Sudden attack SEA wall hack.

GO TO THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE CHAM. /164053-sudden-attack-sea-working-chams.html.

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Author Dimitri Voskoboynikov (4 years)
so fking fake la virus got into my com

Author WindAndStorm9120 (3 years)
please make a new 1 and please post it with a good link not useing a
answering question link

Author XKCasio (4 years)
y cant i download the champ and injector?? T.T

Author XKCasio (4 years)
why cant i download the champ and injector?? T.T

Author TheApplehead250609 (4 years)
i am not gonna dowload cause people say its virus so you are a bad oerson
go and put virus at peoples com!!!!!!

Author Boey Chai (2 years)
go FUCK lah noob hacker, i mean fake hacker. It somebody removed the
Fucking link!!! :P

Author MrFaiz14 (4 years)
wat stupid video can't work at all

Author qmarss (4 years)
cannot use lol ! the sudden attack have new patch !

Author UnknownAngeI (4 years)
haha yeah i was bored.w/e

Author KohChian1 (1 year)
How cute of you but you see i don't even use hack for like 5 years of my
own life span when i played Sudden Attack and also it's a knuckle back at
you for reprimanding me as you yourself had just watched this hack. In
other word you do want the hack. By the way there ain't any point of using
the hack as gameguard has a special feature in it which will detect the
hack or a proper way to indicate it's actual name (Trainer Hack) it's
really common in every game you see even PSP has it

Author Kaito Vermallion (3 years)
Noob Lies People So dumb

Author WindAndStorm9120 (3 years)
please make a new 1 and please post it with a good link not useing a
answering question link

Author Justin Tham (4 years)
CB LA noob hack make me get ban can detect 1 la noob mother fucker

Author zijian35 (3 years)
where to dowload hack

Author w0baddie (3 years)
after on the menu how to on the hack can teach?

Author FPSLemoneko (4 years)
The GMs is always on duty, they checks for website to find out the latest
hack information given out by irresponsible people. The security is always
up to date, there's no way you guys can hack isn't it?

Author SilverZPro (2 years)
noob lie o0o i dumb down

Author NecronX Afiq (1 year)
if u are pro, why u watch this video??? U wan wall hack too =,=

Author dipplo3000 (2 years)

Author CuddleHolics (3 years)
@ssssadist yeah,yeah....what ever u like.... PEACE :)

Author HRizalRF5 (4 years)
where to get the hack?

Author Justin Tham (4 years)

Author CybeRPhoeniX321 (3 years)
@CuddleHolics ya,why so many ppl like to say gay to each other,mybe he is

Author lgohan (3 years)
@CuddleHolics hahax la is not hokkien la sohai kia is singlish o.o

Author XKCasio (4 years)
@Gunzgunz100 why cant i download the champ and injector??

Author XKCasio (4 years)
@JohnyShameer erm.. y cant i download the champ and the injector??

Author Muhammad Amzar (2 years)

Author Amos Chui (4 years)
whats tat gay song

Author MNioe (3 years)
cant download la....why??

Author fckyou79 (4 years)
o0o lapsap hack..cant watch movie n use the hack

Author Mifzal obed (4 years)

Author sexysokaro (3 years)
now make 1 new pls its totally different from now make a new video pls

Author Yeap Edward (8 months)
wall > ? Speed hack? Your bankrupted LOL cause two of these not worth Rm30
its 10

Author Amos Chui (3 years)
@XKCasio cant do it already pm dam smart now

Author syarhanx (4 years)
lol . become virus , wakakakak

Author Void Reavers (4 years)
If u hack u get ban look at the list who got ban for hacking

Author dsn1000 (4 years)
ah fukin gay chinese ppl - - WTF is with the gayass "la"

Author Xl4ODotz (4 years)
those are chams not wall hack.

Author XKCasio (4 years)

Author XKCasio (4 years)

Author XW Ong (2 years)
give me the link pls

Author Jason Chan (1 year)
fucker u lie o0o fake hack i ask GM Sucks Nooooob - -

Author w0baddie (3 years)
after on the menu how to on the hack can teach? pls tell me

Author niq nehemiah (4 years)
why i got white screen after 1st game or eariler?

Author UnknownAngeI (4 years)
Want hack get ban is normal la haha dont blame other people

Author CuddleHolics (3 years)
@dsn1000 Dude,1st, "la" is hokkien....if they said it is chinese then so be
it lol.... and dun u fking call me gay == lawl.....

Author KohChian1 (2 years)

Author Zeph1ne (4 years)
@death34607 You cant say people make you ban , who ask you to be so
gullible and idiotic to download hacks ?

Author Saifo Jo (3 years)
i can't find suddenattack.exe

Author Lee Zhen Hau (2 years)
i found a working hack on facebook name called backstab hacks it cost me
rm30 but it works YEAH

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