISPISE this man Mayweather, he's a typical bullshiter, who gives a fuck if Conor is a boss, he's done everything he said he would, he's a big draw, he's entertaining, Mayweather Yawn, boring fighter

Author mohmin mamangco ( ago)
Assholed.. You are cheaters

Author Deadend ( ago)
Why is Ferdinand interviewing him?

Author Cloudsley Falconbridge ( ago)
It would take Conor longer to be as good as Floyd in boxing, than Floyd catching up to Conor. Where's GSP to handle Floyd's light work?

Author Hexagon Light ( ago)
I love Mayweather's diplomatic approach.

Author Ripgucci Mane ( ago)
did he really not mention Mike tyson

Author SkitzonSkitz 313 ( ago)
Real talk

Author Angel Ortiz ( ago)
Fuck connor he just want money all who enable this are stupid he not that good to fight floyd why do you feel he is .

Author Kevin Williams ( ago)
Floyd walkn round wit 2M on his neck ..that is a green em from africa...and aint nobody gone snatch shit...floyd a bad man boe

Author Brandon Violanti ( ago)
U talk to much floyd.

Author Henry Ramirez ( ago)
yea only if takes him to the ground lmao !!!

Author Χρήστος Δίγκας ( ago)
You are not the first name at boxing remember who create you floyd and that's muhammad ali

Author Rickie Camargo ( ago)
Everyone. Conor McGregor will rip May's head off in a fight. Mayweather has the advantage in a boxing match.

Author Darko Stanisavljević ( ago)
Rio Ferdinand?

Author Gusten Lillgust ( ago)
Floyd will probobly out box conor but then conor will lose his little ireland mind and kick floyd in the head good bye and hello floyd

Author Drippy J ( ago)
Floyd a and Conner b no way around it Floyd Mayweather worth 500 million

Author Armando Molina ( ago)
2 fighters that i fkn hate smh

Author KeYBuMp ( ago)
Mcgreggor is not even undefeated so he doesn't deserve a $100m purse. If he fights Mayweather he should get paid 1.2m.

Author Bobak 47 ( ago)
shit is that ferdinand?

Author Honey Badger ( ago)
mayweather is the man he still doing interviews with all the money hes got i be like fuck the interviews lol.

Author BroomeBlocker4 ( ago)
What is with UFC fighters challenging retired boxers, Conor challenging Floyd, Anderson Silva wanting to fight Roy Jones Jr.

Author WaffleFeetz ( ago)
Bruh this nigga ugly as fuck not money

Author Young Stunna Rich gang ( ago)
may we all know that gaygregor copy your everything lifestyle and he wanna more popularity on your name thats why he using your name

Author kristian humphreys ( ago)
floyd you are one of the most boring fighters in history. 80 percent agree with this

Author Harry Talbott-Fielding ( ago)
Both big headed. Best fight ever.

Author Harry Talbott-Fielding ( ago)
Mcgreggor has reach, unpredictable and probably stronger. May weather has experience and better technical strikes. I think mcgreggor will win

Author Andrei ( ago)
I think this whole concept of the fight is stupid and if it will happen will make a lot of money, but will be a disappointment. If this circus act does happen they should make it with MMA gloves so Conor could have a better chance of slowing Floyd. Otherwise, it will be the easiest millions Floyd ever made dancing around an amateur boxer.

Author Rich Shields ( ago)
People should respect the age difference, 28 is your prime, 40 is past your prime. Floyd should still prove the better fighter. Boxing is the only way to go, only MMA if you want to beat someone who is on the ground already. Fuckin bullshit takes away the dignity of the fight.

Author Dorian Lester ( ago)
Oh Fuck You froid gayweather! You are so fucken stupid to say what you say. You think we are all stupid like you and we will listen to what comes out of your pie hole. Conor is a bigger name than you and you know it. He's a better fighter than you and you know it. You are going to get all the advantages you can, then you are going to still juice just like you do in all your fights. Go to Leonards house and take off your panties for him like you always do. froid gayweather is the only boxer in history (and I've been watching boxing for 40 years) to have people walk out of his bouts. Hahahahaa

Author Ashu Kohli ( ago)
Conor will fook you motherfooker

Author The Berean ( ago)
Conor will go down in two, and the crowd will go BOO

Author roger davis ( ago)
man what happened to Chris Brown fighting soulja?????

Author jiggy niga ( ago)
Floyd your gonna get your ass beat! its your lost and you chose this, all you know is throw punches period. Connor McGregor has kicks, elbows and his striking is something you can't even comprehend. Not to mention you old as fuck, you're retired. if Connor gets the chance and he will he is gonna embarrass you.

Author C Grant ( ago)
rest in the finished work of the cross the good news

Author aky19832001 ( ago)
are those teeth implants or vineers.

Author Scotty Peterson Jr ( ago)
Floyd is 40 yrs old and retired do you think conor would come out of retirement at 40 yrs old to face someone in their prime? and do you think ppl would even take him serious at that age? the fact that ppl say it would be a good fight just shows good floyd is. I dont get why ppl dont bring this up ppl like conor for the reason they hate floyd

Author Always Ready ( ago)
😂 Really real? You won't accept the challenge! He is being real. He has called you out so many times. There is so much money on the table. There is no reason for you to say no. Even with millions somones not going to say no to more. He is scarred that his legacy will be ruined. By being remebered for loosing his last fight. Which his what would happen. When Conor got his boxing licence. You hopped on a plane and ran. Just like your running now with your words. Avoiding and trying to distract from the fact. You have turned down mutiple offers. And we all know why. BITCH

Author james bond aka gentlemen aka killa ( ago)
fuck McDonald's...mayweather talks conor walks...shut the fuck up money haters...boe!!! son of bitchess

Author Зико Агазада ( ago)
49-1 💪

Author The Real Riccasha ( ago)
Mayweather u my boy big fan but Conor are u fucking serious he's gonna break your fucking skull

Author Genome Paranoia ( ago)
hey floyd just tell mcgregor to face joseph duffy and if he beats him he can get to you...cause duffy will choke the life outta him again.

Author Mustaffa Beenie ( ago)
Don't be a BITCH! go get yo ass whooped!

Author Lord Boros ( ago)
Rio ferdinand?

Author Ispas Razvan ( ago)
floyd suck my dick gregor i will kill you sucker

Author Free Money ( ago)

Author Free Money ( ago)
If Conor or Rhonda/ the UFC never speak about Floyd what would their careers be like , 🤔 seriously ..... Floyd was and Is Floyd with or without them ..

Author Jamxs 6th ( ago)
Floyd is gonna die that's all he's scared to fight he's not a true warrior like Connor he competes for money and nothing more

Author S̷ʟᴀɴɢ ( ago)
The hypocrisy is real guys!

Author Grim e ( ago)
stfu and fight u talk so fucking much it's so fucking annoying u aint the face of boxing ur a pussy fighting ppl out their prime no heart

Author Linas Griguola ( ago)
who he is talking about when mentioned second guy in boxing?

Author FRPVP Gaming ( ago)
Floyd will win in a boxing match and coner will beat him in a ufc fight

Author Woodz9977 ( ago)
I hate how both of them talk about just give me the money and they will make it happen. if they really wanted to prove who's better. why not just fight and stop making excuses

Author Lawrence Fishberg ( ago)
Take off the dumb hat.

Author Alphirex ( ago)
Also he is the face of the UFC, everyone's forgotten you by now, fuck off 😂 you're old news you need Conor to beat you up if you want to be remembered lol

Author Alphirex ( ago)
Funny thing is, floyd is just avoiding the fight cus he has seen Conor in action and this little cunt is scared of Conor LOL. If he's so great, why doesn't he just go to Conor's terms and try to win to prove everyone wrong but nooooo, hes shit scared and wants to protect his image because he knows conor has a chance of going in there and FUCKING HIM UPPP

Author Eddie Omahony ( ago)
erin go bragh

Author Hollow Merks ( ago)
Floyd taking another W home n June dont know why Connor wants to fight him hes not boxing material clown funny laughd to all dumbys that thing Connor will when boxing take more focus and a sharp mind not going out there and fighting like a wild dog

Author ChozenFew ( ago)
ufc fighters are broke!

Author lil saff21 ( ago)
some of these comments kill me when they say mayweather runs or dances around the ring. Why have that big of a ring if you can't move in it??! Haha the ignorance is out of control. It's boxing not brawling clowns!

Author C Beezy ( ago)
Out of all the great athletes, Floyd Mayweather has to be the most hated. That's enough proof right there that he's TBE. Haters go cry in your cornflakes LOL

Author CrainVortex ( ago)
GGG is getting closer

Author Track Athlete ( ago)
He's a decision machine.

Author singingchef23 ( ago)
CM is like the Irish Drake of fighting. He's literally gassing up his fans like this is anything more than a quick money grab. If CM was a true Warrior, he'd call out GGG or Canelo. I have yet to hear Floyd ever call anyone else out since he hung them up, but all I see is everyone keep his name in their mouths. Too many thirsty people looking for that quick pay check. CM go defend your belts, cut this corny nonsense

Author David Walsh ( ago)
Floyd need conor he Ned conor Floyd start barking first lier I like him he teking me lies u no he under ufc contract u no that Floyd but u been robbed/scammed over 250million he going broke but he has 6figers amount to pay depths now that six digits u always talking come bk to Hong u stop spending u dumb fucking Elena de la b came out and said you've been robbed of over 250 million years, you need Conor you called him know facts facts facts for going 250 million years, you need Conor you called him know facts facts facts he was my favourite photo / boxer now he's standing piss me off

Author Christian Maldonado ( ago)
i usually don't like may weather but after this video my respect for him went up

Author touie yang ( ago)
If mcgregor beat his azz I would say he's worth TBE n flomos gonna cry o more excuses lmfao!

Author trini ninja ( ago)
floyd money mayweather

Author Ian Hendry ( ago)
Hahaahahaaha floyd hahaahaahahhaa

Author rip van ( ago)

Author Charlie Parker ( ago)
UFC guys just cant keep Floyd's name out of their mouths. Shows who's boss

Author Do Bo ( ago)
This guy would get knocked out in a few minutes if Conor and him were to actually fight or MMA. Boxing Floyd will probably win.

Author An Dinh ( ago)
Floyd who the fuck are you to talk shit about Mc Gregor ground game. yes he always come up short but he will choke the fuck out of you. shut the fook up

Author SC K ( ago)
Politics man !!! Won't let Floyd lose like Pacquiao fight

that was not the Pacquiao that we know that night -_-

Author Thom Copland-malone ( ago)
wtf u guys are doing boxing fight, u do mma and let him tell u that u have no time to train. Fuckin Idiot

Author Abraham Reyna ( ago)
i know this will never happen but what if conor somehow knocked out Floyd, the world will be in chaos.

Author Abraham Reyna ( ago)
My respects to Floyd, in this era he was the best. Its not his fault there wasn't much talent but he beat everyone that was in front of him.

Author Sponge Gains ( ago)
We don't give a fuck who the boss is, we don't give a fuck who has more money, and we certainly don't give a fuck who is more popular. Just fight already!

Author Jose Rodrigo ( ago)
He's old, if you think that age isn't a factor here you're wrong, a 28 yr old vs a guy in his 40s... certainly changes things.

Author Hywel Rees ( ago)
I liked this interview. Nice, honest and open, possibly due to the questioning style.

Author Nick Angelos ( ago)
"do you wanna fight Connor yes or no?" well see I'm enjoying retirement you know blah blah blah pussy

Author Feared Fox ( ago)
Floyd= Withered Legend
Conor= Rising Legend
IT has to be a boxing match, I'm personally rooting for McGregor. Not to mention if floyd loses it'll be pretty bad, and I'd find it hilarious. Good luck to both but I'm hoping Conor pulls the win

Author cerberu999 ( ago)
Why are people surprised that the fight will be a boxing match by Floyd's rules? Floyd would get MURDERED in an MMA match, he'd get taken down in about 0.5 seconds and then choked to death. That wouldn't be fair for a boxer, would it? Conor on the other hand can box, so it's quite simple.

Author Atom Storm ( ago)
If you can't figure out how to wear a hat without squashing your ears down, you are a dumb motherfucker.

Author #SimpleThings ( ago)
Conner Is better and he is a boss

Author Majestyk Dragon ( ago)
floyd rocking the lucky irish pendant... we see you floyd 😎

Author Felipee Rincon ( ago)
WTF is Ferdinand doing there?

Author sandro serna ( ago)
come on ppl in a boxing match floyd in mma conner will wake up ppl

Author MultiKrillz ( ago)
If connor beat mayweather the time of boxing is over and the reign of mma is complete.

Author Blackwing2500X ( ago)
there is no such thing as a mayweather fan here. There is just conor haters

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